the dead love

There's Not Enough Love In You

Not enough love in you to remake me
Change course, I have nothing to follow now
Home in on me like paradise at sea

I was born on islands, hanging from trees
Not enough drag in arms to sever boughs
Not enough love in you to remake me

Locked coconut shell from perverse decrees
What will you find, with your well-formed love Tao?
Home in on me like paradise at sea,

Crack my shell, an “I love you” machete,
I’m generations of destruction vows!
Not enough love in you to remake me

I expel a host of hells, an aerie
Holds me here, clinging to what they endowed
Home in on me like paradise at sea

Nevermore love, never skeleton key,
Usher in new age? If only! Somehow!
Not enough love in you to, remake me,
Home in on me! like paradise at sea


- A Villanelle -

though he’s already planning on working at his family’s kennels, kiba’s studying econ to keep his mom happy and enjoying the college parties, the only reason he’s not pledged to a frat is that hana threaten to chain him to a lamp post for joining ‘a pack of alpha males run rampant, brain dead from their own testorone’ and she means it, she’s got a choke chain

meanwhile shino is studying entomology and minoring in botany, and helps out in the yamanaka flower shop part time, after being partnered with ino for a project and pulling some all nighters at the shop, the two are better friends than most expect (and if she gets too high maintenance he has plenty of skittercritters that can send ino running for the hills) he visits his dad every weekend and still won’t do a kegstand no matter how much you ask 

doubling in buisness and international studies - she can float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee; except the bee sting is more like a sledgehammer, hinata may look like a shrinking violet but years of ‘self-defence’ training has made her a living weapon (though she’d rather we just, uh, not fight, at all …please) which has been a rude awakening for more than one handsy co-ed

my new favorite train of thought is that there’s another wards war picture (x) except Serena and Bernie can’t be bothered, so they’re in the far left of the picture snogging 

I’m so sorry, it was going to be a single picture and then I got carried away and now I’m crying I don’t even know what’s happening here
In case you can’t read the words:
John, seeing Alex: f*ck
Laf also seeing Alex: Oh, he’s cute
John: I know right?!
Laf: dude get his attention so we can flirt
John: Okay. *walks over to Alex telling himself, ‘be cool John be casual’
John, next to Alex: *deep breath* YO YO YO
Alex: jfc
Laf: Why?

*throws at you then runs away*

This is about my earlier posts/art so uh have some headcanons and a short synopses of this AU that no one asked for that I made at like 2am
in which reigen and mob encounter something terrifying on a job and the result isn’t that nice.

- shitty big ass monster thing that is too strong for them appears
- Dimple isn’t present (possibly with seri or Ritsu)
- Reigen took a blow to the head and is generally just very weak
- Mob’s exhausted, he’s tried everything but they’ve been torn down by this senseless thing, and he’s not willing to lose control of his powers
- Mob dies because he was worn out from pure exhaustion, using what he had left to make a barrier around reigen
- when Mob dies and Reigen’s mourning, his soul/spirit goes into Reigen (who is unaware of this)
- That results in some sort of small release of psychic energy inside of reigen, that builds up with the added energy from Mob causing something similar to 100% or 1000%
- Reigen blacks out
- Dimple finds them both and carries them to the hospital
- Reigen suffers a small concussion that heals pretty fast, and two deep cuts on his left and right cheek that scar over
- he helps plan the funeral with Mob’s parents
- Mob is still possessing Reigen, kind of just resting inside him and regaining strength
- Reigen has a melt down after he finds out he can use telekinesis on small objects
- Has an immense amount of guilt about his powers
- When he was in the hospital, Mob’s spirit created some sort of field around Reigen that warded off basically any and all spirits around him

- When the funeral happens, all the esper kids are there
- As they’re all saying their last goodbyes Mob expels himself from Reigen’s body
- Shou, Ritsu, Teru, and Reigen (and even dimple) erupt in a fit of happy sobs
- The rest of the people don’t understand their sudden outbursts, but they collect themselves, continuing the ceremony as mob hovers above Ritsu and his parents

About Mob’s spirit/possession:

- When mob possesses someone there’s an iridescent (veeery faint) glow around their eyes and underneath the skin of their cheeks
- it’s like having two consciouses, except mob doesn’t say anything and the person he’s possessing just understands that those are mob’s thoughts, feelings, opinions (it’s like??? He’s speaking but there’s no voice ?)
- The person he’s possessing is overcome with a feeling of butterflies, and then a sort of comfortable warmth that rests in their chest
- Reigen barely has any powers, just telekinesis with fairly small objects, but when he’s with Mob their energy combines and it spikes
- Mob’s spirit is white, and wispy below the waist (like in the manga)

Other shit:

- One time, Reigen takes a sip of beer (absentmindedly) while Mob is possessing him and he hates it, Mob doesn’t let Reigen get any form of alcohol after that (ever)
- Ritsu starts to work at the Spirits and Such Office
- Ritsu doesn’t like the feeling of Mob possessing him and neither does Mob so they agree to never really do it
- Mob learns to understand emotions a little better the more he possesses Reigen

Expect more art of this from me, I might add to this later so??

Thank u @fireflysummers for the lil inspo !
OTP Challenge <3

I was tagged by @calithildes to do this OTP Challenge, so thank you!!

Rules: List 5 OTP’s from different fandoms and tag 10 people. 

(This is in no particular order, btw)

1. Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (鋼の錬金術師)

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Royai is definitely my #1 OTP. Many hours have been lost to reading fanfics and looking at fan art on tumblr because of this couple. I just, I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH GOD DAMMIT I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THEM <33333

2. Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya (ホリミヤ)

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 These two are my favorite couple from a manga! Their relationship is so odd, yet cute! They’re both adorable and funny and weird and I will ship them to the end of eternity. 

3. Glenn Rhee and Maggie Green from The Walking Dead

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 This is my very first OTP. I love how they will do anything, and I mean anything, to find and be with each other when they are serperated. They are just meant for each other.

4. Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! on Ice (ユーリ!!! On ICE)

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 I mean, how could you not love them?! I was really torn between these two and Otayuri, but since they’re “just friends”, I decided to put these sweet babies.

5. Tamako Kitashirakawa and Ooji Mochizou from Tamako Love Story (たまこラブストーリ)

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These two are some of my favorite KyoAni characters; they’re just so freaking cute! This is such a sweet couple and I just want to protect these smol beans.

Thank you again for tagging me to do this! I’m not sure who has done this tag already or whatever, but I tag:

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So if by now it was just a possibility that Aldertree is actually Sebastian, after this episode I’m freaking sure he is. How else would he know that Valentine killed Jace’s falcon? And in the City of Bones when Valentine tells his minions to take Jace and kill Aldertree he says “Take my son. Kill the other one.” I put emphasis on “the other one”, which I believe is foreshadowing for the other son. 

Also, Jocelyn can’t be dead. Valentine loves her and he would never allow one of his demons to really kill her. This is probably one of his many attempts to break Clary and now he keeps Jocelyn locked somewhere.

And one more thing. As we know Sebastian would appear in 2b I think Valentine would use the same trick with Aldertree to make him look dead as he used with Jocelyn. 

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*