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At that moment, he realized seeing his two favorite people smile at the end of the day was his refuge. His safe haven. As long as he knew they were happy, he could endure the pain a little while longer. 

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Dylan I am freaking out as much as you abt baby driver. It looks sooo good and I wanna see it

please go see it!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!! and even tho it has the okay? okay? it’s a metaphor hermione grapefruit guy..he’s honestly not terrible and the whole movie is driven by a soundtrack that is killer plus…..jon hamm.

정국의 장난감 JK's toy

Jimin once said in an interview that he was given the name 침드백 Chim (san)dbag and 정국맘 JK’s mum but at that time he felt like he had become 정국의 장난감JK’s plaything(not that he minds).

However that role means a lot more than just Jungkook fooling around with Jimin, it also means that Jimin allows him to do whatever he wants with Jimin. And many a times that includes manipulating him physically.

But the question remains.. when did the role scope evolve from JK moving him around like a fun sized mannequin, backhugging him, holding his hands and slow dancing.. to chest stroking, manhandling, ass slapping, on-stage flirting, and just general unabashed skinship?

And an even bigger question: how much further is Jimin going to let Jungkook take it?

bonus: When JK played the spy and his mission was to make JM tell him to stop and JM thought JK said he succeeded and he petulantly said there’s no way (he’d say no to Jungkook).

They’re not gonna stop are they? This ship is so going to turn into friggin’ porn.

[ Jikook shippers being fed really well ]

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Straight White Boy Problem #854

girlss.s…….why do you put so much time into planning your outfittss?? like you dont neEd to put that much Time! Into your outfit! Maybe like use that time and…. .um…*thinking*.. and….use it to… to get…uhhh….good grades!

*looking at my closet* ummmm… bro i don’t have a shirt I can wear with these khaki shorts haha I wore my navy polo tshirt 3 days ago so i am NOT wearing that polo tshirt AGAIN because I’m NOT trying to come off as a preppy dbag!!! ahhhhhhhhhH I need more clothes!!!

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totally unnecessary fun fact: when i was 13 i had only watched digimon, card captor sakura, dbz, yugioh, pokemon, you know, the shows they played on kids channels. anyway, i rewatched digimon and asked a friend who watched anime to give me recs because i wanted to get into it and watch cool shows... that asshole recommended elfen lied because it was about cute powerful girl with pink hair... THAT FIRST SCENE WRECKED ME I WAS LIKE ???!?! but still i loved it and that's how i got into anime/manga

LMAO wtf that’s pretty messed up who recommends elfen lied to a 13 year old kid…… i’m glad you are okay now!!


[knock on door]

mollie: hm, you’re early.. figured you’d be hanging out with dbag all day..

zia: mm, nope. never again, actually. 

mollie: y-you mean?..

zia: yep, i dumped him!! and he didn’t take it very well, so now everybody that was in that diner thinks i’m a prude [laughs]

mollie: [smiles] oh, if they only knew..

zia: [blushes, laughs] shut up, oh my god.. anyways, i have a surprise for you..

mollie: okay.. what kind of surprise?

zia: the kind that requires you to spend the rest of the weekend with me.. grab your bag, i’m gonna start my car!!


I am so confused, why do people think Charioce insulted Nina by asking her to dance with him? Uh, maybe I live in a universe that people asking you to dance with such a sweet smile on is actually offensive…. really…. can’t people fall in love with people and not what or who they are? I swear all I see is people saying ‘Charioce is a dik’ 'Charioce is an arse’ 'Charioce is using Nina’.

1. If Charioce really was planning on using Nina why didn’t he take her with him knowing that he has a full rage war with the gods just around the corner?

2. Why would he only smile sincerely at her and only her?

3. Why did Charioce leave Nina far away from the fight?


Jesus Christ people, just cause the man is driven by his goals and is willing to do anything to obtain it doesn’t mean he’s incapable of HUMAN emotion.

The time he spent with Nina was sincere and the way he looks at her is the same and if you’re going to say that Nina’s heart is broken then dude, at the end of the ed song the look Nina had isn’t resentment but one of question as in why is it him or why is he doing this?

Unless Baha Soul slaps me in the face and stabs me by showing that Charioce is a dbag like people claim him to be then the proof I see right now is LEGIT. REWATCH EP 6 AND THE END OF 11 AND TELL ME THAT THAT ALL THOSE SMILES ARE FAKE.

If in the future eps they show Charioce is really just pure evil then I’ll personally be the first to curse and burn him but until then I see that there is absolutely no way that he’s mistreating Nina other than sending her to jail WHICH WAS pART OF HIS JOB AS A KING.

My thoughts are my thoughts so don’t mind me and the rant.

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Im laughing because every pic or video I've seen with Louis & that dbag, Louis has at least one middle finger up. Maybe a big F U, you know what you did, kind of thing. I love it.

truly. he knows  what he’s doing and he knows we are watching.. he had his 🖕🏼 in russell’s snapchat and in his ig post. it reminded me of the time when louis did this after that gross michael yo interview

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Vampire!Dark using the Host as his lunch (with or without consent because he's a dbag) and Dr. Iplier taking care of a loopy Host (from the blood lost) afterwards? I don't know, this just popped up in my head xD

He takes iron supplements for the blood he loses through his eyes (and it’s honestly not that much, it’s a slow drip that he’s become accustomed to) but Dark.

Dark has no patience when he’s hungry, has no modicum of control when he’s in a frenzy. Even when he’s not starving he’s hardly gentle, hands rough on his chin, sharp teeth latching onto the base of his neck. And he drinks and drinks, takes and gives nothing in return but a single lick to seal the wound.

He’s dizzy and cold by the time he stumbles into Dr. Iplier’s office, having lost more blood than he’s used to. Dr. Iplier buries his anger when he sees how pale the Host looks, tamps it down as he checks on his wounds and gives him a cookie to nibble on, some juice to drink.

He only barely holds himself back when he see the glistening red on Dark’s pale gray lips.

Love or Hate (Part 2 of 13)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. After a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,759

Warnings: language, excessive snark, childish behavior

A/N: Part two of my third drabble series. Bucky has most definitely been showing his inner dbag lately, hasn’t he?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 -

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