the days worth living for

Long distance is not easy.

It is not easy to watch someone through a screen instead of your eyes tracing the curves of their face while they’re standing in front of you.

It’s not easy to have a bad day and not be able to see one of the only people that can make it better. For something exciting to happen and not be able to celebrate about it that night.

To not be able to have brunch on Sunday morning, or make dinner plans for when you get off work, or snuggle up together on the couch for one of the nights a tv show comes on that you both love.

Sometimes you miss them so much and it’s like you can’t get relief from it. Sure, you plan times to see each other but some nights are bad and you need them right now and you need to touch them or you’ll die and your heart has never felt so lonely.

Long distance is not easy but one day it will be worth it. One day you’ll live in a cute apartment together where you can wake up next to each other and fuck each other to sleep and a see you later means see you tonight when we get off and it’s time for dinner. Long distance is a choice. It’s a commitment to say, “I love you more than all of the distance between us.”

—  you will always be worth it

“Well well well…”

A little illustration piece i did for a certain art-project where you need to interpret a given piece of art and make your own.

Features dark and menacing figure of Jack-of-Smiles, Vicco - Loathsome Imp, who could be a little too protective of cats, and Adalbert, who is not amused with such a pickle.

Dear reader,

I’m so very happy that you’re alive and breathing… you’re living proof that life does get better and staying is worth it.

Keep up the good work. You’ll realize one day that life is worth living.

signs as f scott fitzgerald quotes
  • Aries: Never confuse a single defeat for a final defeat
  • Taurus: So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past
  • Gemini: Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness
  • Cancer: It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the day worth living
  • Leo: I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect
  • Virgo: What'll we do with ourselves this afternoon? And the day after that, and the next thirty years?
  • Libra: The easiest way to get a reputation is to go outside the fold, shout around for a few years as a violent atheist or a dangerous radical, and then crawl back to shelter
  • Scorpio: Angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry, I turned away
  • Sagittarius: And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning again and summer was over
  • Capricorn: I wasn't actually in love, but I felt a tender sort of curiosity
  • Aquarius: I like people and I like them to like me, but I wear my heart where God put it, on the inside
  • Pisces: There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice

have you ever taken a moment to realise that in planning her world tour, Taylor Swift spent hours on end thinking about us as fans and what we all collectively go through in our day to day lives, as she wrote an essay’s worth of encouraging words that she would later voice to thousands upon thousands of people in hopes we’d learn to love ourselves a bit more wow she cares for us far too much I love her


Joan jett and m̶u̶l̶l̶e̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶ Michael j fox perform Light of day in the movie called Light of day.



Hey. I wanted to write something for you again. I’ve known you for awhile now, but there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. A lot of things really. Like thanking you. You stick around for my highs, you make sure that I’m comfortable if I’m feeling my lows. My stranger, my stranger– we used to stay up late, we used to stay up late. I know when we’re not okay, does it hurt to feel everything moments before bed? I know that time is starting to reveal itself to us, we live a thousand lives worth mentioning in between these lines, but I’m glad to be in this one– to call you mine, to call you mine. I don’t like my writing, there’s room for improvement. You once said that a day that I’ve tried is a day worth living. Seize the day, put little trust in tomorrow. I start every morning with your philosophy, I’m just breathing myself into these pages. Someday, maybe it’ll help someone that thinks like me. I take blood from my veins and painted the sun for you. I smooth out my scars and tears to create the night for us. We’re more than broken, but at least it’s always trust. The one thing that won’t break. It does more than define us. You’re not hard to love, they’re just not doing it right. So I will. You have always been worth more than how they love you.
—  Remember that

Note to self: if you wanna reach positivity, you gotta do something. Being happy, thinking positive thoughts and living a life alive doesn’t come from waiting for it to happen. You gotta practice, gotta train. All your concentration, all your senses must be focused on positivity. That means surrounding yourself with positivity, listen to positive energized music, doing things you enjoy, being with people that you like, thinking positive thoughts even if you don’t believe them yet, manifesting positive little rituals in your daily routine, pinning positive notes up against your walls, so that every day you remind yourself: this life is worth living. You are tired of feeling tired, sad and stuck? Then you gotta do something! You can do this. Start believing again.

I’ve been strong for so long but now the weight has me crushed;
My happiness is gone thanks to the Devils touch.
It feels like something has taken over me like I’m possessed;
I saw eye to eye with my demons and now my minds oppressed.
I’m obsessed with the things that possess me the most;
I can’t escape the pain when I can’t stop thinking of the ghosts.
A whole host of things seem to be spilling out
Like I’m leaking my true feelings but I’m still unable to shout.
Days like this make me wish I could drift away,
But the game I play with my future makes me want to stay.
The future is unpredictable and that’s what is exciting
Like you can’t recite what’ll happen and life is worth fighting.
I live for the happy days with quiet days in between;
We need a balance for both so we know what true happiness truly means.
—  Personal Poem | The Memories part 2 | Written by: @jarfidd

Why keep watering a dead flower? No matter how much love, care and nurture you give it, the flower is not coming back right?

No it’s not.

So if something has ended let it go and move on because the pain you gain from keep watering this dead flower is not worth it and one day you’ll find a live flower and the happiness that it’ll bring you is what you truly deserve.

i am in shock.

i always thought that america was a land of opportunity and progress. the last eight years we’ve made huge strides in equal rights for everyone.

yesterday, america showed it’s true colors. when given the chance, americans will choose racism and misogyny and hatred.

to everyone who voted for tr*mp, who voted third party out of protest, who didn’t vote out of protest: the blood of ANYONE who dies in the next four years due to hate crimes, due to police brutality, due to suicide over the state of our country, due to back alley abortions, due to violent sexual assault. that is on YOUR HANDS. you set out country back 70 years in one day.

I hope your guns are worth the lives and livelihoods of your fellow americans.

I hope that when your president elect goes to trial in ten days for the rape of a thirteen year old girl you feel your american pride.

i hope when you look in the tear filled eyes of the women in your life and tell them, even if you work your whole life for something and are the most qualified, you’ll still lose, you feel your american pride

i hope when people in your life - people like me, like my mother, like my grandparents - can’t get insurance because pre-existing conditions won’t be covered, when people you love and care about go into debt or DIE you feel your american pride.

i hope when your college educated friends and children have to get minimum wage ($7.25 an hour cause you KNOW they aren’t raising that to a living wage) job and are drowning in debt and living well below the poverty line, you feel your american pride.

i hope when planned parenthood gets defunded and millions of women lose good healthcare and access to cancer screenings you feel your american pride.

like tr*mp said, were truly gonna make american great again. i HOPE you understand that this is what he means by great.