the days we were all brits

uhhh but guys u know how louis’s voice was quiet in that video?? well what if harry and the smol twins were sleep on the other side of the room,,,.. like they fell asleep watching the brits bc they were playing with their brother/brother in law all day, so by the time evening/night came around they were all tuckered out. and louis didn’t have the heart to wake them up bc they all looked cute :( and :( soft :( so he posted the video (after taking 1000 photos of the kids all snuggled around harry) and then what if he woke harry up with soft kisses all over his face and he’s just like, “we won, love” and then harry, who is still v soft and sleepy, kisses him fr and is like “of course we did.” so they properly get the kiddos settled in bed, and then harry finally gets around to tweeting (after sending a bunch of thank u texts and emojis to liam) when him and louis get settled down in their room like um does anyone else wanna Pass Out Right Now or????

Connecting the dots...

So on Tuesday, a blind item was written about Louis and Eleanor reuniting and signing a “new deal” in the process.

  • Priming the fandom at large: About about a month was spent on social media likes and follows and articles from about the minute the Douis break-up announcement hit until Sunday of this week (19 February 2017).
  • The blind item: On Tuesday (21 February), a blind item was published on our old friend Blind Gossip’s website. Yes, I know it’s a blind item. Yes, I know Blind Gossip lies out it’s ass 99% of the time. But this blind was written to specifically speak to larries. They framed it as a contract relationship (read: fake) and that it was a “GOOD thing” she was coming back, despite fan (read: larrie) reservations. Then they went on to say the person (Louis) was considering signing a new deal with this person (Eleanor). 
  • Sony Pictures: On Wedensday (22 February), Jojo was called to take pictures of Louis at the Sony offices in West London just hours before the Brits. She DMed an update account and said the pictures would not be published that day. Despite some indications Louis would attend the Brit Awards, he did not (and we all know the weird shit show that followed). 
  • The Reunited Article: To no one’s surprise, the article the pictures were published with was about a Louis/Eleanor reunion, thus implying Louis was in on the pictures and the content of the article. 

So, if we follow the very obvious crumb trail here, fans are meant to believe:

  1. Antis, Elounor Shippers, Ex-Larries, etc. - Eleanor and Louis are back together and God is real again and the larries will finally shut up! BABY + ELEANOR=LARRIE KRYPTONITE! 
  2. Larries - If we assume the blind item is correct, then maybe Louis did sign a new deal with Eleanor at Sony this week, and that means she’ll be around for a while. And we know that their public trips to Sony (Liam and Louis’ specifically) are often followed by dumb shit (Chiam baby, babygate). 

Basically, the trail is obvious. It emboldens the antis, but the blind, especially, was designed to speak to the “exhaustion” of the larries. We talk about it all the time. What’s the worst case scenario for some of us? 2 Louis stunts. The end of babygate but the return of Elounor doesn’t sit well with some of us, either. 

So it becomes a little easier to rationalize Louis wants to remain closeted, that he’s made this choice, that “we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes,” and that part may be true. But the way this has been set up on a silver platter for everyone, twisted just the right way for each audience, made for public consumption since the beginning of time, is why we shouldn’t believe the bullshit, even when it’s been manufactured to speak directly to us as a subset of this narrative. 

I think Eleanor, at this point, is going to be around at least a couple of months, maybe a few more, and it’s important that we just don’t let the demons shout down the better angels in our brains, so to speak, and allow the exhaustion and confusion and the images we’re seeing break us. Because that’s what they’re designed to do. 

So just hold on. :)

you know what i’ll never understand about tumblr? these people literally follow hate trends. thats it. 

they never do any research into anything that they prefer to just be informed by from the media. and y’all out here preaching feminism 24/7 yet hating on every white woman (sure some may deserve it but for some its unnecessary and its only because you’ve stereotyped them all) like i ain’t even white but my coloured ass can see how hypocritical tumblr can be (and i feel like its mostly americans - not all obviously, but just a very loud minority). Honestly y’all need to stop acting like you’re so damn perfect and have never made any mistakes, bc if any of you were celebs, you’d be getting slaughtered by people like yourselves, sometimes for no damn reason.

Like do y’all ever realise that the reason celebs like Adele and Ed Sheeran are so chill is because us Brits don’t use any given opportunity to drag them into everything that goes wrong with our country - sure they could raise awareness but at the end of the day it’s not gonna help. like when the results came in that we were leaving the EU it was literally so miserable for all of our generation who this will impact, but guess what, we weren’t sitting there searching or people to blame because we haven’t conditioned ourselves to hate anyone that isn’t like us. y’all are just as bad as you think others are.

some people on here honestly need to just log out and find a better hobby because this just seems to be making them miserable

Here it is. Time of the day when I can’t keep my mouth shut.

I want to say something: Let.Harry.Speak.

He was the one who, in Sheffield, said “Please,don’t forget us!”

He has never spoken since the hiatus began cause he was away from any social/media context since that (except for the AMM).

He has yet to make a radio/tv/magazine interview about his future. Both Niall and Louis were asked about 1D in their interviews and we got the confirmations we wanted. 

But I want you to remember something. All his family was online during BRIT to tweet and tell us to keep voting and supporting 1D. He tweeted to thank us for the support, just like the others did. I don’t think he would have acted like that if he wanted to distance himself from the band.

WHY being so dramatic when he has still to even talk about his projects?!

He has been put so much pressure on by being compared to huge artists, he is going to launch his project as a solo artist and that’s how his fanbase treats him? And it’s not about fanbase, it’s about knowing how much ot4 love each other, Harry included. An anon told me that we haven’t sold our soul to them, true, and I’ll be the first one to admit when and if there will be something bad happening and maybe distance myself from it, but it’s about giving him the benefit of the doubt as we did with Louis and Niall till now.

For now, it’s just a title. We don’t know the lyrics, we don’t know the meaning behind it, we don’t know if it’s a tribute, if it has some symbolism or if it’s pure coincidence. And you know why? Cause we haven’t heard the song or him talk about it yet.

So: Let.Harry.Speak.

anywayyyyyy remember the brits this year when we were all nervous and not wanting to get excited about 1D showing up even though it looked like louis was gonna show up but then didn’t and it was like 2016Brits all over again and everyone was frowny face and disappointed bc we just wanted nice things or whatever and it was so bad because simon cowell was about to go up there and claim 1d’s success for himself anD THEN LIAM “BATMAN” PAYNE CAME OUTTA NOWHERE!!!!!!! AND SAVED THE DAY!!!!! WEARING A HOODIE THAT COSTS MORE THAN MY LIFE AND HUMILIATED SIMON AND TOLD US THAT ONE DIRECTION IS WHO THEY ARE AND WHO THEY ALWAYS WILL BE liiiikkekekekehruieeji ummmmm that was Iconic uhhhh

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What's the difference between an American and European pancake? I didn't even realize there was a difference I'm so confused!

Okay so, unlike American pancakes, English pancakes aren’t made with a rising agent. American pancakes are fluffy and kinda fat whereas English pancakes are thin and flat! English pancakes are more similar to French crepes! When I was in the US I had American Pancakes and they were incredibly heavy and sweet and I could only eat one before I felt ill. English pancakes are lighter and less sweet and are made sweeter with sugar on top! 😊

(I have sugar and lemon juice pancakes and Kit has syrup or Nutella on his!)

We eat pancakes traditionally on ‘Pancake Day’ aka Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras for you Americans!) but I, like many other Brits, adore pancakes and eat them all the time! 😊

Also lots of other European countries have their own forms of pancakes which are different to American pancakes 😊

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this is your BOLA day #3 official wellness check... other than Keith Lee getting robbed did you have a good time?


We made friends with Uncle Meltz and apparently we’re all gonna go out to dinner in Japan for WK12.

Keith Lee was the MVP of BOLA and is seriously the sweetest man and he deserves the world and anyone who disagrees can fucking fight me right now

Speaking of sweet people, all the Brits were lovely and super friendly. Flash Morgan was a doll.

Definitely bought TK a pitcher, the poor love.

Travis is the tiniest murder kiwi and super sweet and took prom photos with my friends and I love him.

Was almost killed four or five times by flying wrassler bodies.

Zack Sabre Jr is the most wonderful human and dealt with my shyness like a pro.

So many inside jokes were made this weekend. Like #wholesome and being the creepy porn guy and cooing “IM POOR HELP ME”

There were many a singalongs

A friend of mine bought Donovan Dijak, Flash Morgan, and Ricochet In and Out

The legion hall is disgusting and muggy and DAMP

There needs to be a sign that says “WASH YOUR ASS, WEAR DEODORANT, AND BRUSH YOUR DAMN TEETH” at the entrance

My mug stayed bulletproof and undisturbed by all the sweat and tears all weekend

I miss it all already. I’m planning to come back next month for the next show.

Fight Me

*Requested: Y/N has a rebellious nature and is violent when she first arrives in the Glade, the only girl there. Gally and the others want to get rid of her but Newt takes interest and refuses to let them push her into the Maze.*

You ran. With everything you had. You felt your muscles straining as you ran, the boys whistling and howling. You were scared, you were angry, you were ready to fight. 

Newt was the one to pull you out of the box. He immediately introduced himself with a shocked expression. You didn’t understand his surprise until you learned that you were the first girl to arrive in the cold metal box. You didn’t remember anything about yourself which just added to your confusion, but you knew what things were, woods, boys, trees, rocks, everything. But not a single memory came with the knowledge.

You ran straight for the woods. 

“She’s heading for the Deadheads!” you heard but kept running until you were well into the woods. After a while you heard several sets of footsteps and you jumped up. The first one to come into view was a smaller chubby boy.

“I’m Chuck.” he said nervously but all you could do was give him a deathly glare. Then you pounced. You jumped on him, knocking him down, punching and slapping. He was screaming, and soon there was a strong force pulling you up.

“Day one and you already broke a rule, Greenie.” you heard and whipped your head towards the voice near your ear.

“Gally. Keeper of the Builders. Not afraid to hit a girl.” he said and you sneered at him, pushing him away while staring at him, wishing you could smack the smug grin off of his face.


Half a week in and you were sick and tired of this place. You still haven’t remembered your name and everyone hates you still. Of course you had broken all the rules already. You ran out into the Maze the second day, right after being told not to. People want what they can’t have. You had overheard Gally complaining about you to the other Keepers, but you paid no mind.

“We’re having a Gathering!” you heard and looked around in utter confusion as all the boys started walking towards the building which they called the “Homestead.” You followed and gave Gally a good long glare before entering, standing near the exit.

“Let’s talk about something that’s been causing a problem recently.” Gally said and scanned the crowd, his eyes landing on you.

“More like someONE.” you heard a voice say in the crowd and you knew exactly what this Gathering thing was for. It was to talk about the Greenbean and how she’s all trouble and no benefit.

“Greenie, why don’t you step up here and stand with me?” you heard Gally say with a challenging tone.

“Gally,” you heard and your eyes met Newt’s. He’s been the only boy who hasn’t been a complete jerk to you.

“No, come on. I want her right. Here.” Gally said and you looked at all the Keepers. You slowly made your way to the front and stood next to Gally, who was probably twice your size. You stood with your back straight and chin up, not wanting them to know that you were scared and vulnerable.

“Greenie has broken all three rules here in the Glade and it’s only been 4 days. She needs to be punished. And I don’t mean just a night in the slammer.” he said and you heard the Gladers murmuring.

“Gally, that’s a bit-” you heard the Brit say but Gally kept going.

“I say we push her straight into the Maze. Let the gates close. Bye bye Greenie.” he said and you could hear his smile but refused to look at him.

“No.” you heard and finally turned your head towards the tall blond boy.

“I’ll teach her to behave. Give me the rest of the week.” you heard and rolled your eyes. You would rather be out there in the Maze than be stuck here with a bunch of boys who hated you.

“Don’t be a slinthead, Newt. Let me take care of her.” Gally said and you glanced at his face, his eyebrows furrowed and clearly aggravated.

“No.” Newt said and stood his ground. “We only push the stung out into the Maze. This shank isn’t stung.” he said and you found it peculiar that he called you “shank.” You didn’t know what that meant but you had heard the others using it and you felt like it had a negative connotation. 


“Just tie the vines, Greenie.” Newt said and you listened to him. He was your only hope of not getting stung.

“What’s out there?” you asked and looked at the Maze. Newt didn’t answer you at first; he was probably shocked at the fact that you were speaking to him voluntarily.

“We call them Grievers. They’re monsters that sting you. Once they sting you, you go crazy.” he said and you squinted from the sun shining on his face.

“Monsters?” you asked with a smile tugging at your lips.

“I’m serious.” he added with a chuckle and for the first time in 5 days, you felt okay.

“Alright, now you have to go get the fertilizer.” he said and you scrunched your nose.

“No.” you said and he gave you that authoritative look he gets when you won’t listen to him. You couldn’t help it; no matter how attractive he was or how nice he was, there was a part of you that didn’t want to be bound by some dumb rules and routines.

“Go.” he said and you sighed, taking the bucket and walking into the Deadheads.

“Greenie, hard at work. Remember your name yet?” you heard and knew who it was immediately.

“Gally.” you said, acknowledging his presence but refusing to look up.

“Come on, darling, fight me.” he said and you held the bucket tighter.

“Fight me.” was all you heard going through your head over and over and you dropped the bucket, ready to jump on him.

“What’s going on here, shanks?” you heard and saw Newt. You picked up your bucket and stomped off to get the fertilizer and heard the hushed murmurs of Newt and Gally behind you, tears stinging your eyes.


“They’re letting you stay.” you heard and looked up to see Newt standing in front of you with a plate of food. He sat down across from you and you just stared off into the distance again.

“Wonderful.” you said and looked down at your untouched food.

“Better eat that, Greenie!” you heard Frypan say and you nodded slowly, grabbing your fork and putting some peas into your mouth.

“Tastes better knowing we grew it, doesn’t it?” Newt said and watched as your chewed your peas and swallowed it.

“I suppose it does.” you said and continued eating, Newt watching and eating with you.

The two of you walked out into the Glade, leaving the other boys still eating.

“I hate this. I hate the not remembering and the being trapped. I hate the working and the frustration and all the boys who hate me.” you said suddenly and walked quicker to keep up with Newt. 

“We’re working on it. You’ll remember. Some take longer than others.” he said and looked at you, but you were already looking at him. His side profile was magnificent, and you couldn’t help but wonder why he had taken an interest in you, and decided to stand up for you that day at the Gathering. You made it to a clearing in the woods and sat down.

“You’re my only friend. Even Chuck won’t be friends with me.” you said and Newt chuckled.

“You beat him up on your first day.” he said and you smiled.

“Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever make it, then I think about you. And I think, ‘maybe we don’t need to leave just yet.’” Newt said suddenly and you looked at him in shock. You stared at his cheekbones and lips and eyes and took everything in.

He leaned in and you closed your eyes and soon his soft lips that you had seen smile, licked, and frown so many times were on your’s and it felt like water after being in the desert for days.

You pulled away and he looked you in the eyes and your noses were touching when you rasped out, “Y/N.” 

“It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.” he said and kissed you again, his hands grabbing your waist and pulling you closer.

Switched [c.h.] // pt. 4

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,008

ahhh it took me months but i finally found the inspiration to continue this fic!!! i hope some of u are still into it and havent given up on it lmao sorry i suck at updating stuff

incase you missed the first few parts:
part 1
part 2
part 3

You were loving it here. The change from living in the suburbs back home to living alone in a city was a huge change for sure, but it didn’t take you long to fall in love with your new life. Your classes were great, the people were great—yes, you were getting along fine with Natalie. Living without Lindsay did suck, but she was right somewhat; you saw each other every day and never failed to hang on the weekends.

That didn’t mean you didn’t have other friends, though. Just during your first (and so far only) week here, you found a little group of people to call your friends.

And speaking of friends, you haven’t talked to Calum (or Michael, for that matter) since the little mixup. You haven’t even seen them, which kind of surprised you; Calum seemed like the type to always be on campus, doing whatever he could and always creating.

It also saddened you some. Both of them—but Calum especially—seemed like great people to be friends with. And they were extremely friendly to you, regardless of the short time you talked. You accepted the fact though that you might not pursue a friendship with either of them.


Calum spotted you from across the street, walking out of your last class and heading back towards your dorm. Immediately, his heart filled with joy seeing you, and got up from his comfortable yet extremely cliche position underneath a tree. Eager to talk to you again, he shoved his notebook into his backpack and quickly walked across the park.

“Calum!” He heard someone call to him from behind.

Turning around, he saw Brit, a girl he’s had on his entire time at university. 

She had been in a few classes of his, but Calum being the shy guy he tended to be, never found it in him to go and strike up a conversation. Mainly, because Brit had never shown interest in him. There she was, though, running up to him with a bright smile on her face to see him. “Calum, hey! what’s up?”

Calum glanced back in your direction, seeing you walking further and further away from him, down the street and around a corner. His heart dropped some. “Hey Brit. Look, I really need to get going, I gotta go find–” He said, pointing behind him and started to edge away from the girl, even though a small part of him longed to talk to her.

“I was headed that way anyways! We can walk together.” She suggested. Calum sighed, shrugging his shoulders and beginning to walk side by side with her. “I just thought I’d pop by and catch up some. I feel like we never talk.”

“That’s because we don’t.” He pointed out, anxiously grasping the strap of his bag and looking out for you. 

Crossing the road, Brit tried to keep the conversation up. “Well, why don’t we start talking some more?” Calum hesitated, then sighed; if only this were happening after he ran into you. Brit continued on. “I heard that demo you recorded with Jay. Pretty dark, but it was cool.”

“Thanks.” The compliment was forced, not a single speck of genuineness in his words. All he was focused on was finding you. 

Another turned corner, and he saw you disappear into a building. “You working on anything else recently?”

“Not really…listen, I need to run. I just saw my friend I’ve been looking for all day.” He said, picking up his speed and looking back at Brit one last time.

A soft frown crossed her face. “Oh, we’ll talk later then? Maybe get some coffee or something?”

“Maybe.” Calum called, turning back around and jogging up to the building you entered. He just caught sight of you on the elevator at the end of the hall just before the doors closed, and you saw him as well. 

You immediately wondered what he would be doing in a freshman dormitory, but when his eyes locked with yours and he smiled, you couldn’t help but think he was looking for you. Quickly, you pushed the ‘open door’ button, holding it open for him. “Calum? What’re you doing here?”

“I saw you walking down the street and thought I’d say hi. I haven’t seen you since you were here last month.” He said, approaching you. 

“Yeah, how’d the song turn out, by the way? Did you get everything finished up?” 

“Oh yeah, I love how it sounds. Mike and I stayed up all night at the studio with Jay trying to get it finished, and thankfully he’s a god on guitar and helped with the chord progression.” He told you, starting to get excited about the topic. “Maybe I could show you it sometime?”

“I’d love to hear it.” You smiled, instantly dreaming up how his vocals sounded mixed in with the acoustics. In your head, it sounded amazing, but when you listened to it for the first time, it was better than you could ever have imagined.

That would happen a little later on, though.

Calum, pulling out his phone and flipping it over in his hands a few times, decided to enhance your friendship a little bit. “You should come over tonight.”

You pursed your lips, sighing in disappointment. “I wish I could, but I have some bullshit essay I have to write tonight. Raincheck?”

He nodded, holding out his phone. “Phone number?”

Taking the phone, a soft laugh fell from your lips. “Only for emergencies only.”

“Sure,” He teased, waiting with swelled heart as you entered in your number.

Giving it back to him, you started slowly walking back into the elevator. “Call me sometime. Or text. I don’t really care.”

“Okay, Y/N. See ya.” And with that, he walked out of the lobby of your dorm and back out onto the busy sidewalk.

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What did you think of Rhea, Caleo 's return and the new campers (and development of the old ones)?

Dude, nice question! 

Rhea I thought, was nicely done. Usually Rick portrays the big primordial beings (like Gaea and Tartarus) as completely overpowered and terrifyingly scary, but like it said in the book, Rhea reminded me a lot of Isis. I think she could become a bigger character throughout the series, and I would be nice to see an Immortal actively helping the heroes.

If I’m honest with you, I was dreading Caleo’s return, only because I thought Rick would hype it up, and make it overly dramatic. Again though, he has defied my expectations, instead providing the perfect amount of sass, sarcasm, and self-mockery to pull it off. I love the fact that most people in the fandom wanted Piper to punch Leo, but instead he was punch by the entire camp. I love the fact that Leo pointed out it took them all of 40 seconds to defeat Gaea. I love how awkward things were between Percy and Calypso. I LOVE that Harley was the one that brought Leo home (with Apollo’s help of course).

Oh, I could talk about the side characters in this book for hours. Rick has an unparalleled and unfailing way to make me completely fall in love with his characters. 

Harley, I think, is definitely my favorite side-character in the book. He was so adorable, and excitable, and just so gosh darn cute. He reminded me of a lil’ puppy and I’m really glad we got to see more of him in this book.

The other side characters like Chiara, Damien, Paolo I thought were great as well, and I love love LOVE the fact that Rick is starting to include demigods of other nationalities. I’d love to see a Brit at CHB one day!

Though we don’t see that much of them, I thought Kayla and Austin’s relationship with Apollo really developed in this story. I think I’d like to get to know their characters more.

Nico was really great as well. He was happy, but he was still the grumpy and dorky son of Hades we all know and love. I laughed out loud at the bit where he organised the whole Camp to punch Leo (or as I like to call it, ‘the punch-line’) and ‘I have a doctor’s note’ is now my new favorite thing.

I think what most excited me about the development of the old characters was how much more we learned about one William Solace. Southern!Will was one of my favorite headcanons, and now it’s been #confirmed, which made me so unbelievably happy. I love how we know about his mother’s name and profession. I love how Rick characterized him exactly like I do in my fics, I actually got him right, I was so happy. 

Meg. Meg Meg Meg. She was gooooood. She was done so well. I love that she’s a badass daughter of Demeter. I love that she’s only twelve. It reminds me of the fact that Percy was only twelve when he first started his quests. I love that she played such an important role in this book, and I have no doubt she’ll be pivotal in the whole series. 

And finally Apollo. The development we see Apollo go through throughout the book is really quite great. At first, he’s a whiny teenager that’s been cut off by his Dad, but then we see him grow and change. He makes mistakes, and learns from them. He starts to care about the lowly mortals he use to all but ignore. He starts to understand just how much these heroes really do for the Gods, and just how much they have to sacrifice. He starts to doubt himself, and then comes back fighting when it matters most. He starts taking responsibility for things, instead of having it thrust upon him. But I also think he’s got a long way to go yet. There will be more lessons for him to learn, and when (if) he becomes a God again, I think he’ll be all the more stronger for it, and may even change the other Olympians way of thinking as well.  

Wanted to post this pic in honor of the first anniversary of this day and I’m too nostalgic! on Aug. 11th, 2016 I met Karri for the second time and these awesome ladies for the very first time! Just thinking that me, Karri, Candi @nothingidputbeforeyou, Sarah @patchworkgirlfriend, Heather @sammichgirl and Joan @deansbeerbottle were all in the same place makes me so happy! I remember going to the terrace at Brit’s pub (yes, the same one Jared and Jensen played bocce ball with JDM 2 days later) with Karri, Sarah and Heather to meet Candi and Joan for the first time and I was freaking out!! I was already internet friends with Candi, but I’d never talked to Joan and I was thinking omg pls like me pls like me, and we instantly all hit it off! this was such a fantastic trip, I miss it everyday! I wish you all were going to Nola with us, because those who aren’t gonna be there will be so fucking missed!

can’t believe it’s one year already, I love you guys so much and it’s such a pleasure to have you in my life! <3

Tinsel Problems (Joe Request)

(Going strong at Day 5 guys! A christmassy Joe one now) “Don’t worry babe at least we’ve got the Christmas decorating to do when you’re home” Joe smiles, arms loosely around your waist.
“Its the only thing getting me through the day” You sigh, pecking his lips once more.
You were about to leave the place you shared with Joe to head off to work. Usually, you loved your job but at the minute you hated it. Today you would have meeting after meeting with some of the worst people in the business, as well as presentations which you despised doing.
Though, your love for all things festive was keeping you slightly more positive as you and Joe would be decorating the place, most importantly putting up the tree, as soon as you were home and you were excited for an evening of Christmas tunes blaring full volume, dancing crazily around the lounge and mostly just having the best time with your boyfriend.
“Bye gorgeous” He smiles, waving you off from the door as you head off with keys and bag in hand.
Only 10 more hours. You’d be back by 8pm.
~~~Time Skip~~~
Your keys hit the door with a sigh escaping your cold lips. Finally you were home. The meetings had gone averagely badly and you had shaken too much when you were presenting, your fear threatening to take over. Your boss seemed only slightly satisfied and the tube had been packed on the way home, forcing your anxious self to get off a couple stops before and walk back to your place, not wanting to face a panic in public.
You could hear Joe’s voice inside which you had usually associated with him vlogging but evidently there was another voice there too.
“Ooh here she is!” He exclaims, turning to see you as you walk through to the warmth of the apartment.
“Hey babe” You smile tiredly, thankful to be home.
“Hey (y/n) right?” an American toned voice questions, which you quickly match to a brunette girl who walks into the entrance to the place.
“Yeah that’s me” You nod, dropping your keys on the side.
“This is Brit” Joe comments, “You know her don’t you?”
“Yeah Joe’s spoken about you before” You say, “Its lovely to finally meet you”
“you too” She grins, “You’re the girl he doesn’t stop talking about”
“Oh I don’t know about that!” You chuckle, “So how long are you-” You stop as you walk through to the lounge kitchen area. It is lit with only the lights of the Christmas decorations splattered around the room, all hung on walls or wrapped around poles. With the tree being the centerpiece of the room now, “You decorated?”
“Yeah well Brit got here this afternoon so we thought why not?” Joe responds.
“Nice” You smile through your disappointment.
It wouldn’t matter as much if you hadn’t had such a crap day. If this wasn’t what you were looking forward to the whole time. If this wasn’t something Joe knew you loved doing together. If it reminded you of family days at home. If singing along to the old songs was finally a time you could forget any stress building up.
“You alright babe?” Joe comes over to you as you pour yourself a drink of water.
“Just a long day” You shrug, trying to act as normal as possible.
You didn’t want to seem rude. Brit was a nice girl and you being blunt wasnt the impression you wanted to make but after a horrific work day and now this, faking a smile was proving to be a difficult task…
“I’m just gonna take a shower” You announce, walking out and heading to the bedroom.
Part of you wanted to curl up into the bed, hoping for a less stressful day tomorrow. But again, you couldn’t be rude.
And so, you opted for a long bath in the hope that would make you feel a little better.
~~~Time Skip~~~
By the time you get out of the bath and procrastinate for a little while, you head outside to only Joe being there.
“Where’s Brit?” You ask, watching as he pushes down the lid of his laptop.
“She’s gone over to Oli’s for a little while" He comments.
You nod in understanding and go to walk to the kitchen when he speaks again.
“I’m sorry about the whole decorating thing” He sighs, “I didn’t think and I know how excited you were”
“I was probably exaggerating anyway honestly. I just had a really shit day and I wasn’t in the best mood” You shrug, “I can’t blame you for decorating the house with your friend Joe”
“Welll” He wraps his arms around you, “How about we decorate the outside? Looks like we still have some more lights”
“Sounds perfect!” You grin and the pair of you go to grab lights, speakers and decorations for the small ‘garden’ area.
Within minutes you have the classic songs filling the area with your voices only matching the loud volume, you have trails of lights spinning round lots of the plant pots and even tinsel hanging from the benches.
And of course you can’t help but start dancing around each other, using tinsel as big scarves and coming up with crazy moves.
“I can’t leave you two for five minutes can I?” A now familiar accent sounds over the music and both of you turn round.
“Of course not” Joe grins, slinging his arm over your shoulder.
And you finally feel like your tough day is being washed away.

It’s a lesson he learned from Beyoncé. On Feb. 19, 2014, Brown was in Glasgow, Scotland, working on the “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” A day before the concert, he and the production crew were restless, trying to figure out the lights and visuals; the choreographers and dancers were on the stage rehearsing routines. “We were all complaining and tired,” he remembers. “Everyone was also getting worried, freaking, like giving up on life ’cause she was on the way.” When Beyoncé arrived at the SSE Hydro stadium, she ran through the two-hour show, from top to bottom, once. And just like that, she left to catch a private jet to the Brit Awards in London, changed into her sparkly teal gown on the plane, and performed “XO” for the first time to a crowd of screaming fans. Following her performance, she flew back to Scotland, went straight back to the venue (still wearing the same teal sparkly gown), got up on the stage, and ran through the show twice. “She got off the stage and goes, “If I can do this, you guys can definitely do this,” Brown recalls. “She’s not human!” After that pep talk from one of the biggest artists of our time, Brown says he and the crew stayed up until the next day to make the show happen. “It was an eye-opening experience.
Mark Gatiss on being disease-free and IMMORTAL

@idioticonion and I did this interview in 2005 (after ‘The Vesuvius Club’ was published but before 'The Devil in Amber’). I don’t think it exists on the interweb anymore…

What made you decide to turn “The Vesuvius Club” into a graphic novel. And just how “graphic” will it be…?
God made me do it. Actually, I knew how much Ian Bass loved  comic books and I just suggested to Simon and Schuster that there might  be some interest in a graphic novel. They did some costings and said  ‘off you go!’ Ian then had to compress a huge amount of work into a very  short space of time, I really only had to approve the ‘script’. It’s a  teensy bit graphic – one page in particular is raising eyebrows – but we  don’t want it shrunk-wrapped at W.H.Smiths where no-one can have a  browse. There might be an ‘adults-only’ sticker on it but I
really don’t  know what all the fuss is about. You can have sex on live TV now.

Early references to “The Vesuvius Club” suggested  that it would be set in the late Victorian period - and the tone of the book rather indicates that the time period was changed at a very late stage. Why was this?

That’s true. I’d envisaged a high-Victorian setting, 1895 for  choice, the
perfect Conan Doyle year but I realised that I’m far more in  love with the Edwardian era and became quietly possessed by the whole  Art Nouveau feel of the thing. Having said that, it’s obviously a  pastiche of lots of different styles, incorporating Holmes and Fu Manchu  etc. I deliberately kept the date vague so I can play about with how  old Box is.

Have you made any more progress on “Devil In Amber”? Is it still set in the 1930s? And will Charlie Jackpot appear in it??
It’s ‘THE Devil in Amber’! This is like ‘League’ of Gentlemen all over again! I see the book is even on Amazon with the definite article missing! Rant over.

I’ve done a very detailed outline of the  next book and have written the first two chapters. It has a vague  late-‘Twenties setting and will be a wintry story in contrast to the  sultry tone of the first one. As to who’s in it, well…All I’ll say is  that Box has a rival agent called Hugo Furst snapping at his heels…

You’ve written and recorded a large number of audio dramas. Do you have anything more coming up in this area?
No ‘Doctor Who’s planned. Too busy with the real thing! Have  just finished recording the second series of ‘Nebulous’ for Radio 4, though. I’ve been asked to play Gold in ‘Sapphire and Steel’ again.

Writing for Doctor Who was seemingly a  lifelong ambition for you. Now that that’s been realised, what’s your  next burning ambition? (apart from actually playing the Doctor of  course!) And is it strange writing for David Tennant, since he’s a good  friend of yours?
I’d love to play Jacob Marley in ‘A Christmas Carol’. That’s a  childhood
ambition. It’s actually really helpful knowing David because I  can hear his voice (albeit Scottish) in my head when I’m writing. The  whole thing is a challenge, though, because the re-invention has been so  successful but now we’re kind of re-inventing it again!

Bisexual characters seem rather in vogue at the  moment - after Lucifer we know have the dashing Captain Jack Harkness.  Do you think this is feeding on the prevalence of slash fiction in  certain genres? You’ve admitted to reading slash - any you’d recommend??
Is Slash fiction a story that’s someone’s weed on? All I know about this
dubious practice is that someone handed me some sheets of  foolscap on the last TLOG tour and I was fairly astonished to read of  Chinnery’s amorous encounters with Ross. We had a good laugh on the bus.

PROBE is very popular among League of Gentlemen  fans - for various reasons. But why on earth was THAT shot of Reece  getting out of bed in “Devil Of Winterborne” kept in (minute 21, for those who haven’t seen)?? And have you ever  tried the PROBE drinking game?
‘For various reasons’. What can that mean? I haven’t seen them  in years and I’m sure they’re pretty ropey but we were all finding our  way. Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams…
I don’t know which shot of Reece you mean but if he was getting  out of bed, can you see his tackle? I have mostly very fond memories of  those days, of working with Jon Pertwee and a fairly idyllic summer at  that school location at the height of Brit-Pop. Ah, youth…
As for the ‘drinking game’, I don’t know what that is. I only drink when alone. Or in company. Or if the day has a ‘Y’ in it.

Why are you so obsessively suspicious of morticians? The great Bernard Spilsbury is turning in his grave…
As Box says in ‘The Vesuvius Club’, like choir-masters, you  have to suspect them a little, no? ‘Now what shall I be?’ says the Young  Person. ‘An architect? A doctor? A dancer? No! I’ll voluntarily fiddle  with corpses!’ Besides, I knew one once and he told me such stories…

What’s happened to all the trappings of a Victorian  gentleman you used to affect? The lab.. the velvet suit… has your  fascination faded?
I love to dress up. Always will. However, I long ago realised  that you can feel stylish and comfortable without having to pretend it’s  the Golden summer of 1913 all the time. I spent far too much of my youth wanting to be older and dressing accordingly. What a twat I must  have appeared! As for the laboratory, it was a similar case. I’d always  dreamed of having such a room then, once I’d done it, it was like a  folly. I’d show visitors round it but it was never used. I’ve now split  up the contents around our new house because it’s nicer to live with these pretty things all around you.

Would you rather suffer from consumption or the pox?
I remember being terribly excited when Jeremy Dyson caught TB  in the early ‘Nineties. I insisted on referring to it as Consumption.  Personally. I’d rather have neither and remain disease-free and  IMMORTAL.

Matthew Schiavello has left ‘excuse me...’

What begins, ends…. and here I am writing that I, Matthew Schiavello, have left ‘excuse me…’.

I wish it was for some dramatic and exciting reason, but it is instead for really boring and mundane reasons, like the fact that life is just too busy, it has been for a really long time and is getting busier. My personal life and my own art need much more of my time, so I need to step away from the reblogging tumblr ‘Excuse me…’, which will continue on and I look forward to seeing what happens next with it!

I started my time at 'excuse me…’ wanting to promote the work of others. A week into the life of the tumblr and Nur Nielfa officially joined ( Nur and I had been chatting online for a while and I really liked her own photography, as well as her values and opinions. I had no idea what her selections would be like, the main point was that I liked her and we shared some important ideals, and both wanted to promote others. That was all that I needed!

Nur and I discussed and decided upon some some 'rules’ for the tumblr (keeping in mind that We didn’t want too many rules to get bogged down in!) But we did decided that: we would not promote the work of anyone currently involved in the tumblr (the focus was to be on others and that included promoting exhibitions, events -including other reblogging tumblrs), there was no boss or editor (in fact, no one would edit the others choices and if we did not like a choice that was made, we would talk it though), and a few other 'rules’ including a decision not to show images which sexualised or exploited women or other marginalized groups… and  we also agreed that the rules could be broken and should be broken, when we felt they needed to be! There we were, a Spanish women and a male Australian with (Italian heritage), on opposite sides of the globe. We asked for and accepted submissions and I am certain, shared most of those that were received.  

After a time, we felt we needed another person on board and decided to ask Thierry Facon ( to join us, a French male living in Thailand! Nur and I both liked his work and had chatted with him a lot. I really admired Thierry’s sensibilities and approach which could be quite subversive, quirky and fun. Again, we didn’t ask for samples of what he would share and had no idea what that might be, but knew we would find out once he joined us.

After a while and due to people being busy, we realised we needed one more person. At the top of all of our wish lists was the same person, A female Brit, living in the USA - Jules Falk Hunter ( We didn’t think she would say yes to us, why would she? She was busy with her own blog, her own reblogging tumblr and was also a member of Luxlit! And to top it all off, she is so, so talented! But we bravely asked and she said yes! And there we were, a global (albeit western), group.

I think Jules was the glue that got us involved in more group activities/events. Jules may have even came up with the idea: 'a day of….’  We had fun and it felt like a real team, rather than a group of people working separately.  Again, no one was the boss, it was all collaborative, respectful, mature and fun. And then unfortunately, my busy life got much busier and here I am, wishing that Nur, Jules, Thierry and I, were all doing this from day one and that we had three years of fun camaraderie, instead of the shorter time that we had. Nur left a few months back due to other commitments and now I am doing the same.  

It has been such and honor and a privilege to  be part of this weird little tumblr (to borrow Nur’s phrase), to be part of something with three other creatives I greatly respect and admire, and who’s work inspires me. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of something which other creatives have taken the time to follow and to take an active interest in. We have had many people trust us with their submissions ( I need to say that we never take lightly, a decision to not share a submission, and many a conversation has been held amongst ourselves on the topic of such things!) and we have greatly appreciated this trust. I have loved the messages of support and thanks sent to us over the years, the generous suggestions to check out other peoples work and the opportunity that I have had, to indulge my thoughts on what work needed to be seen by a wider audience. The support 'excuse me…’ continues to be shown, is greatly appreciated and encourages all of the team members to give up time away from their own creative pursuits, to actively support and highlight the work of others.

From the beginning Nur and I both felt that 'excuse me…’ would shift and change over time and would one day cease to exist and/or go on without either of us. It was a warming thought that kept our egos at bay. After being there from the beginning and for the past three years, I leave 'excuse me…’ feeling content and proud to have been a part of something that made a small difference, which promoted others and tried to do so without ego.  

I leave 'excuse me..’ looking forward to seeing what unfolds with it and looking forward to being taken along on new ride.  I am still online and about, just much less than I have been, as I make more time to spend on my own art work  and on other personal matters.

Thank you for being there for part, most of, or all of my time at 'excuse me..’ and for inviting the team and myself into your own lives. I hope that you continue to support 'excuse me..’ as I will continue to do so, as it promotes the work of others.


matthew schiavello.

THIS is why Harry didn’t attend the Brit Awards

Until the last moment, I thought/hoped Harry and Niall would be at the Brits, too.

I saw that just Louis and Liam were on the red carpet, but I honestly thought that was just in order to focus on Louis and his baby, not on “One Direction reunited”. Until the last moment, I thought/hoped that Niall and Harry didn’t walk on the red carpet, but that they are inside the hall. Or backstage or somewhere.

Even when they talked about David Bowie, my mind was just going wild, I could only think about: “What if Mick Jagger comes on stage? Together with Louis and Harry, who were always compared to David and Mick, who were lovers?”

Then, the boys won the award (thank you all for voting!). Even then I could only think about that time when Harry came late on stage, because he was having a wee. What if they did it again?

“If Harry doesn’t show up, everyone will think that Wootton was (always) right. That there was a fight between Louis and Harry.”

“Don’t want to read all the negative articles tomorrow.”

(Just 2 of my sad thoughts.)

Liam’s speech. And it hit me: THAT’s why Harry isn’t there. He would’t agree to thank Simon and the management, who made him, the band and the fans go through so much pain during the last years.

Harry refused to take part in the whole babygate thing. And I’m sure he refused to thank Simon and Modest. In my opinion, they were asked to do that just yesterday. All information points to the fact that Harry (and possibly Niall, too) wanted to attend the Brits: all the boys were reportedly in London, they flew to London just 1-2 days before (so clearly they were supposed to go - all? - to the same event).

Yesterday, the 2-3 “exposing accounts” that seem more trustworthy to me than others tweeted about the Brits. Including DustyDaCat (if you don’t know why I’m talking about Dusty: read my article RBB 2.0: DustyDaCat). 

He tweeted:

Let’s remember that Louis also tweeted about a “good day” - the way he did one day before we found out he broke up with Eleanor. So many fans thought the 24th of February was gonna be a great day.

Sometime between these tweets, something changed. The first tweet was the “good afternoon” one. Then Harry posted this on instagram:

And, not even an hour later, Dusty tweeted the award symbol.

The boys were probably told that they must thank Simon and the management. One last “victory” for Simon. He needed that: if 1D says that Simon/Modest su**s, Simon is in big trouble. Yes, One Direction and the Directioners have such a huge power! So Simon needed the boys to tell one last time how great their management team is.

Let’s be honest: they knew they would hold that speech. They can always count on us when there is a voting going on. And now more then ever, because we miss the boys.

Seeing everything with “today’s eyes”, I think that Harry’s instagram picture could have been about the fact that he wouldn’t attend the Brits: Lonely buffet, so he would be alone.

Yesterday, I was chatting with  @llhn1d (whom I want to thank for all the amazing discussions about the crazy 1D stunts). We thought that the boys might even have a surprise performance, because Josh returned to London, too. And why would he return for the Brits, he didn’t have to go on stage to accept an award. 

Now, I realize that even his tweet might have been just to make fans believe that the boys would perform. It was tweeted about 10 minutes before Harry’s instagram picture. Why would the management want to make the fans believe 1D will perform? It’s actually quite simple: they knew that we would watch the award show, that we would wait to see the boys. That means a bigger audience hearing the boys thanking Simon and the management. 

Besides the fact that we won the award (yes, we: 1D and us, because we, the fans, were the ones who voted), the only beautiful thing tonight was Harry’s instagram picture:

First of all, it’s beautiful because he was definitely watching the show - in my opinion a sign that he wanted to be there. Since he was already in the UK, why wouldn’t he go? There can be only one reason: he couldn’t. Most probably because he didn’t want to have to thank Modest and Simon. (Please note that he intentionally left a letter out - H, like “Harry is missing”.)

Second: although I’m a huge Larrie and people speculate that the picture has something to do with Louis (all of Harry’s colorful IG pictures are related to Louis), this time I think the picture is not about Louis. It’s about the fans. And about Harry’s love for the fans. 

Third: I love this picture, because scrabble is something so personal for Harry, something that he loves so much. And he makes us part of that intimate moment, he invites us in his living room. Isn’t that beautiful? :)

Fourth: The missing H and also the lonely buffet show me once again what a genius Harry is. And I’m more convinced than ever that he was behind the RBB account on twitter. 

At this point, I believe that of all the “exposing” accounts (even if it doesn’t seem to be one created for this purpose), one probably knew what was going on:

First, I thought they meant the voting for the DMD video, But now I think they knew that something would “go wrong”, that something would make the fans angry. And possibly that the following day we would get negative articles about Harry.

Right after the boys won the award, the same account tweeted:

Talking about Harry who hates to lie to the fans and who doesn’t like to be part of all the stunts, here is a video that made me cry today, when I tweeted it while voting:

At that time, we all thought that he was almost crying because Zayn left.

But many fans believe that Zayn leaving was also a stunt and that he is actually still part of 1D. What made me cry was the thought: what if he wasn’t choking because Zayn left, but because he knew they were lying to the fans? (Not the boys directly - because none of this is their fault.)

Never again / Zayn centric

Prompt: Two year old Zayn is left alone with a babysitter but the man isn’t nice.

word Count: 3k

Trigger warning: slight abuse, language

„Do we really have to do this?” Louis, who was standing is his son’s bedroom, looking at the two-year boy, asked.

“You know we have to,” his boyfriend Liam sighed and wrapped his arms around Louis’ hips, resting his chin on the smaller boy’s shoulder.

They continued to stand there for a few more minutes, watching their son sleep peacefully. Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry weren’t only fathers. They also were a world-famous band called One Direction and sometimes it wasn’t easy to be caring fathers and singers at the same not, especially not at their age.

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Just for the record (excuse the pun) for everyone on here, Britney’s interview on Jonathan Ross lasted about an hour and I was lucky enough to be there…the majority of what she said made the cut just in a shorter version and without any awkward pauses BUT one thing didn’t…

When he asked the compulsory “you had lots of control over Glory how did that come about” question, rather than say the classic “I worked with cool producers” line she said “well there’s the really long story or the short one,” and he told her just to go ahead with the short one.

By this point we were fucking tense and then she said “So…I’ve been under this CONSERVATORSHIP for three years…” We completely flipped at this point - we still can’t quite work out what she meant by this cause it obviously has been longer but we could not BELIEVE that we heard her speak the words (and bless her she pronounced it wrong). She then went on to say something along the lines of “so I hadn’t been able to make choices for myself so with this album I had to be tactical and strategic and just make it my baby.”

We just could not believe that she’d said anything about it and neither could Jonathan - he’d clearly been told he couldn’t ask about it so he had to just let it slide and move on. It was such an intense moment cause she’s NEVER ever said the word before and we were so shocked but also hugely sad. We knew it would be cut from the edit the moment she said it but it shows that she desperately wants to talk about it and the only reason she hasn’t is because all her press is so micromanaged by her team. One of the dancers the next day said they were as shocked as us when they heard her say it from backstage, and it wasn’t the only incident like this that day - when Brit was recording an interview for Loose Women that will air on Tuesday she was asked about Justin and her useless PR woman in the UK Shoshanna brought the whole interview to a halt for five minutes.

So that’s a crazy long post that probably no one will read but as the interview has already aired and I haven’t seen a single thing posted on tumblr about it I just wanted to make sure that this pretty rare and important moment doesn’t go undocumented.