the days of summer
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Series← Previous Work Part 2 of the JayTim Week: Summer Edition 2017 series

Summary: Jay thinks getting a job at the local library will be the perfect way to spend his summer and make a little money while he’s at it. The problem is there’s a really cute boy that comes in all the time and Jay has no idea how to act when he’s around. Talking with cute boys definitely isn’t in his repertoire and flirting is completely out of the question!

With a pained groan, Jason let the last donation box drop onto the table to give his aching arms sweet relief. Several people looked up at the sudden thud-some sending him dirty looks-but Jason was well beyond caring. His first day working at Gotham Public Library hadn’t gone at all like he expected it to when he imagined his first day. At the interview, they had described what he would be doing and not once had they mentioned lugging around heavy donation boxes all day. The head librarian took one look at him, saw how muscular he was (Jason’s pretty sure he saw her eyes literally light up), and put him right to work. Now, he was completely exhausted and ready to go home for the day.

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LadyNoir July Day 24: Summer Nights
  • Our Heroes: *Taking laps around the neighborhood to burn off the alcohol
  • Ladybug, borderline drunk: Chaaaaaaat... Why you take teh wine from me?
  • Chat Noir: Because you don't know your limit yet. Just be glad it's warm out tonight.
  • Ladybug: But I'm meeeelting... Why's the sun so hawt? Feels like its 33 out here.
  • Chat Noir: *Has to think about it
  • Chat Noir: I'm pretty sure that's the alcohol warming you up.
  • Ladybug, going in for the hug: I am pretty hot, you know.
  • Chat Noir, flustered: W-W-Well there's no arguing that, but right now-
  • Ladybug, struck with an idea: I know!
  • Ladybug: *Runs off to the river, giggling madly
  • Chat Noir: Hey! Wait!
  • Ladybug: CANNONBALL!

You know that feeling you get when you hear a band for the first time? Where you hear the first few seconds of a song, and you just want more. And after you fell in love with them. And you just love everything about them. The songs. The lyrics. The voices. Do you ever wish that you could go back to the first time you ever heard a band? Just so you can feel that feeling again. Just so you can relive all of the amazing feelings that this band gave you.