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tips for a happy life
  • wake up early in the morning
  • do some kind of activity - go running, walk your dog, etc.
  • drink lots of water to boost your productivity
  • read more books
  • listen to inspiring music
  • clean your home/apartment for 15-20 minutes daily
  • consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • prepare your own food - read more about healty eating, check out new recipies, cook with love
  • reward yourself, celebrate little victories - you’ve made it out of bed today, you washed your face and you had the strength to wake up and embrace the new day
  • go out, make new friends, be social
  • pick a diary and a beautiful pencil to write down how your day has been before you go to sleep
  • go to bed earlier
  • make plans for the next day - do something you’ve never done before. When was the last time you tried something diferent?
  • love life

These are my cats Pluto and Daygo. One of them clearing knows how to take better photos. Pluto will meow at you to pick him up then will meow at good to put him down seconds later. Daygo loves belly pets… well he loves all pets.

4 May 2017 || ig || May Study Challenge

Day 4: May is AP Exam season! What are your tips for studying for tests?

First of all, happy Star Wars day! May the force be with you during your exams (and in general). 

The Day Before


  • wake up, have a nice breakfast (not too much coffee pls)
  • get dressed!
  • tidy up your study space if necessary
  • get out your notes one last time (only the summaries/final notes if you have any of those)


  • go over your notes once or twice again and check if you have everything memorised
  • go over everything you especially struggled with another time
  • stay hydrated
  • eat light and easily digestible things
  • cut out caffeine after 4pm because you need a good night’s sleep!
  • take breaks :)


  • personally, i don’t study the night before an exam (after 6pm)
  • take a nice bath or shower
  • if you eat dinner, don’t make it too late or too heavy
  • set your alarm and two backup alarms, and if possible tell someone who will be awake at that time to wake you up if all else fails (or to give you a wake-up call)
  • pack your bag with EVERYTHING you need (including water, keys, paper, pens, ID, calculator, bus pass, tissues, tampons/pads if needed)
  • if you want, set out the clothes you want to wear the next day so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning
  • go to bed before midnight, ideally at a time that allows you 7 to 8 hours of sleep

The Day of the Exam

  • manage your time in a way that allows you to be at the exam location half an hour in advance (earlier buses etc)
  • have breakfast!!! don’t skip breakfast, it gives you the energy your brain needs during the exam. if you feel like you can’t eat anything, try just toast or a granola bar or dry cereal or something like that. tea is good as well.
  • don’t drink more caffeine than you usually would. you’ll probably be nervous as it is and caffeine makes you extra hyped
  • go to the toilet before you leave your house
  • if you feel like you would benefit from it, skim your notes one last time (on the bus maybe or during breakfast)
  • if that would just freak you out, read something else (comics, the newspaper, tumblr, whatever really)
  • get encouragement!! have someone tell you that you’ll do fine or wish you good luck. it’ll make you smile and have a more positive attitude. possible people: best friend, parents, siblings, grandparents, and of course tumblr or other social networks.
  • if other people make you even more nervous because they all seem so much better prepared than you (they probs aren’t though), avoid them. listen to music or read something or avoid the exam room itself as long as possible. focus on yourself if you work better that way.
  • if talking to others calms you down, don’t choose the ones with headphones or books to talk to  because they’re probably the ones who want some peace and quiet
  • do your best! :)
  1. Swim in a lake
  2. Go to a museum
  3. Head to the beach
  4. Do a cartwheel
  5. Get tan
  6. Float in an ocean or lake
  7. Vlog an entire day
  8. Build a sandcastle
  9. Take cool pictures
  10. Say YES to everything for a day
  11. Browse a book store
  12. Write a short story
  13. Roll down a grassy hill
  14. Hold a yard sale
  15. Have a clothing swap
  16. Vist a public garden
  17. Build a cozy fort
  18. Explore a new neighborhood
  19. Watch the sun set and rise
  20. Start a look book
  21. Print and frame pictures
  22. Write a letter to a friend
  23. Go for a walk
  24. Make something new
  25. Do something artistic
  26. Organize your space
  27. Plant something
  28. Drive somewhere
  29. Hang Out with the fam
  30. Spend some time outdoors
  31. Invent a recipe
  32. Start reading a new book
  33. Pitch a tent and sleep in it
  34. Go on a day adventure
  35. Take a hike
  36. Introduce yourself to someone new
  37. Break a Law
  38. Sneak into a movie
  39. Play the ultimate truth or day
  40. Make a senior year bucket list
  41. Clean out your Refrigerator
  42. Spray paint something
  43. Start a Youtube Channel
  44. Make a flower crown
  45. Take a picture of breakfast 
  46. Hang out with friends
  47. Penny Board
  48. Buy a summer hat
  49. Drink detox water or tea
  50. Go to church
  51. Take a group picture
  52. Buy a cactus or succulent
  53. Take a road trip
  54. Have a picnic at the park
  55. Dance in the rain
  56. Get a photo worthy Fro-yo
  57. Make Dinner
  58. Eat outside
  59. Have a TREAT YO SELF night
  60. Cut a watermelon in half using rubber bands
  61. Bike someplace new
  62. Finish Wreck This Journal
  63. Buy a matching summer outfit with your Best friend
  64. Spend a whole day at the mall
  65. Make a friendship bracelet
  66. Create the perfect summer playlist
  67. complement a complete stranger
  68. Eat something new
  69. Get a temporary tattoo
  70. Spend the weekend with a friend
  71. Give someone a makeover
  72. Try to go without netflix for a day
  73. Go to the cinema
  74. Swim in a pool
  75. Bake something
  76. Have a water ballon fight
  77. Rope swing into water
  78. Tie-Dye something
  79. Run a marathon 
  80. Have a food fight
  81. Write a note and leave it somewhere public
  82. Carve initials into a tree
  83. Try invisible rope prank
  84. Yoga challenge with friends
  85. Get a new pair of shoes
  86. Do something fearless
  87. Draw with chalk outside
  88. Burn something (Like old school work)
  89. Play hide and clap at night
  90. Make an inspirational board or collage
  91. Go to a friends house
  92. Try five new starbucks drinks
  93. Create a handshake for you and your friends
  94. Play catch the egg
  95. Bathe a dog
  96. Sing at the top of your lungs to your fav song
  97. Face a fear
  98. Make an instagram friend
  99. Watch a sad movie and cry
  100. Memorize a movie’s lines
  101. Paint yours and someone else’s nails
  102. Wear a dress in public
  103. Lay in the middle of a road at night
  104. Sneak out
  105. Go on a midnight adventure
  106. Brainstorm potential Halloween costumes
  107. Tell a restaurant its your birthday
  108. Count all of your change
  109. Go an entire day without complaining
  110. mentos + Coke explosion
  111. Leave a note on a strangers car
  112. Tell your parents that they are the best people ever
  113. Play a scary game
  114. Dress like a store worker and go to the store i.e. Target, Walmart
  115. Wave at strangers while passing them in a car
  116. Play tag at the park
  117. Make breakfast for the family
  118. Run through an empty field 
  119. Text a random number
  120. Do something that scares you
  121. Catch a fish and set it free
  122. Donate to charity
  123. Make a paper crane
  124. Concoct a list of words you like and dislike
  125. come up with some personal goals
  126. Try a new look
  127. Find the perfect quote
  128. Take a dog for a walk
  129. Give something up that you love
  130. Get someone’s digits
  131. Do the best friend challenge
  132. Feed the seagulls or birds
  133. Get Ice cream
  134. Give something to a friend
  135. Buy a bath bomb
  136. Go a day without make up
  137. Forget what day it is
  138. Have a photo shoot
  139. Jump into a creek or pond
  140. Host a sleep over party
  141. Become a morning person 
  142. Take a picture with a pet 
  143. Draw or paint something
  144. Write a letter to your future self
  145. go thrift or antique shopping
  146. Clean out your closet
  147. Press leaves or flowers in a book
  148. Make a time capsule
  149. Appreciate the little things 
  150. Eat completely healthy for a day
  151. Laugh until you cry
  152. Have the BEST sumer ever
  153. Compile pics and vids into one summer themed movie
  154. Complete This Entire List

{ &;* under the cut you will find #80 kinds of activities / date ideas for your characters, these aren’t all “dates” and most of them do not have to work for just romantic connections but i also didnt know what else to call this masterlist. all of the below activities can be done in a one-on-one experience or group setting, please give this a like or reblog if you found it useful!

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being hannah’s sister would involve:

Originally posted by stewartsmarano

  • being her best friend
  • working at the shop
  • going to kat’s house party with her
  • checking out zach and justin
  • playing beer pong with monty
  • becoming a cheerleader
  • influencing hannah to hit up justin
  • covering for hannah when she sneaks out
  • threatening justin after that inappropriate photo goes around
  • scolding hannah
  • being on the ‘best’ list
  • consoling hannah after her fall out with jessica
  • avoiding alex
  • dating montgomery
  • standing up for tyler against monty
  • tyler stalking you and hannah
  • catering hannah and courtney’s sleepover
  • sleeping over at monty’s
  • your parents buying a new car for the winter prom
  • hyping hannah up to dance with clay
  • bitching out courtney after hannah leaves
  • getting free popcorn
  • trying dollar valentine’s
  • hoping to get monty
  • getting jeff
  • monty breaking up with you before valentine’s day
  • going to the movies with jeff
  • seeing monty with sheri
  • encouraging hannah to go out with someone for valentines
  • taking care of her after her date with marcus
  • hearing hannah snap at zach
  • meeting ryan shaver
  • hannah closing off to you
  • persuading hannah to attend jessicas party
  • setting her up with clay
  • spying on her and clay
    • with jeff
  • loosing hannah
  • hearing about jeff’s death
  • getting angry to deal
  • noticing hannahs depression
  • dealing with your parents arguing
  • “whats wrong with you hannah?”
  • “nothing”
  • “bullshit”
  • seeing her come home wet and distraught
  • “what happened?”
  • hannah slamming her door in your face
  • offering to help hannah with her ‘project’
  • not seeing hannah after school
  • your dad picking you up after school
  • seeing hannah
  • completely shutting down
  • blaming yourself
  • tony consoling you
  • hearing the tapes with your parents
Celebrating your Birthday with Tom Holland

Originally posted by tomshollandss

  • He would wake you up with a million kisses
  • “Guess what day it is?!”
  • “It’s my birthday, so let me sleep.”
  • He would agree with your wishes and go downstairs to “make” you some breakfast
  • He actually just went to a restaurant and ordered your favorite food
  • He would arrange it adorably on a tray with the smallest gift he got you (one of many)
  • After giving you some time to sleep in he would come in with the tray singing happy birthday
  • He wouldn’t let you eat until you opened the gift
  • I feel like he puts lots of thought into his gifts. They are all gonna be something that you really enjoy
  • After eating, he would have like 3 other gifts for you to open
  • Scolding him for buying you so much stuff
  • One of those gifts is definitely going to be something spider-man…probably spider-man underwear
  • He would wink at you and tell you to try them on for him
  • Rolling your eyes at him…but he did get you all those gifts…so, you can give him a little something
  • After opening all of your gifts and giving him a little gift, if you know what I mean… you both would get ready for the day, because he has more surprises for you
  • Those surprises wouldn’t be surprises for long, because everyone knows that Tom can’t keep a secret to save his life
  • You would be on your way to watch a movie that he knew you had been wanting to see and after pestering him about where you’re going, he would get annoyed 
  • “Do you want to see that movie you’ve been talking about or not?”
  • He would be upset and pouty, because he just ruined the surprise
  • Kissing him and saying you love the present
  • Him staring at you and kissing your cheek, while you’re trying to watch the movie
  • “I’m trying to watch the movie, you know.”
  • “Yeah, I know, but you look so beautiful and it’s your birthday and my baby is getting old.”
  • Just having to learn how to focus, while Tom is practically hanging off of you
  • After the movie, you would take a walk hand in hand
  • Talking about everything the two of you can think of
  • “I want to spend all the rest of your birthdays with you.”
  • Tom would be so clingy on your birthday, because he just wants you to feel super special on that day
  • Going to dinner with him and your family, because he knew you were close with them and wanted to be with them on your birthday
  • After dinner, you would go home and cuddle on the couch, while watching your favorite movie 
  • Falling asleep, but not before you hear Tom whisper, “Happy Birthday baby. I hope I made it good.”

It’s my birthday! I had to write this, because I really wish Tom was here with me on this day.  

anonymous asked:

How would the drv3 boys purpose to their s/o?

:’) Sure thing – writing it as if the S/O accepts the proposal for happy times

DRV3 Boys proposing to S/O

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He would plan it out
  • Months in advance
  • Buy a ring
  • Not knowing if it was your taste
  • And then when he came to proposing he realised you mightn’t like the ring
  • And then he’d be stuttering
  • On one knee
  • In a restaurant
  • “I… Would you… M-marry me?”
  • Then a hurried apology
  • For stuttering
  • And then for the ring maybe not being to your taste
  • And then apologised for apologising
  • Before hastily standing up and blushing profusely

Kaito Momota

  • He was with you
  • Under the stars
  • Both of you gazing into the night
  • And then he just realised how much he wanted to marry you
  • Wanting rings to match the stars
  • He’d take your hand
  • And pull you into his arms
  • Murmuring into your ear
  • “How would you feel about getting married?”
  • He would apologise for not having a ring before hand
  • But he would take you out the next day to get them
  • Making sure they were stunning
  • And reminded you of each other


  • He had no idea
  • He didn’t plan it at all
  • You were walking together
  • Hand in hand
  • And then the idea would just come into his mind
  • “Would you like to marry me Y/N?”
  • He’d look at your perplexed expression
  • “Isn’t that what people usually do when they love each other?”
  • He was so cheerful about it
  • And his entire face was hopeful
  • “I mean, we don’t have to,”
  • He would do whatever you were comfortable with
  • Relying on you to plan it all

Rantaro Amami

  • He would plan it like a week in advance
  • Wanting to make it romantic
  • So he would pamper you
  • All day
  • Go to spa or an amusement park
  • And then when you got home there would be roses throughout the house
  • Leading to the bedroom
  • You thought he was having other ideas
  • But when you sat on the bed he just beamed down at you
  • Before getting to one knee
  • Taking one hand in his
  • And just murmuring the words
  • Looking at you with expectant eyes
  • When you said yes he would wrestle you onto the bed
  • And just thank you with kisses

Kokichi Ouma

  • Over excited about it
  • He would plan in advance
  • Taking you to a ferris wheel by the seaside
  • Getting your friends involved too
  • And banning you from looking at the beach
  • Until you reached the very top
  • Where it halted for a little
  • So you could clearly read the
  • ‘Will you marry me Y/N?’
  • When you turned he was on one knee
  • With a gummy ring
  • “I wanted you to choose the ring yourself…”
  • He just slides it onto your finger
  • And you both laugh a little before he embraces you
  • And all your friends on the beach cheer

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He would hint
  • In the months before hand
  • Asking you what type of ring you liked
  • And then once he had a picture in his mind he would have one made for you
  • Taking you out to a fancy meal
  • And just proposing there
  • Wanting to be a gentleman
  • He would wait until the end of the meal
  • And have the dessert planned
  • With the message written in the sauce on the plate
  • Before he slid out of his seat
  • And just got to one knee
  • Looking up at you with puppy dog eyes

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He would take you out in the day
  • And just go to lunch
  • In your favourite place
  • Smirking to himself
  • And you asking why but him refusing to tell you
  • Until he took you to the ring shop
  • And proposed to you right there
  • On one knee
  • In front of everyone in the shop
  • “Will you marry me?”
  • *Wink*
  • And then proceeding to tell them whatever ring you wanted you could have
  • His arms wrapped around you from behind the entire tim

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He would plan it
  • Setting it up with your friends
  • On your birthday
  • Getting them to take you out for the day
  • So you didn’t suspect a thing
  • Until night came
  • When you went out to dinner
  • And ate together
  • He would deliberately order a beer
  • And then when he finished it
  • He would turn it to you
  • Asking you to read the label
  • Where the question was
  • He spun a ring between his fingers when you looked back at him
  • And he would be really smug about his plan playing out perfectly in the days after
Dual Lives

@lovelydramione requested: omg an acc for soulmate aus my life has been bless! could do you one with jeonghan from svt? also one with taeyong from nct if it’s not too much? thank you! it’d be cool if you did it in the bulletin style <3

Soulmate au- body swap lmao

The NCT one will be later on but will happen don’t worry <3


1.4k words, Unedited

Originally posted by visual-17

  • you went through the first 16 years of life believing you had nobody
  • no mystical changes with your body
  • but on your 16th, when you had just opened all your presents, you got another one
  • your parents stared in slight horror as your eyes rolled back, your body went limp
  • not looking good
  • suddenly you sat back up but your entire demeanour was different
  • it was like you were a whole different person
  • spoiler, you were lmao
  • suddenly you were a 17 year old korean boy in the middle of an intense game of rock paper scissors didn’t take me 5 attempts to spell that no
  • and it appears you just lost
  • and as any normal person would, you yelled what the fuck
  • but it wasnt your voice or your language but you understood all the boys around you yelling
  • you were confused
  • but Jeonghan on the other hand was in his element
  • he could speak fluent english, and he seemed to be on a couch of sorts
  • and his hair was lovely and he smelt nice and apart from the people flocking around him, he was fine
  • your family tried asking what was wrong but they couldnt get your name out for some reason
  • all that came out was flarfenodle
  • not the most elegant name
  • so when your body flopped again and you came back, your family were already calling the paramedics
  • they came over, checked you over and said all your obs were fine, nothing seemed wrong apart from the fact you were spouting random words on korean
  • seventeen werent freaking out that bad but they all were still worried
  • but both your family and seventeen realised at the same time that this was probably your soulmate connection
  • suddenly your mum was laughing about how you were just in a boys body 
  • and how he was in yours
  • she’s not a very responsible mother
  • your father is the more sane one
  • he started thinking about the next time it happens and what to do and all that jazz
  • your mum was still killing herself laughing tho
  • *over in seventeen land*
  • jeonghan was doing his punishment for loosing rock paper scissors
  • they all decided to think about the soulmate thing later                              
  • the whole body switch happened a few more times, once in the middle of your shower and his dance practice
  • you had gotten the swing of the switch so you didn’t collapse every time
  • but he did once he realised where he was
  • suddenly shouting on you mother to help you up
  • “Whats wrong sweetie?”
  • you were in the middle of dancing when you stopped dropped and yelled “GUYS I DONT KNOW HOW TO DANCE I DONT WANT TO HURT MYSELF”
  • they ended up teaching the dance to you which was very helpful
  • you remembered how to do it when you were in the correct body
  • you also found out through this that your soulmate was very lazy when he was you 
  • lounged around and ate junk
  • you had to become more active to stop that
  • he realised you wanted to keep him on track when you were Jeonghan for the day
  • going to practice or working on his voice
  • so every now and then he would do the dances in your body, making sure you were in shape
  • you basically just helped each other out
  • there were a few catches though
  • you couldn’t hear each others names, the universe physically refused to let that happen
  • people had to use nicknames when you were each other
  • it could happen whenever without warning and with no specific length of time
  • and you couldn’t see your own reflection so you had no idea what he looked like and vice versa
  • you juts had to hope for the best basically
  • you also started picking up on the korean you were speaking and were learning it so fast
  • whenever you were the ‘angel’ as the others called him, you had conversations with his friends Vernon and Joshua in full english
  • you also learned why he danced
  • hes an idoooooool
  • they couldn’t tell you what band though cos that was against the universes rules apparently goddamn universe
  • you knew once you saw it though you could recognise his band members face
  • so you started making efforts to look up the dances
  • sometimes you recorded them (so did Jeonghan but he couldn’t see himself when he done it so he left sticky notes reminding you about them)
  • he left you post it notes everywhere lmao
  • ‘dont forget to walk the dog and get milk from mrs gunderson down the street’ okay sorry mum didn’t realise i had chores
  • you uploaded the videos in the hopes someone would tell you the song
  • you got lucky
  • one day someone told you that it was a really good cover of crazy in love, even without the music, you kept the beat well
  • you were so happy you finally got a name
  • you looked them up and there was a dance practice by a band called seventeen
  • so you started looking
  • immediately recognised the room and suddenly there was wonwoo
  • and joshua being extra and vernon too
  • and hoshi
  • you remembered this dance, you’d done it a few weeks ago you were there somewhere
  • then they all left and you were meant to be there but instead it was a blank space
  • you heard their voice but you couldn’t see them
  • suddenly you switched
  • as soon as you realised where you were, you were screwed
  • it was at a music show
  • you were sitting around with the guys waiting until you could start the next take
  • so you used the codeword
  • looking to your left, you leaned over and whispered snickerdoodles in english to joshua
  • he looked at you then sighed deeply
  • they talked to the manager until they decided you would just have to do it
  • you knew the dance well enough, and you had been expecting this for a while
  • you took a deep breath before deciding you could do this
  • hey ho here we gooooo
  • you looked off to the side where you could see Minghao’s soulmate smiling encouragingly before preparing herself for the dancing
  • luckily you managed to get through the show with no hitches
  • and once you had managed to get off to get some water, you were suddenly back in your house in your kitchen, and making some ramen
  • jeonghan was confused when he got back to himself and he was sweaty and chugging water like a beast
  • he slowly heard Vernons voice fade is in the background slowly going chug chug chug
  • then joshua hitting him
  • he found out that you did the whole dance and sung the song perfectly and he was so proud
  • also kinda weirded out how good you looked pretending to be him
  • even he couldn’t tell
  • anyway a while after that you decided to travel to south korea to go to pledis and hope for the best really
  • you’d heard them talking about a new comeback soon when you were Jeonghan for the day (they couldn’t tell for like 3 hours lmao)
  • so when you were about to land, you suddenly switched
  • for gods sake
  • you were currently in pledis so you decided to lounge around and observe in true ‘angel’ fashion
  • currently, Minghao and his soulmate were having an intense discussion with Hoshi and his soulmate about whether or not the neon pink was a good idea
  • suddenly there was a knock on the door and one of the staff walked in announcing that jeonghan had arrived
  • they all looked over at you who simply winked and stood
  • just before he walked in, you switched again so that you were both in the correct bodies
  • you walked in and there was an angel standing in front of you
  • his hair was a faint pink and falling around his face beautifully
  • his face was perfect
  • everything about him was angelic
  • you realised that this gorgeous man was who you had been living as and that you finally knew his name
  • “since you know mine, its only fair i know yours”
  • once you told him, the nicknames your family had made sense
  • suddenly he had someone to observe with, to joke with, to be a proud mother with
  • you still swapped bodies at least once a week but it was always fun to see what would happen
  • you got better at being him as you observed him and seventeen together
  • one time you were him for a week
  • nobody noticed
  • you give girl advice to the ones with soulmates when you were jeonghan which was both helpful and confusing
  • you never knew living as two people could be so fun tbh
Kaitlyn Liao Fan Fiction Master List

I will sort this by Author’s Name. Work in Progress. 

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Te odio porque no puedo odiarte (In Spanish) 
What I did 

150 Steps To Get Over A Breakup (Wonwoo)

a/n: very different from what i’ve written before so I was initially iffy about posting this but i wanted to put my judgement aside since i probably feel like this because i wrote it


  1. Don’t react to the break up, she’ll know you love her a lot if you react
  2. Don’t cry when she says “Let’s break up”, she’ll find you weak if she sees you crying
  3. Watch her walk away
  4. Watch as she walks out of your life
  5. Watch as she disappears around the corner as if the past year was nothing
  6. Ask yourself why she broke up with you
  7. Ask if you’re a horrible human being
  8. Skip number 7 unless you want to go down that path
  9. Ask yourself if you could have done anything
  10. Go home
  11. Take work off tomorrow
  12. Ignore your roommate Mingyu when he sees you closing your door for the first time since you started dating her because she liked the door open since she was always scared of the dark
  13. You didn’t lock the door so Mingyu came in
  14. Ignore Mingyu
  15. Keep ignoring no matter how much he keeps talking to you
  16. Go under the covers when he tries to touch you
  17. Wait until Mingyu leaves
  18. Cry
  19. Fall asleep
  20. Wake up to Mingyu knocking on the door saying he ordered pizza
  21. Don’t answer
  22. Wait until he stops knocking
  23. Stare at whatever
  24. Think
  25. Think about her
  26. About everything she gave you
  27. Love, warmth, happiness, comfort
  28. Now get angry
  29. But not too much because you still love her
  30. Stare at whatever for hours
  31. Think for hours
  32. It’s past midnight now, you heard Mingyu go into his room, you can go out now
  33. Take a bite of the cold pizza
  34. Only one bite because without her your stomach feels terrible so you can’t eat anything
  35. Go back to sleep
  36. Wake up to the annoying sun that was so wonderful yesterday because you were still dating her
  37. Repeat steps 18 – 35
  38. While doing those steps, don’t forget to look at your phone wallpaper that is still of you and her that you made Mingyu take because you loved her so much
  39. Don’t forget to stare at her phone number because you want to message her, call her, just hear her voice again but remember step one: Don’t react to the break up, she’ll know you love her a lot if you react
  40. You’ve repeated all the steps for a month now
  41. Mingyu found out during the month and tried to cheer you up but don’t let it phase you
  42. Because it still hurts to think about her
  43. Check your messages every 5 minutes in hope that during the first month, she missed you
  44. Check her social media
  45. See that she’s sitting close with another guy
  46. See that she’s smiling
  47. See that it’s all without you
  48. Cry alone
  49. Let Mingyu force you to get out of the apartment
  50. Let him drag you to the coffee shop
  51. Watch him try to cheer you up
  52. It doesn’t work
  53. Watch Mingyu’s face become concerned
  54. Don’t let it show that seeing his face like that actually hurts
  55. Mingyu goes home with you
  56. Mingyu suggest going out that night for drinks with the other guys who you haven’t seen in a month
  57. Say no
  58. Keep saying no when Mingyu insist
  59. Get angry at Mingyu
  60. Yell at Mingyu when he yells at you
  61. Keep screaming
  62. Throw a punch when he calls her a ‘bitch’ for breaking up with you
  63. Break down crying
  64. Because even after having her shatter your heart, you’d still protect her name
  65. Tell Mingyu you’re sorry when he hugs you
  66. Listen to his assuring words
  67. Fall asleep on the couch because you and Mingyu stayed in the apartment watching movies in silence
  68. Remember you don’t have work today so you stay home like usual
  69. Realize you have a few messages from the guys
  70. Ignore them before your conscience gets the best of you and you reply
  71. Only reply with a few words
  72. It’s three months now since she ripped your heart out and stepped on it
  73. It doesn’t hurt as much
  74. Pick a book up and read because you haven’t done it in 3 months now
  75. Read the whole book in a few hours
  76. Realize you missed reading and now need new books
  77. Start getting ready to go out
  78. While you’re at the door, watch as Mingyu stares in astonishment since you’ve haven’t freely gone out by yourself in months
  79. Say you’re going out
  80. Enter the bookstore and go to your favorite genre section
  81. See the pretty girl in the aisle
  82. Get awkward and shy when she sees you and gives a polite smile
  83. Try not to stare
  84. Get a few books
  85. Forget about the pretty girl when you’re going home
  86. Finish all the books in a week
  87. Go back to the bookstore
  88. Remember the pretty girl because she’s there again
  89. Try not to laugh when she drops the entire stack of books that’s in her hand
  90. Help her
  91. Laugh along with her because she knows she’s clumsy
  92. Notice one of the titles of the book is one you’ve read
  93. Talk about it
  94. Keep talking
  95. Don’t remember how you exactly you ended up at a coffee shop with her
  96. Don’t remember how you got her number
  97. Go home late that day because you ended up staying with her until closing
  98. Ignore Mingyu with a smile when he ask you why you came home late
  99. Think about the girl
  100. Text her
  101. Text her every day
  102. Go out with her occasionally but only as friends
  103. Fall in love with her
  104. It’s been a month since you’ve met her now
  105. Don’t want to be with her just as friends anymore
  106. Confess today
  107. Well you didn’t confess today since you got scared
  108. Wait a week
  109. Confess
  110. Confess
  111. Confess
  112. Just do it
  113. You finally say it in the middle of her sentence and she’s staring at you
  114. Get ready to be rejected
  115. Let your heart race when she says she likes you too
  116. Hold her hand
  117. Kiss her
  118. Do everything you use to do with the woman who broke your heart with the new girl
  119. Forget the woman who broke your heart because now you can only focus on the most wonderful girl in front of you
  120. Love her
  121. Love her a lot
  122. Love her more than you can ever imagine
  123. Let her see all your insecurities
  124. Let her kiss them all away
  125. Let her run her fingers through your hair as you forget everything and everyone else
  126. Love her
  127. Watch her sleep when you wake up before her
  128. Laugh when she wakes up and catches you
  129. Ignore Mingyu during breakfast when he complains about the noise
  130. Introduce her to the guys
  131. Get protective when the guys start talking about how pretty she is
  132. Don’t forget to kick a few of them under the table
  133. And then glare at the guys
  134. Watch as your ex comes to the table
  135. Get nervous when you see your current girlfriend’s expression
  136. Watch as your ex introduces herself as ‘Wonwoo’s ex-girlfriend’
  137. Realize that while you’re looking at your ex, you feel absolutely nothing for her
  138. Make polite conversation with your ex
  139. Watch your ex leave with no attached feelings to her
  140. Realize that you’ve been over the break up longer than you’ve realized
  141. Realize that the girl next to you is the girl of your dreams
  142. Look at her like she’s your whole world
  143. Give her a smile
  144. Kiss her
  145. Ignore the guys as they whine about the lovey dovey crap
  146. Walk her home
  147. Tell her you love her
  148. Say it because you mean it
  149. Remind her every day that you love her
  150. Don’t let her forget it
Using Habits

The key to changing your life and sticking to that change is not with grandiose alterations – but small habits built up over time.

Imagine it: You decide you’re going to start eating healthy. Go big or go home, you say, and proceed to empty your cupboards of all junk food, to count your carbs, and to intake more fruits and veggies than you have ever done before.

Then… you make a mistake. You eat a piece of cake, or a ding dong, or a large plate entirely of fried chicken. And you keep going because you’re not used to going without these things. Once you’ve slipped back into old ways, you can imagine how hard it will be to get back to that lofty standard you set for yourself.

Habits are the key to changing your life. But only if done right.

  • The key to successfully building a habit is to do it gradually. Achieve a little more each day, and when you do achieve that little bit, celebrate it. Feel proud. Those good feelings about what you accomplished will motivate you to keep going.
  • Keep accountable. For some people, you may a friend – for example, if you’re trying to build good workout habits and routines, going into that with a friend is a great way to not only have a sense of community, but to hold each other responsible. Many of the habits I’m building right now are solitary ones. I’m trying to make my morning routine a habit, and I use both an app called The Fabulous and my bullet journal to keep track of my success each day with completing my morning routine.
  • Reward yourself for small victories. With forming habits (which generally takes 21 days), celebrate. Play a happy song and simply enjoy the fact that you are better than you were yesterday. When you hit milestones, celebrate. You planked for a minute? Great job! What can you do to congratulate yourself? Associate accomplishment with reward.

What are some habits you want to build?

Currently, the habits I am attempting to form are related to my morning routine: I want to wake up early, make my bed, stretch in the morning and evening, have my quiet time, exercise, read, and go to sleep early. 

You likely already know the habits you would like to build (or to break and replace). That’s great! Write those down as a reference. If you’re still trying to think of other healthy habits you would like to adopt, here are some other ideas:

  • journal
  • plan your day
  • set aside time for friends
  • clean/organize/declutter
  • eat a healthy breakfast within the first 30 minutes of waking up
  • spend time alone in silence
  • have a set time to be creative and invest in a skill or hobby
  • go outside and soak in the sun
  • have a day each week (or each evening) where you implement a self care routine
  • stand up straight
  • work out for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week
  • replace the junk food in your diet one item at a time with healthy food
  • take your dog on walks
  • every day learn something new
  • spend ten minutes reviewing a particular subject to keep it fresh
  • go to sleep and wake up at the same time each night and morning
  • floss before bed
  • arrive early, not late
  • disconnect from social media for certain periods of each day
  • go on internet breaks
  • pay bills the same day you get them
  • file bills immediately after you pay them
  • let natural light in

Previous #Wellness Wednesdays post: Healthy Breakfast

Ok, so if there’s anything Phineas and Ferb have taught us, it’s Carpe Diem, or, Seize the Day. Make it count, make it FUN.

And I dunno about you, but it gets me pumped up to make a day worthwhile!

But I can’t build a rollercoaster in a day, nor can most folks. So, unless you know of some awesome dudes who can replicate the summer Phineas and Ferb had, I have come up with a list of things resembling their own summer antics. A few bullets have other options for those who can’t afford trips to different continents, or go to a different reality. Also I left out the holiday specials for obvious reasons. All they require is imagination. And the only rule is to have fun!

(also each bullet corresponds to a different ep, in order…so a bullet a day)


  • go to an amusement park
  • go to the beach
  • Come up with a song, sing it, post it online for fame
  • remote-control cars
  • make a short film
  • thumb-wrestle
  • visit Mt. Rushmore/make clay sculptures of your friend/siblng/self
  • pretend to be robots
  • put on a fashion show
  • visit a farm
  • eat snow cones and run through sprinklers/slip n’ slides
  • go to the circus
  • see an Egyptian exhibit
  • take a bus trip/tour
  • make your own icecream
  • come up with an idea for a new toy (make it if it’s simple enough)
  • go on the hunt for your local mythical creature
  • see a monster truck show/play with trucks in the mud
  • throw a party (birthday party, summer party, day-of-the-week party, etc)
  • pretend to be tiny
  • pretend to go back to the time of the dinos
  • go to a concert (meet the band if possible)
  • build a treehouse/fort
  • go on a boat
  • have a (chariot) race
  • go white-water rafting/canoeing/kayaking
  • go roller skating (at a roller rink)
  • throw/attend a costume party
  • help someone find their lost pet
  • create/go to a renaissance fair
  • play keep-away
  • go bowling
  • sports competition
  • go to an observatory/look at the stars through your own telescope
  • mini golf
  • pretend to be somebody else
  • go to a motocross show
  • go to/create a haunted house
  • pretend to create Frankenstein’s monster
  • make art/go to art museum
  • make a cartoon (comic)
  • try to see a rainbow (cloud gazing works as a substitute)
  • go to a space program/museum
  • write up a crazy what-if scenario
  • go to a science fair/museum


  • investigate another local mythical creature
  • “talk” to animals
  • spread awareness of a not-often used word
  • pretend to be a giant
  • visit aquarium
  • make jello
  • visit London/pretend to be detectives
  • staring contest
  • pretend to open a restaurant
  • pretend to keep a (fake) egg warm until it “hatches”
  • design a new video game, with yourself (and friends) as the characters
  • pretend to meet aliens
  • fort-building contest
  • make paper planes
  • compete in a game show (real or home-made)
  • wash cars
  • help find a lost pet (again)
  • pretend to be marooners
  • play hide-and-seek
  • create a romantic evening for a lovely couple
  • compose another song (this time of a different musical genre!)
  • go to the mall and play keep-away with a single item
  • spend time with your pet/friend’s pet/volunteer at an adoption center
  • go to/crate a spa
  • pretend someone(s) from the future and needs your help
  • blow bubbles
  • go to a sap farm
  • try to cheer up a sad acquaintance
  • do things to earn boy/girl/cub scout patches (or do fun activities that scouts would do to earn said patches and create your own patches)
  • take turns being a servant for a day
  • go to a yard sale
  • take pictures
  • dance/dance contest/create a new dance
  • learn how something works
  • go to beach again. Build awesome sand castle.
  • pretend to be ghosts
  • take part in a wedding/party
  • have a race
  • babysit/play with younger kids
  • be undercover spies
  • watch/take part in.create a parade
  • pretend someone’s an alien
  • ride the kiddie rides at a store/ride a carousel
  • play with/create spinning tops
  • see lizards/interact with lizards
  • (pretend to)go to a rodeo
  • pretend to be superheroes
  • pretend to be mayor
  • build a lemonade stand
  • go to/pretend to be at Hawaii
  • go around the world. Or just a handful of cultural festivals
  • re-inact the Wizard of Oz
  • go through a maze
  • 80’s music and style appreciation day (or era of your choice)
  • ride around in a ATV
  • build a giant tower (out of blocks/legos, etc)
  • learn what things are made of
  • go to an amusement park again (this time try to do everything in song!)
  • pretend to be royalty
  • house party


  • do something inside (besides videogames and movies and tv and computers)
  • pretend to be joined at the hip
  • have another race
  • see/ride in a hot air balloon
  • celebrate a birthday/throw another random party
  • go to the bay/harbor/ride a boat
  • go to a farm/go to a space museum/make a fancy dinner
  • 20 questions
  • go to a funhouse
  • design the perfect phone
  • pretend to be on a magic carpet ride
  • get a haircut
  • help/make meatloaf
  • watch grass grow/or just take a nap. Another do nothing day
  • try to hypnotize somebody
  • help a friend who is bed-ridden
  • road trip
  • bike race
  • play skiddley whiffers
  • play soccer
  • dart game/or evil pageant if that’s more your thing
  • pretend to be a vampire
  • go to a funhouse/maze again/see a magic show
  • play with your food
  • create a new language
  • pretend to be cavemen
  • pretend to be fighting the huns
  • go on a EPIC QUEST
  • pretend to be archeologists (Indiana Jones reenactment)
  • look deep into our thoughts
  • study ants
  • try to do a day backwards (more of an “effect to cause” day)
  • play with Transformers
  • design your pet (or fave animal) as the spokesanimal for a company
  • play on trampolines
  • climb a mountain/go hiking
  • pretend to be ninjas
  • scavenger hunt at the supermarket
  • pretend to meet the same aliens you did the last time
  • pretend to be delivery people
  • go to a water park/pond/lake
  • make things that your mother (literally or figuratively) would like
  • learn something new
  • babysit/play with younger kids again
  • make a fall day. Carve gourds, eat candy corn and pumpkin-flavored things.
  • go to a nature preserve/the zoo
  • play volleyball
  • create a flying saucer
  • put on a magic show
  • go on a scavenger hunt at a flea market
  • make popsicles and jello and other water-based things
  • play with transformers again
  • go on a safari/help find a lost pet
  • create your own tv shows
  • prepare for if something big were hurtling towards Earth
  • train an animal
  • another road trip
  • create a reality show
  • play games in the dark


  • play/view a hockey game
  • play on a tire swing/general swing
  • keep watch/pretend to be guards
  • go to car show
  • deck out mode of transport as a type of food
  • take a train ride
  • go to a garden
  • pretend to be alien convicts
  • recycle old stuff to make new stuff
  • learn about bees/visit a bee farm
  • go surfing
  • go to city hall/learn about the history of your hometown
  • fun with knots
  • rock climbing
  • try to find another mythical creature
  • have another birthday party (or just another random party)
  • help your paternal figure
  • do an obstacle course
  • imagine if superheroes were in our world (and supervillains too)
  • re-inact the Trojan war
  • costume party
  • tell scary stories
  • face a fear
  • scapbooking
  • design something steampunk
  • find good luck charms
  • go to a batting cage/play a game of baseball
  • race toy cars
  • think of ways to extend summer vacation
  • fly kites
  • put on a puppet show
  • have a picnic
  • find another mythical creature
  • write out your feelings
  • pretend to be somebody else again
  • re-inact Star Wars
  • put on a seminar/have another race
  • pretend to be in a zombie invasion
  • pretend to be in an AU
  • pretend to be a teacher
  • think about what you’ll be doing 10 years from now
  • It’s the last day of summer! Either reminisce about all you’ve done, or try one last new thing- FREE CHOICE- or both
Jackson headcanons on having a chubby s/o

requested by anon

it’s ya fav strawberry and I’m about to enter Emo Week where I have finals AND my period bc fuck me, right? and can I request headcanons w jackson having a chubby partner, who likes to eat health food but Too Much? (like veggie chips, coconut water, etc) xox i Love u!!

  • loves you with al his heart
  • brings you snacks whenever you ask for it
  • will make you dinner almost every day
  • goes to the gym with you
  • cuddles 24/7
  • tells you he’s proud of you every day
  • always complimenting you
  • fakely dying whenever you show him a new outfit you bought
  • “you look too good for words!“
  • your biggest fan
  • reminds you how important health is
  • doesn’t mind snacking ‘unhealthy’ stuff from time to time
  • does the groceries with you or alone
  • boops your nose
  • cheers you up whenever you feel down
  • “who hurt you?”
  • insanely protective
  • feeds you nuts and dried fruit
  • will slice fruits for you
  • tries to make you like the food you don‘t

so in the spirit of mental health month and the approaching void of free time that is summer vacation, here are some feel-better tips from me, the Depression Fairy

  • drink lots of water. like i know everyone always says that but it helps SO much to actually drink a liter or two a day. it will make you feel less dead inside and your body will thank you
  • go outside. if you’re having one of those days where your limbs are cardboard and your brain is just ~fuzz~ and you feel like you’re suffocating from straight up numbness, just go outside a few minutes. soak up the sunlight, feel the rain, whatever. sunsets and sunrises to the best for me
  • wake up naturally. if you don’t have somewhere to be in the morning, don’t set alarms because they’re literally the sound of domestic anguish and you’ll feel nicer if you get out of bed when you wake up. and don’t go back to sleep after you wake up. wake up, get up. if you feel bad, you can always go back to bed
  • pet an animal if you can?? this one is self explanatory
  • wash your face. if you can’t get yourself to take a shower, just wash your face. it feels nice
  • make something. draw a picture. make a meal. write a poem. craft something. it doesn’t have to be your magnum opus or something you put a lot of effort into. just make something that you can physically experience in some way or another
  • avoid places on the internet that you know will upset you. like take a break if discourse somewhere is freaking you out
  • if you can, avoid the people that make you feel unsafe/upset
  • set a goal for the day
  • go somewhere with someone you care about. or don’t go anywhere. stay in and watch a movie. or go out and cloud watch at a park. or go do something exciting if that’s what you like
  • wear clothes you feel good in
  • hug someone
  • help someone else out

so that’s some tips from your fave dysfunctional little shit. do what you will, and do your best to take care of yourself!!

The Coffeeshop AU you didnt ask for and probably dont need

But are getting anyway

Draiad whispered you: oh man with an AU like this, it’d be so easy to assume Eggsy just got into a lot of fights ;A: babyyy

You whispered to Draiad: yesssssss

Draiad: Eggsy looks like he’s been asked a question he really doesnt want to answer or was shown concern in a way that he’s not used to ;A;
Kaciart: Yes
“Look me in the eyes and say that again”

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