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Finally leveled Mr. Prideful Prince and I’m still reelin how he made a threat to lop my head off and imply I’m his friend in almost the same breath lmao 

What a pal

Final exam results

Saturday 16/12/17

When I opened the email of my exam results yesterday, I didn’t do as well as I thought I might have, and, of course, I was upset.

After a day of thinking about it and my initial dejection, I’ve come to realise that it’s been an especially hard year for me with many obstacles, but I’ve faced them head-on and made it to the end of this year’s journey.

I did well and although I’m not top, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I’ve worked hard, passed, joined basketball, made friends and had fun with them.

I know while you’re in high school or university/college it can seem like study is the only thing that’s important and what defines you, but it’s not. As long as you pass, it’s important that you know you’ve tried your best while having fun and enjoying yourself because the memories you can make with your friends now will last forever.

As one of my best friends who I met and got to know better this year put it, “don’t be too hard on yourself” and “I’m just glad I can spend second year with you”.

So join a sport (you don’t have to be good at it or have played it before, there’s heaps of social teams!), pick up a new hobby or revisit an old one (like magic tricks for me!), go out with your friends and enjoy yourself. Let what you want define you.

If you fail or don’t do as well as you expected, know that you tried and you’ve learnt something from it. This year, I learnt the tenacity to get through any obstacle, I learnt that it’s okay to fail, I learnt that study isn’t the only thing in life and I am allowed to have fun, I learnt that you don’t have to be the best to have fun, I learnt that it’s okay to not be the best and you can always work towards being better at anything, I learnt the study techniques that didn’t work for me personally and new study techniques, and I learnt how to be a better friend.

I learnt that it’s okay to be despondent about not doing well at something as long as you pick yourself up and start again, the next time even wiser.

“If you fear failure, you will never go anywhere.”              - Unknown

Photo of the Day: Commander Meouch and Doctor Sung of TWRP (The “Live Action Tour”) — The Fillmore Silver Spring — June 22nd, 2017 [x]

i might actually get some stuff done today. for everyone that doesn’t know, i’m currently holding down three jobs to try and buy myself a car. insurance up here is RIDICULOUS so i can’t even bank on getting it financed or leasing or anything because i literally can’t afford full coverage. i’m also trying to pay back student loans. so basically if i’m here at all and actually writing something, it’ll be a miracle. i want to be here i am just. i’m so exhausted all the time and i am like always on the verge of crying because i’m stressed and anxious and i just want like one day to myself and i’m not getting it for a long time. but i’m trying. and i’m still trying to be here. i love you all so much and i want to be here but i also have to pay bills and buy a car and stuff so. idk. anyway i guess this is a semi-hiatus notice?? y’all can always im me and skype me and hit me up on discord if you want to too. especially if i’m being slow with your threads i wanna be friends with all of you and stuff so like. don’t be afraid to come talk to me if you wanna do more stuff. because i do want to. i’m just. tired.

I’m so fucking happy

These days there’s so much campaigning and petitioning and stuff going on and you hardly ever see anything succeed. Although it might not have looked like it, I put so much energy and heart into trying to get Syfy/people to listen to the whole #renewznation deal, too. But given the world we live in these days, I really thought that it would be pretty much useless and that no one would listen and that with everything else going to shit these days, Z Nation would be cancelled too.

Like, it really upset me just thinking about how I found this little show and this little fandom that just brought me genuine entertainment and fun and then they would take that too considering with how hard Syfy failed this year.

Instead they actually listened and gave it another go. Instead, something good and positive actually happened and all that speaking out for it worked!

That is such a great feeling. But most of all, I’m so happy for the cast and crew and that they’re not out of a job. They’re such sweet people who interact and truly care about their fans and show. It just means so much to me.

area woman spends three days dreading the fun thing she agreed to do weeks ago


Coming home at midnight after working a closing shift during the holidays, and getting to let Steph know I’m home and get demanded for cuddles is INFINITELY better than coming home at midnight after working a closing shift during the holidays and sending a text message to let her know I got home safe and I hope she’s having a good night, 4000km away.

Moving in together just keeps being full of the most wonderful surprises.

You know, when you're fangirling hard
  • Last week I had a girl, about 11 years old, in. She went directly to me, where I sat in the information desk.
  • The girl: I wonder if I can send after a book? This one...uh with Marcus & Martinus??
  • Me (pointing at a book we have on display - the new all-photos-book with the twins): Isn't that one good enough??
  • The girl (shouting really loud): Ahh, OMG...OMG...OMG...!!!! I didn't know you had it...! OMG...OMG!!
  • The girl took the book to one of the machines for check out.
  • The girl: I will so read it when I get home...OMG!
  • The girl's friends were by now coming towards us to see what the fuzz was all about.
  • The girl (to her friends): Look what I found! Ahh. OMG!!