the day's refrain

Will you now forever remain/ out of reach of my arms~
—  Lumière & Plumette, Beauty and the Beast (2017) aka two extra lines I didn’t expect Ewan to sing

My BookOutlet haul finally arrived today! What better way to end this semester than with new books?? 😁💙

at green days show in Cleveland in 2015 this guy next to me threw his hat on stage and billie put it on for like a second and set it by tre’s drums for like the rest of the night. so the concert’s ending and his hat’s still sitting there and he keeps screaming to billie to give it back to him but billie doesn’t hear / ignores him ok. so now the concert is over and green day literally left the stage and this dude is still screaming for his hat, so finally joey walks out and hands it to him and I don’t think the guy even knew who he was and he just goes “thanks man” or something to joey and I died

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Is one of the final rungs that the guardian of the light can only where chambray shirts???


He SERIOUSLY needs to go back to the polo shirts. 

Or no shirts

companion | part 1

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: Hyungwon, female
genre/warning(s): fluff, grim reaper au!Hyungwon
length: <1K
summary: in which hyungwon is a grim reaper and it leads to a few interesting things in your life
prologue | part 1 | part 2

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The Rogue Experiment

Rogue’s inability to touch another human being - it’s at the core of the character.  Most of us would agree that not touching other people would be both physically and emotionally difficult.  But how difficult is it really?

I offer you “The Rogue Experiment,” which I will be trying, and I hope you will join me.  For three days, refrain from any skin-to-skin contact.  Wear gloves, be super mindful, don concealing clothes - however you want to do it.  Document it and share your experience with us!



I forgot to mention that yesterday was sports day for spirit week. I definitely just wore running stuff so that I would be more motivated to run after work.

My students LOVED my capris and I got so many compliments. Not to mention I was just super comfy and that alone gave me energy.

Now we just have to get through today and tomorrow before a three day weekend! I absolutely need this extra day off and I refrained from picking up a shift on Monday. I will probably find myself in a coffee shop for a while though because I have a million teacher things to do.

“I suppose it is worth taking a minute to clarify…”

“…so let’s talk about mana flares!”

“I’m sure any unicorns in the audience will be familiar with this term, but the rest of you might be confused. Mana flares are what happen when a unicorn tries to focus too much magical energy – or “mana” - into casting a spell, and doesn’t discharge the magic correctly. The result is a huge, magical explosion that can do almost anything to the caster or the caster’s surroundings! It allows the caster to preform nightmares and miracles that even the most experienced mages would never be capable of. Unfortunately, mana flares are entirely uncontrollable, and occur most commonly in foals, so they usually serve as an inconvenience – an inconvenience that sometimes ends with fatalities, that is.”  

“I was fortunate enough to avoid frying myself or my mother with energy, and no lasting harm was even done to the library that had surrounded me. A number of priceless books suffered a few scorched pages, but I was never confronted over that, so I tend to not worry about it.”

“As my horn lit up and exploded with light, I was told Dr. Knack protected my mother and herself with a shielding spell. The mage had to hold my mom back from trying to help me, knowing it was always best to let a flare run its course. Otherwise, the spell that was building up inside me could’ve affected her, too. When I was younger, I wished it had.”

“Alas, it did not. In fact, the flare didn’t even seem to have had an effect on me at the time. It did, however, cause my mother to finally realize how bad of an idea this all was. She assured Dr. Knack that she had plenty of material for her article before requesting the mage’s assistance in escorting us to the exit. I was told that Mom then propped me on her back, trying to carry my exhausted self as inconspicuously as she could. The moment we exited the Ministry, however, she broke into a sprint, taking me straight to our family’s private physician. After explaining what had happened (and leaving out the more illicit details of the story), our doctor assured her that mana flares were extremely common for colts of my age, and that – as long as I spent the rest of the day in bed while refraining from attempting to use my horn for any purpose whatsoever – I would be fine. This news officially cancelled our trip to the park, and I – as groggy as I was from how the incident had drained me – found that to be the day’s leading blow of bad news. From there, we returned home, and I was tucked back into bed while the sun was still high in the sky. It would’ve been the worst day ever, but Mom brought me cookies from a local bakery later, and that made things a lot better.”

“That was the last day of my life as a tiny. The spell my mana flare left inside me began taking effect very slowly, and I only noticed it once I woke up the next morning. My eyes had opened to the strange sensation of walls closing in on me. My bedroom in our mansion had been huge, but, that morning, I was hardly able to stand without brushing the tip of my horn against the ceiling. The frame of my bed had cracked beneath me in my sleep, and my hind legs had outgrown the mattress that usually seemed excessively large for a colt of my size. At first, I thought I had just finished growing up really fast, but – in confronting a terrified servant who crossed me on my way to breakfast – I was informed that life didn’t work like that. He redirected me to my mother, and she was mortified to see what had become of my little self. I, on the other hoof, was practically hopping with excitement. In a single night, I had become one of the largest ponies in Canterlot, and that would only be the beginning of my story.”

[This post will be followed by a brief conclusion that will wrap up the details of Snap’s growth story. Thankfully, there is much more to learn about Snap beyond how he grew, so I will continue answering regular questions once my conclusion is out of the way. Lastly, the final image in this post was drawn by @goattrain, and I would like to thank him kindly for his awesome edition to this tale.]

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Could you maybe do an imagine where the reader is feeling homesick and kind of lonely at "night" (idk how they set up sleep times) and goes to Coran's room to ask if she could share his bed for the night? Not meant to be nsfw, I'm thinking more fluffy maybe. Possibly silly. *hides in corner*

[ I’m going to apologize bc this was hidden in my inbox & it straight took me way too long to fully process it ]

[ also bless u for appreciating Coran ] 

Space was beautiful– and bright– and… and so, so very far from what you were used to. Often, you reveled in the extreme freedom and thrived on it, but every now and again, in the dead of the Earth-aligned night, you found yourself a little lonelier than you would care to admit. Reading helped. Searching through all the maps in the control room kept you distracted. Keeping company with others on the castle soothed you, as well. But tonight, tonight was just a rough night. You missed home and everything about it and there was absolutely no running from it.

You wandered down a couple of corridors, contemplating what to possibly do in the meantime before anyone else woke up, when you spotted Coran’s quarters not far from where you stood. You stopped in your tracks and stared at it for a moment. Truth be told, you weren’t sure if he was awake or not, or if he’d be okay with you bothering him. But you and Coran had grown rather close in your time with the Paladins, and just maybe it wouldn’t bother him. 

Before you could really process it, you tiredly shuffled your way to his door and knocked on it as softly as you could. A few seconds went by before you heard rustling on the inside, and saw a light turn on from beneath the door. It slid open, and standing behind it was a very dazed and mildly confused Coran.

“Hm?” he mumbled, opening his eyes a little wider to get a better look at you. “What time is it? These hours have gotten me all messed up, but I must admit it’s been nice having a schedule.” 

“It’s, uh, it’s pretty late,” you admitted, keeping your arms crossed to your chest and your body distant, “But, um…”

Coran did notice the strange way you closed yourself up and furrowed his brow in concern. “Y/N, is something the matter?”

“Yeah, actually. I’m not doing so well tonight.”

“Well, I’m awful sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?” 

“I just didn’t want to be alone.” You paused for a moment and dropped your arms. May as well say what I’m actually thinking, you thought, what have I got to lose? “Could I– sleep in here tonight, actually? Being in the room with someone else helps.”

Coran was about to open his mouth, but then shut it again. He did find himself being awfully fond of you these days, but refrained from admitting on grounds of the circumstances. But he supposed, what could it hurt. Plus he could certainly empathize. “Of course,” he responded confidently, breaking a grin, “C’mon in. We can talk, or I can listen, or just sleep. Whatever you like!”

As you walked in with him and started getting into the bed, you couldn’t help but feel so grateful. “Actually, could I ask you a couple things?”

Coran’s eyes lit up and he could’ve sworn he heard something pound in his chest. It was a dangerous fondness, but one he could grow to accept. “I don’t see why not, Y/N, fire away.”

For the next number of hours, you two lied in the bed and talked about Altean history and gatherings and everything there was to know. Somehow, you both felt closer to home. By the time you actually fell asleep, it was well into the morning, and Allura found you both curled up next to each other. Training would have to wait. 

i didnt mean to make another emh au but i did im in hell

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How old is dan?

He’s 38! Born in 1979!
(If you reply to this post with any comments about that that’s old you will hurt my feelings and upset my day so please refrain if that’s where your mindset is, thank you in advance!)

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When a POT ask for what you are looking for in an arrangement what do you say can you just flat out ask them for the amount of money you want or should you ease into that when texting them

In most contexts, if a “POT” asks you “what are you looking for in an arrangement”, he is not a bona fide SD.  Seriously. Look at that question.  What does it even mean?   Well, I’ll tell you what this question means to me:  the POT has absolutely no idea about what he is talking about!  lol!

A real SD doesn’t have to ask that question; he knows that, among other things, you are looking for compensation in exchange for your companionship.  Seems simple enough, right?  But, the real questions have yet to be asked!  Here is a quick list of some questions that a legitimate POT may ask:

  • What are your financial expectations? or I am willing to provide $X per meet/per month; is that something you are comfortable with?

  • Are you agreeable to an arrangement that involves intimacy?

  • How often would you like to get together?  What time of the day is best for you?  How much time would you like to spend with me each time we meet?

  • What are the sorts of social activities that you want to do when we get together?

  • Are you open to travel and accompanying me on business trips out of town?

  • Are you open to being my date if I have business functions to attend?

  • How much communication do you expect to have in between the times we get together and are there any boundaries that you want me to observe regarding texting/calling you?  In other words, are there certain times of the day that I should refrain from contacting you because of your work, school, family or social life?

Do you notice how specific and concrete they are?  Do you notice how these questions delve right into the basic components of an arrangement.  Do you also notice that they are not provocative, rude, overtly sexual in a creepy, gross sort of way?  In my opinion, these are the sorts of questions that a POT should ask at the outset!

So, how does one respond to the general/useless question of “what are you looking for in an arrangement”?  I have seen some posts by SBs responding to that type of question with this kind of response:  “Jon, I am looking for a successful man who is looking to invest in the success and development of a beautiful young woman like me.”  That’s all well and good, but, in my opinion, it’s nothing more than a bunch of pretty words strung together that really don’t deal with the issue at hand and, when you think about it, that response isn’t any better than the original question!

Why not simply take take the lead, and flat out tell him what he needs to know and consider.  Here’s an example of that tact, done tactfully:  “Jon, I am looking for $X per meet/month” And then add on your specific thoughts, answering some of the “hypothetical” questions that I listed above and that he should have asked at the outset e.g. “ I envision a relationship that involves physical intimacy, good conversation and some quality time together.  Ideally, I see us getting together once a week for a couple of hours in the late afternoons.”

Now, obviously, the second sentence there needs to be tailored to your own individual thoughts and preferences.  But, when in doubt, ask yourself the questions I listed above and respond to him accordingly.  Importantly, you should be able to say it all in one or two sentences!  Haha!  unlike my posts!

I like this approach better than the “fancy talk"about “investing in my future” blah, blah, blah, because it is direct and gets to the point.  If the guy is legit, he will appreciate that you have such a straight forward approach to an arrangement and can articulate it succinctly.  Further, and importantly, he will respect that you have a very concrete idea of “what you are looking for”!  It’s simple, because, when you think about it, arrangements are supposed to be simple!  

Countdown to MJ: Masterpost

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