the day the sun went out

Without hesitation, Hanzo grabs Jesse by the front of his blue and white gingham shirt, and he crashes their lips together. He fists the shirt and presses himself against Jesse’s body, suddenly desperate for contact. His cowboy tastes of the spices Ana used in her jerky and sweat from a long day’s ride in the sun.

– Chapter 19 “Constellations” of Petals on the River by bamfbugboy and @ijaat

This commission art was done by @Kazimo. Please check out their artwork and consider commissioning them! Kazimo captured this moment so wonderfully, and we are so touched by the thought and care that went into this piece! Thank you very much!!


BTS Taehyung / Words: 3641 / Warnings: smut - oral, light pain play (tae likes biting a lot) 
“I just want to hold you for just long enough, so you don’t get tired of me telling you: I love you so much.”

You watched the light from your decorative candles flicker along your walls, illuminating your room just enough so that you weren’t in complete darkness. You went over to your window and shut out the cold air that pricked at your skin. The scent of flowers earlier in the day had gotten your hopes up and made you think that maybe, just maybe the weather was warming up. But once the sun had gone down, it was still too cold to enjoy it fully. You opted instead to keep your doors and windows shut tight so that you could enjoy the warmth of your apartment as well as your flimsy excuse for a nightgown.

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Youth | Pt. 1

Hey guys! I wrote this series on my old blog but never ended up finishing it. But after reading it again, I’ve decided to rewrite and try finishing it this time. Hope you enjoy! - Hana

Focus: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2k+

Genre: Fluff, Angst, College!au, Gang!au

Summary: A gang of delinquents go to your university. After your first encounter, things have been a crazy ride.

Warnings: Light alcohol and drug mentions, swearing.


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Good Hands

Request: can you do an imagine with shawn where y/n has a bad migraine but doesn’t say anything so at a press thing the migraine intensifies and shawn gets super concerned? thanks (:

Your name: submit What is this?

Right when you opened your eyes this morning, you knew it was going to be a tough day.  Your immediately shut your eyes tight and placed a hand over them to block out the sun light.  You let a few minutes pass before you rolled over and noticed that Shawn wasn’t in bed anymore.  You grabbed your phone off the night stand and saw that it was seven o’clock.  He was most likely at the gym.

You slowly peeled the covers off and went straight to the bathroom.  Without looking in the mirror, you brushed your teeth and then got in the shower.  Whenever you got a migraine when you were younger, your mom always told you to take a warm shower to help relieve the pain.  Most of the time it worked, but when you finished your shower, you felt absolutely terrible; worse than before.

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22/10/16 this was a really happy day, I travelled to meet my best friend at her uni and we went out for sushi at one of those rotating sushi bars, then she introduced me to some of her flat mates and we climbed over a wall to this derelict hotel and and climbed it’s 11 storeys and from the top we had the most beautiful view of the city. It was all hazy and beautiful as the trees were turning orange and red and the sun was beginning to set. It was the happiest I have been in a long, long time. X

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Here is what they don’t tell you:

Helen laughed as she ran from the palace of Greece, feet quiet on the wooden floor. A part of her died that day, but a part was born. There is a dark joy in leaving behind everything familiar for a taste of the unknown.

Icarus was silent when he fell from the sky, plummeting to the churning sea, spurned by the sun’s warmth. Acrid smoke filled his lungs as his body went up in flames, a burning so intense that he could have charred the entire earth, made it a burnt-out shell beneath him. He could not draw the breath to scream.

Atlas accepted the weight of the sky without a protest, and they thought that he was understanding. How could they have known that he was simply bowing to his fate, exhaustion in his bones? A man who carries the weight of the world is easily broken.

Heracles did not cry when he slew his children. Drawing blades is easy, the aftermath is not. When he saw their blood spilled by his own hands, that is when the tears began to fall. Everyone has regrets, but there is a sort of beauty in looking back at them and knowing that it is final, when finality is all that is certain.

Pandora was not driven by curiosity, but by desperation. In a world where infamy is easily achieved, she strove to be remembered. When she trapped Hope it was the hope that she would live on in the stories and in the hearts of men. How could she have known how much damage she would wreak?

—  Here is what they don’t tell you: the heroes could not handle their gifts. They were too human.

After finishing up work for the day, Ryleigh went for a jog around the square just as the sun was setting. The town truly was beautiful and everything seemed to glow in the setting sun.

She hadn’t intended to glance at the house next door as she jogged past, in fact she had meant to completely ignore it. But when she passed the gate a movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and as she glanced up, her feet stopped moving of their own accord.

What Happens In Vegas

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader (Taehyung is a main character as well)

Genre - Stripper Au

Word Count - 2297

Part 3/?

Warnings - Sexually Explicit Content (Y/n Is a stripper)

A/n -Just as a disclaimer I want everyone to remember that this is FANFICTION. So even though Taehyung is a complete jerk in this series, we all know that he is an amazingly sweet person and nothing like how hes portrayed here. Thanks for reading! (:

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight  

I woke to the sun shining brightly through my window. I was excited because today was my first day off in a while. Today was the day that I was going to pamper myself.

I went to get my nails and hair done and did a bit of shopping. I knew it was important to take care of myself and Tae never forgot to remind me of that fact.

After everything was finished, it was around six and I headed home. I wondered if my boyfriend would be there or out taking care of business.

To my surprise he was home. I entered the house taking off my shoes at the entrance and walking into the kitchen where I heard movement.

Taehyung was standing in front of the stove so I walked over to him wrapping my arms around his torso from behind.

“Hey sexy.” He said when he realized it was me.

“What is this, are you actually cooking me dinner?” I asked amazed by the kind gesture.

“Yes I am, you’ve been working really hard lately and I wanted to do something special for you.” He said.

“That’s so sweet Tae.” I said kissing him on the cheek.

“Go sit at the table, It’s almost ready.” He said as he grabbed plates out of the cabinet.

“Wow you’re even going to serve me? There has to be some sort of catch to this.” I sat down at the table and waited for him to bring me my food.

He carried over our plates and we began to have a decent meal. It had been so long since we had sat down together to enjoy a meal, Taehyung was so busy that we hardly spent quality time together.

“How was your day?” He asked.

“Good I bought some cute outfits that I can use at the club.” I said.

“Buying clothes to impress your little boyfriend from last night?” He asked.

“My boyfriend?”

“Don’t see that guy anymore.” He demanded out of the blue.

“Which boy are you referring to?” I asked.

“The boy from last night who you exchanged numbers with. You didn’t think I saw that did you?” He asked taking a sip of his drink.

“Oh you mean Jungkook. We exchanged numbers just in case he comes to town again, he isn’t from here.” I told him.

“You know y/n I don’t like it when you do sneaky things.” He said in a disapproving tone.

“Tae what are you talking about? I wasn’t trying to be sneaky, I just thought - ”

“Delete his number.”

“Okay fine, I’ll delete it.” It annoyed me that he was getting so upset that I had one guy’s number. He had so many girl’s numbers that I had lost count.

“Good girl.” He said as he continued to eat his food.

“You know, it bothers me when you get jealous of customers Tae. You know that I would never cheat on you. Don’t you trust me?” I asked.

“Of course I trust you baby. I know you would never cheat on me after all I’ve done for you. It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s him. I see the way he looks at you, I don’t like it at all.”

“I’m a stripper and I’m nearly naked when he sees me. Of course he stares at me.” I replied back.

“I’m finished with this conversation. How does the food taste?” He asked calmly.

Another one of my boyfriend’s annoying habits, changing the subject whenever he felt necessary. If Taehyung said the conversation was over than the conversation was over, no questions asked.

“Fine, but I have a favor to ask.”

“What is it?”

“I know it’s not my place but I have a friend who really needs a job. She’s a great dancer, if you hired her I would really appreciate.” I told him getting up from my seat to sit in his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Yes, I’ll hire her.” He said without hesitation.

“Really?” I replied excited tone evident in my voice.

“Of course, anything for you babe.” He said as he stroked my cheek.

“She is going to be really grateful for this opportunity. She just had a child and she could really use the money. Her name is Zoe, let me give you her number.”

“What did you just say her name was, Zoe?” He asked his demeanor had changed immediately.

“Yes Zoe, is there something wrong?”

“No, tell her I’ll meet her in an hour. I suddenly want to meet her as soon as possible.” He said standing up from his seat.

“Thank you so much baby.” I said hugging him.

Taehyung went to meet Zoe and interview her and after I had cleaned and showered I decided to relax on the sofa and watch television.

I took out my phone and went through my contact list remembering that I had Jungkook’s number.

I knew that I needed to delete It, I had no reason to be talking to Jungkook anyway. For some reason though, I found it difficult to do so.

I thought it would be nice to talk to him every once in a while. I enjoyed speaking with him and I selfishly didn’t want to delete his number.

But Taehyung had done so much for me. He didn’t want me to have Jungkook’s number and I could kind of understand why. He probably thought that Jungkook was interested in me but I knew that wasnt the case.

I stared at the number for a while before finally deciding to obey Tae’s orders and delete the number.

I held my finger over the delete button before finally pushing it and to my shock realizing that I had actually pressed call instead of delete.

I hurriedly hung up the phone and threw it across the sofa.

If it only rang once the call wouldn’t have went through right?

The call did go through and moments later my phone was ringing. I stood up from the sofa pacing back in forth while it rang.

I shouldn’t answer it. I definitely shouldn’t answer. I thought before I suddenly made a mad dash for the phone to answer it before he hung up.

“H- hello?” I stuttered.

“Hey Y/n did you call?” He asked.

His voice on the phone was a bit deeper than it was in person. My heart reacted in a weird way when he spoke and I felt butterflies in my stomach all of a sudden.

“Hi, um yes it was an accident sorry.”

“No worries, I actually wanted to hear from you but I wasn’t sure if you could talk.” He replied.

“Oh, yeah I can talk.” I said sitting back down on the sofa.

“By the way was everything okay with your boyfriend. He seemed a bit upset last night.”

“Oh yeah don’t worry about him, he’s just really over protective.”

“Ah, I see. Well I’m glad he isn’t upset with you.” He replied.

“Did you go to work today?” I asked changing the subject.

“Yeah I did, what about you?”

“No, I never work on Mondays.”

“What did you do then?” He asked.

“Just ran errands. Nothing special. Are you at your house right now?”

“Yes I’m being lazy in bed. What about you?”

“Same, well not in bed but on the sofa. Haha”

“Is your boyfriend home?”

“No, he’s interviewing someone. What about your girlfriend?” I asked. He had never mentioned having a girlfriend but I was interested in knowing if he did.

I had also kind of assumed he would considering how handsome and kind he was.

“My non existent girlfriend? No she’s not home at the moment.” He replied jokingly.

“You really don’t have a girlfriend?” I asked.

“No I don’t.”

“Then do you live at home with your parents?”

“No I moved out at a rather young age, I just wanted some independence.”

“I see. You seem to really have your life together.” I replied.

“You think so? Thank you. I still feel like I’m really far away from where I wanna be in life though.”

“Well we are still young so, we have a lot of time.” I said.

“Are you happy y/n, with your life?” He asked.

Am I happy? That question was foreign to me. I hadn’t been asked that ever and I had never really thought about happiness much. I just lived my life day by day the way it was.

“I don’t know If I would use that word. But I do know that I’m content. I work hard for the money that I make and I get taken care of well.”

“By your boyfriend?” He asked.

“Yes, I know he may seem a bit… much. But he’s a really good guy.” I said.

“Is he really? He seems sort of possessive from what I can tell.”

“Well, he can be a little possessive and controlling. But that’s just his personality. He’s only that way because he wants thing to work out well for us.” I said defending Taehyung.

“If you say so. I dont know, I just feel like a man should treat his woman different.” He said.

“Okay, and how would you treat your woman?” I asked.

“Well first of all I wouldn’t treat her like an item. Like she’s my own personal property. I’d treat her like a queen.”

“Wow, even if her choice of employment is looked down upon?” I asked.

“That doesn’t change who she is as a person. What you do for a living doesn’t make you any less valuable y/n. Do you feel like it does?” He asked.

I sat in silence for a moment, pondering my response. If I was being honest it did. I put on such a front and pretended that I didn’t care about what people said about my profession when in actuality, I did care.

“I don’t feel like I’m worthless or anything. I just don’t feel like I deserve to be treated any better than the way I am currently treated. Does that make sense to you?”

“It hear what you are saying but it doesn’t make sense to me. You shouldn’t feel that way, I really think it’s because of the person you’re dating.” He replied.

“I appreciate your concern, but you don’t know Taehyung like I do.” I said.

“You’re right I don’t and I’m fine with that, I dont want to know him. But I would like to get to know you more.” He said causing me to blush. I was glad that this wasn’t a face to face conversation or else I would be really embarrassed.

“Me? Why?” I replied.

“I keep asking myself the same thing. Why do I keep thinking about this girl that I hardly even know. Then I see you and even now hearing your voice on the phone. There’s just something about you I like.”

“Well thank you.”

“No problem, and don’t worry I’m not trying to hit on you. I just want to be friends, for now.” He spoke.

For now?

Taehyung’s POV

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At this point Taehyung was fuming. It was evident in the way that he was driving as he sped along the highway.

He needed to make it to her house as soon as he could. He needed to see for himself, he needed proof.

When he arrived to her house he banged on the door waiting for her to answer.

When she opened the door she looked like death. Her hair was a complete mess and she looked like she had just woken up after a very drunken night.

“Oppa?” She said as she opened the door.

“How dare you reach out to y/n?” Taehyung said as he walked into her apartment.

“You were refusing to answer my phone calls, I even showed up at your club looking for you. Oppa I gave birth to a child, your child.”

“Bullshit.” Taehyung replied looking around for the baby.

“I’m serious and I can prove it if you want. I lied to you when I said I was on birth control. I tried to call you when I found out I was pregnant. You continued to ignore me so I had to do what was necessary for the kid and myself. I called y/n because I knew you wouldn’t want her to find out.”

“Are you fucking threatening me right now?” Taehyung asked raising his voice.

“Look I wont tell her about us, all I want is money. Give me enough money to raise your kid and I’ll stay out of your life for good.”

“Why would I give you money. I can tell that you’ve been using again. All you are going to do is blow it all on drugs.” He replied.

“That’s my prerogative. If you don’t want y/n to find out, I suggest you give me the money.” She said.

Taehyung was now at his boiling point he had been threatened one too many times.

Taehyung pushed Zoe against the wall and used his body to keep her trapped there as he placed his arm across her neck restricting her airflow.

“You better watch your mouth or else you and that child will pay.” He said.

“I’m sorry. Please, you’re hurting me.” Zoe cried out.

Taehyung finally released her from his hold.

“I’ll give you the money. I don’t want to see your face ever again, you got it?” He said.

“Fine.” Zoe said as she tried to catch her breath.

Taehyung turned around to walk out after his warning and stopped only when Zoe called him.

“Don’t you want to see your baby?” She asked.

“I don’t want anything to do with that child or you. Remember my warning.” He said as he finally left the apartment.

you are the brightest color

- in which Alexander Hamilton has (audio-visual) synesthesia and he sees John Laurens’s voice in a series of yellows

Before John, Alex saw the world in a series of murky colors. The sounds of the world muddled together in colors of  distorted greens and apocalyptic yellows. Every so often he’d experience a slum of mud stained blues, and luckily those would only happen once in a blue moon. Aside from that, those were the colors Alex experience day in and day out. Until he met John.

When he met John, his world went from a series of murkiness, to the brightest of hues, colors he hadn’t experienced since before his mother passed away.

John was a soft, sun-shining, yellow.

Whenever he spoke, hues of both soft and sharp yellows would fill Alexander’s senses. When his voice was soft, and above a whisper, he saw the sweetest of honey yellows; and when his voice was pitched with excitement, Alex saw bursts of yellow. Ranging from the lightest of pastel yellows, to the smoothest of lemony-yellows, Alex loved his sunshine, John Laurens. He especially loved it when John laughed, my god did he love it.

Whenever he did, he’d instantly be blinding with an overwhelming sight of the brightest of yellow’s, instantly reminding him of the sun. His laughter was probably the best sounds he’d ever heard, and the brightest color he’d ever seen.

But of course, with the brightest of colors came the darkest of hues. And they effected Alex the most when John was upset.

Whenever John was upset, Alex saw it before he heard it. But no matter how much he tried to prep himself for the murky, washed out yellows, the colors that came with the broken tone in John’s voice always crushed him.

When John’s voice became laced with a cracking, dark blue, and a black stained yellow, Alexander’s heart shattered. He hated those colors. He hated the colors that reminded him of the shrieks and grieving moans of his people back home. He hated the muddy stained blues, and the pinches of poisoned yellows that John spoke when his voice cracked with despair. He especially hated it when John cried, my god that was the worst. All traces of yellow vanished from John’s voice. Having it replaced with tarnished grays and colors of rusted blues, Alex would make it his mission to do whatever it took to bring back the wide range of yellows he knew that were buried within John’s being.

Sometimes it seemed almost impossible to pull John’s yellows out of him. But more often than not, Alex was successful in clearing John’s palate and helping him repaint it with the different shades of yellow that were almost as beautiful as him.

All in all, Alex loved his sunshine boy, John Laurens. He loved all the yellows that laced perfectly with his voice. He loved how bright his voice could be, he especially loved how blinding his laughter could be. He loved John Laurens; and he loved the color yellow.


16/3/17 I just came out of a mock exam for cultural geography. I think it went as well as I expected it to to be honest. I didn’t get as much revision in as I would ave liked, because I was at the quidditch tournament and then over Monday and Tuesday, it was like… though the sun was out there was this black shaft of shadow that surrounded me? I don’t know. For those two days it felt like the only emotion I had was sadness, for no apparent reason. At first I put it down to being drained from the tournament, but I had a lot of sleep and I was eating… who knows. I think it just sort of happens to people. So I took these pictures yesterday when my boyfriend and I went to one of our favourite cafes to do some revision for todays mock and for him to do his computer sciencey stuff, and then I went into papersmiths and there was a dog!!! So I felt a lot better yesterday, and I feel pretty good today. I’m about to do some catch up for my physical lectures, because my emotions at the beginning of this week held me back from going to some. I hope everyone’s having a better time of it than I have recently. It sort of like, I only feel in extremes right now… I dont know. Love you all thank’s for keeping me motivated to work when I’m like this. xxx emily

Camp pt.2 - Jeon Jungkook

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The first few days were rough and you didn’t think they would be getting any better. You were hot and miserable and there were too many mosquitoes biting your skin. You weren’t all that athletic yourself and you had to go through obstacle courses teaching trust and such with the girls of your group. You went on hikes with the younger groups, baking in the sun. You weren’t the outdoorsy type and it made you grumpy.

On top of that, Jungkook made it his mission to egg you on. When he would see that you were starting to falter, he’d taunt you until out of sheer annoyance and anger you would be able to finish the courses. He was cocky and made fun of you, enjoying getting a reaction out of you. He liked getting you flustered and blushing. You were getting sick of his laughter, usually at your expense, and they way your eyes always seemed to be drawn to him.

At night, the girls would talk about people and places you didn’t know and of mission trips to people groups you couldn’t name. You would try to interact and they tried to engage with you, but you felt like you were to coarse for them. They were sweet where you were a bit on the bitter side.

One night, after they fell asleep, you decided to have a little alone time. Reaching into your bag, you found your water bottle of vodka you managed to smuggle to camp and grabbed a flashlight.

Quietly, you crept out of the cabin after the counsellors made their last rounds of the night. You waited until you were further into the woods before clicking on your flashlight and following the path to the lake, taking deep drinks of your alcohol.

It burned in a familiar way as you tried not to trip as you managed through the woods. You switched off your flashlight as you walked onto the boardwalk, the moon illuminating the night around you. You laid down on the walk, watching the stars and getting buzzed on the vodka.

Your body warmed at the memory of Jungkook singing and playing guitar with his long, sure fingers. Your hand trailed the hem of your shorts as you imagined what else he could do with those fingers. Dribble a basket ball, catch someone who was falling, make you scream his name…

“Sneaking out after lights out?” Jungkooks’ voice called softly and you jerked your eyes open finding him standing before you, a cocky smirk on his face. He seemed pleased with himself for having caught you. His eyes trailed up and down your body, darkening. “That’s a big no-no.”

“You are out too.” you hummed and closed your eyes, focusing on hearing his voice, enjoying that his eyes were on you. He moved to sit beside you and you opened your eyes to find his on yours still. He reached his hand over, gently lifting up the bottom of your shirt that was exposing some of your hip. His fingers traced the tattoo and you tried to hold yourself steady, heat from his touch surging through you.

“You are being a bad girl. What am I going to do with you?” he murmured, his eyes lifting to your face. His hand went up, pressing a palm against your flat belly, rubbing your soft skin. You bit your bottom lip, enjoying his touch as he leaned over you. His brown eyes were mesmerising as he hovered his face above yours, noses almost touching. Your breath hitched as his hand trailed up further. Your senses were on hyperdrive, very aware of his toned upper torso pressing against you.

He surprised you by pulling your shirt back to its proper place as he looked down at your lips and smirked. You braced yourself sure that he was about to kiss you, as he grabbed your water bottle. He sat up and proceeded to dump it into the lake.

“Hey!” you sat up, as he gave you a stern look on his handsome face.

“You’re distracted, lazy, grumpy and now you’re sneaking out and drinking?” he shook his head, a dark look on his face as you crossed your arms defiantly.

“You’re not my dad, you can’t tell me what to do.” you said suddenly and he smirked, as though your words amused him before masking his face and standing to his feet.

“Gotta teach you a lesson soon. You need to be a good girl.” he said mischievously. “If you keep being such a bad girl, you’ll have to face the consequences.”

You watched as he walked away in disbelief, annoyed and surprised by his words. Who did he think he was? You got to your feet, agitated and wanting to go back to your bed. You looked around for your flashlight but it was no where to be seen.

You cursed as you realised he must have taken it along with your bottle leaving you to find your way through the woods back to the cabin in the dark.

You made your way through the woods by memory, stumbling over upraised roots on the path and running into bushes. You got lost a couple times, doubling back and using certain ugly trees as your markers on the path. Your ankles were scratched and your back was coated in sweat by the time the cabins came into sight. Your whole body ached and you were exhausted.

In your bed there lay your flashlight on the pillow. You rolled your eyes in annoyance knowing that Jungkook must have snuck in here to drop it off.

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《Tracing the Stars》Saeyoung X MC

Okay, so for starters, I’ve had this headcannon where I imagine Saeyoung with freckles and omg okay let me just get started.

After a long day out, laying down was definitely something you were down for. Saeyoung and you had spent almost all day out and about, running from store to store, and walking around. It had really been a tiring day. The hot sun definitely didn’t help, either.
You stared up at the plastic glow-in-the-dark stars that adorned the ceiling. You gazed carelessly at the neon blues, greens, pinks and yellows that dotted the ceiling. You noticed that some of them were fading and losing their glow, and made a mental note to pick up some more at the store next time you went. It was always good to have back-ups.
You looked over to Saeyoung, who was fidgeting with his phone, but what else was new. You laughed a bit and flipped over to fully face him.
“What’s up?” He asked.
You feigned shock, “Why, do I need to have a reason to look at my wonderful boyfriend? Can I not admire you?”
He took a moment to think, “Hmmm… Nope.” He said with a joking tone.
“Fine. Well… Then I’ll just do this!” You said with a laugh as you scooted as close as physically possible to him until he had to scoot back. Then you noticed something. Something that you had never noticed before. It was a small tan-looking dot peeking out from under the bridge of his glasses. It was tiny, actually. You would’ve never noticed it had you not been so close.
“What is it?” He questioned, “Is there something on my face?” As you continued to examine every millimetre of his face, you noticed that more small dots were peppering it.
“Seriously, (MC), what is it?”
“You have freckles!” You announced triumphantly.
“What? Oh. Yeah. I do.” He mumbled.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, sensing his change in mood.
“It’s nothing. I never really liked them much. You used to be able to see them all the time when I was younger because I was always the one who ran the errands and so I was out in the sun. That’s the only way you could see them,” He explained, “ but now you don’t because I’m always in here. I guess since I left the house earlier and spent most of the day in the sun, you can still see them.” He finished.
You were shocked, “You don’t like them? Do you know what I would do to have freckles? They’re so adorable!”
“Not really,” He interjected, “they’re kinda annoying and if I get tanned or something they just get darker.”
“Aww, c'mon. It can’t be that bad. I think you look super cute with them!” You admitted.
“Are you saying I wasn’t cute before?”
“Not at all! I’m just saying that you’re even cuter now.” You answered passively as you began to examine his skin again.
“What are you doing now?” He asked. You couldn’t tell if he was starting to get annoyed by your fervent searching or if he was just tired from all the walking you did. It definitely wasn’t easy when all the both of you did was sit around most of the time on any other day.
You talked as you lifted up the sleeves of his shirt, “Looking for more.”
“Why?” He questioned, utterly confused.
“Because they remind me of little stars. I’m trying to find constellations. Like here. Look! It’s the big dipper!” You exclaimed with a laugh.
“Where?” He lifted his arm and began to look, but just glanced confusedly up and down.
“Hold on.” You said as you got up and walked to his desk before you snatched a marker from it. “Let me just do this…” You marked from freckle to freckle as you finally drew out the whole constellation. “Right here.” You let out as you admired your handiwork. You couldn’t really call it that, though. All you did was trace the makeshift stars across his body.
“Woah!” He said in amazement, “Good eye.” He breathed out as he laid his head back down on the pillow.
You crawled back over to him as you draped one leg over his waist as you sat on his stomach. He looked at you quizzically as you looked back at him with a mischievous smile on your face.
“What are you up to..?” He trailed off.
You smiled at him, “Oh nothing.” You answered as you lifted up his shirt.
His expression did even take a second to change, “H-hey! Seriously, what’s up?”
You let out a small laugh, “I already told you.” You paused, but when he didn’t reply, you continued, “I’m tracing the stars.”
He laughed and pulled you down towards him, “You’re so cute” He muttered before he began to kiss you. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. Times like this weren’t necessarily rare, but since Saeyoung was always so busy, you came to treasure the times when you were together like this. Whether it was just being silly, sitting in the same room and just enjoying each other’s company in comfortable silence, or times like this when it’s a little more intimate, you always enjoyed it.
As you pulled away, he pulled you in once more and pecked your nose. “What was that for?” You questioned.
He gave you a grin, “Because I love you.” He replied.
You sat up and clutched your chest, “My heart.” You said as you rested your hand on his shoulder, holding yourself up, “It’s too much.” You continued as you dramatically flopped over onto the bed.
“Oh, come on, (MC). You act like I’ve never said that to you before.”
“No, I know you have,” You replied as you sat up, “but I just love hearing you say it.”
“Fine. Then, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.” He shot back at you.
“And I love you too, I love you too, I love you too, I love you too!” You replied before you both unravelled into a fit of giggles.
As you lied down in his arms, you quickly fell asleep. Little did you know, in your deep sleep, that your boyfriend was rummaging through your makeup bag.
The next morning, you woke up because the blankets had fallen from your side of the bed. As you got up, yawning, and stretched, you heard Saeyoung call you from the kitchen.
When you saw him, you noted that his freckles were long gone. When you got to work on breakfast, you noticed that Saeyoung couldn’t stop smiling on you. Every time you asked why he just answered that you were beautiful and that was all. Frankly, you just decided to stop asking.
However, the next time you caught your face in a mirror, you noticed that you had small dots drawn over your nose and cheeks in brown eyeliner. In your mind, it’s not like it was a secret.

but i also know good things too. i know when i’m about to meet somebody i’m going to fall in love with. the last time i felt this i was going to a concert and the whole day i felt a really strange peace (like i do now) and i was getting ready to go, just taking my time. and i was like “hmm how do i want the person i’m going to fall in love with to see me for the first time?” so i wore a yellow dress. and when i got to the concert i was really anxious. it was really hot out and i just wanted to leave. so i went back to the parking garage and i just watched the sun set, i watched the reflection of the sky in the windows of a really tall building. i was going to leave but something just said “go back” so i thought okay, you gotta be right. and i went back and i saw this person and i thought i knew him and he thought he knew me too, but we’ve never met before. we didn’t talk to each other yet tho, he was just waiting for me. and at the end of the night i walked away with a different person, and this person just kept talking and talking and i wasn’t listening because the moment i saw this person something in my heart connected to theirs. i walked two blocks and the further away i went the more i felt it pull to him so i just stopped this person mid-sentence and said “i have to go back!!” and i did and i started to fall in love with him but it stopped a few months later and that’s okay. the first time it happened i was in high school and i took a different route than i usually do because i felt that i had to, and i walked down these busy steps and this boy was walking up and we just looked at each other and smiled and to myself i thought “i’m going to love you so much” and i did!! for 5 years i loved him so much. i knew. it’s funny too, when we were together we were going through pictures from when we were young and we found a picture of my sister and i on our first day of kindergarten and little him was standing in the background of the photo next to me.

We Save Each Other.

Could you do a daryl x reader with smut. Pre outbreak reader walks in on Daryl being beaten badly by his dad. Reader gets him out but when she gets changed he sees she got hurt too.. fluff and smut 💜💜

Really enjoyed writing this story. I couldn’t work out if they wanted the reader to be hurt by his dad or hurt in a different way so I just went with what I thought worked best. Also, someone please spot the movie quote!  Hope you like it - S 


It was a hot and humid day in Georgia, the sun was setting soon though so hopefully it would cool by a few degrees. You walked into the local bar nodding your head at everyone that you recognised. You normally stopped in at the bar for one drink after work. The locals knew you well. Then, you saw him at the end of the bar. Mr Dixon. Hell, you didn’t know his first name, you don’t think many people did. He was a horrid man, never kind to anyone. You knew his sons, Merle, the eldest and the younger of the two was Daryl. You remember growing up and You and Daryl used to chase each other or play games under the bridges, well that was until Merle started meeting with other people, the wrong sorts of people, Daryl seemed to follow Merle everywhere as he grew up. Then one day, Merle left. Leaving Daryl all alone. You see Merle around every now again but never at the Dixon house. Daryl was a very rare sight, You missed him, truthfully. You only ever saw each other if you happened to be getting groceries or crossing the road at the same time. Every time you saw him, he would blush and look away. Never was a ladies man that boy.

Mr Dixon was knocking back any drink his hand would touch, he drew on his cigarette and slowly stood up. When the bartender asked for his keys he threw his glass on the floor. He was a mean drunk. You remember being younger and over hearing your mom telling you that Daryl and Merle’s Mom had died in a house fire. She was worried for the boys, she knew he hit their mother and assumed the worse for the kids. You remembered the thought as Mr Dixon stumbled to his car and slowly drove home. You had your drink and left shortly after. You decided to take a different route home, make sure Mr Dixon got home without crashing his car. It would be a shame, the car was actually quite nice. As you passed the small broken down house of the Dixon’s, you noticed the car in the driveway and almost straight away you were knocked out of your thoughts by a scream. It wasn’t a woman, you could tell that much and it wasn’t Mr Dixon.

Daryl? you thought. Heart racing.

you edged closer to the house and tried peering through the dusty windows. You couldn’t see anything. You heard a noise, like a belt against something and then Mr Dixon came into view. A cigarette hanging from his mouth and hatred in his eyes. He vanished again and you heard another scream. You decided to take a leap of faith in case the person who screamed needed help, you were running on pure adrenaline. You turned the door knob and entered the house. It smelt like alcohol and cigarettes. You followed the scream to the room in the back, where you saw Mr Dixon punch Daryl in the face, making him drop to his knees. He was already quite bruised and bloody. His cheek was cut from the punch.

“Don’t you dare look at me. I’ll hit ya again, I swear it boy.” He seethed at Daryl, spitting as he spoke. “Don’t even speak, you’ll get another, I promise. You little shit. Wheres that brother of yours, he needs one too.” He stumbled around knocking over beer bottles that were on the floor.

“Dad, he’s gone. Merle left remember.” He winced looking up at him, the black eye already starting to show. “Its just you and me.” He looked terrified, barely moving from the spot on the floor. Just as he was going to take another swing at him you entered the room.

“NO!” you screamed. They both snapped their heads at you. Daryl’s eyes filled with more terror than before. “Don’t you dare lay another hand on him.” you glared at Mr Dixon. By the look of his face he hadn’t ever been told not to do something before. He looked at you up and down and ran his tongue over his bottom lip. He slowly staggered in front of you.

“Don’t worry sweet cheeks, just teaching the boy a lesson. He needs one from time to time. Wait a second. Well now, You his girlfriend?” He laughed and looked towards his cowering son. “You actually got laid, how did a little runt like you get your dick in something other than your hand?” He growled at him. He threw his cigarette at Daryl hitting him in the shoulder, Daryl quickly stubbed it on the floor before it became a weapon that his father would surely use against him

“I’m not his girlfriend. Hell, I heard you beating him and decided I should do something about it. Look at ya, you’re a nasty old drunk. Wife and eldest son gone so you beat the younger one instead. Let me guess, Merle left because you did the same to him?” you squared up to him, fear radiating your body but you weren’t backing down. After all your childhood crush on Daryl had never gone away. Looking at him, you realised that you had a lot more in common than you first thought.

“You’re not his girlfriend, well honey what a damn shame for Daryl. You should watch your mouth though. Never taught to respect your elders then eh? Especially a man.” He spat out at you, fist clenched.
“I respect those, who respect me. I do not respect those who beat their sons and still call themselves a man.” You took a step back knowing a punch or something would be coming my way. Daryl had stood up, he pased back and forth behind his father. You nodded for him to go out the back door. He shook his head.
“You speak to me like that again girly, you’ll be learnin’ a lesson here too, maybe one up stairs if you ain’t too careful.” His breath wreaked of alcohol and smoke. You spat in his face and almost instantly he took a swing, luckily enough you dodged it and kicked him in the groin.
“Daryl, go. now!” You yelled and he sprinted out the door not before looking back to make sure you were okay. You bent down to the crippled man and spoke very slowly. Making sure he understood every word.
“You touch Daryl again, I will kill you. Do you hear me?” You lifted his chin. Hard.
“Go fuck yourself you little skank.” He said trying to get up. You punched him in the face, knocking him out cold. You ran outside, looking for Daryl. He was leaning up against the side of his house. his face was swollen.
“Y/N, why did you come here. I’ve not seen ya in years.” He looked at you, his eyes still filled with fear. “Is he.. dead?” He looked worried.
“No, out cold. You are never ever gonna see him again though. I’ll make sure of it. I came because I had to, Daryl. Now, come with me. I need to clean your face.” You pulled his arm gently, luckily your house wasn’t too far away.You entered the house, it had been left to you after your mother passed away. He looked around, probably couldn’t remember it from when you played as kids.

“Y/N, you don’t need to do this. I’m fine.” You turned around looking at him. Why didn’t he fight back, he was a few years older than you and you weren’t a kid anymore. He was a man, why didn’t he hit him back. You’d seen him fight before. One time He had his back against the wall at a bar he was at with Merle. Merle just watched as Daryl fought 3 men, cheering him on “Go on little brother, Knock ‘em down.” You remembered Merle’s voice so clearly. You remembered watching it from the other side of the road. Strangely, every fight you ever saw Daryl in, his back was against the wall. Like he always had to fight. You shook your head.

“Daryl, why didn’t you fight back. I’ve seen you in a bar fight, you could easily stop your dad.” You said it quietly standing closer to him.
“If I started. I wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t kill him. I’m not… a killer. I just wait and one day it will stop and maybe i’ll be like Merle and leave, ya know?” He bit his bottom lip, looking to the floor. You lifted his chin, you thought he would pull away but he just looked at you. He bought his hand up to your face the other pushed some hair behind your ear. He titled his head slightly. 

“Thank you, Y/N.” he rested his forehead against yours. “How comes you weren’t scared.” He looked down into your eyes. You wanted to kiss him so bad.
“I just wasn’t. Adrenaline I guess.” You shrugged it off and looked down. You separated and you gently cleaned his face with a towel. It wasn’t long before you titled his chin up to look you. He smiled slightly before you pressed your lips to his. He was taken back. It was clear to you that he hadn’t been kissed much. He’s blush was evident and he put his hand up to his lips as if he was taking in that you had kissed him.

“Daryl, have you ever.. you know? been with a woman?” You asked, looking him in the eye.
“Um, yeah, once or twice. Merle sort of pushed it in that direction.” He spoke quietly, as if he was embarrassed, running his hand through his hair.
“Me too, not by Merle though.” You reassured him. He laughed and you pressed your lips back against his, this time he kissed back. His hands went to your hair. Pulling it slightly. Your hands went to his shirt, lifting it. He jumped to your touch but let you carry on. With confidence you broke the kiss and pulled his hand to the stairs. You led him to your bedroom and turned off the light. 

Your lips found each other again, the kiss was full of lust and heat. Both of you were grabbing at each others clothes, your hands found their way under his shirt again, you grabbed his back, pulling him closer. You could feel the scars with your fingers. It hurt your heart knowing that the abuse had probably been going on for a while. You lifted the shirt above his head, revealing his chest. You rested your hands on his chest, feeling it rise and fall. He removed your shirt and went to go to your bra but stopped suddenly. His eyes opened wide, turning you around. He saw the scars even if the darkness.
“Y/N, I never knew.” He said, turning you back to face him.
“No one did, it was just something that happened.” you studied his face, before he bought his hand up to your face. “How did you make it stop?”
“I fought back, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I fought back and stopped myself as I wasn’t a killer either.” You smiled at him again. “That’s why I wasn’t too scared. I’ve done this before.”

Before you even had time to look back at him he grabbed you forcefully, kissing you again, harder than before. Like his life depended on it. He removed your bra, taking your breasts in his hands. His mouth moved to your chin, your neck and then on to your collar bone. Nipping slightly as he went. You let out a moan and he smiled against your skin and he carried on. His hands moved from your breasts down to your jeans. He unbuttoned them and kicked them down your legs with his foot. His lips never leaving your neck. His fingers hooked on to your panties and ran his thumbs on the fabric. He pulled his head from your neck looking at you. His once light blue eyes had turned dark. He unbuttoned his own trousers letting them drop to the floor. He pushed you on to the bed, kissing your stomach and slowly took your right nipple into his mouth, circling his tongue and slightly sucking. You threw your head back and moaned his name.

“Daryl, I need you.” You panted. His eyes met yours and he removed yours and his underwear. The sight from his underwear shocked you. You took him into your hands and slowly rubbed up and down his shaft, running your thumb over the slit. He growled and moved his hand between your thighs. He found your clit and started rubbing slowly and gently at first, and when you were wet enough he plunged two fingers into you. You gasped but never stopped rubbing him up and down. As he bought his fingers in and out you you felt your stomach starting to tighten. you let him go and kissed him hard, flipping him on to his back.
“I need you. now.” you said. He nodded in agreement. You lined yourself up and slowly slid yourself down on to him, letting yourself stretch to his size. he bucked his hips up, filling you completely. you started slow and he rubbed your clit for more pleasure. Soon enough the warmth was starting to build again and without asking he flipped you back over. His moans filling the room. He moaned your name over and over. His thrusts were getting sloppy but he kept his pace.
“Y/N I’m close. You?” He said, between grunts. You couldn’t reply just nodded and forced your head into his neck. Within no time at all you reached your climax, as did he shortly after. You both got under your sheets as you came down from your highs. he wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you into him. He nuzzled into your hair.

“Thank you Y/N” He said quietly.
“You’ve already thanked me Daryl.” You turned your head to look at him and he brushed your hair from your face.
“No I thanked you for saving me back there. I’m thanking you now for showing me what love is meant to look like.”
“Love?” You looked at his eyes, they glistened as he smiled he bit his finger nails, looking up to you.
“Yeah Love, I’ve loved you since the day we played under the bridge when it was pouring hard with rain and you laughed at me for falling in a puddle until I splashed you with it and we ended having a massive water fight. I knew I wanted to marry you when we were 6 years old. Today proved to me, I still do. One day at least. You saved me, so now I want the rest of life with you.” He looked down to the space between you both.
“Now we save each other.” You tilted his chin up and rested your forehead against his. “Why would you wanna marry me for anyhow…?”
“So I can kiss ya anytime I want.” He smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. 

As you fell asleep in his arms. You knew it would all be different from now on. You’d never let him get hurt again and he would make sure you wouldn’t either.

Radioactivepeasant Presents: That one time I did something really stupid

Senior year of college, finals week.

I have been surviving on 4 hours of sleep a night, holding myself together with black tea and raw spinach and a handful of vitamins, so you’ll have to forgive me if my judgment was a little off.

I’m studying for a test while simultaneously packing up my room to get ready for Move Out Day, and it’s somewhere between 12:00 and 2:00 am. (Once the sun went down, time lost all meaning to me.)

Basically everyone else is in their rooms either asleep or otherwise observing Quiet Hours, and I’m here with a giant mug of tea and all the lights on, studying for an ethics exam. Just as I start to pack up my things and turn off the lights, the most incredible racket starts up.

Every car in the isolated back parking lot was setting off their alarms somehow. I lived in the part of the building facing that lot: I wouldn’t be sleeping until they turned off.

This was the third night in a row where it had happened, and I was already sleep-deprived. I did something stupid.

In my pajamas, I threw on a pair of boots and grabbed a thin bamboo staff I kept in my room as a walking stick. Then, keys in hand, I marched out to the parking lot at somewhere around midnight. I don’t know what I was planning on doing once I got there.

This was a stupid plan for 4 reasons.

1. I had no way of shutting off the alarms.

2. The campus was situated in a rough neighborhood, and nobody was allowed to go walking alone at night for that reason.

3. There was a rout of coyotes on campus that were crazy or desperate enough to attack a moving pickup truck.

4. The coyotes weren’t the only predatory animals spotted on campus. There is also a bobcat and at least two bears.

So here I am in my pajamas, wielding a bamboo stick like a staff, and walking around the parking lot. Most of the cars have stopped their alarms by now and I’m walking around and whacking the stick loudly on the ground. The thought was, anything there would know I was coming and I wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Well this absolutely terrified rabbit goes tearing past me as I’m looking under all the cars and that should’ve been my first clue that I needed to go inside Right Then.

Suddenly I hear this noise, and it was like nothing I’d ever heard before. I can only describe it as sounding like metal dragged across concrete, but it was an organic sound. All the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and for the first time it occurs to me that I’m doing something really stupid.

Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I retreat inside and, on a whim, look up the sounds big cats make.

Yeah. There’d been a bobcat less than ten yards away from me.

And that is how I met The Incredible Mr. Whiskers, our dorm’s terrifying unofficial mascot.