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To Propose

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How would the RFA + V + Saeran propose? 

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Burn This City

(A/N): Angry Diana is unstoppable.

Pairings: DianaXReader

Request: Can you do a WW fanfic that goes with the song Start A Riot by BANNERS? I think it would be awesome. Thank you! XOXO

Warnings: Angry Diana

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I will march down an empty street like a ship into the storm.
No surrender, no retreat. I will tear down every wall.
Just to keep you warm, just to bring you home.
I will burn this city down for a diamond in the dust.

Diana paces back and forth as her mind feels as if it might explode. She was furious. How could she let this happen? One of Bruce’s enemies had taken her precious (Y/N) and she wanted to burn down the whole city. (Y/N) was her world, they meant everything to her and she wasn’t about to lose them. Not like Steve, she wouldn’t allow it. 

Bruce watches as Diana burns a path in the floor where she’s pacing and he can’t help but feel bad. He knows how much (Y/N) means to her but he needs to keep her calm or she will actually tear apart the whole city. “Diana, you need to calm down.” Bruce states gently which only gets him a deadly glare from the goddess and he would be lying if it didn’t scare him. 

“I cannot calm down, Bruce! (Y/N) is out there alone and scared and I am just standing doing nothing to save them.” Diana throws back with anger in her voice, arms beginning to flail, something she did when she was upset, and Bruce knows she’s not mad at him, more at herself. 

He can see the frustration and worry etched across her face as she begins to pace the floor once again and he stands from his seat, walking over and placing his hands on her shoulders, stopping her movements. “Diana, I promise we will find them but you barging into the streets will do them no good. I need you to trust me.”

Diana gives a huff of air as she gives a small nod. “I do trust you, Bruce.” She then looks straight into his brown orbs, no emotion clearly shown but he sees fire in her eyes. “But… if you don’t succeed, I will not hesitate to tear down this city.”

Bruce watches as Diana walks away, determination in every step and he gives a sigh, knowing she meant every word.

I will fight till the flag waves white until my dying days, through the bombs and blasts.
If your world falls apart, I’d start a riot.
If night falls in your heart, I’d light the fire.

Diana was trying so hard to keep her composure. Bruce, Clark, Barry had been helping with the search for (Y/N) but so far, they weren’t having any luck. They had a couple hits from some nearby locations and Diana about ripped down each building but every time, (Y/N) wasn’t there. 

They had just come up empty handed once again and Diana sends a swift kick to one of the goons still crawling on the ground, sending him flying into the nearest wall. The team watches with wide eyes as the sound of the wall breaking fills the air and the man lays unconscious on the floor. “Diana…” Bruce begins but she cuts him off by raising a hand, silencing him.

“I’m giving you one last chance, Bruce. I’m getting tired of coming up empty handed.” Diana states, tiredness clear in her voice and she turns on her heel, walking towards the exit of the building. She doesn’t wait up for the rest of the team but hears quick foot steps behind her and she looks next to her seeing Barry. 

He sends a small smile her way before nervously looking at the ground. “I’m really sorry, Diana. It must be hard without (Y/N).”

Diana releases a sigh as memories of (Y/N) pop into her mind and all she wants to do is see their smile and hug them tightly, never letting go. “As cheesy as it may sound, (Y/N) is my world. I would do anything for them, even if it meant burning down a whole city.” Diana admits avoiding Barry’s gaze and he gives a small nod.

“I think they know that too.” Barry claims as he sends a warm smile towards the goddess and she turns to him with a sad smile.

“I can only hope they don’t think I’ve given up on them and that they’re still alive.” Barry shakes his head and Diana tilts her head to the side at the action causing his smile to inch up his face. 

“(Y/N) is a tough one, they’re alive all right and with that kind of love, I highly doubt they’ve lost hope.” It’s the first time in a while a smile effortlessly grows on her face and she stops, surprising Barry with a tight hug. 

He chuckles, quickly wrapping his arms around her as well. “Thank you.” 

In the dark, when you sound the alarm
We’ll find each other’s arms.
For your love, all you are
I’d start a riot.

Not long after the exchange with Barry, Bruce had gotten another hit on (Y/N). This time it was in a whole different city and Diana had a whole new level of determination jittering through her body. So, when they arrive at the building, the three superheroes take on the men out in the front before ushering Diana to go inside.

She doesn’t hesitate before rushing in and making quick work of the men guarding the door. She begins to sprint down long hallways, taking out men as she goes while easily blocking the oncoming bullets with her gauntlets and she’s nearly cleared the entire building in record time but there is still no sign of (Y/N).

“(Y/N)!” Diana yells but receives no answer and she feels herself slow down, doubt creeping into her veins. “(Y/N)!” She tries again but this time she hears a faint noise coming from her right. She begins to sprint in that general direction, when several men come into view guarding a door. She runs full speed, sending one crashing through a wall before grabbing her sword and sweeping the rest off their feet with a simple swipe of her sword and a few punches. Her chest heaves with each breath and she turns towards the door noticing the lock on it. She easily breaks it off with her hands before slowly pushing it open. The room in dimly lit almost pitch back and she wills her eyes to adjust. “(Y/N)?” Diana calls out as she holds her breath.

“Diana…” A small voice pipes up and Diana knows that voice from anywhere. (Y/N)’s body slowly emerges from the darkness and Diana’s heart tears. They look skinnier than the last time she saw them, they have multiple bruises and wounds on their body, blood staining their clothes and their eyes have a certain fear in them that she can’t even replicate. 

Diana rushes next to (Y/N) gently cupping their bruised face. “By Hera… what did they do to you?” Diana whispers out as she feels tears falling and she desperately yet gently wraps (Y/N) up in her arms. 

A sob takes over (Y/N)’s body as they shrink in Diana’s embrace and Diana can only hold their shaking body close. “I-I didn’t know if you’d be able to find me.” (Y/N) chokes out into Diana’s chest and she subconsciously wraps her arms tighter around them.

“No matter where you were, I would have found you.” Diana mumbles into (Y/N)’s matted down hair and they give a shaky breath. 

“I want to go home.” (Y/N) whispers out and Diana nods before scooping them up effortlessly in her arms before kissing their temple. 

“Home we’ll go then.”

Fic: Stay With Me

Fairy!Klaine. Based off this art by @magicalplaylist.

Kurt has never experienced snow. This leads him to do something very stupid. ~3000 words (which was a mistake tbh), G, fluff and h/c and more fluff.

Blaine spread his arms and inhaled deeply, enjoying a rare day of Fall warmth in Ohio.

He then almost got dive-bombed by a migrating goose.

“Whoa! Not today, buddy,” he said from the shelter of a nearby shrub. “It’s too nice out for that.”

Once the goose stopped rustling through the branches of the shrub and flew off to reunite with its herd, Blaine emerged, grateful the motion of the branches hadn’t caused him to get pricked by any of the leaves. He’d seen the Big People barely even flinch when they accidentally got jabbed by one of the bushes, but for someone his size, a wound from a pricker bush could do some serious damage.

Blaine started heading for the edge of the Dalton grounds, where the woods were a little less well-maintained than they were at the front of the stately building. There were usually mushrooms growing in the more wild area, and he and his band were in need of a little more food in their stores before the winter hit. They should be safe, but after Trent had heard one of the students say an early snowstorm might be on its way, the Warblers knew they couldn’t be too careful.

“I hope the geese didn’t eat every - oh, good!” he said, clapping his hands together a couple of times when he reached the mushroom patch and saw that there was still plenty of food to be had. He started picking the mushrooms that looked small enough to carry yet big enough to be worth eating when he heard movement from behind him and whirled around to see-

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Do you ever think about Keith and Shiro and how we were introduced to them

Keith was booted from Galaxy Garrison, probably because he fought everyone over Shiro and the Kerberos mission report, spent approximately a year in a dingy shack, chasing a feeling, a fucking feeling, finding some weird blue cat cave art drawings in a middle of damn no where, had the drive of a dedicated shipper with peanuts to work with and complied enough information to surmise that something, only something, was happening on some god forsaken day, saw some blazing object fall out of the sky, had bombs ready, either made before or just at that moment which brings into question how and why, probably so he could fight whatever it was and die trying, scrapped up a plan on the fly to divert a military investigation, broke into the military set up with only a mystery knife given to him by his last-seen-in-years father, and finds his long lost classmate, friend, lover, whatever, with a missing arm, a new hairdo, and some interesting face scar?

Oh but it gets better. Keith was gonna fight with an unconscious person nearly twice his size, because there’s no way in hell he would abandon Shiro, and escape back into the desert on some oddly high tech bike if it weren’t for some other random strangers also breaking in to help.

Like what the hell.

Fallout Week: Day 1, July 15th

What would you do as a Vault-Tec Executive?

Oh, you want me to show my sadistic, malevolent side, eh? That’s fine, I can give you that. 

Welcome to Vault 50. Located in Albemarle, North Carolina, this vault is built within the Morrow Mountain State Park. Its close proximity to the state zoo gives Vault-Tec the opportunity to experi– er, SAVE animals as well as humans.

Who would be a perfect fit for Vault 50? Families. Families and their beloved pets. When those nuclear bombs fall – and they will one day – and those vault doors are sealed shut, those lucky 561 residents (and their 227 animals) will be safe and secure. The friendly, helpful Vault-Tec staff will be there to assist them with their new common goal: to help with the care and preservation of many (now almost extinct) species.

This leads to the Morrow-Moreau Experiments, the name partially inspired by the H.G. Well’s novel The Island of Doctor Moreau. Six months after Vault 50 is sealed, men, women, and children are dragged out of their beds by Vault-Tec security guards. They are taken to a secret chamber, where Vault-Tec scientists begin their experiments on the residents and the animals, both domestic and exotic. Their mission is to combine animal DNA with human DNA, in hopes to make a superior creature skilled in survival and combat that can be easily controlled.

210 years later, Vault 50 is empty. No one knows what happened to its inhabitants, but the locals talk about supposed sightings of mysterious creatures living in the mountains…

Pretty in Punk// Leather jacket/ red lipstick/ready/GO.

Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys// A Love Like War- All Time Low (ft. Vic Fuentes)// Sacrificial Lamb- Cherri Bomb// All I Want- A Day To Remember// The Death Valley- Fall Out Boy//American Idiot- Green Day//Oh Well Oh Well- Mayday Parade// The Kids From Yesterday- My Chemical Romance// Ignorance- Paramore// I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead- Set It Off//Lonely Girl- Tonight Alive// The Best Thing- We Are The In Crowd//Loverboy- You Me At Six.


ayato and hinami get into a fight, and so he leaves the house and goes to the bar to drink while hinami cries at home. he comes at three o’clock am, drunk, and goes straight into their room and starts cuddling with hinami and says cute shit like “i love you. im sorry.” and then starts kissing her. “i know im a piece of shit, but i wanna stay with you.” and then he cuddles into her chest. “i’ll always love you even if i dont deserve you. hina you’re my angel.” and right hwne hinami is about to say something, he throws a stink bomb and falls asleep.

next day, hinami wakes him up with a smack of the head but a few minutes later, they start fuckking each other like rabbits.


I could have gone home before rush hour, but noo, I had to help that kid.


Contains two cameos, but let’s not tag them and see if they recognize themselves, huehue.

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