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The bullpen is nearly silent, save for the clicking of the keys of your laptop and the scratching of Spencer’s pen, as the two of you attempt to finish the mountain of paperwork that has accumulated over the course of your case. It had been a particularly draining one, a case that involved human sacrifice and a much more rapid timeline than you were used to, and while you were glad that it was now relegated to the realm of case files, you weren’t off the hook just yet.

“Honestly,” you sigh as you turn from your laptop to face Spencer, “this guy kind of ruined my idea of a fun Halloween. I had visions of Rocky Horror, boatloads of candy, and fake blood before this case. But now, all I can think about is human sacrifice and real blood. It’s disturbing.”

“Initially, Halloween was celebrated on the one night between autumn and winter when the barrier between the living and the dead was thinnest and often involved rituals that included human sacrifice. So, if you think about it, that’s part of what Halloween really was. Not that I condone human sacrifice, of course,” Spencer informs you as he glances up from his case file.

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word count: 1260
pairing: hyungwon x reader
notes: fluff, college au
warnings: mentions of alcohol+smut, language (only like one line tbh)

This isn’t really the best remedy for your massive headache and unrelenting flu. It’s been more than a week, and you thought it would be long gone by now; which is exactly why you promised your best friend Minhyuk that you’d be his plus one to the party today.

Not exactly a great decision.

The room is dark and smoky, mixed with the putrid scent of alcohol and sweat. You clutch Minhyuk’s arms tighter as the two of you weave through the scattered groups of intoxicated partygoers. He leads you to the backyard, and you sigh in relief to be able to breathe something beside bad decisions.

“Hey guys!” Minhyuk greets the group of guys standing around the beer keg, and slides the door closed behind you.

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Ace of Cakes

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1013

Warnings: none, just lots of food and good fun. I guess a little angst

A/N: The final installment of my 300 follower celebration featuring the baking prompt with Jim requested by an anon!!! I love baking tbh so this was a really fun prompt for me. Also I only proofed half of it because I’m also watching Chopped right now so sorry if there are errors lol. 

The sun was shining and birds chirped from their perches in the trees by your house. Your neighbor was mowing his lawn and waved as you left your house. You waved back with a mile wide grin, enjoying your little slice of the perfect apple pie life. You meant that literally, of course, as you were known for your fair-winning apple pie through the whole neighborhood. Apple pie wasn’t your only skill, though. Today, you’d made your best cake ever in honor of Ruth Appleby’s 80th birthday. It was a beautiful piece, covered in modeling chocolate dyed lavender with little chocolate butterflies placed across the icing. The cake itself was a family recipe - dark chocolate and raspberry, two of Ruth’s favorite flavors. You were sure it would be the talk of the party. Still, your confidence didn’t stop you from eavesdropping as you mingled among the party goers.

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can i ask ronan x gansey for that ship meme? or ronan x kavinsky? thanks!!

ok im having rovinsky feels tonight so here goes

Gives nose/forehead kisses

  • but like at first he does it “ironically” bc it pisses ronan off and he’s a shit
  • and then somewhere along the line it becomes not so ironic and he’s like oh my goD 
  • ronan actually loves getting them but he’ll never admit it 

Gets jealous the most

  • K A V I N S K Y 
  • its honestly ridiculous
  • pls try to imagine him getting all competitive w gansey though
  • bc he thinks ronan has feelings 4 gansey 
  • and then ronan is like omg k gansey and i aren’t like that 
  • and k’s like “oh” and he sort of sadly puts away the 6 weaponized tanks he dreamed up
  • im laughing about this so much

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

  • this would be the most hilarious thing either way
  • bc k would make literally everything into some sort of sexual pun like
  • “ok since your place is down that way, I’m turning left” 
  • “haha and then what ;)” 
  • ronan: [looks into the camera like he’s on the office]
  • k is the thirstiest i s2g
  • or ronan being like the sad existential drunk nd probably dramatically reciting shakespeare or something (tbh both he and gansey would do this) so k picking him up like
  • “hey babe, wanna go back to my house and fuc-”
  • k: [looks into the camera like he’s on the office]
  • k secretly thinks its super hot though. he’s shakespeare fanboy trash fiGHT ME 

Takes care of on sick days

  • the best thing about this is neither of these trash bunnies would have any idea how to take care of a sick person 
  • but like they’d Try lowkey so the other doesn’t know 
  • if k was sick he’d be coughing dramatically and moaning about how it’s probably cancer, it runs in my family, Lynch what would you do to me if i was going to die in 24 hours- 
  • and ronan’s just like nah get up bitch you’re fine 
  • while exasperatedly passing him every warm drink, tissue, and cough medicine known to man
  • or like ronan sick would be like no fucking way man i don’t need ur help 
  • and k’s like well good cause I’m not fucking giving you any
  • ronan gets back from the bathroom and there are about 5000 new blankets in a giant messy heap on the bed with a pair of pyjamas thrown on top, the blinds have been broken in an obviously aggressive attempt to close them and theres a pot of half-burnt chicken noodle soup on the counter 
  • “wasn’t me”
  • im dyNGI
  • also k would definitely have bad depression days and he’d just sort of lie there feeling terrible for holding ronan back 
  • and then he’d text him and ronan would be there as soon as he could
  • and he’d just hold onto him and they’d talk about what k is feeling and then they’d fall asleep together 
  • pls also see: this thing that ruined my life 

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

  • k because he loves swimming 
  • ronan hates it but when k grins and says ‘race you’ his pride practically demands it 
  • and then they do best out of three and then they fuck around and jump on each other’s shoulders and have splash wars 
  • and then they make out underwater nd make all the families so uncomfortable they leave
  • lowkey let me die

Gives unprompted massages

  • ok my first instinct is k but consider 
  • ronan giving k random massages on the scalp and back bc he loves the way he curls up and hums happily like a cat 
  • esp on bad depression days for k
  • hold mE

Drives/rides shotgun

  • this question was literally made for this ship
  • i feel like if they were A Thing they’d start racing together and taking turns driving/riding shotgun
  • if k’s driving, they’re in the Evo 
  • ronan is always frustrated by k’s inability to hit the sweet spot on the clutch 
  • like tbh he spends 90% of the time jokingly insulting k’s driving 
  • until one day k doES IT 
  • and he just looks over at ronan w the most wicked grin
  • who is suddenly embarrassingly turned on
  • k does it more often after that 
  • also ronan is in control of the music
  •  and sometimes they go driving on late nights and ronan starts playing his bagpipe music nd he wants k to like it so bad and k does and it makes him so happy
  • if ronan’s driving, they’re in the Bmw 
  • and k is just completely silent for once bc the way that ronan drives turns him on so much
  • the way the muscles shift in his arms when he turns, the savage pleased smile on his face when the light turns green and he accelerates…
  • and ronan KNOWS and he teases him mercilessLY
  • like he’ll sort of casually reach over and slide his free hand up k’s thigh to listen to his breath hitch, or stroke the shift while he licks his lips
  • car blowjobs are pretty well a must with these two 

Brings the other lunch at work

  • i find it so hard to imagine either of these two working tbh
  • or eating actually

Has the better parental relationship

  • ronan when his parents were alive 
  • as for k: this pretty much sums it up 

Tries to start role-playing in bed

  • honestly this could be either one of them 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

  • but like he’s less embarrassing and more actually really good. also slutty 
  • also he sings along and his singing voice is actually fantastic 
  • probs to trashy pop songs too
  • if you don’t think k has every single taylor swift album and concert t shirt I’m sorry but you’re lying 2 yourself 
  • ronan sort of outwardly scoffs but is so so so turned on 

Still cries watching Titanic

  • boTH OF THEM 
  • k is like loudly singing along to my heart will go on and eating chocolate and using up like 3 boxes of tissues 
  • ronan laughs and sort of pets his hair and pretends to be manly af 
  • but like. he’s silently crying 2 so k looks up grinning and he’s like aw babe u crying??
  • and ronan just sort of nods 
  • gansey walks in to see these two manly ass drag racing pieces of shit eating chocolate and loud ugly sobbing over the titanic 
  • also: “id totally bang dicaprio” “right with u babe”
  • gans just kind of sighs bc this is a regular occurrence now 

Firmly believes in couples costumes

  • kavinsky would suggest this but he doesn’t want to die so 

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

  • at every birthday/holiday they have an escalating game of dream one-upmanship
  • like for k’s birthday ronan dreams him a new car and he’s like pssh is that the best u can do??
  • so on ronan’s birthday k dreams him an exact replica of the barns that is secret that he can go to 
  • like it just escalates more and more tbh
  • ronan says he misses new york (and so does k tbh) so k literally dreams them NEW YORK
  • gansey eventually gets them to stop somehow
  • this involves a lot of k calling him ‘daddy’

Makes the other eat breakfast

  • w/o him ronan would only drink beer 
  • and k would literally only eat candy
  • gansey adopts k okay do not even fight me on this 

Remembers anniversaries

  • ronan but he pretends he’s forgotten 
  • k thinks that stuff is stupid
  • but he’s still happy to spend the day lying in bed with ronan dreaming cool stuff in their boxers with their arms and legs tangled together 
  • or driving to the barns and ronan shows him around 
  • k is fucking WEAK for the baby mice 

Brings up having kids

  • neither of them wants kids right now obviously
  • it sort of just happens when they’re older
  • k and ronan would be the ultimate Hot Dads tbh 

send me a ship for headcanons   (sorry guys I’m not taking more rn)

“Difficult it will be for us to hide from Darth Sidious’ reach.”

“That’s the understatement of the century,” Ahsoka muttered under her breath.

Anakin nudged her with his elbow and sent her a scolding look because, hey, old habits die hard. Unfortunately this resulted in a different elbow knifing his side from Ventress who had strategically placed herself next to him.  “What?” he hissed.

“She’s not your padawan slave anymore, Skywalker.  Leave her alone.”

“Okay, first off all-,”

Across the room Obi-Wan cleared his throat loudly and looked at Anakin as though he’d just turned himself over to the Dark Side on a gold leaf platter.  “I have some ideas about that, actually,” he said.

“Please,” Master Yoda gestured to Obi-Wan, completely ignoring Anakin as usual.  “What have you to say?”

Stepping forward, Obi-Wan spun the galaxy map being projected in the center of the room to a system somewhere near the outer rim, but still within the borders of the now old Republic.

“Stewjon?” Windu said.

“What about Tatooine?” Anakin asked.  “The slave rebellion is all but over.  There are plenty of people there who would be willing to give us shelter.”

“I agree,” Obi-Wan said, “But the Emperor knows you very well, Anakin.  Tatooine is the first place he will go looking.  He will no doubt also raid any planets who sympathized with the Jedi during his rise to power, as well as planets that remained neutral during the war.  We need someplace safe to hide the younglings that is not so out of the way that the Emperor will suspect it, and not so close that our presence within its territory will be noticed.”

“And that planet is in the Stewjon system?” Asked Anakin.

“That planet is Stewjon.” Obi-Wan said.

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Fic List #7: Clarke and Bellamy

An Arrangement of a Lifetime by moomolie1709

16 chapters – WIP

Review #28

Summary: He needed her to pose as his girlfriend, and she needed to make her unfaithful ex jealous. This was supposed to be a simple trade between business partners, but things between them grow more complicated than either of them anticipated.

To Kill a King by nighimpossible


Review #26

Summary: Bellamy is a lowborn orphan daring to dream bigger than his meager beginnings, and Clarke is a princess engaged to be married to the prince of the Jaha Kingdom. In a land where corruption and greed rule both the castle and the city streets, both Bellamy and Clarke will learn the true cost of what it takes to kill a king.

Blame it on the Rain by jenwin23

5 chapters – Completed

Review #24

Summary: After talking to Jaha, Bellamy starts avoiding Clarke in camp and sets off an unforeseen chain of events that force him to rethink what direction he’s going in. Set post S01E8, cannon until then. Rating for language, some violence.

Unexpected Expectations by Sliverloc303


Review #22

Summary: The Ark has landed, the Grounders declared peace and people have started to build for the future. Bellamy is just glad he wasn’t executed but somewhere along the line, everyone just decided that Abby Griffin was his mother-in-law.

Fire and Ice by justvisiting80

32 chapters – Completed

Summary: FIRE AND ICE (by Robert Frost) “Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.” This is MOSTLY a Bellarke story. (Several Mature Themes!) Post- Season 1 Finale

Dividing Lines by Sliverloc303

16 chapters – Completed

Summary: The Ark Camp and the 100 Camp don’t mix but then Bellamy Blake kidnaps Clarke Griffin to help his sister. It could be the beginning of a war except that Clarke went of her own free will and in the end, she may not want to go back. AU 

Cacoethes by Skyknight1987


Summary: A prank gone wrong leaves Clarke feverish, bedridden and in a bad mood. Bellamy stays to take care of her. In more ways than one. Rated M for a reason

Careful, Princess, Your Tiara is Crooked by griffinandblake


Summary: Clarke wants to think of anyone except Finn tonight. She wants to have fun. AU where Finn never set up a meeting with the grounders. Fluff.

Walls by luvs-to-write2

16 chapters – WIP

Summary: Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake were hiking to Mount Weather. Together. It was a ridiculous concept until you realized their partnership was based on mutual distrust. Can they ever break down the walls between them and learn to trust one another? How much can 24 hours change a relationship? How much can a shared secret? Post 1x7, and goes from there.

Uneven by Avari20

18 chapters – WIP

Summary: Bellamy has never believed in fairy tales. He believes in the law of the jungle, in the lions of the Serengeti and the wolves of North America. There are no princes, no towers to climb. There’s knowing when you’ve found your match and not letting anything stand in your way…because Blakes fight dirty to get what they want. Warning: violence, character death, real life problems. Set after Contents Under Pressure.

God Only Knows by Columbia15

12 chapters – WIP

Summary: For those of us who can’t wait until the fall: a pre-imagining of season two, picking up where the season one finale left off. Bellamy struggles to reunite with the 100, Abby faces serious challenges on the ground, Jaha searches for a way to escape certain death in space, and Clarke clashes with the mysterious Mountain Men. Slow burn Bellarke.

Two by Two by jenwin23

4 chapters – WIP

Summary: Set after S01E08 - Day Trip: After Raven restores communication with the Ark, The 100 are anticipating the arrival of drop ships and help surviving winter, but the Ark has different plans that leave Clarke, Bellamy and the rest scrambling to figure out how to stay alive and defy the Ark without dying.

A Quiet Moment by NikkiB1973

13 chapters - WIP

Summary: Clarke and Bellamy share a moment during a vicious storm…set in season 1 AU. The site is not registering this story, my last try sighs.

Of Babysitters and Baby Sisters by Monroe-Militia

6 chapters – WIP

Summary: When Octavia’s older brother becomes too cool to hang out with her, a babysitter is hired to help look after her. But Bellamy soon finds himself making excuses to hang around while the babysitter is there… Not that he would ever admit to it…

Whiteness by MercuryM

11 chapters – WIP

Summary: He set her blood on fire. He questioned her and challenged her at every step she took. But as their bodies entertwined and he granted her the whiteness she craved so much Clarke couldn’t help but get addicted to him, Bellamy. And he was just as addicted to her.

One of Our Own by globalista

7 chapters – Completed

Summary: “What do you mean, you found a baby?” Octavia demanded. (A story in which Bellamy and Clarke become accidental parents.)

Bang a Drum by dutchmoxie

2 chapters – Completed

Summary: Bellamy Blake is the only talented member in his garage band. Clarke Griffin is his sister’s best friend. With the immediate attraction between the two of them, they’re going to have a lot of trouble keeping this from Octavia. After all, it’s just a stupid fling and Octavia never has to know - so it won’t ruin anything.

Home Is Where the Heart Is by troubledpancakes

9 chapters – Completed

Summary: Packing up everything she owns after dropping out of medical school, Clarke finds herself broken down in the middle-of-nowhere Ark, Georgia. With every intention of getting it fixed and on the road the next morning, she takes a chance to relieve tension with a handsome mechanic: only to find it might not be that easy to just pack up leave.

(Rather fluffy, smidgen smutty, of course a smidge of out character in ways, but that’s what AU is all about– they didn’t have the same things leading up to being the person they are now - and finally a bit of angst, a little something for everyone, tbh!)

Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation by Quentilien

7 chapters – WIP

Summary: The gravitational force of attraction between two bodies in the universe is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

There is no flaw in the oxygen systems for Jake Griffin to find, and life continues on the Ark as normal. A decade later, Clarke Griffin is the youngest Chancellor in Ark history, and Bellamy Blake is a thorn in her side.

mb-00  asked:

If you're still accepting prompts, could you maybe expand on a line from another prompt you answered? It was the line "Harry only learned Merlin’s real name after they spent thirty-six hours duct-taped together in the boot of a mini van". (Does this count as a prompt?)

i am so, so poor at writing harry and merlin interactions tbh but i’m gonna give this a shot~ 


Hour 2: 

“Are you sure that you can’t reach anything?” 

“If I could, don’t you think I would have said something by now?” 

“What good are you then?” 

“Do me a favor and go fuck yourself, Merlin.” 

Personally, Harry thinks it’s a good thing they aren’t facing each other. For him, at least. Merlin might have tried to bite his nose off at that response. 

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