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i feel like nobody ever talks about the fact that kara was actually held and tortured by cadmus? like ??? she was there for days and barely anyone noticed that she was gone and it's never brought up again and i'm so BITTER because kara is keeping all of these emotions down and they're gonna explode sooner or later!!!!

they’re not gonna explode bc the writers conveniently forgot that kara went through that. she should have probably had ptsd but??? continuity what, logic who?? i don’t know her.gif
let’s do a romantic plot instead!

has it been days tho? i’m really bad with tv timelines. either way my poor lil bean went through so much i’m cryin. i’m so upset that it seems like the writers literally give no fucks about kara whatsoever. their main is like their least favorite character

Hello 🤘🏻 Names M well not really it’s just what I like to use for online purpose. I’ve been around the sun 18 times ☀️ I have no idea what to write about myself? …?? …🌻 I love all different types of food and music 😎 I’m the type of person who is 💯 down for adventures all day or 💯 down for staying indoors all day. I’m usual behind a camera taking pictures of the sky or nature-y things, maybe you could be my model or something idk? Never really done people..other then family… 📸 So yeah guess that’s it?? Byeee !! OH and my blog is @rainbowskittle ☺️ almost forgot if you read this far you can check it out if you like.

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Hi I just saw your most recent post... And I was wondering how he knew about your blog? Like... Did you meet him personally (lol idk)?

Nope and thank god , he doesn’t know about me lol one of my followers went to a fansign months ago during the wings era….and she asked him to check out my blog and he apparently told her that he was already requested to do it by another fan ?!!! (LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL F , GUYS WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. PLS REMAIN QUIET FOR THE WORLD’S SAKE) ..shit went down from that day onwards lmaoo and I was so cautious with my posts 😱😱😱 , but I know he probably never bothered to check it out. WELL I HOPE HE DIDN’T. He probably forgot the url as well #LETS hope he did

I read sad poems and think about how
we were never in love.

this summer for you had nothing to do with me but
i still thought about you every day.

this morning I was brushing my teeth and it hit me that
i forgot you existed. i didn’t wake up thinking about you.

maybe that’s what it’s like.
maybe with enough space I’ll forget everything else too.


I accidentally left my ps4 on and forgot about it and left the boys standing there, and by the time i came back four in-game days had passed and the last photo i got was this picture of prompto

He looks so upset


“Wtf dude. Four days without food. How could you?”

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: otabek clearly went out of his way to save yuri from his overbearing fans on a motorcycle. he also never forgot that five years ago they trained together at yakov's summer camp. he says "yuri plisetsky had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier" considering that they're ice skaters who pretty much talk in code at this point. i'm sure otabek altin developed a huge crush on yuri the day they met. he also takes him out to tea and makes him smile as purely as he does with his loved ones. there's more than friendship going on here.
Reasons Jack has been exiled to the couch
  • cold toes
    • specifically, cold toes near Bitty’s thighs
  • Distracted Bitty with [Redacted] and caused a pie to burn
    • bitty felt bad about halfway through the night and climbed on the couch with him
  • It was his turn to clean the sheets after [redacted] but he forgot, Bitty did it but since Jack couldn’t be bothered to change the sheets why should he get to sleep on them
    • he never forgot again
  • Woke bitty up at 4am on his day off to go for a run, bitty refused, and locked the bedroom door.
    • when he woke up again at ten, Jack was pouting on the couch
  • Accidently let Chowder know that what they had gotten him for christmas
    • it was a signed sharks jersey
    • chowder cried when jack spoiled it, and when he opened it
  • Jokingly referred to Bitty as a house husband
    • Bitty laughed
    • Jack’s true mistake was saying this in front of Shitty
    • who proceeded to climb into Jack and Bitty’s bed because “I’ll appreciate you Bits, you are more than your baking to me”
    • Jack could either triple spoon his BF and BFF or sleep on the couch
    • He chose the couch when Shitty demanded he be the middle spoon 

The Blind Boy - Phanart - @jilliancares

Okay, first before we start, let’s please give my poor pens a big round of applause bc poor things I thought I would lose them on the way.

This is the phanart i made for the phanfic The blind boy by jilliancares (which if you are part of the phandom and you haven’t read. Just. Why. Go. Now.) There were so many more parts I wanted to drawwwwww, I actually had more but after a tiny accident in my kitchen (kids, don’t eat while drawing), well, stuff happened, but i really want to draw moreeee. Who knows maybe i’ll do a part two.

hEY jILLIAN. I managed to finishhhhhh. Wuhuuuuu. Pls don’t stare at it too much or else the mistakes are going to reveal themselves. Jk stare at it as long as u want hujujujuuuu. Getting to the important bit, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY WAS AWSOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MISPLACED (im saving up the chapters, why do i do this to myself) AND JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE AND sorry if i let you down with the drawings I TRIED MY BEST. I LOV U



fluffstravaganza donation request @beautifulvulnerability​ - $10 (sketch) of dipper and mabel

this is more like lineart than a sketch but WHATEVER. im sorry its so late but i never forgot about it

(yeah that’s animal crossing. mabel yelled and shoved the ds in dipper’s face when she saw the upbeat able sister’s clerk’s name was also mabel. also she designs a new sweater for her character to wear every week)

BONUS mabels that didn’t make it into the final draft

(I am SO sorry! I didn’t see this until recently even though it was sent a few days ago omg,, here’s “did you think I forgot” + nurseydex!)

Dex couldn’t believe it, the fucking irony of it all. Nursey was the opposite of Dex in many ways, laid back and composed in a way Dex would never be. Where Nursey was all soothing words and precise phrases, carefully crafted emotions that made Dex feel things he would never understand, Dex was wires and callouses and loud, blunt syllables forced through gritted teeth. Dex was harsh and hard, every move he made conducive to fights and outburst. Every emotional he felt was blinding, all-encompassing

The irony wasn’t, necessarily, that Dex had fallen blindigly, all-encompassingly in love with someone who made him see red, someone so fundamentally different from him; the irony was–

“You’re what?” Dex exclaims, fork poised halfway between his tray and mouth. Mashed potatoes sluice off his fork and splatter against his chicken.

“It’s not just lobster, man, I’m allergic to all shellfish.” Nursey says, as if Dex could even fathom not eating shellfish on a regular basis.

“You’ve never had a lobster roll.” Dex wheezes. “That’s a fucking shame, Nursey, how–just, god.” Chowder is eyeing him inquisitively.

“Bro, it’s just lobster.” Chowder says and Dex gasps.

Just lobster? This, coming from the person who probably thinks the best chowder comes from the Bay Area?” Dex exclaims. Nursey grins and knocks shoulders with the goalie next to him.

“Well, it kind of does.” He laughs and Dex groans.

“God, god, I can’t even deal with you right now. I need to…I need to process this.”

Months later, Nursey is in his home–his childhood home–sitting in the kitchen with his mother and older brother while Dex finishes cutting slices of french bread for dinner. Dex’s mother keeps trying to offer Nursey these bacon wrapped scallop things and Nursey, face pinched with a nervous smile, declines for the fifth time. Dex turns, exasperated.

“He’s allergic to shellfish, mom.” And if Dex thought he was surprised at the news, nothing could prepare him for the gasp that fell out of his mother’s mouth. After Nursey leaves Maine, a few days later, the issue of Nursey’s allergy isn’t really brought up again.

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Inktober Day 30: Percy Jackson

So I’ve been re-reading the Percy Jackson series! I absolutely loved this series as a kid, and I forgot that for some reason 0_0. I absolutely love Percy~ Sassy little baby! <3 And I completely understand the hair thing… my hair never obeys me either and ends up looking like seaweed too -__-


Happy belated Birthday Gwyn and Happy belated Christmas and New Years to all my followers. I hope this New Years is better and brighter year than the previous one for all of you ^u^

And it was only the beginning of his activism!

Samuel L. Jackson is one of my favorite actors. Not only because of his lines, he is woke af! And he is one of the few black actors who achieved mainstream success and never let that change him or forgot where he came from! I guess it is very hard thing to do because money and fame could spoil any person.

I’m sure white people try to kiss his ass every day, but he remains true to his convictions and remembers his and our past.

“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”
Pablo Neruda

A swinging Valentine’s Day to my precious friend @kag-san, featuring the god tier ship, Kagome & Sango ❤ 

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Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult