the day of the dot

30 day challenge re-visited

This challenge first appeared in January 2015 before Season 3 aired. 

 I know there are a few ‘challenges’ around but one more can’t hurt - this is a non-fanfic one.  A few words, a lot of words, an image or two, fan art ….

It was fun to do first time round so if anyone wants to take part please do. I shall look at the one I did and update it taking into account S3. 

Take it at your own pace, do all 30 days or just a few - whenever or whatever you feel like doing.

Day 1: When you fell in love with MFMM

Day 2: Favourite Male character

Day 3: Favourite episode of Season 1

Day 4: Headcanon about Phryne

Day 5: Favourite ship

Day 6: First episode you watched

Day 7: Headcanon about Hugh

Day 8: Saddest episode

Day 9: Favourite friendship

Day 10: Favourite scenery / establishing shot or favourite location

Day 11: Headcanon about Jane

Day 12: Favourite female

Day 13: Favourite episode of Season 2

Day 14: Favourite dramatic moment / action scene

Day 15: Favourite outfit

Day 16: Headcanon about Dot

Day 17: Favourite Bad Girl

Day 18: Funniest episode

Day 19: Favourite plot twist

Day 20: Headcanon about Jack

Day 21: Favourite quote

Day 22: Least favourite character

Day 23: Favourite kiss

Day 24: A song that reminds you of a scene / character / episode

Day 25: A character you want to know more about

Day 26: Favourite episode of Season 3

Day 27: Crackiest ship you can think of

Day 28: Most ridiculous / silly episode

Day 29: A character you didn’t like at first but have come round to

Day 30: What you want to be there in the movie. (Originally was Season 3)

Rumor #5, Surviving the Storm

“THIS GUY!! You know who I am talking about!!  CIEL was SUCH a good player…he’s like an inspiration to me you know!  He was so talented, like he had help from NO ONE.  He had no team!  He was a one squid army…He disappeared on the dot one day and no one knew why.  He hasn’t been back since and its been nearly two years.  Do you think he moved here to Inkopolis Square? People started wondering if he died or something…Man I wish I could be like him…-without the dying part I mean.”


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Tomorrow Part 2

Richie Tozier X Reader, Beverly X Ben
Warnings: There’s like one curse word and they kiss.
(you don’t need to read the first part to understand what’s happening in this imagine, but you can if you want.)


It had been exactly two weeks on the dot since the day I had chickened out on telling Richie how I felt, and Bev didn’t let me go a minute without forgetting it.
“Seriously, Y/N! What’s the worst that could happen?” She pestered as her and I made our way to the Quarry. We still had a few months until summer, but the weather in Derry was far to warm to pass up the opportunity for a swim.
“I don’t know, Bev.” I replied sarcastically. “He could not feel that way about me, and then things would be awkward between us. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“Ruin who’s friendship?” Ben asked, grinning widely as he saw Bev and I approaching. “Y/N is making up excuses not to tell Richie how she feels.” Bev blurted out, and I elbowed her. “He’s right there!” I pointed to where Richie was standing a few feet away with the rest of the Losers, peering off the cliff into the water. “You should tell him, Y/N. I can tell he likes you back. You’re practically all he ever talks about.” Ben smiled encouragingly, and Bev gave me a look that said ‘I told you so’.

After a full day of swimming at the Quarry, the sun was starting to set and it was getting darker by the second.
“You ready to go, Bev?” I questioned, knowing that I only had about 15 minutes until my curfew.
“I’m gonna stay here with Ben for a moment, why don’t you walk Y/N home, Richie?” Bev suggested.
Richie shrugged on his jacket and grinned at me. “I’m down. Are you okay with that?”

I nodded and we started walking down the path back to my house, but not before I sent a glare over my shoulder at a smirking Beverly.
It was quiet for a few moments before Richie spoke up. “Why have you been ignoring me lately?” He asked, and my heart plummeted.
“I haven’t been ignoring you, I just-“
I started, but he cut me off. “Don’t bullshit me. I want the truth. It’s been really lonely without you.”
I stared at my feet. “Please promise me that you won’t think of me differently.” I️ said, and he stopped walking.
“Never.” He promised.

“Okay. The truth is, I’ve been avoiding you because I like you more than a friend.” I blurted out, rocking back and fourth on my feet.
When he doesn’t answer, I continued speaking. “ You know, like I have a crush on you…” I trailed off.
“No, I know what you meant.” He reassured. “I️m just- wow. I thought that I did something wrong, and that’s why you were avoiding me.”
I shook my head instead of speaking, because I didn’t trust my voice not to crack.

“I like you too.” He said.
“What?” I questioned, feeling dumbfounded. Never in a million years would I have expected Richie Freaking Tozier to like me back.

“I thought you liked Laura,” I️ replied honestly.
“What? No.” He chuckled. “She’s just a friend, trust me.”
I smiled up at him, having forgotten completely about my curfew. Even if I had looked down at my watch and saw that I was supposed to be home in 7 minutes, I wouldn’t have cared.

After a few moments of simply looking at him and enjoying the silence, I could feel Richie’s warm palm clutching my cheek.
His other hand rested on my waist, pulling my body as close to his as he could and our faces continued inching closer and closer until our lips finally met.

It wasn’t my first kiss, and I knew it wasn’t his, but it was perfect nonetheless.

When he finally pulled away, I was left breathless and a little disappointed that the kiss we shared was over.

“Do you wanna go on a date with me?” He asked, and I noticed the way that his cheeks flushed red, either because he was nervous or he was as breathless from the kiss as I was. “Of course.” I smiled, already leaning in to steal another kiss.


@51naminro (I’m really glad that you liked part one! Hopefully you enjoy this one as well :))

still on holiday but i wanted to do a few quick doodles, and dad!jason…..sorta….happened? i like to think little kids sometimes confuse him for captain america when he’s older, since they look so similar

I wrote my resolutions for the new year sitting by the fire while still in my pajamas. Exactly how I wanted to start the new year.

Pen: Pilot Metropolitan
Ink: Sailor Shikiori Waka-uguisu
Writing Sounds: a crackling fire


Kaisoo Birthday Month Series (5/?) - Happy Kaisoo Day!!!! - Just a few favorite moments in 2017-2018 where Kaisoo displayed their love for each other

  • 180111: Jongin thinks it is fate that he and Kyungsoo’s birthdays are close to each other 
  • 170914: Kaisoo’s selca on September 14th, which is Photo Day, one of Korea’s special love holidays 
  • 171025: Jongin’s message to Kyungsoo for the live album, “No matter what, I’ll always love you, hyung. You know I love you the most right?” 
  • 171125: Jongin wants to kiss Kyungsoo’s head; Kyungsoo looking directly at Jongin when he says he loves the members 

fansite/fancam/translation credit: missingU, exo_shumu_mu, enthralleddd0112 // do not repost gifs


day/night destiel fanart for @elicedraws’ wonderful AU :)
My drawing skills are not exactly the best but I couldn’t resist!

I forgot to add a watermark (like always) but please give credits in case you repost!

Also special thanks to @jdragon122 for helping me to get the neck/shoulders right :)

taylor cant actually leave tumblr. she couldnt even leave this hell site when she was on her break. the day she got caught when the green dot appeared next to her icon was all it took to realize this woman is trapped here with the rest of us. souls constantly seeking a purpose through horrible memes and app glitches.

Breaking Things

Summary: Billy finds companionship in his next-door neighbor after she witnesses him being punched by his father.

Author’s Note: The things being broken are hearts. Just so you know. Just short of 4k words


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A new family had moved in next door nearly a year earlier. The Hargroves. I suspected they were a blended family, judging by how the siblings got along. Max, a girl, couldn’t be older than 14. She rode her skateboard around the block all the time. She came off as polite, but spunky. Her mother was also very proper, quiet and reserved.

Billy was the oldest sibling, my age. He had a hot rod car and a bad attitude. Although, he played it up more than he cared to admit. When the family came over to introduce themselves, he offered me a modest smirk, shaking my hand.

Come to learn that this was how Billy treated everybody. When he was in front of his parents, anyway. Without the oversight of his father, he was a crude, callous boy. Despite his prickly personality, he managed to win over the hearts of every girl in the school. Turns out teenagers really value the important life skill of being able to do the longest keg stand in Hawkins history.

With the Hargrove’s arrival came a few new echoes in the neighborhood. A skateboard on the asphalt, the rumble of a car engine… and screaming.

Every day, at eight o’clock in the evening on the dot, the screaming started. Short, sporadic bursts of hollering came throughout the day and continued into the night. But eight o’clock was invariably the loudest. A male voice, occasionally two, could be heard rattling the walls of the Hargrove’s house. But the second voice always quieted, frequently punctuated with a bang. Occasionally accompanied by Billy staggering out to his car and speeding off down the road.

Tonight, at eight o’clock, the screaming started again. It could be heard from my kitchen window. I could see into the Hargrove’s kitchen from there. Nothing much exciting ever went on, other than the occasional appearance of Mrs. Hargrove doing the dishes.

But this time, I noticed Billy. Neil had him pinned up against the fridge, some of the magnets had bounced to the floor. His father stuck an accusing finger in his face, ultimately forcing his closed fist across Billy’s cheek.

Billy instinctively reached up, cupping his face where he had been struck. This was followed by a terse conversation, leading to Billy picking the magnets up off the floor before heading to the front door.

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