the day of saggitarius

the signs + love, dating, relationships
  • Aries: They love a chase and will up and ditch you if you give everything up on a first date. Let them think they are in control of the situation. While you're flirting don't try to appeal to their philosophical side, flirt in a blunt way to get their blood pumping and then back off and be subtle about it. Keep them guessing and get them to come to you to be the first to initiate. Move slow and build up an emotional attachment between one another and once that is done, the Aries should be all yours. They just want someone who will deal with them and their mood swings and who will love them for them.
  • Taurus: They are usually pretty straightforward with their feelings and are not one to beat around the bush when pursing you. They decide quickly whether or not they are interested and they know how they feel about you during your first meeting with them. This feeling usually stays the same no matter what you do, although there are ways of changing their mind if they have decided they don't want you, but this might take quite awhile. They fall for people who are good at expressing themselves and don't like to play mind games. Really listen to them and take their opinions into consideration. Simple easygoing conversation, romantic gestures, and confidence are big to a Taurus.
  • Gemini: If they don't pay you any attention when you first meet don't take it to heart, they are usually the center of attention and can't focus on just one person in a group setting. Looks are usually big with a Gemini, they lust over attractive people. But that doesn't mean they only go after people they find attractive, they also like anyone with a big heart who will always be there to reassure the Gemini of their feelings. Emotional security is important as this sign is more sensitive than they let on. Having a good sense of humor is also important, they just want to feel at ease around you and like they can trust you.
  • Cancer: Just wants to make someone laugh. Really wants someone they can spoil and feel comfortable around. Their big hearts mean they don't always see people for who they truly are, which may lead to a wall being put up. Show them you can be there for them as much as they can be for you (which might be impossible seeing as they usually bend over backwards to make someone comfortable or to make them feel better-but it's the thought that counts).
  • Leo: They are naturally attention seeking so try not to be too jealous of that. They love and feel everything very deeply, and will care for you even if they are pissed off and mad at you. The way they act when they are mad is unique, and will sometimes never actually reveal why they are mad because they want you to figure it out on your own. If you get offended easy Leo's might be hard to deal with because they will call you out on your bullshit but once they do it's over with. Don't try to stand in the way of them and their friends/family and don't dwell on mistakes they've made. If will only push them away.
  • Virgo: Family/loved ones usually mean a lot to these people. They are devoted and love making their partner as happy as possible so don't stop them from taking care of you. They don't like to feel like they are being lied to or under appreciated. Will always try to seem tough so show them that you can take care of them and listen to them when the world gets to be too much.
  • Libra: Super chill and down to earth. Usually knows exactly what they like and don't like and is quick to take sides and be defensive but not in a forceful way. Their opinions are usually unchangeable so don't try to argue with them all that much unless it's a lighthearted debate. Very loyal which can lead them to being manipulated and if they have been in the past it might be hard for them to get over that. Show them that secrets and memories you guys share will be between you two only, they are usually pretty private. Will always back you up so do the same for them.
  • Scorpio: Once you get past their shy mysterious attitude, this is a partner that you can expect blunt honesty from, so they expect the same in return. Opening up to them and showing that they can truly trust you to share their hidden thoughts and feelings with is a way to rope in a Scorpio. Just don't expect them to automatically reveal all of their emotions to you once you've done that for them, they will do so when they are ready. They might be a whirlwind of emotions at times but sticking by their side and making them feel validated is what they need.
  • Sagittarius: Wants to have an adventure with someone. Needs to be challenged in some way by their partner, it's a huge turn on. Being over bearing and too affectionate is not what they need, they just need to feel like they can come to talk to you about anything for honest advice and opinions, don't hold any emotion back from them whether it be anger, sadness, etc. Holding anything back is only a burden to them. They want to live and experience life a day at a time.
  • Capricorn: Needs someone to take care of them when they feel like being lazy or emotional. Just wants a partner that will go out with them to experience things they like to do when they feel like doing them. If they don't want to go somewhere or do anything they don't want to be dragged or forced into it. Basically, whatever mood they might be in, pay attention to that and go with the flow. Loves stimulating conversations when the time is right for them.
  • Aquarius: They want a partner in crime. Someone who won't try to control them in every aspect of their life, but who will take initiative when things need to be done. They like someone who doesn't care to plan dates or to think about what will happen down the road, as they are prone to being spontaneous and forgetful. Really likes to blurt out random bits that most people would be embarrassed about, but it's all just a game to them and you must play along. An easy sign to be honest with and to expect honestly from as that's one of the most important aspects of any relationship with them.
  • Pisces: Needs someone who doesn't care to have random conversations about everything under the sun at any time of day. They don't want to feel judged or scrutinized in their decisions or way of life, they usually think that what they do is what's best. Sensitive and gets lost in their feelings, needs someone who will snap them back to reality without overdoing it. Is prone to being easily manipulated and pushed around but once they reach their breaking point don't mess with them. Just looking for someone that will listen to them and make them feel at ease.
The Signs As A Day To Remember Songs

Aries: 2nd Sucks

Taurus: Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End

Gemini: Violence (Enough is Enough)

Cancer: Have Faith In Me

Leo: Welcome To The Family

Virgo: Sticks & Bricks

Libra: Better Off This Way

Scorpio: Show ‘Em The Ropes

Sagittarius: Heartless

Capricorn: I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Aquarius: You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic

Pisces: Downfall Of Us All

Dearly beloved are you listening? I can’t remember a word that you were saying: Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, Leo

Are we demented or am I disturbed?: Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Gemini

The space that’s in between insane and insecure: Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus  

The signs as Beatles songs
  • Aries: Yesterday
  • Taurus: Taxman
  • Gemini: With A Little Help From My Friends
  • Cancer: Martha My Dear
  • Leo: Here Comes The Sun
  • Virgo: I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • Libra: Get Back
  • Scorpio: Devil In Her Heart
  • Saggitarius: Eight Days A Week
  • Capricorn: A Day In The Life
  • Auquarius: Lady Madonna
  • Pisces: Across The Universe
the signs as obscure drunk texts from my friend, Amanda
  • aries: “U.S. Can”
  • aquarius: “My contacts in sink not in eye”
  • cancer: “He had ears of dogs like nit on”
  • taurus: “Seriously you should be so luck to have estrogent”
  • gemini: “That ... ReiggtNn .... !”
  • scorpio: That’s what I meany
  • saggitarius: “Fuck the days of the week”
  • virgo: “Dear professor my filosophy is turns mknadz”
  • libra: “Idk. I'm lil dunk”
  • pisces: “Yes they put me to bed I in covers”
  • capricorn: “I’m drunk. Your point makes”
astrology convo
  • libra: *gently parts bead curtain w 3 inch pastel pink acrylic nails* *allows nightgown to dramatically slip off of one shoulder* *faints onto velvet armchair* ive had such a long day!
  • saggitarius: *picking termites out of a log and eating them* ngh
  • libra: *bursts into tears*
The Signs On The 4th Of July

Aries: runs around screeching like a bald eagle while throwing red white and blue confetti everywhere

Taurus: “wake me up when today is over”

Gemini: paints face red white and blue and throws a big party with fireworks

Cancer: hides from gemini’s fireworks because they are so loud

Leo: dresses up as an American flag (literally, all they’re wearing is an American flag)

Virgo: recites the Declaration of Independence by heart

Libra: hey Aquarius ;) we should totally have a 4th of July kiss ;)))))

Scorpio: Capricorn SHUT UP

Sagittarius: sets off most of Gemini’s fireworks

Capricorn: *sings Independence Day by 5sos followed by Fourth Of July by Fall Out Boy* MAKE ME

Aquarius: *cringes at libra and shoves a red white and blue cupcake in their mouth* how about no

Pisces: *comforts cancer by bringing a cupcake* don’t worry buddy it’ll be over soon

SO! As I said that today is an action day, it will begin….There will be a mini-intervention to the ongoing event, because todayyyyy is actually the day I have chosen to be Tres’ birthday~ (not the creation-day of his character, but his birthday) HUEH!

SO! I shall be having a mini-stream right now, where I draw a colour-pic of him~

..after that the event shall continue along things will intensifyyy! (with some Tres-thingies here and there still today~ He isn’t that much into birthday-celebrations & presents and things, so we shall keep it lowkey~ haha) 

the signs as stuff kylo ren does
  • aries: wears all black exclusively all the time
  • taurus: unsuccessfully probes the minds of others
  • gemini: is being torn apart
  • cancer: breaks things in an emo rage
  • leo: can't find their uncle
  • virgo: collects darth vader memorabilia
  • libra: plays tag in the snow with lightsabers
  • scorpio: punches own wounds to feel more evil
  • saggitarius: ruins hux's day
  • capricorn: dyes their hair to be black like their soul
  • aquarius: sits alone in their room and cries
  • pisces: deals in absolutes