the day of pi!!

electing strange perfections

part one. part of “after the raven has had his say,” or the bittyrans/jackholtz eventual OT4 au. read it on ao3.

Bitty has a complicated relationship with mornings. He likes beginnings, fresh starts, new opportunities. He’s good at starting over - it’s the ending that’s harder. He knows how to finish some things: tweets, recipes, vlogs, days, pies. Most times, though, the middle gets muddled up and overly complicated until the thought of taking another step towards a conclusion is too overwhelming. When mornings fall in the middle of difficult projects it’s difficult to find the energy to get the day started. Today is one of those days.

He can’t really complain. The project he’s entrenched in is his long awaited cookbook, the one his followers have been clamoring about since his bunny-shaped cinnamon roll video went viral. He has another three weeks before the chapter he’s working on is done and he has just a few more recipe variations to test. Unfortunately, each iteration has been more time-consuming and difficult than the last and he’s not looking forward to another week of development. Ransom, at least, has all his previous attempts collected in an expansive Excel sheet, complete with “Ease of Consumption,” “Stress Generated During Baking,” and “Enjoyment Fluctuation” categories.

Bitty never thought baklava would be the death of him, but that’s what he gets for straying from his comfort zone. He’s tempted to cut the recipe altogether but it’s one of the top requests from his fans so he has to stay the course. He can’t let them down, now then he owes all his success to their support. There’s a weight on his chest just thinking about it - or maybe that’s just Ransom, who’s currently using Bitty’s sternum as a pillow. 

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calculusdrumlineandcats  asked:

This isn’t strictly math based, but you’re in Europe and still in school so I figured you’d have a decent chance of knowing... do you guys celebrate mole day February 6 because you use dd/mm/yy instead of mm/dd/yy like Americans do? Cause we celebrate on October 23 and sometimes also June 2. Or is mole day a weird America thing that you guys don’t have?

I’m not sure what gave you the idea that I’m in Europe, but I’m in Minnesota, which is in the US, though sometimes we like to pretend we’re Canadians. And this is the first I’ve heard of mole day - it’s like pi day but for chemists?


Do you prefer your Pi Day jelly-filled? We promise an average of 3.14159… jellies on your screen per whatever unit of time gets us closest.


Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.