the day of dead

the Balsamic period begins March 25, 2017 at 5:40 AM PST, then ends 2 ½ days later with the new moon. this is the dead of the moon. go to sleep lunar babies. 

the astrological lore says this is a time when farmers concentrated on pulling weeds because they tended to stay pulled. pull the poisons from your mind. or smoke weed. idk


So, guys, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably didn’t see the amount of fan-girling I went through roughly 12 hours ago. 

I basically went on fandom cardiac arrest (just ask @jesuisunjardin) xD. Imagine. It’s 11pm, I’m dead tired from the day, then Thomas pops in with FOUR DESIGNS of Adult!Mari and ALL OF THEM HAVE PIXIE-CUTS. There was absolutely NO way I was not going to draw them. 12:30am, I’m now drawing this (n, it couldn’t wait because I have responsibilities). I go to bed at 2am ; u;

I lost sleep for this, regrettably.


TL:DR @ bottom

Fuck District Managers. 

So I have a sleep disorder. It’s pretty bad at times and I had to get a note from my doctor saying it’s extremely dangerous for me to work if I am on one of my down cycles.

Luckily I have enough tricks and things that I have come up with between my doctor’s recommendations and personal experimentation that I can, even during one of my down cycles, usually manage to get enough sleep to stay out of the danger zone. ( I try not to take my sleeping pills unless I have the next day or two off because I am solid dead asleep for at least 14-20 hrs straight and I don’t want to risk missing my shifts).

I have only called out 5 times in three years of working there. Only twice because of being dangerously sleep deprived. The second time was 2 days ago, which happened to be during one of our DM’s surprise store visits 

Now my doctor’s note is in my employee file. I had called around and gotten my shift covered before I called out to my store manager. My ass was as covered as I could make it. 

Imagine my surprise to go into work and find a formal write up for skipping work.

From the DM.

Who would have seen my doctor’s note saying I MUST be allowed to call out for sleep if I get to the level I got to when he went in to put my write up in my file and been told by my manager that I responsibly made sure my shift was covered before I called out. 

According to my SM the DM’s reasoning was that if I was going to “make shit up to be lazy” then I would “have to be made aware of the consequences of [my] actions”. 

I hope he has a run of sleepless nights like the one that ended with me in the hospital getting diagnosed and then I get a chance to tell him that he’s obviously just making it up to be lazy. Ass. 

TL:DR: medical necessity required me to call out for a shift which I made sure was covered. DM gives me a formal reprimand for “laziness”

I went to the drive thru and the guy workin looked so pumped on life I was like yes my man and then when I got home and checked my food he had given me so many bonus fries like there was a whole medium fry in the bottom of my bag I swear I was living large 

I have never felt more blessed in my entire life than I did in that moment 

100 Days of Trump Day 62:  need to talk about Kenny/This is Phil Fish

Welcome back to 100 days of Trump, where I try to explain WTF happened in 2016 though 100 recommendations, and this is sort of a last min one I just thought of and am just running with it because spontaneity.  So Telltale’s the Walking Dead is pretty good, you should check it out, best thing to come out of the Walking dead brand, but it isn’t Season 1 I am recommending to understand Trump.  Season 2 is a pretty objectively worse total game experience with some really good and really bad bits, but it too is not something I an recommending.  I am recommending this video by Innuendo Studios about the Walking Dead series 

   And since it is one video that is only 20 mins, you ave no excuse for ignoring my recommendations this time =p.  But ok why am I recommending this?  It helps if you play Season 2 of Tell Tale’s the walking Dead (seriously somebody needs to get a new name) but it isn’t necessary, what am I about.  

   Lets look at Kenny as a a likely Trump voter, and he is a white man from the South so that isn’t like…impossible.  The man is destructive, cruel, selfish, and utterly toxic to the people around him, and I don’t want to excuse his behavior (After all, I shot him), but I think it is important to understand him.  Because Kenny and a lot of Trump voters, particularly those who have lost their jobs from NAFTA or the Crash or are vets from the War, act this way because they don’t really have a way of processing their emotions.  

    Poverty is not a kind thing to people with psychological issues, and there isn’t much in the way of recourse, and people like Kenny or rather the Trump AU voter version of Kenny is a fundamentally broken, they are without prospects, education, or really hope.  I talked in my previous segments (episodes, what am I calling these?) on Fight Club and 1984 about how the people who most brag about masculinity often are abject failures at it and how people will parrot something without actually valuing it, and this is sort of the conclusion of that little mini trilogy I am doing here.  Because a lot of the people who live in that Right wing Media hate bubble look and act a lot like Kenny from Walking Dead II, they are deeply unhappy people who are in this mental state where they really really don’t want to dwell on their own emotions.  This might be shame about failing to be successful in a society that sees poverty as makings you a loser, they might have had their wives or friends leave them, they might be embittered vets or socially maladjusted Gamergaters/MRAs bitters their own unpopularity, they might be people who have been realizing that America is fundamentally broken, the point is they are really upset people who are trying to not come to terms with their actual problems.  And for a lot of these people, they have spent their entire life as Republicans and opposed democrats, hating democrats is a core part of who they are, and they are suddenly confronted with the fact that maybe…just maybe…the left was right all along.  Maybe Socialism has a point, maybe the Free Market really doesn’t care about the little guy, maybe the War on Terror is impossible to win, maybe the War on Drugs makes no sense, maybe the Republican Party is built on lies, and maybe their entire belief system is just fundamentally wrong.  And that scares Republican Kenny because Kenny really doesn’t want to deal with his own feelings, if he does, if he starts to question his views on systemic racism or views of women, or the entire foundations of American.  And then comes Donald Trump, who is different from any modern US politician who comes up and says “Don’t try to deal with your emotions, just take the raw sewage of your internal psychological state and channel it into incoherent rage as personified by me”.  And When Republican Kenny looks and sees HIllary fucking Clinton, the most establishment person in the world as the only alternative, he throws himself into Trump.

       And so he takes this sort of incoherent rage and channels it into protecting America, something which he doesn’t understand, because that to him is the only thing that really makes him ok and serves as a pillar in his world. And that is the trick, a lot of politics is not actually about facts, its about the emotions, and you need to understand these people’s emotions to know how to live with this in the future.  And remember, a great deal of Trump voters at their heart are extremely unhappy, depressed and in many cases on the verge of suicide, these are broken people, and broken people have always been extremely easy to exploit.  But until something else becomes his anchor, Republican Kenny will continue to support Trump, the only thing that can change his mind is a video of Trump being told by Putin to destroy America and him responding “Yes My master”, or somebody else to serve as a vessel for his insecurities.  

Also as a little bonus, this video is a good summery of the way people with existing anger view things based on a basic first impression, and when people say that they hate or like something, they are often talking about a concept, even if they can’t conceive it.

    So when people say “Trump is real, Clinton is Fake” they are going off a basic impression of the two, rather than the facts, because for a lot of people, voting is a form of emotional catharsis or comes from the same psychologically place as the way people care about celebrities.  And just as Phil Fish the concept is very different from the man, so too do we err when we do so with politics.  And how a lot of people will jump on board with 

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Hi Julia! I wanted to know where I could find the fantastic earrings you used for your Frida Kahlo sims in the "Day of the Dead" photo! Thanks a bunch!<3

These are the lovely Brass Dancer Earrings by @chisimi :)

P.S. - If you have sent me an ask anytime in the last couple of months, I’m sorry I’ve been so slow. I’ve been taking a bit of a tumblr break but I will get to them all soon! ♥

Wolverine X Reader: Am I Right for You?

I finally managed to get a request done! YAY!!!! This one came from @Dessieddawnwritesfanfiction hope you enjoy it! 

Logan walked down the mahogany hall way of the teachers dorm his feet making the floors creak under his steps. Sighing in exhaustion, after just coming back from another improv road trip, he was more then glad to be back in the Xavier institute for gifted youngsters. It was normally dead quiet this time of day, with no one in any of the rooms because of classes. So Logan thought he had the entire floor to himself, to which he would be wrong. He walked passed (Y/N)’s room expecting it to be as calm as the rest of the dorms. To his delight, it was not so.  He knocked on her door lightly, she didn’t answer him, looking a little confused he knocked again, harder this time causing the hall to echo the sound. A few moments passed, no answer. “I’ve knocked twice, if you’er not dressed or somethin’ its not my fault!” He practically growled. Gripping the door knob tightly, and entering the room he saw his girlfriend (Y/N) laying on her bed, uncovered and dressed in a old white T-shirt, and shorts you could barely see complete with being sprawled out on the mattress. He came closer, looking at her tired and relaxed form. He was still perplexed as to why she didn’t hear him knock on the door. Then he found the trouble makers, earbuds. Playing music along with her iPod, blasting it as loud as she could to help her sleep while he was gone, he should’ve known. He airily chuckled, looking over her again, and removing the headphones from her ears. He then pulled the bed covers over her, not baring to see her possibly be cold. She flinched, noticing her music was gone, it no longer letting her find rest. She slowly peeled her eyes open, only seeing a gray colored room. She looked confused, she squinted, trying to understand why her music was gone and she was now covered up. She then heard the shower in her bathroom come on, than it hit her. “Oh, Logan must be home.” She thought snuggling back into the covers. The early evening passed into the late night, Logan found his way to the bed with (Y/N), and laid there with her head to his chest. Breathing rhythmically, looking over her slacked body up against his. As he rested, taking in her scent and giving the occasional peck right above her hair line, thoughts of wonder, and dread filled his mind with awful notions of wether he was right to have this again, was it ok that he was in love once more? He’d fallen countless times, more then any other man would care to, and yet here he was again, in the same place he’s been in many times. He shifted his position, and laid her down on her side of the bed, hoping he wouldn’t wake up from her peaceful sleep. He walked over to her only window, it was adorned with a seat underneath it, books following to take up residence on the cushion. The view out the said window was the deep of night, dark blue, almost a black void with no stars. The dark horizon met the dimly lit lush green lawn of the school grounds in a stark contrast. He let out an airy sigh, just staring out into the late night almost early morning hours. Logan wasn’t sure how long he’d been gone form the bed until (Y/N)’s body shifted under the covers, feeling around for her boyfriend, missing his touch. She lifted her sight, she saw him standing in-front of the moonlight drenched glass. She hummed pulling sheets over her form, from a previous activity that left her without the coverage of any garment. Logan heard her getting up but didn’t turn to meet her. She crept to him, putting a hand out to meet the skin of his shoulder. Still he stood, no reaction and no words were exchanged for quite some time. He sighed heavily and turned to (Y/N). Meeting her eyes with his gentle gaze. He took the hand that had been sitting on his shoulder and brushed his lips over her knuckles, making her feel like royalty from ages gone by. Without a word he pulled her closer to him, her body fitting perfectly to his form. (Y/N) felt like she was dying inside, not knowing what was going on in his head. “Logan, tell me, whats wrong?” He didn’t meet her sight, keeping his eyes outside. “Do I seem like I’m nothin’ but trouble, that I’m just an omen of death for those around me?” (Y/N) felt her heart sink. She stared at him not believing the man she loved was so broken still after all these years of knowing him, being by his side, and becoming his safe place when there was nowhere else for him to hide. “Babe, how do I explain this? You’ve had more than a rough life. Being a living weapon, a solider, and even a hero. No one said life would be easy, especially being a mutant.”  She snuggled into him further. “Lemme ask you somthin’ (Y/N) Do you think I’m right for you? This life of danger, and running. Is it something you want to do for the rest of your life?” (Y/N) shifted her sight to the floor, thinking intensely about what he asked. Looking up to him once more, she placed her palm to the scruff of his cheek, his brown eyes fixing to hers.  “Logan, I’ve always believed you were right for me. since the moment we met I just, knew.” She comforted, leaning into his chest, feeling safe within  his grasp. After a long moment between the two, they looked to each other with soft expressions, the animal and the tamer, their relationship was one of that. Her being a bright light to guide him, and him being her protector. “You always know what to say to me beautiful.” He smirked rubbing soft circles on her cheek. She let out a tiny giggle, overjoyed that she could help her man once again. “I’m glad I could help you darling.” She stood there staring at him. “I love you my wolverine.” She smiled gently. This made him smile as well. “I guess I like you a little bit too (Y/N).” He laughed, seeing your sarcastic expression.

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reverie at sea

she dances into metallurgy
with well-bred athletic veins
of chaotic rationalism breathing
into my coffin with the sun shining

on my dead
day afternoon

clothed in the rhizome
of fictional grammars
with gatekeepers
and lawyers


bleeding with truths
from yesterday’s
mythic world
the wild
anarchic wind
bending the sea
with flirtations of a
telepathic mermaid … &
her poetry walks on water
above shipwrecked sailors …

as i drift
not knowing if
i’m dead or alive

in a boat
in a coffin
in a dream?

i have more asks to answer later but im going to sleep soon for the time being

ps like sorry i dont always get around to those for a few days, sometimes im just like too emotionally dead to really give good answers or im busy prioritizing other stuff like you know, actual development so i wait. nothin.. personnel, loves.


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What is the most likely way that Trump will leave office? Impeachment, illness, assassination or resignation?

He is not going to be assassinated and people need to stop saying that. This is America. We do not hope that a sitting president meets with violence however much we may dislike the man or his politics. We are still Americans.

Trump may get ill given his age and condition. Seventy-year-old men drop dead without warning every day. If he is impeached it will not be because of Russia or Ethics violations. It will be perjury for lying about those things because if there is anything that Mr. Trump has shown us it is his loose relationship with the truth.

If I were a special prosecutor I would get him on the stand and just let him talk and talk and talk. He is bound to incriminate himself somehow. You see, Mr. Trump is not an intelligent man. Moreover, he is a mediocre intellect who thinks he is an intelligent man. This is every prosecutor’s dream witness.