the day my ovaries exploded

Kagami Taiga: Mostly adorable. And then at choice moments, insanely hot.

Aomine Daiki: Mostly hot. And then at choice moments, fucking adorable.

Daddy Of The Day:

Kuroshitsuji ✨

  • Michael Jackson: *sneezes* Hehe I'm sorry!
  • Moonwalkers: I love you Michael!
  • Moonwalkers: You're so freaking adorable asdfghjkl;!
  • Moonwalkers: I must watch this moment 100 times over!
  • Moonwalkers: *reblogs three times in one day... just cause*
  • Moonwalkers: Have my children!!!
  • Moonwalkers: *ovaries explode*
  • Moonwalkers: You are sooo hot omg!
  • Moonwalkers: That sneeze just made my day
  • Moonwalkers: It's too late(early) for this!