the day it all started

headcanon: the evil queen watches over king henry in the wish realm. he is hell bent on vengeance against her, but she evades his traps and instead makes sure he is safe throughout his life. when his carriage nearly falls over a ravine, she saves it with magic. when a neighbouring kingdom challenges his leadership, henry finds the leaders suddenly compliant the next day. good fortune follows him around. the evil queen becomes his guardian angel, protecting him from afar. she can’t be his mother, but at least she’ll make sure he lives the best possible life.


Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱

Those moments when you feel how silly and weird you are for liking a grown ass man who happens to be your teacher, so you think of all the reasons why you like him, which don’t make sense at all, so through that you happen to convince your mind to stop thinking about him and your feelings start to fade a teeny tiny bit.

But then the next day you see him, and the mental battle the night before becomes forgotten and you find yourself enamoured by him again, just like that.

Library Card

Prompt:  jack with a crush on librarian david au

Normally libraries were not exactly Jack’s thing.

The open air was his thing, or an empty theater, a place to work- being on the rooftop or out walking the streets of Manhattan. Those were all things that were distinctly Jack Kelly.

Jack Kelly was not one to be cooped up in some building surrounded by nothing but books all day until quite recently. It had started on a whim, really, running in to look at some of the art magazines upon Race’s suggestion. Libraries had free, tangible references; also it had been raining outside for the past two days. That was the first time he had seen him.

Him was a very frustrating person. Jack’s gaze had drifted over while he was thinking. His pencil had been tapping against his lips as he forced himself to look away from his sketchbook page. The proportions were still off, the figure’s arms were too long but if he fixed it they looked too short. His current train of thought derailed abruptly, the pencil stilling—and immediately slipping out of his grip. From that day onward libraries had gotten extremely interesting. In fact they were Jack’s favorite thing.

The second visit got him a name. He had ‘subtly’ walked by the front counter, his eyes taking a quick glance at the name tag on his way out the door after staying for hours just sketching in the corner.

Him was apparently David. That name was committed to memory in an instant.

It was on his third visit that something finally happened.

Once more Jack had planted himself in the same corner. Tucked away enough with a decent view of the front counter. This time he was hunched up, the sketchbook resting against his knees and the portrait that took shape on the page was very clearly him. The artist wasn’t exactly sure how long he had been there, but apparently it had been noticeable hours. His eyes flickered upwards to steal another quick reference look—only to land on an empty space. Where had David gone to? Jack frowned slightly, dropping his legs and sitting up straighter.

“You know, usually people come to a library to study, or to check stuff out. I always figured coffee shops were typical drawing and screen writing places.”

The voice caught him off guard, and Jack defensively slammed his book shut, laying it down on the table immediately. How David had managed to get up and be standing next to him within the short moments Jack had been looking away was beyond him, but apparently the librarian had some sort of unknown super powers. Being caught meant time to turn on the charm.

“You’se sayin’ its wrong for a guy to break outta the norm?” Jack tilted his head, grinning slowly. This was a set in the right direction. Talking was a good thing, talking meant doing other things such as….well, other things. Hopefully, if the talking went well.

“No, but I could say that if you take a picture it’ll last longer.” David turned abruptly, and Jack could have sworn the boy was blushing from head to toe, the back of his neck was a bright shade of red. Part of him thought he heard a whispered, ‘I just did that….’ But it could have been his imagination.

He could have left then and there, but no, that reaction was encouraging. Jack got to his feet, waiting and watching for a brief moment for David to get back to the counter. He made his way up there, a grin plastered on his face as he leaned against the counter casually.

David glanced up, then cleared his throat, typing something at the computer. “Sorry, I didn’t really mean—“
“I wanna get one of dem cards.” Jack cut him off, knowing he had nothing to apologize for, while making a vague waving gesture with his hand.

“….I’m sorry, what?”

“Ya know, those cards? The ones with this place and such.”

He blinked at him for a moment, “….You mean a library card—you don’t have…you don’t know what a library card is?”

Jack snorted, “Course I’se do. Ain’t never been in here before, so I wanna get one.”

“You’ve been in here three times and you stay for hours.”

“Not my point. I’se mean I ain’t never been in here before those three times.”  Jack wrinkled up his nose, trying to get to the point with what he wanted to accomplish. “So can I get one or nah?”

David suddenly smiled, a small tug at the corner of his mouth. He reached into a drawer, pulling out a clipboard and sliding it over. “Just fill this out.”

Jack grabbed a pen, skimming the form. “…So where’s the part where I put my number?”

The other man, who had gone back to typing for a brief moment, looked back up. “….I’m sorry, what?”

“My number. Ya know- phone number.”

“Oh, you don’t have to. We just take an email address that’s fine.”

He huffed out a breath, not sure how to get this across to the librarian without spelling it out for him. “I mean my phone number for you’se.”

“Well all your information remains private- we just use it to track what books you take in and out and contact you if things are overdue—“

“I want to give you my phone number.”

David fell quiet, taking a moment. It dawned on him slowly, and Jack thought it should be down right illegal how adorable that expression on his face looked.

Oh. Well, uh…you could…write it at the bottom of the page…” He cleared his throat, a faint tinge of red on his cheeks.

Jack did just that with no time to waste. Scribbling his number at the bottom of the page and sliding the clipboard back over to him. “All set den. See ya later, Davey.” He saluted him, pushing off the counter, but not before giving a cheeky wink, and heading for the doors.

“Wait—don’t you want your card??”

“You’se can give it ta me tomorrow, ya know, when I come to take that picture.” He laughed, smiling impossibly wider. Smooth. In that moment Jack knew he was the king of smooth. That had just played out perfectly in every way. A pick up line, a cute boy who just looked so bookish and smart. He could tell David was smart just by looking at him. Probably knew all sorts of things. Well read and great at comebacks. This was why Jack liked libraries, he had no idea why he doubted them before—

“….Or I could just send you one tonight.”

Jack froze mid step, blinking rapidly.

Oh yes. He really liked libraries.

everything is getting worse every single day and just when it starts to seem a little better it all goes wrong again. im incapable of having anything good in my life 

PSA about my last post 0-0" Also, ART RAFFLE!

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I figured a way for you guys to have another chance at winning is by participating in an art raffle I’m holding. There will be 40, YOU HEARD ME, F O U R T Y RANDOMLY CHOSEN WINNERS! I will announce a two winners a day starting from the deadline.

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Shout-out to the mlm who are gonna be asked about bringing a girl home for the holidays

Shout-out to the wlw who are gonna be asked about bringing a boy home for the holidays

Shout-out to the trans kids being forced to present as their assigned gender who are going to be misgendered and misnamed

All of you are so strong and valid and I love every one of you. My blog is always a safe space for anyone who needs to talk. Especially during the holidays. You’re all amazing. Families can suck and holidays can be tough, but is temporary and you’ll make it through. I beleive in you

This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.

excuses ive heard from people who did not want to watch the get down
  • idk, the plot looks boring –> it’s about ambitious young people who try to find a place in the society they were thrown into and i think anyone can relate to it
  • i watch too many shows! –> bruh, the first part of the season is only 6 episodes. i’m sure you can plan it in you schedule
  • i don’t know about hip hop or disco! –> me neither and it did not stop me from understanding the plot!
  • i don’t like musicals! –> it’s not Les Misérables, there is only like 4 major scenes where the characters sing/rap and it’s not corny in any way - it makes sense and the songs are hella catchy and amazing

so time to wake up y’all! part 2 is dropping on April 7th! just give it a try, i swear you’re gonna love it