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If you are moving and need assistance, is there any way we can donate money to assist you?

I think towards the end of December I’ll know how truly boned I am in terms of lack of resources for the actual move. So throughout the month I’ll see how much money I can save and around that time I’ll probably be forced to open donations and emergency commissions and just bust ass working all day to get some money so I can leave. I’m considering selling some of my stuff as well, since the sums of money you need to move anywhere are pretty staggering.

Thank you for asking though, I’m very grateful and humbled that you’d want to help. I promise to let you all know when the time comes for me to get ready to leave. 


Hey!!! I upload this video to thank you all, and just to tell you that I love you. Sorry for my fucking accent and for the fucking sound and my fucking face, this video sucks, sorry for tagging you.

i’m gonna delete this post in a few days, fyi.


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I was giving orders better suited for Yuki. I didn’t know why, I was so shy and anxious but if I was forced into a leadership position I pretty much excelled at it.

She blasted Wolfgang’s head off and started screaming so loudly. I pulled my head back but I knew that wouldn’t do anything. The headset was in my ear.

“Right, right. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a headshot! Thank youuu!” She shouted too loudly again.
“Yuki you gotta focus. You can’t celebrate yet!”
“Aw come on Hana one celebration-”
“Not yet! If we win I swear you can yell in my ear all day.”
She laughed and I saw her character run in a zigzag formation in front of me.
“Yuki stop.”

She kept jumping in front of me.  
“You’re going-!” I noticed Andy and quickly gunned her down.
“Oh my god Hana you saved my life, how can I ever repay you?”
She started jumping on my character and I laughed but she was getting too distracting for me.  
“You can repay me by focusing, please.”
“All powerful leader I won’t let you down!”

Flirtyplies & Seriousplies & Other

Soooooooo first of all warning there are some RLY big replies/comments at the bottom (but I sorted it so you don’t have to scroll through that if you didn’t send one of them) Please don’t be mad that I merged all serious comments by one person to save space xD

TL;DR for those who don’t feel like scrolling and stuff, I had a Moment about simblr a few days ago because I used to have a place and I’ve kinda been feeling like I don’t have that any more, but I’m slowly powering back up and I’m really thankful for the support I got that night ♥♥♥ you guys are thE BEST AND MY UNGRATEFUL ASS DOES NOT DESERVE YOU

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valid parts of season four:

  • the group hug
  • lance saying, “razzle dazzle!”
  • the entirety of episode two…i love episode two. episode two can come into my house and kill me and i’d say thanks
  • “for narti.”
  • THE LAST PARTS OF EPISODE SIX…lance’s speech to allura…allura saving the day…allura thanking lance and lance telling her that she was the hero and the heart of voltron…feels good feels nice feels organic
  • hunk, matt, and pidge being Science Bros™
  • the kaltenecker milking scene
  • all the lady galra !!

and everything else is invalid as FUCK thanks for coming to my ted talk

one of the most slept on moments of season two: the moment when hunk saved everyones asses by baking “cookies” that ended up being similar enough to teludav lenses that it saved them all from getting captured by zarkon,,, like without hunk the season would’ve ended at like episode 5 or something

The emotional Roller-coaster ARMY rode the last 24 hrs:
  • MAMA Deletes 3+ Million of our votes: WHAT THE … *Sad and mad*
  • The Ellen Show sent an invite to BTS: The biggest show in the world want our boys *pride restored*
  • Jimin looks unwell at Macao airport: worried and worried and more worried *legit tearing up inside*
  • Bighit shares the behind the scenes of the highlight reel: Oh they are trying to comfort us *appreciative* 
  • Fans share that Jimin had motion sickness on the plane: Thank god if that’s the case *relieved he is not sick dieting or something*
  • BTS GET A TWITTER EMOJI: There were MORE surprises? And we didn’t even pay for it *tweeting never felt so good*

The wonderful and amazingly talented @careamorran completed this commission for me. She’s amazing, Jason and Roy are amazing.

I commissioned this for my fic I’m the fox you’ve been looking for which I should totally finish


God I’m finally done with this comic I don’t care if it looks like shit just. Just take it.

I started working on this comic in September but due to personal health problems and inktober I wasn’t able to finish it until now. Like with all my comics, I don’t like the final results but goddamn it I spent a long ass time working on this comic and you’re gonna look at it! Or not. I can’t force you to do anything. At the very least I’d appreciate if you look at the line art. That shit took the longest time.

Most of comics I think up of are just scenarios I think are interesting or a particular image I wanted to draw and I conjured up a comic around it to provide some sort of context. For this one, I was inspired by the paneling in Houseki no Kuni manga and I wanted to draw something like it, so if you’re wondering why the paneling looks different than my average comic than that’s why.

This comic is entirely hypothetical, with Fi being around for the past events of Breath of the Wild. If Zelda is so tsundere for Link for being the chosen hero, I think Zelda would fear Fi because she thinks she is disappointing Fi by being such a failure.

The love in this comic isn’t intenderd to be romantic love (although you can view it that way if you want to it’s not like I can stop you), but more like the kind you feel when you want to die but hearing some kind words is enough to save you. Yeah.

Hello. I’m here to present to you the idea of lesbian Kagami.

Just Some Facts:

  1. She has shown approximately 0 romantic interest on Adrien
  2. The face she does after Ladybug saves her (kinda narratively highlighted).
  3. The knowing look she gives Adrien when he starts talking about his “”“very good friend”“”
  4. After the whole ordeal her one takeaway is “Can’t wait to meet this very cute and nice friend of yours” *wink wink*

That is all. Thank you. You can go on with your day.

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Oh gosh, Akaashi is suffering every time Bokuto and Hinata are even near each other. Does he ever worry for Hinata's life in the kouhai wars?

please give him a break