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But does anyone really know and understand how much Sleeping with sirens helped me and many others? It’s like, more than just a band. It’s what saved our lives. They mean more to us than anything else. They help us through everything. They helped so many people out if depression, and in glad to say they are helping me too. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. I cant thank them enough for what they have done to help.

Jack sends a big huggie and treatie to the stickies🐸❤️ and also tell the story of how he saved a frog! He brought a frog home one day in the storm, and he was so very careful not to hurt it! He is very exhausted from a day of doing absolutely nothing.

Hi Jack! 😀🐸😊🐶

Wayne says thank you very much for saving her cousin! 😊🐸😊 She sends you a big thank you hug and kissie!

She likes your beautiful patterned onesie very much, and thinks you definitely deserve a rest after such a busy day! 😄🐸

Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: @itsanniecuellar

Imagine: Hiiiii, I discovered your blog today and i really really like it I was wondering if you could make one where Steve dates a civilian and she hates the fact that he risks his life everyday but one day she gets in trouble and he risks his life to save her Something like that 😂

A/N: thank you so much! i’m glad you like my blog hehe.

Warning: None

It was completely dark in your bedroom, your arm was hanging off the bed and your face was buried inside your pillow. You could tell it was the morning but you had no desire of getting up because you wanted to stay in bed. Your phone went off about a billion times from somebody calling you, but you didn’t want to answer it because you were tired and worn out from last night. The door opens and somebody comes in and starts to gently push on you.

‘’Wake up Y/N, Buck made waffles if you want some.’’ he whispers, his voice was recognizable, it was Tony.

‘’Mmm, I’m not hungry.’’ you groan, pulling the sheets up over your head.

‘’You? Not hungry? Ha, stop lying dude, now, get up, let’s go.’’ tony grips the blanket you were underneath and rips it right off of you.

‘’Eep!’’ you squeak, as you curl up into a ball, hoping he wouldn’t notice that you were wearing steve’s shirt.

But typical Tony, he noticed.

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You Spoil Me- Jake Virtanen

Hope you like it! @takeitoff-leafs I don’t know much about Vancouver so I hope this isn’t too far off! (But I love the Canucks so this was great!) 

Requests are open!

Request: Hey, I was wondering if I could request an imagine with Jake Virtanen where he takes the reader out on a cute date around Vancouver. Thank you💕

Warnings: none


Spring break hadn’t been able to come soon enough. It had been the semester from hell and you were ready to pack your bags and head to Vancouver. You had grown up in the city and had moved away for school, leaving both your beloved city and boyfriend behind.

You had met Jake while you had been working in a little coffee shop downtown, trying to save up for college in the states. The blonde haired boy had come in every day for a month before he finally started talking to you. It took him another month to ask for your phone number. It only took him two weeks after that, however, to finally ask you on a date. The two of you were now going on two years and you honestly couldn’t be happier. 

Except for the fact that this semester had drained you completely and it was obvious that school had started to take its tole on you. You weren’t sleeping and your anxiety had gone through the roof. Jake had easily noticed and tried to be the best boyfriend he could be from afar. That meant regular phone calls, daily texts, and the occasional food delivered right to your front door curtesy of Jake’s credit card. He had even tried to come down to visit you and take care of daily errands and chores, but it was right in the middle of the season and there was no way you were going to let him forfeit any games. 

Your plane landed and you stood up immediately, grabbing your carry on and impatiently waiting to be let off the plane. You almost groaned out loud as it took another ten minutes for you to finally enter the terminal. You walked as fast as your feet would carry you towards the baggage claim. Now that you were off the plane, you calmed down a little, relaxing into the familiar rhythm of Vancouver. Your phone vibrated in your hand and looked at the message quickly.

Jake-a-Bake: Turn around loser

You quickly turned. And there stood you blonde haired hockey player, a huge smile plastered on his face. Before you could even move, he had you in a bone crushing hug, not that you cared. You hugged him back just as tightly, already feeling the stress of school melting away.

“I missed you,” Jake admitted, before kissing you.

“I guess I missed you too,” you smirked, leaning into him. 

“Yeah, yeah,” he rolled his eyes, still smiling. “Which one is your bag? Never mind, how could i ever forget that obnoxious orange color?” He teased as he picked your neon orange suitcase off the conveyor belt. 

“Hey!” You objected. “Its easy to find okay?” 

“Whatever you say,” Jake poked your side, before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the exit. “So would you object to spending the rest of your night with me?” He looked at you out of the corner of his eye as he put his car in reverse.

“Have I ever?”

“I was just checking,” he scoffed. “I didn’t know how tired you would be, but I have a few things planned.” 

“If you planned it then I’m up for it!”

“Good,” Jake smiled, grabbing you hand and holding it as he drove.

It was a quick trip to his house and the ride was filled with stories and laughs, almost as if you hadn’t been away for ten weeks. 

“I have something for you, wait here,” Jake told you once you had deposited your bag in his room. He emerged from his closet with a box in his hand. “Its for you to wear tonight.” 

You opened it to find a beautiful lace, black dress with matching heels, and a matching set of diamond earrings and necklace.

“Jake,” you breathed out. “I can’t, this is too much.”

“No it isn’t,” Jake said simply, resting his hand on your cheek. “I haven’t been there for you as much as I would’ve liked these past few weeks and I know how awful this semester has been. I was hoping these would make up for it.”

“Jake you’ve always been there,” you shook your head. 

“Yeah well, like I said, not enough. And I love getting to spoil my girlfriend. Now go get ready, we have to leave in 20,” he told you pushing you in the direction of the bathroom.

You grabbed his hand, pulling him to you. “Thank you,” you said, kissing him. He smiled into the kiss, but pulled back and turned you in the direction of the bathroom. 


Half an hour later and the two of you walked into a brand new restaurant downtown. You looked around in awe. It was on the top floor of a 54 floor building and the restaurant jutted out over the side, the glass windows letting you see the lights below. 

“This is gorgeous,” you said, still staring out the window. 

“I like my view better,” Jake said, making you throw a piece of your bed at him. “Hey! This is a nice restaurant, no throwing food!” He said as he chucked his straw wrapper at you. “If you don’t appreciate my Cheese-iness, I’ll take it somewhere else.” 

“Yeah, tell Ben I say hi.”

“At least he appreciates my pick up lines.”

“I appreciate them!” You defended yourself. “And I appreciate everything you do for me.” Jake looked at you, a small smile on his lips. “How new is this place?” You asked as the waiter brought over your food.

“Very, very new.”

“How did you even get a reservation then?”

“I’ll have you know I play for the Vancouver Canucks.”

“Do you really?” You playfully gasped.

“I do and having those kind of connections and that kind of money really helps when you need to make something happen.”

“You paid for this reservation?” You deadpanned. 

“Just a little,” Jake shrugged. 

“Jake you can’t keep spending-,” But your boyfriend cut you off.

“I can and I will,” He said, his tone indicating that the conversation was over. “I only get to spoil you every so often. Let me okay?” He said, his voice softer now.

“Fine, but I’m paying for desert.” You crossed your arms.

“Only if we get pie from Patty’s.”

“Where else?” You laughed, picking up your fork.


Another two hours later and the two of you sat in the park on your favorite bench right by the fountain, pie and forks in hand. The lights from the city sparkled on the water and reminded you of the first time the two of you had come here. 

Jake stood up and grabbed your empty carry out box, throwing it in the trash before coming to sit next to you and pulling you into his side. 

“I really did miss you,” he said into your hair.

“And you know I really missed you too,” you said, playing with his fingers. “Thank you for tonight.”

“Of course! You deserve only the best. I mean, you have put up with me for the past two years. And I know how hard it is to have a hockey player as a boyfriend.”

“Dude, you and Ben are on the same team, its not like you’re long distance,” you laughed, leaning your head on his shoulder. You had made it clear on your first date that Ben Hutton was your favorite Canuck and that was never going to change. 

“Shut up or he’s never allowed to hang out with us again,” Jake played with your hair. 

“Our relationship would be over.”

“Good to know you’re really only with me because you love my team mates.”


Jake laughed, placing his head in the crook of your neck. “I’m glad your home.”

“Me too Jakey, me too.” The two of you sat in silence for a few minutes, soaking in each other’s company. You sighed dramatically before you sat up, earning a giggle from your boyfriend. “But these shoes are killing me and I’m getting tired. So how about we head back and just cuddle a lot?” You smiled, pulling him to his feet. 

“As you wish,” he grinned, quoting your favorite movie. He leaned down and kissed you, holding you in place. 

“I love you,” you, said simply.

“I love you too.” 

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Hi Maddie! OK so I've been trying to look for a reading list elucipher made on monsters and the like and I was wondering of there's any chance you might have it saved somewhere? :( Ive looked in archives and everything but I just can't find it :( it's fine if u don't thanks and have a good day!

i only have a couple of her posts pertaining to monsters on my blog: here’s one on the intersection of monstrosity and divinity; one on her favourite kind of monster story; top five fearsome creatures. hope this helps somewhat!

‘10 songs I’ve been listening to on the daily’ Tag

I was tagged by @unbwilievable  thank you 💕 😊

I listen to music all the time so picking 10 is impossible but here goes….

1. I listen to SO much BTS on the daily I could hardly pick one but because they’re new: Not Today - A Supplementary Story - Outro wings - Spring Day -also I listen to Born Singer almost every day :’)

2. Ed Sheeran:  Divide album, particularly Shape Of You - Castle On The Hill - Galway Girl - Save Myself - Perfect - How Would You Feel

3. Rag’n’Bone Man: Human - Arrow - Die Easy

4. Agust D - Mixtape on SoundCloud 

5. The Weekend: Starboy - Ordinary Life - I Feel It Coming

6. Suran: Winter Bird 

7. Drake (feat. Rihanna) - Too Good

8. You Me At Six - Stay With Me

9. Mallory Knox: Lighthouse (I will never not love this song)

10. Two Steps From Hell/Miracles: Stay -  (I blame sugamins (spookysuga)  @valentinosugas and her amazing ‘Ophelia’ for this)

that was fun, I tag @ejhutch75 (although I think you just did something like this recently ♡)  @taetaescutiepie - you asked me this question before :) @fxckitsjess14 @medievalnymph @psygamare @cyra-jiyun @akaishinkirou @pardonchristie and anyone else who wants to do this 🎼 

I want this day to come soon

I want a day to arrive when I can be recognized on this fandom for something specific. Like @west-coast-taylor as the great photo editor. Or @bae-tay for when Tay went to her house on Valentine’s Day. Or @maddywerch as The grammar cop. And @ts1989fanatic for being our gracious helper for years and years. There are many more examples… I hope one day I can meet @taylorswift and Excel on the fandom for something such as my wildest dreams fan version or my I don’t wanna live forever Tumblr parity. I wait for the day when she leaves a caption on one of my posts or a cute reply. But for now I won’t give up, and I’ll keep on waiting happily till it happens :-) I’m honestly very comfortable right now with my life and how it looks like. It’s beautiful :-) so much thanks to the song how to save a life and I i’m slowly advancing towards her attention :-) I feel very proud of the progress I’ve made👍🏻👍🏻

[MM] April Fool’s DLC release + 1.7.0 update

Hello, this is Cheritz. 

We have added a new episode today for April Fool’s.

Content Updated for the April Fool’s DLC

  *3 new April Fool’s Endings (Fully voiced)

  *New Ringtones(Text, Calls, Emails)

  *April Fool’s Free talk

  *April Fool’s Special BGM

*You can check out all the content in the Special menu.

*The BGM composer of Mystic Messenger, Flaming Heart, has composed the

April Fool’s special BGM. You can check them out with this April Fool’s DLC. Thank you!

*You can also check out the Valentine’s Day twitter hashtag event winner’s ideas!

1.7.0 Update Content

- April Fools DLC addition.

- Improved the in game resource update system.

- English version image fixes.

- English typos fixed.

- Trivial bug fixes.

- Restored the save popup when entering the April Fools DLC.

[v1.7.0 Update Release]

Android: We are planning to release a new version today

iOS: Takes an extra 2~4 business days after the Android update due to the Apple review process.


On April 1, April Fool’s, you can enjoy an even more special Mystic Messenger!

Happy April Fool’s. Thank you!

everyday I’m growing and I know I’m not perfect by any means at all whatsoever but man I am realizing I am good and I am love and I love myself. I think that’s by far my greatest achievement in life and the only thing is I don’t know why I started off not loving myself in the first place? there is love in my life everyday and with every interaction I have and I am so blessed and thankful. each day I want to make a conscious effort to be better and do good and to love more. I’m happy. I’m happy being me and loving me and being by myself rn. for the first time in a while I’m not really getting kisses or anything but I have never felt so much genuine love in my life than this period that I’m living in.


There were a ton of great artists at the October mcm london expo this year and I had no self control

so I commissioned these 4 lovely artists to all draw Coran my man

@jesstarts @p-kom @hollydrawsthings @mayachwan

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Jewish, Muslim, Disabled, PoC, LGBT+, anyone-a-nazi-would-like-to-pick-on followers! In the words of Wei Ning, “When the long dark closes around us, we will be the last light.”

Hi yall happy 2017, i hope everyone had fun during the holidays!! kuroken hugs bc why not

this is like my favorite comfort song rn

Also I hate to bother yall like this, but we are having a really hard time right now moneywise. We have to conjure up 3000€ by january 28th to pay all bills, rent and my fiancé’s move. (We would’ve managed but our car had to be fixed and my fiancé’s phone shattered) I already had to use all of my savings.

So, I made a paypal donate link for now, and I’ll most likely open simple emergency commissions as soon as I can make an info post about it. If you have even one dollar/euro to spare, it would be amazing. Like even 5€ will feed us for multiple days.

Thank you in advance, I love u peeps

Emily: “So, Winston. Lena was telling me she used to not be able take off her chronal accelerator, in the old days.”

Winston: “Ah-ha-ha, yes. How embarrassing; those older models were so shoddy. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to perfect a localized temporal stabilization field over a wide enough area that would allow-”

Emily: *grabs his arm* “THANK YOU.”

Hey @therealjacksepticeye hope your day is going well.
I wanted to say you’re an amazing person and that no matter how many subscribers you have or what age you have…
you still feel grateful of what you have in the present
you smile at what happened in the past
And you come up with awesome ideas for the future
I would continue but I’ll save it for when I meet you in person someday
Thank you and Happy 27th Birthday Sean
Sofia from Argentina