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I just finished the last drawing for Home.

And it feels so weird? For the past 2.5 years I’ve always had Home drawings to do, and now there are just some minor adjustments left until… *sniffs emotionally* To give you all an idea of what is left, I still need to:

  • Adjust colors/lighting so all drawings look nice next to each other
  • Add details I may have missed (arm hair, moles, etc)
  • Make smaller, transitional blurred drawings/close ups
  • Add white cloud borders to all/upload them to tumblr
  • Write the last few paragraphs, which I’ve saved for last

That said, expect chapter 18 by the last day of June. I have an idea of what day I will post it, but I want to keep it to myself since it makes me anxious when people come to my inbox on the day/the day before and ask where it is, you know? Anyhoo. Thank you all for following! And for all the love <3 You’ve kept my spirits high and my motivation strong when I needed it most.

Love, Julie (TheTypewriterGirl)


Hi, this was an interesting request! I liked it! Maybe one day, I’ll make a part two to this, it depends but thank you for sending in your request and hope you enjoy this!

“She is irreparably harmed because she saved me from that blow, Alfred!” Bruce growls, fists clenched tight by his side. His thoughts are just consumed with a lot of guilt, regret and even anger over the events that happened earlier that landed him in this situation.

“Master Bruce,” Alfred starts but Bruce shakes his head, narrowing his eyes at the older man. The intensity behind the glare startles Alfred a lot.

“Do not try and tell me that this is not my fault!” Bruce all but shouts. “It is my fault, Alfred and now Y/N’s like that because of me. Do you know how that makes me feel?” Just the thought of you staring blankly at him hurts him and he finally breaks down. There are tears streaming down his face by the time he leans against the wall as he slides down to the floor. “It is my fault.”

Alfred is at a loss of words. He had not expected Bruce’s reaction to be like this. This was worse than when the family had lost Jason, had lost Damian and the thing is you are not even dead yet! Though deep down inside, Alfred is acutely aware as to why Bruce is being like this. Out of everyone in the family, Bruce had been the only one you had absolutely forgotten. There is no recollection of memories of Bruce Wayne in your mind at all.

“Master Bruce, Ms. Y/N is not beyond repair.” Alfred speaks after finally managing to gather his thoughts. “Y/N has a condition called retrograde amnesia and I know you are thinking of the worst right now – that is understandable too – but you just need to keep showing the missus everything you have together prior to the accident. Relive those memories the two of you loved and shared. Her memories will come back – it may take some time but they will come back.” Alfred takes out his handkerchief and hands it over to Bruce who at first stares at it blankly before taking said handkerchief from Alfred’s outstretched hand. He wipes the tears from his cheeks, blowing his nose on to the handkerchief. His mind is slowly starting to clear and he can think rationally now.

Bruce never thought this would ever happen to be quite honest but given the things his family has gone through up to this point, in hindsight, Bruce really should not have been surprised at all. The moment that doctor told him about you having amnesia, his world had darkened and there were a few moments where his vision blackened as well. It was horrible, horrifying.

His world came crashing down on him when the smile on your face disappeared, replaced by a frown and wariness that looked so out of place on your face and the first three words that came out of your mouth had been: “Who are you?”. It simply got worst from that point onwards – the boys had visited the hospital and you remembered each and every one of them perfectly, even to the point of what breakfast all of you had that morning. You knew everyone but him and it was like your head had been wiped clean of any memories of him!

Bruce honestly never even imagined this could have happened to you (he imagined this happening to him, in fact, it probably has happened before). You are his light, his anchor, his heart and his home and the fact that you remember nothing – not even the times you spent together as a couple, or the time he proposed – hurts him so much. Bruce felt as if someone had stuck a knife in his heart and is repeatedly twisting it.

Alfred’s words somewhat felt like he had been thrown a bucket of cold water. He needed it though. Bruce is forever thankful for Alfred’s presence in his life and right at that moment, he really is very grateful that Alfred has yet to give up on him. Bruce also doesn’t think he could have been able to stop himself from doing anything reckless the moment he heard the news from the doctor. He also doesn’t think the boys could have stopped him too.

“Thank you, Alfred.” Bruce gets up from the floor, pocketing the handkerchief, looking less angry and more tired though not resigned at all. “I think I am ready to face this. I just need the night to myself for a little bit, need to sort out my thoughts.” Bruce tells the older man he has come to think of as his second father. He needs to gather up all the things the two of you used to do together so that he can face you tomorrow. “Can you make sure Y’N is fed and takes her medication on time tonight?” Bruce looks at Alfred.

“You need not ask, Master Bruce. Of course.”

Bruce finally cracks a small smile. “Thank you again, Alfred.” He takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly. “I will see you in the morning.” Bruce excuses himself, heading to another part of the manor because at that moment, he doesn’t quite think he is ready to sleep in the bedroom the both of you have shared before, at least not when you have no memories of him.

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Nini!!!!! I'm so sorry but because of your recommendation i became too invested in it but I JUST WANTED TO SAY BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT TIME YOU TOLD SOMEONE ABOUT THE MEMRISE APP!!!! also for your scanlating work (your group is the only scanlating one i follow and have notifs on) but uh.. yeah that app saved my life 😘😘💖💖 also have a good day/night 😆

Why is everyone apologizing, stahp etttt xDD <3 <3 <3 
Ooohhh I’m happy that my recommendation helped! That app is awesome! <3 
And thank you for following us T_T It’s highly appreciateddd <3

Thank you so much and godd daynight to you too :3


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hiii guys!!! im back! so two if bts was hanging over a volcano and you guys could only save one ship, which would it be? second) any jikook where it's focused on jungkook pining? preferably happy ending (nana will be so happy bc of this) and college au! thank you guys for your help so far!!

okay for question 1, id save the ot7 ship. yup. wht do u mean its not a ship? uh it is, i ship ot7 whatchu gonna do bout that. Also, yessssss finally some happy endings for you, next we’ll do fluffy fluff for character development

Of Lace Panties and Accidental Magic by jonghyunslisterine [T, 9.4k]

as day goes by you hold on tight another day (you’re wondering why, you know why) by jellyfishes [T, 9.2k]

Never Judge a Book by its Cover by whenIseeUsmile [M, 25k]

to be with you by drpuffles [T, 4.2k]

okay now i realise u said college au, oops

I Shouldn’t Be In Love With You by wildandsexy [T, 10k]

lolz sorry

-Admin Nana


Luckily I have an 8 page comic to post later tomorrow…? Maybe, yes.

And for those who commissioned me, I’ll probably will start on them after I get back from my trip to Japan to rest from all the projects I had to do OTL My hand won’t stop shaking, jeebus.
Thank you so much for your patience in advance!

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YASSSS OK OK can u do a headcanon of johnny approaching/asking a girl out? not just a random girl, i mean someone he had been eyeing for a while because she was in his class for a couple years or she lived on the same street as him for a while? like how would he do it, how nervous he would be, how he'd act, etc. thank yew so much :)

  • here’s the deal: johnny’s crushing on his next door neighbor & has been since she moved in
  • johnny sometimes sees her sitting at her desk through the window & they wave to each other. it makes his day every time it happens (,:
  • he feels pretty comfortable around her, which is one of the reasons that he likes her, but he’s afraid to ask her out because she knows what his parents are like
  • johnny has a long talk with ponyboy and dallas & they convince him to finally ask her out
  • he saves up money to buy her flowers & brings them to her front porch
  • he’s a little nervous, but he gets so so happy when she says yes

Tagged by @spanglebangle for the describe yourself only with pics saved on your phone/computer thingy (thank you darling 👌🌷❤😘) and I may have gotten a little carried away lmao
The first pic for non-Italians means “when u study literature at uni and get to the end of the day without someone telling u u won’t find a job after graduation” lmao
If you feel like it, I’m tagging @artmides @barnesandbarton @seabasschino @lxncx @giuliastormborn @oohbucky @sehuns-mom @iamalwaysuptonogood @elosarig @pleasantdaydreams @pescae @homerically @patroclvss @baroquekid

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you have been rebloging v quality aesthetic !! that is all i hope you have a good day/night !

ahaha thank you!! i’m in a Mood, i guess, and aesthetic-y/art blogs comprise basically 98 percent of my dash and the blogs i like to look at so i was like ,, why not put more of that on my actual blog today instead of jst scrolling by it or saving it in my likes, esp since it’s been a slow day for dnp stuff :) glad you liked it!!!

Okay so @gyeomify tagged me to do my favourite bts songs (thanks ly 💫💜) so here they are in random order

1. just one day
2. coffee
3. i need u
4. danger
5. save me
6. run
7. stigma
8. spring day
9. cypher pt.3
10. autumn leaves
this was so hard to choose lol…anyways i tag @navintaoe @minsleepi @lovhobe @lostincapetownagain and anyone else who wants to do this (sorry if i forgot someone)

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Hi!! Thanks to you my tumblr app is saved for extinction hahahahaha one day i will make a vid that how i prove that taekook is real and its all because of you, you inspires me....

aaahhhhhh (❀´ ˘ `❀)♡︎ Thank you bubsss

Please link it to me when you do!

one of the most slept on moments of season two: the moment when hunk saved everyones asses by baking “cookies” that ended up being similar enough to teludav lenses that it saved them all from getting captured by zarkon,,, like without hunk the season would’ve ended at like episode 5 or something

The wonderful and amazingly talented @careamorran completed this commission for me. She’s amazing, Jason and Roy are amazing.

I commissioned this for my fic I’m the fox you’ve been looking for which I should totally finish

Imagine Harry sees Narcissa in Diagon Alley several months after the end of the war. He approaches cautiously, because he wants to thank her for saving his life, but he doesn’t know if her views on blood purity have changed at all. To his great surprise, when he gives his thanks, she tears up. “It’s I who should be thanking you, Mr. Potter. You saved my son’s life as well that day.” They trade nervous smiles and then, awkwardly, she hugs him. After that, they talk whenever they meet on the street, and they often send owls back and forth as well. Then one day Draco comes home from work (he’s waiting tables at a restaurant while he gets his N.E.W.Ts through private study) and finds Harry and Narcissa in the kitchen together, drinking tea and laughing. Narcissa looks up when her son enters. “Did you actually climb a tree to mock him in fourth year?” she asks with a snort. Harry, laughing even harder, giggles, “Is your Patronus really a /ferret/, Malfoy? That’s amazing.” Draco looks back and forth between them in horror.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Jewish, Muslim, Disabled, PoC, LGBT+, anyone-a-nazi-would-like-to-pick-on followers! In the words of Wei Ning, “When the long dark closes around us, we will be the last light.”