the day is ours

alternate titles for penny dreadful season 3
  • Vanessa Ives Deserves Better Than This
  • Victor Frankenstein Deserves Exactly This
  • The Systematic Character Assassination of Ethan Chandler
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Where the Hell is Mr. Hyde
  • Sembene Would Never Have Allowed This to Happen
  • The Strange Case of Where the Hell is Eva Green’s Emmy
  • A Simple “Showtime Hates You” Would Have Sufficed
  • Believe Me
  • I Know

Tom: Hey guys, here’s some of the new Spider-man Homecoming trailer

Mark: Here’s a live from a secret photo shoot

Tom: Okay it’s not a competiti-

Mark: AND 10 minutes of Thor fuckin Ragnarok




Mark: Entire Infinity War trailer in HQ coming soon

Today is Friday the 13th

Go out and have some fun with your friends,

Say hello to any birds (especially those in the Corvids family),

Wink at any Black Cats along your path.

Do a good luck spell for you and yours.

Plan a sleepover or a movie marathon with those you love and watch all the Classic Horror movies (or all the new ones if you want).

Embrace the day and just have fun.

Today is a lucky day for a Witch, don’t you know?


“They are both passionate, they both will live and die for the ones they care about, the ones they love. They are family oriented; they’re strong and loving and they are actually very, very similar characters in many ways.”

                                            - Dominic Sherwood

A drawing I made for SJM during her ACOWAR tour in Toronto :) I had it colored but I told myself I wanted to repaint it….but that was like 2 months ago and this drawing has been driving me bananas ever since so I’m not sure I’ll ever actually fix it lol