the day i figured out how to gif was the day my life ended

I was sick for the past couple days so I didn’t get to upload the drawing-a-day of star and Marco like I wanted so here is a 5 sec gif of a rejected storyboard i did in photoshop. This was just me trying out the humor and has NO relation to the actual test for Disney.  I did many practice storyboards before I figured out how to get the right dynamic between Star and Marco. Most I scrapped before going to far. I didn’t quite get Marco down perfectly here but I thought it was still funny. 

My idea was Star and Marco were trying to do an all night study session but fell asleep, Star was going to wake up from Marcos yelling and think they are under attack and start firing random spells. One of her spells accidentally hits Marco and he spends the rest of the time smelling like steamed broccoli. Which ends up saving his life cause Star releases a monster that tries to eat him but spits him out cause it doesn’t like vegetables. 

I scrapped it mid way but maybe I’ll finish it up for the lolz someday. It had some pretty funny freaked out marco drawings.