the day i fell in love with h styles

"Fuck, you drive me insane."

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Harry’s in a loss for words.

Everyday, he’s in awe of how blessed he is. Of how lucky he is to have you, even you’re the one who repeatedly said that because of course, it was huge, that he could’ve gotten with anyone and still, here he is, lifting you up to the shared master’s bedroom since you fell asleep on one of the movies again.

He’s carrying you up right, your thighs gripped with both his hands, your face nuzzled on his chest and him looking closely at the steps so that the both of you wouldn’t fall.

Harry placed you on the bed gently, feeling overjoyed that he gets the privilege to wake up and sleep next to you every single day for what it’s worth, finding himself stroking your hair and crouching down to your figure.

“Fuck, you drive me insane.”

He’s shocked when a reply was given to him, not expecting it all when he saw your eyelids downstairs weren’t fluttering even if they’re closed, meaning that you already fell asleep.

“I barely touched you, H.”

He laughed, a nice smile fitting his face before going to his side, slipping under the covers and letting his arms envelope you, heart being full once he heard your reply to what he last said.

“I know. I love you though.”


Years back I watched a video on Youtube with clips of Galerians, this mysterious game I had never heard of and hadn’t had the pleasure of playing as a kid. I didn’t think I’d EVER get to play it! Then this beautiful emulator enabled ps1 games to be played on computer and the day finally came I could play Galerians. 

Sure this game is outdated, but it’s style is so unique and the dark atmosphere of the game is so appropriate and well done that I fell in love. I have yet to play Galerians 2, unfortunately this emulator doesn’t function well with ps2 games yet (broke my heart to discover this fact) 

I had a burst of inspiration to draw fan art of this story u H u <3 This piece is so messy because I was just like SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE SO INSPIRED!!!!! I was so pumped with energy during it’s creation. 

This is a game worthy of being remade. And if that day ever came I would stab my eyes out with happiness.. and than regret it because I couldn’t see the game.. 

Inspiration music:

Haul: Travel Edition

Hello, everyone! I’m doing my first “haul” — travel edition. I actually had no idea how this goes, so I made a little research and read some hauls from other bloggers, too. I just wish that I got it right, haha! So everything under here are the things I bought from our Singapore trip. I’ll be back in Manila in a few days, and I can’t wait no more!!

I was just able to buy a few things from our trip. (a) Being really broke before going in here because I used my savings on buying Christmas gifts. It was all worth it, so no regrets. (b) No Christmas money. © I had a lot of coffee date from the past few weeks during my stressful school days, and it ate my allowance like a monster.

  • Tote Bag from Cotton On - I found this when we strolled around Novena after a dinner with a family friend. I suddenly thought of UST when I saw this, so I didn’t think twice and bought it.
  • The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks - this is found on my Christmas wishlist, so I’m just thrilled when it was handed to me here. Thank you, tatay! I can’t wait to read it. I need time!!!

  • Earcuffs from F21 - been wanting these since then, but it feels like cheating on my 2014 promise that I’ll avoid edgy stuff and hit on chic, boho and indie clothes and accessories.
  • Ring from F21 - got this cutie for free, hehe!
  • Boho earrings from F21 - this is something really new to me. I bought these so I can challenge myself to wear indie or boho feel clothes.
  • Marine necklace from F21 - I was reminded of someone really special when I saw this.

  • Muscle Tee from Cotton On - totally fell in love with this and it’s really comfy. It’s also on sale, so I got it really quickly.
  • Chiffon blouse from H&M - this is love!!! *heart heart*

  • Chic Ponytail from Daiso - so yep, my mom’s going to Daiso every now and then to buy random stuff — dude, everything’s 2 bucks in there who wouldn’t want to ryt —, and she got me this. 
  • Phone case from H&M - I’ve been luring my selfies with Catwang for the past few days, so I totally fell for this case when I saw it. My phone just got Catwanged!! 
  • Bracelet from Cotton On - cheap buy, but it can easily fit on any style. 

  • Tights from H&M - like the earcuffs, I’ve been wanting tights since then. Love the design and color of these!! 
  • Denim Jacket from Bershka - Everyone’s getting this, so I guess it’s all worth the try on my wardrobe, too. I got this jacket for Christmas, and I really loved it!!

  • Snow globe from Universal Studios - My dad promised me that he’ll get me a snow globe once when we got here. We were really searching for one, and we saw this angel at USS. It was love at first sight - I tell you guys - but when I shook it and saw the price, I got it back in its place immediately. The price of it is equivalent to the price of the biggest snow globe from my collection. Yet, my dad insisted to get it because he promised to get me one and he really liked to help me with ,my cray cray collection.
  • H&M shoes - on sale + comfy = totally a good buy!!

And that ends my first haul!! Hope you guys are having a good start of the year because I really am. USTET results will be out in a few, and I don’t know what to feel. Anyways, school will also resume in 3 days, and I’m 80% sure that I’ll not be able to blog frequently; however, I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated with maaah life. God bless, everyone!!