the day gail made a friend and kissed a girl

Spin the Bottle - Part 4

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Thank you to athingor3 for being my beta.  


Holly’s cheeks were sore. The muscles were tired from smiling and laughing and the skin burnedfrom when Gail stroked the pad of her thumb along their prominent ridges.  The thought of the past few hours made Hollysmile again, having no regret for the pain it caused her.  

They had talked for a few hours, discussing boundaries intheir budding relationship, both physical and emotional, and how it was going to work when they were in public.  They both agreed to take things slow, to feel it out, and they both agreed that they would be friends at school.  It would help them get to know each other better and not put pressure on themselves.  

More exciting still, Holly asked Gail to a movie on Friday and Gail had agreed.  Actually, the blonde’s response was, “only if we see the new one with Margot Robbie; she’s totally hot,” then blushed profusely at the admission.  Holly wasn’t even upset; she was thrilled that she had someone to say these things to now, even if it did include the objectification of women with the girl she was dating. 

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