the day damian first stepped on a lego was a dark one

⚡ Bruce, on a whim, buys Damian a ludicrous amount of Lego.

At first, Damian’s insulted and refuses to take it out of the box and gets really shirty when anyone mentions it, because thank you Father I am not a child is it completely necessary for you to condescend to me when people aren’t around and no, of course Pennyworth isn’t people–

Unfortunately, while Damian thinks the Lego is stupid, all the other boys think it is the actual best. And Damian starts to come home to his room full of mini-replica Gotham cities, and huge, functional ferris wheels and a Lego Batfamily and a mildly horrifying panorama of some of the Gotham rogues. At which point he becomes really possessive of his Lego, because it is his and everyone keeps touching it and see if Father buys some for you, hmm? 

And then he starts building all the things.