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Announcement - 3JSB Fan Week!

It’s about that time again!

Me and @omi-kenobi are hosting another fan week event! This time we are focusing on J Soul Brothers! So get ready to Share the Love and enjoy some JSB Summer Madness! 

It will be held during 06.12.17 to 06.18.17 only.

Here are the prompts for 3JSB Week:

  • Day One: 06.12 - Your 2nd Favorite Member 
  • Day Two: 06.13 - Favorite Song or MV
    • Note: Choose your 2nd favorite Song or MV if you posted a JSB song or MV before.
  • Day Three: 06.14 - Favorite Outfits/Looks (personal styles or 3JSB related looks/concept)
  • Day Four: 06.15 - Favorite Friendship/OTP
  • Day Five: 06.16 - Fave Actor
  • Day Six: 06.17 - Favorite Photoshoots or TV Appearance
  • Day Seven: 06.18 - Fan Letter to 3JSB
    • Note: This can be for any member in 3JSB or the group as a whole.

Since this worked out pretty well last time, we will use a hashtag again. Use  #3JSBFanWeek or you can tag @lovedreamgraphics so that we can easily share our posts with one another (and on here as well!)

To note, everyone is welcomed to join in, and again, you’re free to create or write anything with these posts. It’s all up to you!

I hope you all can join in! The last fan week we hosted was really fun! I’m excited to see what you’ll post next week!

- Best Admin A

30 Day Cinema - Wrap Up

First of all, I would like to say a huge thankyou to all who’ve been following along with this series. Hopefully you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I. I can hardly believe I’ve written 60 reviews. I wonder how many words they all equate to? This was the biggest project I’ve undertaken in my years running this blog and all your positivity and interest has helped motivate me throughout.

In less than 24 hours, FT Island will be releasing the Music Video for Wind, their highly anticipated 10th Anniversary title track. Needless to say that despite spoilers (thanks Hongki), I’m still very excited to see what they’ve got in store for us. If the teasers are anything to go by, it truly will be an emotional beginning and an explosive end. I will be reviewing both the album and the video once they’ve been released, but I may need a few days of rest after all this.

Let’s summarise, shall we?

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[FR] Sortie de MAKE SOME NOISE avec des sous-titres Français ! Regardez-le ici : x.

[ENG] Release of MAKE SOME NOISE with English subtittles ! Watch here: x.

[ENG] Sechskies atstar1 Interview

You guys came back from Japan after the MV shooting. Did you get that ‘high quality’ that you all wanted?

JW: We’ll have to wait to see if it’s high quality, but the budget was definitely high (laughs). We monitored in between, and we all looked good. 

SH: We wanted a background with snow because of the song’s concept. We had almost no hope when we left because there was no forecast that said there’ll be snow. But when we started shooting, it started snowing a lot. We were lucky. 

JD: We stayed for 3 nights, but we worked so hard that we couldn’t even have a party afterwards. We had to hurry back and forth and film before the sunset.

You were selected as ‘Person of the Year’ for 2016 by <Atstar1>. This year must have been the most dramatic one in your lives. 

JW: We had the grateful opportunity of getting together through <Infinite Challenge>, and it has already been a year since then. 

JD: And it’s exactly today! The first time we discussed the reunion with the <Infinite Challenge> staffs at the Chinese restaurant was today’s date (11/2) a year ago. 

SH: It really was a lucky year. I feel like we’ve done a lot of activities, but thinking back, we really haven’t. Our physical strength is different from before for sure. Jaeduck-hyung became more haggard day by day during the MV shooting. 

JJ: I had dark circles before I got my makeup done today (laughs).

How is it to be with the members after 16 years? 

JW: I think personality wise, we’ve changed. I have become more talkative, and Jaejin (Jaijin) has become brighter. But the way we mess around each other is still the same. It’s still fun to mess around Jaeduck and Suwon. 

SW: I also have that ‘one-shot’ that I can attack Jiwon-hyung with. 

SH: I’ve become less talkative than before. When I was younger, I talked a lot partly because the company wanted me too, but now that I’m old I don’t really like talking. Now the fans tell me “Please talk”.

JD: I think I was the most energetic one back then. 

JW: Our team’s image was damaged because Jaeduck talked too much using satoori. 

SW: That’s why we couldn’t get as big as H.O.T. (laughs).

It’s your comeback in 16 years but all of you have those “frozen man” faces. 

JW: When we look at ourselves, we think we look pretty much the same as before, even though we do look less youthful. But I’m surprised that the public feels the same way. I think Suwon and Jaeduck look even better now. The J-walk days were just unbearable. 

JD: Sure, what’s important is that we get better over time (laughs). 

SH: I think now, we take care of ourselves more because we’re more considerate. We’re a group, and a member of a group shouldn’t be viewed as the odd one out. 

The song <Three Words> became a hit, as shown by its 1st place in Gaon’s October monthly chart.

JW: It’s still hard to grasp because we’re part of the CD/Album generation. I feel like if a song wins 1st place, you should be able to hear it everywhere in the streets. I couldn’t hear <Three Words> anywhere (laughs). To be honest, I worried a lot about not getting any attention. I worried that people would think we’re forgotten because <Infinite Challenge> is just a temporary bubble. If that happened, it would’ve been an automatic end, so it’s a relief that we had good results. 

SH: I was driving and got caught in traffic, and there was <Three Words> coming out of the car that was next to mine. It was a young man listening to it, and it made me really happy. I wanted to say thank you. 

SW: You shoudl’ve sung along if you had your window open (laughs).

JD: It made our next step even more important. I wish this kind of reaction will carry on. 

How would you spoil the new song coming out soon, using only three words? 

JD: Winter.

JW: YG style.

JJ: Oh this is hard. I’ll give it more thought and answer later. 

You are holding additional concerts in Daegu and Busan. 

JW: It wasn’t part of our initial plan, but we’re doing them because the Seoul concert turned out good. 

SW: I want there to be slightly different ways for this concert. When the audience can guess “The first song will definitely be <Com’ Back>”, it’s not fun. Oh, and Jaeduck-hyung is going to dress as a girl. 

JD: No! But I am thinking about what would make our fans happier. 

JW: We want to take individual opinions into consideration and put unexpected songs. You know, for those individual stages that you can perform only at the concert. Those that you can’t perform on a broadcast show, but can only perform in front of fans who like you. 

JJ: I’m going to sing a ballad song. i already have a song chosen in mind. 

How much chance do you have of working together with Sechskies’s ‘last dragon ball’, Ko Jiyong?

SH: We always have our doors open, but it’s a little hard considering Jiyong’s job.

JJ: Wouldn’t he be able to appear as a surprise guest for our 20th anniversary? To be honest, we can’t ask him directly, but we subtly hint at it through our fans. 

SW: But I think if we have him on stage once, I’ll miss him even more after that. I really like us being on stage all together, so much that I would be even more disappointed if he doesn’t come back. 

JW: I can’t ask Jiyong a favor anymore. If we were in the same place, I could’ve asked him, but he’s a kid with different things to lose. That means the best I can say is ‘I know your situation, but please just come’, but I’m afraid we’ll destroy everything that Jiyong has worked so hard to achieve for the past 16 years. We need to respect Jiyong’s life. 

Next year is Sechskies’s 20th Anniversary. Do you have a bucket list of things that you want to do with the members?

JW: To sell 200 thousand albums.

JD: What if we have to buy all those albums with our own money (laughs)?

JJ: To release the new album in 20 different versions.

JD: No, the design team would suffer too much.

SH: I think it’ll be fun to travel abroad together, apart from work. 

JJ: What do you mean travel! We gotta work hard for the  20th anniversary. Give me more work to do. 

SH: Then I think it’ll be cool for Jaejin-hyung to work on artwork that celebrates our 20th anniversary. 

JJ: I like it. If I can do something in terms of artwork, I’ll do it anytime!

I think you guys might have a plan for individual activities as well, for next year. 

SH: Not at all. Team comes first.

SW: We have to release Sechskies 5th album next year. And 6th album. 

JD: Personally, I’m thinking that we need to plan our 20th anniversary concert well. 

JJ: Shouldn’t we sing more of our old songs than we did at our last concert, since it’s the 20th anniversary? I think it shouldn’t end in just two hours (laughs). I’m preparing an art exhibition.

JW: I have some thoughts of international promotions. We disbanded shortly after debuting in Taiwan with the name ‘ 水晶男孩’ and planning on Japan promotions. If we have the opportunity, I want to meet more international fans before it’s too late. 

Let’s go around and give advice, since 2016 is ending soon.

JW: Jaeduck, gain some weight. I’m worried about him because his stomach problems won’t allow him to eat much so he is losing weight. 

JD: I’m trying. Don’t worry, I’ve gained 3kg already. I’ll give one to Sunghoon. I’m worried about your toe. Cheer up! It hurts my heart to see him feeling sorry to us when he himself is probably disappointed too. 

SH: I am really worried, so I’m trying not to move as much as possible before the concert. I’ll say this to all the members: Right now seems to be perfect, so let’s take care of ourselves a little more! We never know, anything can happen at any time. 

JJ: I’ll do one for the fans! While 2016 was focused more on talking about the past 16 years, next year will be the year that we will get to write our new story. We’ll work hard to exceed your expectations, so let’s have fun and spend a good year together. 

SW: Jiwon-hyung’s knee cartilage is in a really bad condition right now. If it gets worse, we won’t be able to do team activities, so I would like for him to not use his foot to “caress” us- use your hand instead (laughs).

JD: Now that I think about it, Jaejin’s wrist is also bad. I think we really are at that age where we have to care about our health.

SW: As our bucket list next year, let’s all get a health check-up. 

Ok, it’s time to give us the last hint about the new song. 

JW: (Ponders for a while) Five. 

Translated by: sechskies0415

Pentagon as how my friend remember them

Jinho: Smol one
Hui: Vocals blessed by heavens dude
Hongseok: I know this one from Mix and Match
Shinwon: The dude I’m jealous of because of his jawline
Yeo One: ((told her his name is Yeo One but she misheard it as ‘your one’)) MY ONE INDEED
Yan An: the cute chinese member who looks like ZE:A Hyungsik
Kino: Purple hair dude
Wooseok: Looks like that ice cream scoups dude that you like

Fluffy Jealous Hanbin 
“Hurry!” You yell at your boyfriend 
“I’m coming I’m coming!” Hanbin says scurrying into the living room
“I’m so excited, I haven’t even heard the song yet, I wonder how the oppas sound” You say shifting around on the couch trying to make yourself comfortable 
It was the one day before the release date for WINNER’s mv for empty and Hanbin called you over so you could see it before anybody else could. Hanbin had helped compose the song so they let him review the mv early. 

10 seconds into the mv you were already fan grilling over Mino’s voice. 
“His voice melts my heart oh my gosh” You say inching closer to the computer screen 
“Taehyun oppa looks so good! So does Seunghoon oppa!" 
"Seungyoon’s high note!" 
"Aww Jinwoo oppa looks so handsome!" 
The whole mv was perfect to you. You couldn’t help but fangirl through the whole thing. 
Hanbin was getting discouraged by your compliments to the boys, mostly of which were towards Mino. 

After it ended you look over at your boyfriend 
"What did you think about it?” You ask him 
“It was good.”
“Did you not like it?” You question him 
“No, I said it was good" 
You crease your brows at his weird behavior 

The day went on and you guys just stayed inside the dorm but you felt that Hanbin was rather quiet and distant. 
You were in the living room and Hanbin wasn’t muttering a word. You eventually got bored and picked up your phone 
*why not text Mino and tell him how great the mv was?* 
-_________ : Oppa! The music video was amazing! Your voice T~T 
-MINO: I tried to make it seductive, it worked right? ^^ 
-_________: omg how can someone be so charismatic in an mv and then be so dumb in real life …. Song Mino you’re one of a kind ^^ 
You sent in that text and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. 
Just when you left, your phone vibrated and Hanbin looked at the screen only to see Mino’s name pop up. He couldn’t handle it. 
Did you like Mino more than him?
What’s so great about Mino anyways?

You came back in the living room and sat down next to Hanbin, 
"I’m bored, are you hungry?” You ask him 
He ignored you, got up and walked off into the bedroom. Slamming the door shut. 

You just sat there dumbfounded by his sudden actions. 
It took you about 10 minutes contemplating on if you should go in there or not and if you did what you would even say. 

You slowly turn the door knob and enter the room.
He was sitting on the bed, his eyes glued to his phone. 
“Hanbin…” You cautiously say walking towards him.
no reply 
“I know you hear me" 
sitting down in the empty spot next to him.
no reply.
Still no reply.
You sigh, "can you please put your phone down" 
He did as you asked but still wouldn’t say anything. 

You positioned yourself so that you were now facing him.
You weren’t stupid, you knew why he was mad and it was honestly so funny and adorable when Hanbin would get jealous. 

"Why are you maaaad~” You say wrapping your arms around his neck smothering him with your love. 
Hanbin was trying so hard not to give in a hug you back.
*hmm this was going to take more effort than usual* 
“Oppa~” You say pushing him down with you on top making it even more difficult to resist you
“I’m sorry” You say picking up your head from the crook of his neck and looking him in the eyes, putting on a pouty face
Right then, his hands snaked around your waist 
“I” You kissed his you kissed his jaw
“Love” You kisses his cheek
“You” planting the last kiss on his lips

He finally broke character and smiled 
“You’re finally smiling, i missed seeing it” You say placing your hands at either side of his cheeks and kissing him once again. 
You were about to pull away but his hand moved to you chin and he deepened the kiss. 
“Don’t try to make me jealous again” He says 
You laugh and lay your head on his chest, his hands playing with your hair, the rest of day consisting of just that which neither of you guys minded at all.


YAY finally a fluffy hanbin scenario :-) enjoy ! (admin s)

inkgguk  asked:

Seeing part 5 of the vampire edits, I am more convinced than ever that jungkook has an imaginary brother 😣 as always the edits were amazing 😍❤

This idea came to me when I rewatched Spring Day MV 🙃 And it was before I made part 4.
Thank you for giving them your love 😭 it means a lot. 💝