the day before

Alternate Universe

“You aren’t dying on me, are you, partner?” Jesse asks softly, one hand gently stroking Genji’s exposed belly.

“I am an old dragon, my friend.” Genji chuckles. “But no, I am not dying. Until the day my brother breathes his last, I will continue to stagger onwards into the future.”

Genji’s body is scarred, rough, withered. His once bright jade scales have dimmed to a very deep, very dark emerald green, but the years have not lessened the amber glow of his eyes. Jesse sighs at the answer, puffing on his pipe as Genji curled around him a little tighter, shielding him from the winter chill. It is an old companionship, Genji admits, but he is glad of the strange company Jesse gives him. The grizzled hunter has walked the Earth several times over slaying all manner of beast and hell spawn, yet he could not bring himself to slay a dragon. Not that Genji was keen on dying, he can fondly recall swatting Jesse into a raging river and then hastily fishing him back out.

The friendship persisted, stubbornly. Jesse tailed Genji all over the place, with the dragon leading his young human friend into many battles to test his will and strength. And stouthearted Jesse did not disappoint, besting knights and grim reapers, saving the innocent and bringing justice. Yet they are older now, war holds no passion, and fighting is exhausting.

“That sounds awfully like “yes”, Genji.”

“Does it? I merely speak the truth, my brother and I are bound to each other.”

“How is he?”

“Waning.” Genji murmurs, a growl settling in the base of his throat. “Many have come seeking his head.”

“Well then,” Jesse rises, adjusts his hat and swings up onto Genji’s back. “Might as well make our way over then. Show these kids a real fight.”

Genji chuckles. “You have not met my brother; he may take offense.”

“Then we’ll take defense.” Jesse quips, watching Genji extend his body outside the cave, yawning loudly and shaking his scales.

“You are impossible.”

“You could always toss me into a river again, sweetheart.”

“Hm, you do smell.”

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