the day before

a list of tianshan headcanons that i would really like to write sooner or later!!!!!

canon universe:
  • valentine’s day hc
  • he tian’s birthday hc
  • guan shan’s birthday hc
  • hugs hc
  • marriage proposal hc
alternative universe:
  • mermaids au hc
  • single parent!he tian/kindergarten teacher!guan shan au hc
  • highschool teachers au hc
  • famous singers au hc
  • pirates au hc
  • harry potter au hc
+ i would really like to write an “essay” about he tian vs she li and one about how he tian and guan shan are actually pretty similar to darcy and lizzy in some ways
To whoever sent me the anon:

(I am not answering you directly because what you said is very harsh and I do not want that content on my blog.)
If you had a traumatic experience with pit bulls, I am very sorry. You saw a very hurt and unloved pooch. That gives you no right to say that all pits should die though. I love my dog and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Even if a creature is not behaving kindly or if you are uncomfortable around it for whatever reason, that does not mean it isn’t important or vital to someone or something else.

Hey guys, my mom was in a car crash today and with all the stuff happening around the world I’m extremely stressed and drained. It’s also a week before graduation, I’ve had nightmares and little sleep, and I’m failing a class, so please be patient with me for I’ve already had several breakdowns in the past 3 days.

I’ll try to draw but I have other things to worry about right now.

Fam.. I’m officially an artist. Here is it, my very first fan art and “finished” digital piece. Expect more in future, yes?


The Dude™ is in

  • Hufflepuff: Okay, when do you want me to wake you up?
  • Ravenclaw: Never.
  • Hufflepuff: We have the final for Charms tomorrow.
  • Ravenclaw: I know.
  • Hufflepuff: So, when should I wake you?
  • Ravenclaw: I asked Flitwick if I'd pass if I just didn't show up for the test, and he said I'd get an "A" in the class.
  • Hufflepuff: So, you're giving up your "O" in the class just so you don't have to get up tomorrow?
  • Ravenclaw: Yup.
When you lose someone, you try to remember the last time you saw them. And most of the time it’s a blurry memory, because at that time you had no idea it would be the last
—  Hedonist Poet