the day after my birthday!!

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 17: Forgive

It was his fault. If Otabek had been a second faster, none of this would have happened. Neither of them would have gotten hurt and they could be on the ice, having fun for the week he was in Russia.

If only he had noticed the car that ran the red light.

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These photos were each taken one year apart. 22nd October each year, day after my birthday.

Only two years into my journey of transformation. While the difference this year isn’t as dramatic, I know I am leaner and just as big. That’s a result. And all the work into making it happen has been my own.

After 5 days I finished this, my second drawing for the late birthday for Ganz. This one is way more happier than the last one, what better than a cake war!

I’m sorry senpai. Hopes that comic fiesta is marvelous! Best wishes and positive vibes for you!

Ganz belongs to @golzy

“Did you know, that I met you exactly twenty-three days after my birthday?” Sherlock closes his eyes as John pours water over his sudsy curls.

“Is that true?” John collects more water, then pours it over Sherlock’s head again.

“Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t say it.”

“Was I the best gift you got?” John smiles when Sherlock peeks open his eyes. 

“That year in particular,” Sherlock grins too. “Or ever in my whole life?”

“Ever.” John decides. “And tell the truth, don’t lie. I can handle it.” He mimics puffing up his chest real big and tough.

Sherlock leans out of the bath and brings his lips to John’s. “You’re the greatest thing I’ve ever received in my entire life.”

John’s heart melts.

sednamode  asked:

Plot twist The Size of our Actions is actually canon :'))



(((I’m going to Germany in August and meeting @weeaboobi for the first time face to face!!! I’m so excited I have been hopping around all day in joy~ This is the best birthday present, I can’t even begin to thank my grandfather for this trip.)))

hobbitsetal  asked:

if Thorne thought his 20s was high time to get over birthdays, do you honestly think Cress would agree with him? because i think that chick would LOVE birthdays and parties and cakes and tiers of cupcakes way too much to let him be like that. which is to say, forget Don Draper, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, SUNSHINE!!


  • Carswell Thorne would care about birthdays even if he were 120.
  • He’s definitely one of those people who answers questions like, “How are you?” with “It’s my birthday!”
    • He has absolutely zero shame.
    • He even goes so far as to drop “subtle” hints about it months in advanced.
      • “No problem, Cinder. We’ll see you next month. Yep. Three days before my birthday.”
      • “When are we visiting the farm? Six days after my birthday?”
      • “Yes, Cress. You should buy that dress and wear it on my birthday.”
  • He also makes very detailed lists of the gifts he expects to get. If people deviate from the list, they shouldn’t be surprised to hear he has returned it for store credit.
    • Carswell Thorne has a lot of store credit.
  • But as much as he loves his own birthday, he’s just really good with birthdays in general. 
    • He always stays up to comm you at exactly 12:00am.
      • And he dresses up for the occasion. 
    • He sends teddy-grams and barber shop quartets to sing to you.
    • He pays extra to make sure your cookie delivery arrives warm. 
    • And if you’re lucky enough to be with him on your birthday, he goes above and beyond to make sure everyone knows it’s your birthday too!
      • This always results in an embarrassed Rampion crew member laden with balloons and extra breadsticks at whatever restaurant you end up at to celebrate. 

In short, some people are really good at birthdays and some people only get a birthday text from their mom. I am not the former. But thank you all the same!