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Hee, sometimes I want Bespin so badly that I forget that what we have in DAV thus far hasn’t even touched on Anakin being aware that he has a son!

I know right?

It’s partly because I’ve gotten so far ahead of my own story in writing tumblr crack for the ‘verse, lol. Now it’s almost like I have two very different time periods floating around in my head. Or maybe three: the pre-ANH period and the ANH-early ESB period, which are decently covered, and the post-Empire period, for which endless amounts of crack exist. And between the two, a yawning chasm of uncertainty.

Since people dont know the boys Dav Melanie Martinez song so I'll do

James: Playdate

Erick: Pacifiy Her

Sam: Soap

Matthew: Alphabet boy

Damien: Sippycup

Dianna: Gingerbread man

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Hi! I really really love your double agent Vader fics and was wondering if you were ever planning on continuing them. If not, that's ok but i would be delighted to read more! It's one of my favorite fanfics out there for any fandom. have a great day!!!

Hi anon! I’m glad you like DAV. :)

I have lots more fics planned in that series, and several currently in the works. I’m just a hideously slow writer. But rest assured, there will definitely be more.


Captain Underpants | I read the books when I was little and honestly, never would have thought I’d someday help make the feature! Both the team at DreamWorks and Mikros were some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the fortune of working with and I feel their upbeat energy and passion for the project are evident in the final film! The movie comes out today!! Please go check it out :) and here are a few paintings I did back when we were figuring out the design of the world.

captain underpants is a book series written by dav pilkey, who was often punished in school and reprimanded because he had ADHD and dyslexia, and he created captain underpants while sitting in the hall being punished for “misbehaving.” when he wrote captain underpants, he encouraged the behaviors that he was so often yelled at for, and encouraged creativity and humor, mostly the very type of creativity and humor that got him in trouble in the first place, despite his teachers literally telling him that his comics were useless and there was no way he could make that into his living. instead of giving up, he wrote a beloved book series that had two cannonically ADHD characters who were told that their ADHD was not only okay, but wonderful, one of whom is cannonically gay and grows up to have a husband, in a book that flat out makes fun of the GOP in the first few chapters, and i am being completely and utterly serious when i say that we do not deserve dav pilkey or the captain underpants books and it makes me want to tear up as a pan kid w/ severe ADHD because this means so much to me

… or, in his own words:


Captain Underpants is written in an isolated cave off the beach in Japan what the actual heck is Dav