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Dress (Sugar daddy!Calum smut)

Summary: You wear a dress guaranteed to send Calum up the wall (okay pls I can’t do summaries but it’s sugar daddy and they fuck and ahhHH hot stuff!)

Word Count: 4.8k (SO LONG OH MY GOD)

Warnings: There’s three sections of smut! Yes, three! Also daddy kink and bondage ;)

A/N: Jfc you have no idea how much effort I’ve put into this! I really hope you like it, I think it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself <3

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For my CEO!5sos blurb night with @felicityash and @pretendtobepunkrock!

Crisp shirts. Sparkling cufflinks. Neat sheets. 

Just some of the many things that spring to mind when you think of him. 

Calum Hood, CEO of Hood Incorporations, hasn’t left your mind ever since you met to discuss a partnership deal. Your father owns a business similar to Calum’s and you, his devoted daughter, handle some of the more day-to-day tasks, including meeting with the extremely attractive business partner.

From the start you knew Calum was different. Maybe it was the elegance in which he operated, the silky smoothness embedded in his voice. 

Or, perhaps, it was the fact that he’d had you spread across his desk within ten minutes of your first encounter. 

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Okay, so I have a lot of feelings about this, so I’m going to share. 

I love a lot of moments in the new Beauty and the Beast, and there are so many lines that I greatly enjoyed, whether they be lifted from the original film or added to the new script. However, there’s one in particular that stuck out to me, and while it seems like a minor and insignificant moment, I have to admit it’s my absolute favorite line in the whole film. Which one am I talking about?

“I’m sorry I ever called your father a thief.”

This just resonated with me so much, and it was the moment where I truly understood that this version of the Beast had changed. It gave his choice to free Belle and let her go save her father more depth than in the cartoon. (As wonderful and moving as that original moment is!)

See, the thing is that a lot of the Beast’s problems come from his inability to look past outward appearances, and he bases his entire opinion of a person on how their first impression seems to him. The obvious point here is when the Enchantress punishes him for not allowing a poor, ugly old lady to sleep in his castle, but we see this pattern repeated when the Beast imprisons Maurice for taking a rose, believing Maurice deserves to be punished for being a “thief.” He feels disdain towards Maurice and even Belle at first, even going so far as to say, “She’s the daughter of a common thief. What kind of person do you think that makes her?” In the Beast’s eyes, Belle is not worthy of his respect, because he thinks that common thieves are common thieves, and nothing more. 

However, you see his opinion towards Belle start to change when she helps him back inside after he’s mauled by wolves, when he was probably expecting her to just run off and leave him to be eaten alive. They connect, they grow closer, all of that loveliness we expect from this story. He starts to see Belle as a normal person, with her own thoughts and feelings and loved ones, and as a result, he too begins to change thanks to her influence. He realizes the error of his ways, which is what the Enchantress wanted.

But the thing that makes the Beast truly feel remorse and understand the issues with his behavior? Learning about Belle’s parents. Suddenly, once he sees what happened to Belle’s mother and learns what Maurice did to protect his daughter, he realizes that Maurice is not a bad person by any means, and is much more than just a “common thief.” Something as minor as taking a rose as a gift for your daughter seems so insignificant next to what this small family has been through. Maurice just wanted to make his daughter happy, and Belle’s devotion to her father by taking his place in a life sentence makes perfect sense. The Beast realizes that these people are humans who truly love and care for one another, who would do anything to keep each other safe and happy. What’s more, the reason Belle is in this situation in the first place is because the Beast decided to punish Maurice just for loving his daughter. 

So…the Beast says sorry. Sorry for not looking past the fact that Maurice was plucking a rose from his garden. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. Sorry for being the awful monster he was before. The Beast knows how wrong he was.

I think this is exactly what’s on his mind when the Beast chooses to let Belle go. His own wants and needs need to be pushed aside for Belle’s own wellbeing; this isn’t Belle’s issue. Belle wasn’t the one who placed them all under a curse, so why should she be kept from her father in order to break a spell? As mentioned earlier, Belle’s only here in the first place because of her father. The Beast understands how much Belle loves Maurice and how much Maurice loves Belle, and with his newfound ability to see the thief more deeply, he lets Belle go. He doesn’t want Maurice to be put in harm’s way thanks to his own terrible actions, and it’s not just a desire to make Belle happy that factors into his decision, but also concern and remorse for Maurice, the “common thief” he initially despised just for existing. 

In essence: The Beast doesn’t just change in this version thanks to a woman’s love, but also thanks to a newfound compassion for those he initially writes off. Now, he’ll be sure to think twice before turning a poor person away into the bitter cold. Now, he’ll learn more about a man’s character before giving him a life sentence for taking a rose. Now, he can see the world as more than just props under the mercy of his own selfish opinions. Being introduced to Belle opens the Beast up to a whole new reality that helps him overcome the error of his ways, and Maurice is a huge catalyst in this realization. 


(The daughter of sea and sky, a messenger, and goddess of rainbows.)

Small devotional acts.

  • Thank her/think of her every time you see a rainbow*
  • Wear bright colors*
  • Get a (rainbow) prism*
  • PRIDE!*
  • Tie-dye some of your clothes**
  • Hang stained glass decorations**
  • Go to a firework show**
  • Paint something using lots of bright colors**
  • When watering plants outside, try to see the rainbow reflected in the water**
  • Get a rainbow temporary tattoo
  • Go outside and enjoy the rain
  • Listen to music that makes you feel refreshed and calm
  • Read the local newspaper
  • Visit the ocean
  • Go cloud gazing
  • Use a picture of a rainbow as your screensaver
  • Put fairy lights in your room - bonus if they’re rainbow colored
  • Run some errands for someone when they need a break!
  • Get a sweet drink - hot or iced
  • Spend time outside doing absolutely nothing
  • Pick up feathers with an iridescent shine
  • Text that person you’ve been meaning to, but keep on forgetting
  • Try a new shade of makeup
  • Buy some prism glasses 
  • Paint your room/rooms a new color
  • Spray mist just to see the rainbows
  • Be kind to all interns and assistants!
  • Look to the night sky, and the stars - there’s more colors there than you can ever see
  • Take pictures whenever you see a rainbow
  • Wear more glitter and sparkles
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

* Contributed by @conchbirth and ** contributed by anon.

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I love reading your thoughts on Scully and Gillian's perception of her. I wish she knew that we love Scully not because she's a scientist or because she kicks butt, but because of all the wonderfully human nuances she brought to the character. If you could prescribe her a few episodes to watch to remind her of Scully's complexity, which ones would you choose?

I love this ask so much and I apologise for the delay in responding. I decided to choose one episode from each season (otherwise I would name 50 episodes) and exclude the movies (it’s a given they should be included in any Scully homework). With that in mind, here are my picks:

Season 1. Beyond the Sea

This episode is the perfect starting point to refresh Gillian’s memory as to who Scully was before she became immersed in The X-Files. We see her as a loving and devoted daughter, a child in mourning, and a passionately loyal partner and friend to Mulder. Scully also reveals that she has faith despite her scientific skepticism, and draws on that to ultimately thwart Boggs’ attempts to manipulate her.

Season 2. Irresistible

Scully has never been comfortable with brutality against women and this, combined with her recent personal traumas, expose her vulnerabilities. But what I love about her in this episode is that she realises she needs help and she is brave enough to see a therapist and talk it through. The consummate professional, she remains active and focused on the case in spite of her fears. And even after Pfaster captures her, she is able to save herself before Mulder and the team arrive on the scene. Even in the final moments when she ultimately breaks down, there is no question about how strong and brave Scully is.

Season 3. Pusher

Right from the beginning, Scully recognises Modell as “a little man” and gives no credence to his supposed “powers.” She has no interest in his games, even as she can see Mulder getting caught in Modell’s web. Scully doesn’t hide how much she cares for Mulder and their tender moments in this episode say so much. Also, if it weren’t for Scully’s quick thinking during the final confrontation, Modell would’ve certainly won the game by “pushing” Mulder to kill Scully – which was clearly his endgame all along.

Season 4. Never Again

Feeling underappreciated, trapped, frustrated and defiant, Dana Scully has reached a breaking point in this episode. We see a damaged woman who has sacrificed so much, yet is feeling no recognition by Mulder as an equal on The X-Files. Scully is also revealed to be self-aware enough to note her own destructive behaviour pattern, though she ultimately refuses to curb her recklessness. And though she put herself in danger, she refuses to apologise to Mulder - even as he goads her in the final scene.

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Get to Know Me Meme: [2/10] Animated Movies →

“Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom; peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau, there lived a widowed gentleman, and his little daughter, Cinderella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, still he felt she needed a mother’s care. And so he married again, choosing for his second wife, a woman of good family, with two daughters just Cinderella’s age, by name, Anastasia and Drizella. It was upon the untimely death of this good man, however, that the stepmother’s true nature was revealed: cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty, she was grimly determined to forward the interests of her own two awkward daughters. Thus, as time went by, the chateau fell into disrepair, for the family fortunes were squandered upon the vain and selfish stepsisters while Cinderella was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in her own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true.”


濡羽の家の祟り婚 (Nureba no ie no tatarikon)

Black Lady (a label with connections to Hitsujigumo), has announced their first series! Themed around seasons, the series covers four candidates who step in to take the place of the head of your family after your father passes away. 

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

The 昭和 (Shōwa) era. 

A household, coated only in the deepest blacks…

In a certain mountain village of an unspecified prefecture exists the household of the 谷家 (Tanike) family, reputed to be wealthy. But due to a long-established custom, others were expected to avoid the household…

After the head of the household passes, however, the mother and the daughter (you) of the Tanike family devote themselves to searching for a new heir to continue the legacy.

And the person who appears is… 

The first candidate in question appears to be 松本正和 (Matsumoto Shouwa), an industrialist from Okayama who was close friends with the father of the Tanike family (the MC’s father).  The following monologue is apparently his: 

“I’ve always continued living, imagining what type of woman you would be. Even as I moved from place to place, those thoughts were my heart’s only comfort. 

In the spring, I caught one glance and knew it was you. 

If everything ends now, I have something to say to you.

You, and this black household are both mine. I will never hand them over to anyone else again.”

“Please rely on me. In place of your father.”

An excellent student, Shouwa continued his studies up until senior high school before he was conscripted into the army. After returning from service, he established his own business in Okayama and was successful in his exploits.

When sickness forced the head of the Tanike family to step down, Shouwa gained the trust of your father and became your fiancé.  

CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya) as Shouwa*, 刃琉 (???), 深川緑 (Kitayama Kyousuke), 黒瀬鷹 (Kuroda Takaya)

Release Dates: July 21st, August 17th, September 13th, October 25th, 2017.

*His volume is set in spring, and is entitled “thirst.” ( • v • )


Kara Danvers is doing worse then an actual demon

We all know just badly Supergirl handled Kara’s story this season and it’s easy to dismiss this as the industry standard. A disappointment but something to be expected. But that’s absolutely not the case. Let’s see the show Lucifer. Yes a show about the actual Devil and his right hand demon Mazikeen

Mazikeen starts as someone who is completely devoted to Lucifer. She lives for him him and no matter how much he screws up she is still there. She was ready to kill the main female character Chloe just because Lucifer was distracted by her.. Then she gets thrown into a love story line with Lucfier’s brother Amenadiel and she gets tossed around between the two of them

But then…..the character grew up. She befriended Lucifer’s shrink Doctor Linda, then she ditched both Lucifer and Amenadiel and decided to find her own path with Doctor Linda’s help. But it didn’t just stop there. Then she befriended Chloe, she moved in with her and her daughter. They became her new family and she is now fiercely devoted to them. This picture above is her literally having a mini emotional breakdown because Chloe’s daughter Trixie wasn’t horrified by her demon face but thought it was cool.

When Amenadiel was remotely involved with a threat to Chloe she literally blew up his car and threatened to murder him. When Lucifer damaged Doctor Linda’s career and was generally an emotionally insensitive dick Maze literally beat the shit out of him. And I am not talking some light punching. And when Lucifer tried to justify himself and give a half hearted excuses she shut him down. She refused his apology and both her and Doctor Linda made it clear to him that you cannot threat people like this

TL;DR: A demon on a freaking show about Lucifer on FOX got the feminist story line Kara Danvers deserved

Dahmer’s Victims

I see a lot of posts about how they died (which is fine), but I wanted to make a post about how they lived. Like, what they were like as people. This information was scattered across multiple sources and incredibly difficult to find.

Steven Mark Hicks

1959-1978 (age 18) Steven, who went by Steve, was picked up by Dahmer whilst hitchhiking home from a rock concert. An activity he did often. He was four days away from his birthday, and had promised his parents he would be home in time for his dads birthday dinner. He was described as friendly, and well liked by everyone he met. He was close with his parents (Richard and Martha), and had a girlfriend at the time of his death. His parents were worried he smoked too much. Hicks often wore a necklace, and two bracelets. For thirteen years his parents held out hope he was alive somewhere. Steven was reportedly kind and chatty towards Dahmer.

Steven Walter Tuomi

1962- 1987 (age 24.) Tuomi simply went by Steve. He worked in a restaurant. He graduated from Ontonagon Area High School in 1981. His family reported him missing three months after his death. His grave was inscribed with the message; “We’ll love you forever.”

James Edward “Jamie” Doxtator

March 1st 1973- January 16th 1988 (age 14.) Jamie was a prostitute who’d had a few run ins with the law over this, but unfortunately was often treated as a criminal rather then a victim of sexual exploitation. Some reports say Doxtator was Hispanic, but most say he was Native American. His mother, Debbie Vega, in her only statement to the press on the matter, stated her sons favourite bible verse was “…Forgive them father, they know not what they do…”, but that Dahmer should not be forgiven for his crimes. Both photos circulated in the media were mugshots. A few reports say he was homeless at the time of his death, but official state records say he was living with his mother at the time. His grave is inscribed with the above mentioned bible verse and an etching of a buck and a deer.

Richard Guerrero

1967-1988 (age 21.) A young bisexual man who’s sister described him as a “mama’s boy.” He was last seen on the way to his friends house. His sister protested a Haunted Milwaukee walking tour focused on Dahmer.

Anthony L. Sears

January 28th 1965 - March 26th 1985 (age 24). Known to friends as Tony, Sears was an aspiring model. He worked at a restaurant and had recently got a promotion. His friend Jefferey Connor drove Tony and Jeffrey to Dahmer’s grandmother’s house. Years later he testified at Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial. Connor and Sears had been friends for 3 years and Tony had promised to call Connor the next morning. 

Raymond Lamont Smith aka Ricky Beeks

1957-1990 (age 32.) Smith had a daughter who was ten at the time of his death. He often left his family for long periods of time. He had spent time in jail, and was involved in prostitution. His family believed he had died a year prior in a shooting.

Edward Warren Smith

August 2nd 1962 - June 14th 1990 (aged 27.) Known as Eddie, or sometimes “Sheik”. According to some reports he was an acquaintance of Dahmer. He often wore a “turban like headband”. Some say he was estranged from his family, his sister claimed otherwise. She also claimed to have got a call from a man she believed was Dahmer, telling her he had killed her brother. After his death his sister and a lawyer talked about starting a company known as “Jeffrey Dahmer Inc.” where she hoped that she, other victims families, and even Dahmer himself could go into business selling Dahmer merchandise. 

Ernest Miller

1967-1990 (age 22.) Miller was a dance student who met Dahmer outside a book store. He wanted to leave his home in Chicago because of the violence. His grandmother described him as a very nice person. Friends described him as outgoing and sociable. Miller’s grandmother claimed she got a call from a man a week after Ernest’s disappearance, chanting “help me”, and later calls of choking and groaning sounds. She believed the caller was Dahmer.

David Thomas

1968-1990 (age 23.) David was the father of a toddler aged little girl. He was on probation for retail theft at the time of his death. The mother of his daughter described him as a devoted and loving father.

Curtis Durrell Straughter

April 6th 1973 - February 18th 1991 (age 18). Straughter lived with his grandmother, Catherine. He was estranged from some of his family members due to his sexual orientation. He had recently lost a job as a nursing assistant and hoped to become a model and earn a University degree. His friend Bernell Howard wrote a song about him after his disappearance. To his friends, he went by the name “Demetra”. His friends were surprised to learn he was among Dahmers victims as Straughter reportedly did not like white men. The mother of Anthony Sears suspects Dahmer claimed to be a professional photographer who could help with Curtis’ modeling career.

Errol Lindsey

1971-1991 (age 19.) Lindsey was a faithful Christian. He played the drums and sang in the church choir. He was described as an outgoing and friendly man, nicknamed by some “Cool Breeze”. He was also a fan of rap music, and lifted weights. His friends said Lindsey rarely drank or went out to bars.

Tony Hughes

1959-1991 (age 31). Hughes was deaf and mute. He was very close with his family. His sister said he knew Dahmer since October of 1989. Recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin with a group of friends after being “shaken” by the murder of his next door neighbour. Hughes had contracted pneumonia as a baby which caused him to lose his hearing. Tony had five siblings and graduated from the Delavan School For the Deaf.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

1976-1991 (age 14.) The youngest of four brothers, Konerak enjoyed playing soccer, swimming and talking on the phone with his friends. He liked to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tom and Jerry and would draw pictures of the charactersHe was excited about learning to drive in the coming years and was passionate about sports cars. Konerak tried to find humour in every situation. Sinthasomphone was very close with his brothers and parents. They had come to America from Laos when he was four years old. One brother, Somsack, had been drugged and molested by Dahmer in 1988, and the family believed Dahmer was in jail. Konerak’s parents have said their sons respect towards adults and authority figures may have been what led to him being lured by Dahmer. Konerak famously managed to escape from Dahmer’s apartment, but was brought back to the residence by police. Konerak spoke perfect english but was reportedly unable to do so at the time, possibly due to the head injury inflicted by Dahmer. (Though his father claimed the officers simply didn’t bother trying to listen to his son.) His brother Anoukone stated nobody could have reasonably thought his brother looked 19, a lie from Dahmer the police believed. The Sinthasomphone’s, including Konerak, were devout Buddhists. 

Matt Turner aka Donald Montrell

1971 - 1991 (age 20).  Matt Turner was described as bright and articulate. At the time of his death he had run away from home and was living in a halfway house. Turner/Montrell sang in his church’s choir. He met Dahmer at a Chicago pride parade.

Jeremiah Weinberger

1967-1991 (age 23.) Jeremiah had a lot of friends. He worked in customer service. According to Dahmer, Weinberger was exceptionally affectionate compared to other men he’d been with. He survived for two days after Jeffrey Dahmer performed an amateur lobotomy on him. His friends handed out and plastered flyers with his face around town with a toll free number to call with information after his disappearance. Described as outgoing and friendly, he was an amateur artist and kept his things exceptionally organized. He was also concerned with dressing well and always looking his best.

Oliver Lacy

1966-1991 (age 24.) Lacy was a body building enthusiast with a 2 year old son. He was a track star in high school. He disappeared after going to the mall, last seen buying an ice cream cone.

Joseph Bradhoft

1965-1991 (age 25.) The father of three children, he had recently moved in with his brother to look for a job. Bradhoft did have a domestic assault charge against his girlfriend. According to police records, he punched her and threatened to slash the tires of her car. He enjoyed sports and fishing. 

sources: newspaper articles, family statements, FBI files, US criminal records

First Meeting (Happy Mother’s Day)
Requested by Anon: canon missing scene where the Evans’ meet James and like his charming mischievous personality more than Petunia’s newest conceited beau Vernon (and Lily’s weird childhood friend Severus Snape).

Eliza Evans was perfectly content with her life and everything in it.

She had a wonderful husband who loved her very much. She lived in a small town where the neighbors were kind and generous. She had little but needed nothing thanks to her two girls. Out of everything in her life, Eliza was thankful for her baby girls. Eliza felt lucky to get to call two special girls like Petunia and Lily her daughters.

Petunia was the eldest and the textbook example of a devoted daughter. Petunia was always focused on becoming something to someone. Eliza knew that Petunia was a carbon copy of her in looks, minus the brown hair from Mr. Evans. Petunia carried Eliza’s looks well, always being the most fashionable one in the Evans’ household. It was no surprise to Eliza when Petunia grew up and left Cokesworth to attend a discounted typing course in London as soon as she’d saved enough money.

Petunia was quite capable on her own after eighteen years and Eliza didn’t worry even though Petunia was miles away in a big city. Petunia shared a flat with another girl in her class and barely scraped by on the bills but she made it very clear she had no intention of coming back to Cokesworth.

Eliza’s oldest daughter was drawn to the urban normalcy of London, a stark contrast to her little sister who thrived in unpredictable fantasy.

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In Which (of all people) Alice Cooper Learns Juggie is Homeless and Decides to Rescue Him
  • Alice (storms into the Andrews House): there you are!!! All right, get your things, Forsythe, you're leaving. You will NOT be living here!
  • Fred: Is this because he's Betty's boyfriend and you don't want her with a homeless teen?
  • Alice: Of course not!
  • Fred: But he doesn't have any place to live!!
  • Alice: Yes he does---my guest room. I'm certainly not going to allow the likes of you and your SON to corrupt this fine young man, who helped fix my family and is so devoted to my daughter!
  • Fred: but his father is a Serpent...
  • Alice: unlike yourself, Fred Andrews...I do not hold such things against people! Perhaps if you hadn't been so quick to judge and send this poor boy's family into destitution, none of that would've happened, now would it have? I hold YOU responsible, not poor Forsythe
  • Fred: I.....uhhhh......
  • Alice: come with me, you poor lost lamb. What do you want for dinner? BTW, ground rules, "Jughead", I've bought Betty a brand new chastity belt, but I also know someone of your character and no ginger hair would never stoop to the level of a Jason or an Archie.....My, you DO like the color black, don't you?
Blunders and (happy) Beginnings [1/?]

So that went faster than expected. Fingers crossed next chapter comes in a week or two. Please excuse any period inaccuracies, let me know what you think cuz I’m excited and most of all enjoy

Blunders and (happy) Beginnings; CHAPTER 1; ~ 3, 000 words; FF.NET || AO3

The result of too much Jane Austen and associating everything with Captain Swan. 

Such stories tend to start with a lengthly chapter or six that have no other purpose but to introduce the characters’ affableness (or lack thereof), fortune (or lack thereof) and current ambitions and desires (which, we must all know, no one can be accused of lacking). But for the benefit of the characters, rather than the reader, who are much too eager to start their pursuit of those aforementioned ambitions and desires, we will constrict those chapter or six into the following few paragraphs and pray to not be accused of anything harsher (such as laziness or neglect or simply a short span of attention) than having our characters’ best interests at heart. So, without further ado, let us be acquainted with:

Lady Ingrid Chillton of Arendelle

Affableness. Undeniably high as proven by her having taken under her protection not one, not two but no less than three orphaned girls. Admittedly, all three of good fortune, high status and perhaps even greater beauty and higher intellect, and yet with the undeniable defect of being all about the same age and thus certain to need and engage all her Ladyship’s careful attentions (and nerves) in their coming into society, meeting all the right people and being pursued by all the best of those – all at more or less the same time.

Fortune. Enough to make her Ladyship more than perfectly comfortable without ever even entertaining the idea of matrimony and yet perfectly able to encourage the entertaining of that very idea in any young ladies of her acquaintance.

Ambitions and desires. To promote the already heavily hinted at, most felicitous marriages of all three of her charges but to maintain the highest degree of elegance and non-obtrusiveness while doing so.

Miss Elza Froster of Arendelle

Affableness. Satisfactory, thanks to her perfect manners and education, and only slightly impaired by being more than occasionally accused of accute reserve and the art of ‘chilling people to the very bone’. It is only fair to note that those accusations have most often been submitted by her own sister and only very rarely by her aunt. But, again in the interest of candidness, it should be pointed out that most other people are suspected of being too affected by her cold manner to dare comment on it.

Fortune. Sizeable as can be expected of the eldest daughter of a late baron and baroness. Further benefitted by being one of the three aforementioned charges of Lady Ingrid. And yet further by her family’s most favourable name and history.

Ambitions and desires. To avoid the fulfillment of the ambitions and desires listed under her aunt’s name without causing her too much disappointment.

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Trust Me

Admin Marie

A/N: I’ve decided to start a chaptered fanfic! It probably won’t be long, maybe 3 chapters? I haven’t decided yet but I’m working on it. 

Word Count: 2002

Genre: Single Parent!AU Angst Fluff

Member: Mark (Got7)

Summary: You became a mother of a beautiful girl named Jisoo at just 16 years old. After her father ran out on the two of you, you wrote your love life off and devoted everything you had to your daughter. Everything changes when you meet a gorgeous stranger who takes interest in Jisoo and your lives.

Warnings: Language

Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Originally posted by sxy-jmn

To become a mother at 16 was a huge blow to your life. You never regretted having Jisoo, your daughter, but it is hard to raise a child all alone. Your parents supported you endlessly and never got mad over your teen pregnancy, much to your surprise. They probably would’ve been harsher with you if Jisoo’s dad hadn’t ran off because he was scared.

You aren’t Korean, but Jisoo’s dad is. You moved out to Korea when you were 13 years old because your parents got a job offering in Seoul and they couldn’t refuse. You met Jisoo’s dad when you were 15 years old and you two rushed into a relationship and then Jisoo happened. You were scared, to say the least, but you love your daughter.

Now, you’re 20 years old and Jisoo just turned 4. You both live alone in your small apartment in Seoul. Jisoo is a smart girl, actually looking quite like her father, showing more of her Korean roots than the roots you provided, although she looked a fair both like you too. Jisoo is very kind, never even dreaming of hurting a fly and very clingy to you, hating when you have to leave her at your parents house so you can go to work.

You work at a café in the middle of Seoul. It’s about a 15 minute commute from your apartment. You hate leaving your daughter, but you have to so you can live. Your parents have offered to pay for you to go to university but you always refuse, never wanting to take their money that they worked hard to make. Your parents made an insane amount of money on a project so your mom retired to help take care of Jisoo. Both your parents were young parents themselves, so they felt really sympathetic towards you because they knew what it was like to take on such a huge responsibility.

Your younger brother, who is only 16, adores Jisoo. He’s a highschool student but whenever he comes home and his niece is sitting on the floor of his living room or napping in his bedroom, he gets really excited. It warms your heart to see your brother be so excited over your daughter.

“Jisoo, what are you drawing?” You ask the small, brown haired toddler who’s perched on the floor, a purple crayon clutched in her hand, leaning over her colourful paper.

“I’m colouring a rainbow, mommy,” She replies, her eyes not leaving her paper. You smile at her, relaxing into your chair a little more. You worked double shifts at the cafe today and you were absolutely exhausted. “Mommy, are you sleepy?” Jisoo asks, her attention falling on you instead of the paper in front of her.

“Nope, not at all, Soo. Do want a snack before bed?” You ask, checking the time.

“No thank you,” She says, yawning and stretching her little arms above her head.

“Bedtime?” You ask. She nods and holds her arms up for you to carry her. You laugh softly and pick her up. She giggles and snuggles her head into the crook of your neck, brown hair tickling your cheek. You place her on the floor of her bedroom and get out her favourite pair of pajamas. She changes and you take her to the bathroom. You two brush your teeth at the same time, and you brush her long brown hair. She yawns again as she climbs into her bed and pulls the covers up to her chin.

“Mommy?” She asks.

“Yes?” You reply, eager to hear the young girl’s request.

“Can you read me a bedtime story?” She asks. You nod, walking to her bookcase and pulling out a book that you know is your favourite. As you read the book, she just gets more tired and more tired, her eyes drooping and eventually fluttering shut.

“Goodnight, Soo,” you whisper, kissing her forehead and walking off. You hop into the shower and after getting out, you blow dry your long hair, carefully. After you’re done, you pull on a large shirt and shorts and crawl into your bed, thinking about how happy you are to have the daughter you do.

The next day, you get up and get yourself and Jisoo ready, feeding your toddler breakfast and getting her into your old, beaten up car. You knock on your parent’s front door, waiting idly outside. Your brother, Matthew, opens the door and yells happily when he sees you and Jisoo.

“Soo! Sis!” He exclaims. You laugh.

“Matt!” You exclaim.

“Mattie!” Jisoo exclaims, holding her arms out for Matthew. You pass your daughter to your brother.

“I gotta go to the café. I’ll see you later,” you say, kissing Jisoo’s cheek and ruffling your brother’s hair before walking down the front walkway and into your car. You turn the radio on, jamming to a Monsta X song. When you get to the cafe, you walk inside, going into the back and pulling on your apron and pinning your name tag on. You take a deep breath, getting ready for your day. You walk out of the back and hastily take over the cash register.

Your day starts like every other, with you taking orders, placing money in the cash register, wiping down tables and making drinks. You’re about half through your shift when a gorgeous man walks up to the cash register. You’re awe struck for a second but you brush it off, knowing you’re at work and have no chance with this man, nor do you want one.

“What can I do for you?” You ask. The man smiles, showing off a row of pin stright, white teeth.

“Can I have a chai tea latte please?” He asks. You nod, grabbing a cup and  writing his order on the side.

“What’s the name for the sup?” You sask.

“Mark,” He replies. You write his name on the cup and set it beside you. You’re understaffed right now so usually another barista would pick up the drink and make it while you continued to work the cash register, but that wasn’t the case. He pays you for the drink and you pick up his cup, walking to the coffee machine. You follow the correct procedure to your drink making process. Mark watches you like he’s enthralled with what you’re doing. You finish, snapping a lid on the hot drink and placing it on the counter.

“Here’s your latte,” You say. He smiles brightly.

“Thank you,” He replies. You smile in return and he takes his rink and sits down in the corner of the empty cafe. The only people on there are you and Mark and it’s painfully obvious to both of you.

“So are you a University student?” Mark asks, surprising you.

“No, I’m not,” You reply. He scans you again.

“I thought you were at least 20, that’s why I asked,” He says.

“I am, 20. I am not a University student though, this is all I do,” You reply.

“Why not?” He asks. You shrug, perplexed in his interest in you.

“It’s kind of complicated. I wanted to go to university when I was a teenager but I ended up not,” You reply, wiping a table beside Mark’s off.

“What changed?” He asks. You shrug again.

“A lot. My priorities changed and I’m living a different life now than what I ever imagined,” You admit.

“Was it a boy who changed your priorities?” He asks. You’re about to respond when the front door opens and you hear your daughter’s excited squeals. You stand up immediately and watch as Jisoo runs in, Matthew and your mom right on her heels.

“Mommy!” Jisoo squeals, running over to you. You pick her up and placer her on your hip.

“Soo! How are you?” You ask.

“I’m good, mommy.” She replies. You smile at her and set her on the floor. She sees Mark who’s watching you both curiously.

“Who are you?” Jisoo asks Mark, staring at him.

“Jisoo, that’s not polite,” You chide.

“It’s all good. I’m Mark, what’s your name?” He asks your daughter.

“My name is Jisoo and I’m four years old!” She exclaims, holding up five fingers. Mark smiles warmly at your daughter.

“Y/N, I want a frozen hot chocolate,” Your brother whines.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m coming,” You playfully reply, walking to the front counter and fulfilling your brother’s wish. He hands you the proper amount of cash for the drink and you shake your head.

“I’ll get it for you, for taking care of Jisoo,” You reply. He shakes his head.

“Don’t be stupid, Sis. Take it,” He replies. You reluctantly take his money and place it in the cash register. Jisoo runs up to the counter.

“What can I get my princess?” You ask.

“White hot cocoa!” She exclaims. You make her the drink she wants and hand it to her, over the counter. “Thanks, mommy!” She exclaims. I run the the back and get the money the drink cost out of your wallet before putting it in the cash register. Matt and Jisoo walk out after getting their drinks, waving goodbye.

“So that’s what changed all your priorities?” Mark asks. You nod.

“I wouldn’t give her up for the world, though,” You reply.

“Was that her father?” He asks. You burst out laughing. Once you’ve calmed down enough to speak you know you have to explain well.

“No, no not at all. That,s my brother, Matthew,” You reply. Mark laughs along with you.

“I thought you two looked oddly alike,” He says. You smile to yourself as you mindlessly clean the front display. “So where’s her dad?” He asks. Your hand stops mid motion and your whole body goes rigid.

“I don’t like to talk about that,” You reply, swallowing the lump in your throat. You see him nod out of the corner of your eye.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry,” He says.

“No, it’s fine. It’s a natural question to ask,” You reply, slowly moving your hand across the glass of the display again, working to get all the fingerprints off. The door opens and you watch as a blond man walks in.

“Mark!” He yells. You jump at his loudness and watch from a crouch behind the counter as five more guys walk in. “Is there no one working here?” The blond guy asks, looking around the small cafe, not seeing the top quarter of your face that’s peeking out from behind the counter. You stand up, leaning on the counter.

“I’m working here,” You say. Blondie scans you.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” He replies. “I’m Jackson!” He says. You raise your eyebrows, confused at why he’s telling you his name. When you don’t respond, he puts and slumps into the chair opposite Mark. The others all bow at you and sit down. You ignore their conversation and go to the back to fetch your phone and earbuds because you’re honesty so done, all you want is to go home and watch a kid’s show with Jisoo. You stick your earbuds in and walk to the front again, leaning against the back counter and patiently waiting for a customer to come in so you have something to do. You watch the table of seven guys as they talk intensely, sometime one turns and looks at you but turns away again.

You eventually get tired of their shit and when you’re about to whip out your earbud and tell them the fuck off, the girl who is working the next shift walks in. You pull your earbuds out and thank her and you go to the back and take off your name tag and apron, placing them in their designated places and grabbing your purse and exiting the back. You exit the shop and walk out into the crisp autumn air. When you look back to the warm glow of the cafe, Mark is already looking at you.

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, at the funeral of her late husband King George VI on 15 February 1952. 

I want to send this message of thanks to a multitude of people - to you who, from all parts of the world, have been giving me your sympathy and affection throughout these dark days. I want you to know how your concern for me has upheld me in my sorrow, and how you have made me by your wonderful tributes to my dear husband, a great and noble King. No man had a deeper sense than he of duty and of service, and no man was more full of compassion for his fellow-men. He loved you all, every one of you, most truly. That, you know, was what he always tried to tell you in his yearly message at Christmas; that was the pledge he took at the sacred moment of his coronation fifteen years ago. Now I am left alone, to do what I can to honour that pledge without him. 

Throughout our married life we have tried, the King and I, to fulfil with all our hearts and all our strength the great task of service that was laid upon us. My only wish now is that I may be allowed to continue the work that we sought to do together. 

I commend to you our dear daughter: give her your loyalty and devotion: in the great and lonely station to which she has been called she will need your protection and your love. 

God bless you all; and may He in his wisdom guide us safely to our true destiny of peace and good will.


Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom; peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau, there lived a widowed gentleman, and his little daughter, Cinderella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, still, he felt she needed a mother’s care. And so he married again, choosing for his second wife, a woman of good family, with two daughters just Cinderella’s age, by name, Anastasia and Drizella. It was upon the untimely death of this good man, however, that the stepmother’s true nature was revealed: cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty, she was grimly determined to forward the interests of her own two awkward daughters. Thus, as time went by, the chateau fell into disrepair, for the family fortunes were squandered upon the vain and selfish stepsisters while Cinderella was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in her own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true.


endless list of movies and tv shows (no order) → [83/∞] ✘ cinderella
“Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom; peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau, there lived a widowed gentleman, and his little daughter, Cinderella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, still, he felt she needed a mother’s care. And so he married again, choosing for his second wife, a woman of good family, with two daughters just Cinderella’s age, by name, Anastasia and Drizella. It was upon the untimely death of this good man, however, that the stepmother’s true nature was revealed: cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty, she was grimly determined to forward the interests of her own two awkward daughters. Thus, as time went by, the chateau fell into disrepair, for the family fortunes were squandered upon the vain and selfish stepsisters while Cinderella was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in her own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true.”

“More than Cards and Flowers”

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Happy Valentine’s to everyone reading this – even if it’s a day late!  I just wanted to write a bit of festive fluff and feels, and beyond that, this one shot was also borne of my desire to have Killian and Snow White share some bonding time, and to develop for them the sort of friendship and understanding he and David seem to have found.  This may not have the amount of steamy CS interaction one might generally see in a Valentine’s one shot, but it’s definitely still very much CS.

Please enjoy!  I don’t own them, but I would love to hear what you think…


           “So, Killian, if you don’t mind me asking,” Snow spoke up curiously from the bowl of forming meringue that she had been carefully whipping into peaks for the last few minutes.  “Why was I the one you called?”

           At her question, Killian Jones chanced a brief, darting glance up to meet Emma’s royal mother’s eyes.  The apples of his cheeks and tips of his slightly pointed ears are flushed red – he can feel the heat of them – but there is no going back now. “You seemed the best candidate to approach for advice on modern cooking and appliances, Milady,” he offered mildly. Truth, to be sure, but he sensed she could read him nearly as well as Emma would in that moment and could tell it wasn’t the whole reason.

           Shaking her head, Snow pressed mischievously, “Oh really? Me? With the soft spot that Granny seems to have for you?”

           He snorted here, humored in spite of himself. “Aye, well, though the Lady Lucas does have her charms,” he shrugged with a rapscallion’s smirk, “I was hoping for something a bit fancier than meatloaf or grilled cheese.”  He scratched behind his ear sheepishly and added, “Not to mention that, this surprise being for Emma, I felt you would be the one motivated as I was to make the holiday wonderful for her, your Majesty.”

           Snow White’s lovely features sobered and gentled immediately at his words; her heart melting as she reached over to lay her soft hand on his forearm.  She didn’t speak for several moments, merely waiting patiently, kindly, for him to lift his eyes to hers once more. When her daughter’s True Love finally did just that, the emotion in their blue depths nearly stole her breath.  “I’m happy to help you,” she responded hoarsely, blinking back tears at the obvious devotion this man held for her daughter, at the knowledge that her lost little girl was finally cherished as she should always have been.

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Lil Aggy falling asleep on her newly found Daddy Prompto’s lap, having not wanted to let go should he have disappeared. She's so cute and precious, how could she possibly be his??


Best Dad Prompto and Best Daughter Aggy

This was the fourth time this week that Aggy had fallen asleep while reading one of her books from school to him. You were right when you told him Aggy was smart - she was doing well in school and loved to read. Whenever she got home from school and threw her bag down by the door, she’d immediately dig a book out of her backpack and search high and low for her dad so she could read to him. She insisted. He had to know what books she liked, didn’t he?

And with ten years of no reading from his little girl or him reading to her, Prompto obviously had to catch up. Whenever Aggy found Prompto in the house after school, he’d immediately drop whatever he was doing and devote his time to his daughter. He’d scoop her up, book in hand, and take her into the living room and get comfy on the couch with her in his lap.

Tonight wasn’t much of a reading book  - it was more of a game. Aggy loved I Spy books and managed to get a stack of them to bring home that night from the school’s library, and now she was excitedly searching the pages for everything the little poems at the bottom of the pages described. Prompto was quick to find them, but he kept his mouth shut while he watched Aggy figure out where things were. Her eyes were sharp, he noted with a bright smile. It didn’t take her long to find all six of the ducks hidden on that page.

After a while, Aggy started to doze off and leaned against Prompto’s chest. With care, he closed the book and set it aside, then reached to take off her glasses so she wouldn’t sleep with them on. He recalled doing that once when he was a kid and how badly it bent his frames.

When he got ready to pick her up and carry her off to bed, Aggy stirred and clung to him, half asleep and mumbling.

“Wait, I- I’m still up, Dad. Let’s keep reading.”

“I don’t know, kiddo,” he replied, grinning at her. “It’s getting pretty late and you look pretty tired…”

“But I don’t have school tomorrow,” she whined, half sitting up in his lap. “Besides,” she held tighter to his arm, “I haven’t seen you in a long time and I’d be sad if you went away again.”

Her sleepy face beamed, and she curled up beside him while trying to feel around for her glasses on the couch, and the book.

His heart stopped. He had been so skeptical about Aggy being upset with him not being around for her first ten years, but here she was, proving Prompto wrong again. She loved him and didn’t want him to leave …And she was asleep again, but this time he didn’t move to carry her off to bed. Instead, he reached behind the couch for a blanket and draped it over Aggy and him, and watched his daughter sleep. She was smiling, one of her arms circled around his – He wasn’t going anywhere.

You had a late shift that night and walked in to find the two of them curled up on the couch, Aggy fast asleep and Prompto about to nod off. His eyes met yours – you could tell he had been crying happy tears again, and you couldn’t help tearing up yourself. He hadn’t been back long, but everything seemed to fall into place right away.

“You alright with her sleeping on the couch with me tonight, babe?” he whispered when you stepped closer and knelt to kiss Aggy’s forehead.

“Not at all. Keep her safe from the monsters, Sunshine.”

He looked down at his little girl and held her close, and beamed.

“Will do.”

I got to the part in Caliban’s War (pg 325-327) where Amos talks about his past a little bit and-

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There’s knowing about his past and then there’s reading it in his words.  There’s knowing what horrors lie in humanity’s darkest corners and then there’s seeing someone that clawed their way out of there talk about it.  No matter how many people I meet who’ve been touched by that darkness, their stories are always a punch to the gut and this was no different.  If you want to know why I care about a fictional character so much: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again - he’s fictional.  His story is not.

What really got to me though is that he didn’t share that part of himself for his own sake.  Amos could’ve kept it buried forever, no problem.

But Naomi wanted to understand why he beat the shit out of a kid for shaking Prax down for more food to get video footage of his daughter.  Because anyone who knows Amos knows he doesn’t instigate violence.  He won’t start a fight, he’ll finish it.  So why does some kid asking for more food got him torqued?  It has Naomi shaken.

“And you,” she continued. “I depend on you.  I know you’ve always got my back, no matter what.  Except maybe not now, because the Amos I know doesn’t beat a skinny kid half to death, no matter how much chicken he asks for. I feel like everyone’s losing themselves.  I need to understand, because I’m really, really, frightened.”

It’s been 25 years and he  f i n a l l y  cracks. And it’s not even a crack. It’s not a breakdown brought on by an event triggering these memories.  He’s opening himself up for Naomi.  For her to understand him better.  To soothe her fears.  I just.  My  f e e l i n g s.  FUCK.

I cannot tell you what it means to me to have this relationship with Amos and Naomi.  One of the most intimate relationships I’ve ever seen and sex and romance have zilch to do with it.  Not that I’m not a huge shipper because I totally am but with these two …  I just wanted to see two people love and support and protect one another without romance or blood relation being a part of it.  Because, oh yeah, friends exist.  And they love, support, and protect you too. And these types of relationships are possible between men and women.

Anyway, in this convo with Naomi, it’s not like he’s directly talking about himself. He’s talking about Baltimore and the squeeze trade and what happens to the children that are a result of that … “trade.”

But Naomi sees straight through his bullshit because of course she does.  He beat the shit out of that kid because he knows what happens to lost children. He knows because he was one.  She directly asks him and he skirts right over it.

“Some wind up finding a way to ship offworld, and they never go back?” Naomi asked, her voice quiet.

“Maybe,” Amos said, his voice flat and conversational as ever.

She tries to be sympathetic and he’s just like NOPE. NOT TODAY. DO NOT WANT.

“Amos,” she said, her voice thick. “I never–”

“So I’d like to find this little girl before someone uses her up, and she disappears.”

Anyone else feel like they just took a kick to the gut?  Holy fuck man.  He’s still talking about himself.  He was used up.  Whoever he could’ve been is gone. Disappeared.  Buried under layers and layers and layers of trauma. Who he is now is defined by that brutal childhood.  Can you even call it that?  When was he ever a child?  A lot of the way he acts is due to that trauma - the way very little rattles him, his voice always flat/conversational, dissociation, his inability to divulge right from wrong on his own, etc.  When you’re in the middle of experiencing a traumatic event, your brain shuts down a lot of unnecessary functions (unnecessary in terms of surviving the event).  And when you experience trauma long term, those things get shut down permanently.  Your brain gets tired of flipping the on and off switch because what’s the point? Your brain is permanently re-wired into survival mode.  That’s Amos.  And my feels shatter for the ten billionth time today goddammit why am I always drawn to the broken ones?  But he’s not completely emotionless or without caring for others - we’ve seen him smile and laugh and get irritated.  He clearly cares about Naomi, and Alex and Jim now.  But when the ugly rears its head?  He’s pretty much “Yeah, and?”  The ugly was his stomping grounds.  It doesn’t hurt or surprise him anymore.  I think he’s right there with Miller in being surprised that Eros hadn’t happened sooner.

I think there are really only two ways to hurt Amos at this point - if you’re someone he trusts and you don’t return that trust (remember when he realized Naomi was afraid of him?).  Or the thought of a child being put through what he went through is probably painful to him.

The one time he gets emotional in this convo is when he’s talking about getting Mei back to her father.

“…and she disappears.  I’d like to do that for her,” Amos said.  His voice caught for a moment, and he cleared it with a loud cough.  “For her dad.”

I think Amos admires Prax.  I think he looks at him and sees what it’s like to have a parent that cares.  I don’t know if his mother cared, she died when he was young.  And I’m not gonna touch Lydia here because wow this is already a mile long lmao.  What I do know is no one cared enough to save him, to protect him.  They fed him to the same monster that twisted them and spit them out.

But here comes Prax.  He’s desperate to find Mei.  He’s dying of starvation and the only thing he cares about is finding her, including giving up food to another for clues about her whereabouts.  I mean, how do you not admire that?  So I think Amos wants to save Mei for Prax.  Because he’s a father that deserves to see his daughter again.  I am also willing to bet that Prax’s devotion to his child makes him happy for Mei. And hella determined to protect her from the same fate he suffered.

That scene just fucked me all the way up and I needed to say a few things about it. XD


The twenty-two-year-old Catherine was indeed growing up almost as fast as Henry. He was becoming a man in the tilt-yard; she was learning to be a woman in the no less brutal school of hard knocks of Anglo-Spanish relations. There is a new worldliness in her letters. She even ventures confidently into unfemale spheres, like diplomacy itself. ‘It cannot be doubted’, she writes to her father à propos of the unspeakable De Puebla, ‘that nothing contributes more towards the prosperity or adverse fortune of kingdoms than the sufficiency or incompetence of ambassadors.’ Her interest was practical as well as theoretical. She had, she wrote to Ferdinand’s all-powerful Secretary, Almazan, ‘deciphered the last despatches without any assistance’. Now she ‘wishes she were able to write in cipher’ herself. Could she have the keys? Ferdinand had heard this easy authority once before from a woman. It was from his wife, Isabella. He responded in the same way. Picking up a hint from Henry VII, who had told him that he ‘liked to hear [his news] from her [Catherine] better than from any other person’, he decided that, in the interim before a new ambassador could be sent to England from Spain, Catherine herself should act as his envoy. She was sent credentials in form to present to Henry VII while De Puebla was instructed to share all communications with her. It would be difficult to imagine more uneasy bedfellows. Catherine, starved of purposeful activity as well as affection, threw herself into the new task. She presented her credentials to Henry VII. She started to write in cipher (braving, as she said, the laughter of Almazan and her father). And, above all, she learned the black arts of diplomatic deceit and double-cross.

Michaelmas 1507 came round and Ferdinand postponed the payment of Catherine’s marriage portion for yet another six months. But by this time Ferdinand was back in the saddle. Fully in control in Spain, he could once more devote thought and resources to his daughter in England. The result was that on 22 February 1508 there arrived in London bills of exchange for the payment of the second instalment of Catherine’s marriage portion. Ferdinand had also heeded his daughter’s other suggestions. As she had begged, the bills were brought by a new ambassador. Ferdinand had even appointed one of Catherine’s recommendations for the post, Fuensalida, the Knight Commander of Membrilla. 

                                                                        - David Starkey

Catherine had already implored her father to send a new ambassador, someone who was straight-talking and, preferably, had experience of England. This, she explained, was a country ‘remote from all others’ and with such strange forms of behaviour that it needed special treatment. Soon the credentials naming the new ambassador chosen by Ferdinand arrived. Who could serve his interests better than a loyal, loving and noble subject already living in London and with excellent access to Henry VII? Catherine herself was to be his ambassador.
It was an extraordinary move on Ferdinand’s part. Women, however high their status, were rare in the world of power and diplomacy. She was joining a select group of sixteenth-century women, most of whom owed their position or their power to blood ties or marriage. Perhaps Ferdinand, like others, saw something of her mother in Catherine. She was instructed to work in parallel with the increasingly sickly De Puebla – who had to be carried to court in a litter. Catherine presented her credentials to Henry VII early in the summer of 1507.

                                                                                - Giles Tremlett