the daughter of the tardis

That moment when you know you are parenting correctly :

When your 8 year old daughter wants to go into Hot Topic to look at the Alice in Wonderland merchandise…then squeals when she sees the Dr. Who stuff. Then grabs your hand to drag you to the Harry Potter section, and puts all the Captain America & Iron Man pops in the kissing positions. And finally leaves the store with a Tardis necklace, Cheshire Cat bow, & a Slytherin Prefect badge using all her birthday money & says “Worth it.”


Imagine being the 10ths doctors daughter

It was a normal day in the TARDIS,except it was malfunctioning.So that means your father was fixing underneath the consoul and you get to read human books.You always wondered what it must be like to be human for just one day.God,most humans don’t even know they had parallel universe.
Your thoughts got interrupted when Rose came down the stairs in her blue leather jacket and pink under shirt.

“Hello doctor,Hello Y/N.“She said in a cheery voice.
“Ello."We responded in unison not taking our eyes from what we were doing."So what are you guys doing?"She asked while sitting down next to me."Well,I am fixing the TARDIS."My dad said still not taking his eyes from all of the cords and wires."I am reading a human book.quiet interesting actually."You said looking up from your book."Oi! Look at that I made you look up at me!"She giggled.I chuckle "Well,it’s a new record for you.”You laughed.You know understand why your father likes her so much.Its not like you don’t like her,no not at all.You can just see her personality more clearly.Shes smart,brave,intelligent,and funny. "Your human right?Well at least I hope you are. Well, anyway I got a question. What do humans do on holidays? How do they celebrate? How do they interact?” You start rambling about all of these questions you wanted to know so badly. “Wow, slow down there. One question at a time.” She chuckled. You smiled brightly at her as your E/C sparkle.

-time skip brought to you by 10ths amazing shoes- 

 You asked so many questions that you ran out of energy and fell asleep in roses arms.


I was done fixing the TARDIS so now I can spend time with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful companion, Rose Tyler. I walked up the stairs to see Y/N sleeping in Roses arms. I smile as I see Roses eyes starts to droop. I then sit down across from the chair that Y/N and Rose were sleeping in. I sat down and crossed my legs and looked at the scene in front of me. I smiled as is see Y/Ns chest rise and fall. I sat there watching my two favorite girls sleeping. Then soon enough I fell asleep myself. 

—————————————————————————————————-    I apologize for my inactiveness :( I haven’t been on here forever because I’m posting on my second blog. I am really sorry though so I will post small drabbles if you request them :) -Naomi