the daughter of the tardis

Imagine if the first one to find out Ladybug’s identity...

…is Chloé Bourgeois. 

I can easily picture Alya finding out; I swoon at the thought of Adrien finally knowing. thelastpilot has given us an extremely spot-on characterization of Nino finding out who LB is. 

But when it comes to Chloé knowing, a part of me hesitates. Because I honestly don’t know how she’d react to that. She LOVES her some Ladybug, but absolutely cannot STAND Marinette. How does a person reconcile that? Will she like Ladybug less? Or stop altogether? Or will she stop being awful to Marinette? It could go so many ways! 

Imagine Chloé realizing that the girl she was secretly jealous of, the kind Marinette who made friends without money or fame or threats, the girl that Adrien seemed to enjoy being around, THAT girl was ALSO Ladybug? Who was loved by all of Paris? Including herself? 

Would her jealousy just get worse? Would she hate Marinette more? Try to sabotage her because no way can she have it all. She can’t be this popular pretty girl in school and ALSO a super hero. She doesn’t get to be so close to Adrien in school AND have him gawk at her as Ladybug. It’s just so UNFAIR. 

But then imagine Chloé knowing that with all the YEARS of harassment and rude comments  she’d subjected Marinette to, LB STILL saved her life. Multiple times. Marinette let Chloé call her a friend when she was behind the mask, even knowing she’d got back to school the next day and hear the mayor’s daughter throw insults at her. 

Maybe that is what, once and for all, stops Chloé’s reign of terror. Kinda

Imagine the class’s reactions when Chloé starts asking after Marinette’s health. Suddenly feeling guilty and realizing the girl might be falling down a lot because she has bruises or broke something in a fight or GOD what if she has the flu? 

Imagine Marinette’s skeptical reaction to that, and Chloé’s nonchalant “Well don’t think I actually CARE or anything…just don’t want your nasty germs getting all over me Marinette Dupain-Cheng!” 

Imagine Tom and Sabine’s bakery suddenly getting it’s debts paid off, courtesy of the mayor. Imagine them getting invited to cater at high-profile events and galas in Paris. Suddenly business is booming even MORE than before. The Dupain-Cheng’s don’t have to worry about money anymore. 

Imagine Chloé suddenly asking Sabrina to do two sets of geography homework. “You know…just in case I lose one or something!” But she knows an akuma attacked late last night and there’s no way Mari had time to do hers. 

Imagine there’s an akuma attack, and all their classmates wonder where Marinette is, and Chloé distracts them with a “Who cares about her anyway? She probably tripped and got herself locked in a closet somewhere. Let’s just go!” 

Imagine her purposely being late for school (she makes Sabrina do it too) as well so that the teacher leaves Marinette alone. Because if Marinette is in trouble then so is Chloé, and who would dare give the mayor’s daughter a tardy, and “We’re not late, the rest of you are just early!” 

Imagine that Chloé Bourgeois still pretends to be the stuck up rich brat everyone knows her as just to keep Marinette’s secret safe. 

Imagine her actually wanting to be Marinette’s friend even MORE, but feeling super embarrassed about everything between them and not really knowing how else to be. This is all new for her, and she’s never been really good at making friends. ;) 

And she thinks maybe that’s what she deserves for treating Marinette so terribly. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to have her as a real friend. But she’s definitely going to do what she can to help.

She IS Ladybug’s number one fan after all. 

That moment when you know you are parenting correctly :

When your 8 year old daughter wants to go into Hot Topic to look at the Alice in Wonderland merchandise…then squeals when she sees the Dr. Who stuff. Then grabs your hand to drag you to the Harry Potter section, and puts all the Captain America & Iron Man pops in the kissing positions. And finally leaves the store with a Tardis necklace, Cheshire Cat bow, & a Slytherin Prefect badge using all her birthday money & says “Worth it.”

Eight, Charley and C’rizz are one of the cutest TARDIS team ever. They’re so precious. But I can’t decide wether they are the cutest team or the second cutest team after Twelve, Bill and Nardole. Can they all share the first step of the podium, please?

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“Rrgh. I dunno. Could we just sand down all of the sharp corners? Would that be possible?” Ten x Rose, canon, baby proofing the TARDIS. (Nervous mum-to-be Rose panicking and forgetting that their home is sentient and can baby proof herself, thank you very much.)

“Rrgh. I dunno. Could we just sand down all of the sharp corners? Would that be possible?”

“I mean, in theory, yes,” the Doctor said, amused, as Rose wandered around their ship.

She was keeping a keen eye on all of the things that would need to be fixed and made safe for when the baby came in four months. Her big toe was throbbing from her having stubbed it on the corner of the coffee table in the library, which had sent her on a rampage throughout their home, documenting every place where there was even a hint of a sharp edge.

She went room to room, mumbling to herself, and slowly, the Doctor’s exasperated amusement as well as the TARDIS’s filled her mind, and it did nothing to calm her worries. If anything, it made her angry. There were so many sharp corners and spikes of metal and so many things their baby could fall into and bash her head in and hurt herself or even…


The Doctor reached out and steadied her as her knees nearly buckled out from under her.

A blanket of calm washed over her, but it wasn’t working, and her panic was escalating. They weren’t ready! There was still so much to do, so much to buy, so much to baby proof! Just in the console room, there were nuts and bolts and screws and electrical wires and she much choke on something or electrocute herself and their baby would be hurt or she’d…

“Rose, breathe!”

The Doctor’s anxious face came into view, but it was blurry, and Rose realized that her chest felt tight and her head was aching. He rested his palms against her cheeks and buried himself deep inside her mind before giving her the telepathic prompt to take deep breaths.

The pain in her chest lessened and her panic wasn’t overwhelming her anymore, but it was still there, lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

“Breathe,” the Doctor soothed, stroking his thumbs across the apples of her cheeks. “Just breathe. There we go. Better?”

“Sort of,” Rose said, leaning into his embrace when he wrapped his arms around her waist. “But I still feel…”

“I know,” he said. “But Rose, do you honestly expect me to let our daughter wander around any place where there might be potential danger? Especially in her own home?”

“Suppose not,” she admitted, feeling slightly daft now.

“Not daft, just a mum,” he said, and Rose could hear that daft grin she loved so much in his voice. “We have plenty of time before the baby gets here.”

The TARDIS hummed insistently in their minds then, urging them to go into their bedroom. The Doctor pressed a kiss to the top of her head, then spun away from her to tug her into their room. A new door was in the wall across from their bed, and as they approached it, the TARDIS’s hum increased in pitch, as though she was excited to show them what she’d done.

The Doctor squeezed Rose’s hand, and together they pushed open the door and walked into the unknown.


Rose’s gasp of surprise mirrored the Doctor’s as they looked around at the pristine baby nursery they’d walked into. The floor was a soft, plush carpet, and the walls were a soft, soothing purple. The furniture was made from a dark, sleek wood, and Rose couldn’t help but laugh when the furniture all had rounded edges.

“Very funny, my dear,” Rose said, walking around the room that would be their daughter’s.

The TARDIS flickered her lights and a swell of affection arose through Rose, and Rose could feel how much the TARDIS loved not only her pilots, but her pilots’ baby.

Rose covered her curved belly with her hand as her baby fluttered inside her. The ship preened, and the baby moved again.

“You also didn’t think the TARDIS would just let our baby hurt herself while she’s in any of her rooms, did you?” the Doctor murmured, stepping up behind Rose to touch her stomach.

“Of course not,” Rose said, feeling exactly how protective the TARDIS was of their daughter.

“See, nothing to worry about,” the Doctor said, trailing his lips across Rose’s neck.

She hummed and leaned back into his touch, letting her eyes flutter shut under his ministrations. His fingers tentatively wandered up her belly until he was cupping her breast, and she immediately gave her consent even before his query made it through the bond.

They turned around and walked out of the nursery, and into their bedroom, where they resumed the tender touches and gentle kisses that sparked heat low in their bellies. Just before the Doctor could lift Rose’s shirt over her head, the TARDIS’s hum turned playful, before she withdrew from their minds to give them privacy.

But the Doctor groaned and dropped his forehead onto Rose’s shoulder as a touch of embarrassment colored his emotions.

“What is it?” Rose asked.

“Didn’t you catch what she said?” he asked.

“Well, I’ve been a bit busy,” she drawled.

“The TARDIS has a sense of humor,” he said dryly. “She evidently made it so that our room can be sound-proofed from the nursery.”

John’s Daughter

Pairing: John x daughter!reader
Word count: 1,260
A/N: Thanks to @lovetusk for the idea :)

Part 1 of October 2001

Two boys- Sam, and Dean. His whole world after Mary had died. He did everything he could do to protect them, and make sure they learned what they had to do survive. While he focused on them, and tracking what killed Mary, John Winchester was no monk. He’d had his share of women warming his beds over the years. So, of course, he’d always been smart.

So he thought.

The first time he found out any differently was in  October 2001. He received a phone call from a woman he hadn’t spoken to in years, which shocked him. While she didn’t say what was so important, she insisted that he come see her.

He’d agreed. Sam was off at school, and he was trusting Dean more and more on his own. So, he packed up his truck, and took off. All he’d told Dean was that he’d check in when he got there. Nothing more.

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lizziea2  asked:

Ignore that last ask! I just saw you wrote the "So, how should we break the news that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister?” fic. So how about "before five, she's your kid."

Sure thing!! Hope you like this, friend! 

From the @doctorroseprompts kid fic prompt meme. 

Rose groaned and tried to find a comfortable position, which was nearly impossible as pregnant as she was with her second child. Her first child, however, was what woke her in the first place. And her sentient time ship who sometimes felt like a child, seeing as she was technically only nine years old.

Piper and the TARDIS were “whispering” back and forth through the bond they shared, but they didn’t know how to block that bond from the Doctor and Rose. Rose usually appreciated the lack of secrecy there because it meant the two “kids” couldn’t conspire against their parents/pilots, but she was now regretting that the Doctor hadn’t taught them how to keep things between the two of them.

The Doctor rolled over on his back and sighed at the ceiling.

Go to sleep, he sent the TARDIS and his daughter.

The chattering stopped for a few minutes, but then both muffled part-human and TARDIS giggles broke out again.

“They’re not going to listen through telepathy,” Rose reminded him with her eyes still closed. “You know you’re going to have to go in person.”

“Me?” he grumbled. “They’re yours too.”

“Un-uh, before five, she’s your kid. And same goes for the ship.” She cracked an eye open and patted his arm.

“Still think it’s your turn,” he mumbled under his breath as he climbed out of their nice, warm, comfortable bed.

Rose sat up on her elbows (as much as she could) and wordlessly pointed to her six-and-a-half-months-along pregnant belly.

“Point taken.” He nodded sleepily, then added more gently, “Seriously, I’ve got this. Go back to sleep, love.”

He leaned over the bed and kissed her before heading down the hall to Piper’s room.  

The Past Is The Past, Part 2 - 11th Doctor x Reader

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An anon requested a part 2 of ‘The Past Is The Past’ that you can read HERE!

This is bittersweet, I know anon wanted something happy, but at least it gives Y/N some closure. And it just didn’t fit to give her a whole happy ending like a fairytale. Sorry.

Clara looked at the ceiling. It had been some months since she had met Y/N L/N and her daughter. It still bothered her. She wanted to know if they were doing okay. And she was also worried about the Doctor. He insisted he didn’t have feelings any more and that he didn’t care about what happened to them, but Clara knew better.

One night when she hadn’t been able to sleep she had gotten out of bed to find the Doctor. Maybe he would tell her a story about some adventure. But he was nowhere to be found. She had almost given up but then she had found a door with “Y/N’s Room’ on it. Very softly she had opened the door. One light was on and Clara had looked through the tidy but obviously lived in room. It looked like Y/N had just left one day. Unexpected. And there on the bed, curled in the blankets, slept the Doctor. Clara had backed out the room and leaned against the wall. ‘I’m no longer in love with her.’ Bullshit, she had muttered.

The more she found out about the Doctor, the more he was filled with bullshit it seemed. He lied a lot. And was obviously horrible with feelings. What didn’t help was that she was kind of falling for him. Which was hard, knowing that he had a daughter somewhere. And he had to get back to Y/N. And at the same time she wanted to snog him. Talk about complicated!

“Clara, are you even listening to me?”

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OK, so I have this super elaborate headcanon about what happens to Clara and Ashildr, and it goes thus:

After a few years of traveling, Clara checks her pulse and finds she has a heartbeat. At first, she and Ashildr just assume that they’ve gone out of Gallifrey’s reach or something. But then Ashildr checks her DNA to see if she’s aging, and the TARDIS says she’s a Time Lady.

They both travel to Gallifrey to ask the Time Lords for help, and they explain that Time Lords evolved by living around Time energy, which affected their DNA. Humans are not effected by Time Energy because their cells keep renewing, keeping them human. But because Clara’s cells do not renew since she is frozen in time, the Time Energy in the TARDIS gradually turns her into a Time Lady, complete with two hearts and 12 regeneration’s. The reason she can hear her heart is that Time Lord death occurs on when both hearts stop beating, and Clara’s second heart is still going, while her first heart is frozen.

Because of this, Clara goes out to face the raven. It kills her, and she lies motionless. After the Doctor her in a room, Clara leaves a note for Rigsy telling him not to tell anyone and even paint the Doctor’s TARDIS as a memorial to her to make her death look real, and Clara sneaks away to her TARDIS. Like Jenny (the doctor’s daughter, look it up if you don’t know) she regenerates into another body of herself.

With no fear of damaging the universe, Clara and Ashildr carry on traveling.

I Will...10/10

Well, this is it. Mrs.Bertucci has given her stamp of approval! I promised a fluffy, happy ending, and I hope this delivers! (She did approve it, after all!) I’m on vacation, on my surface, so it’s hard for me to copy links; I’ll update this post when I’m not using this horrible app!

Thank you all for reading!

Ten x Rose…with Martha and Donna, and of course the TARDIS!

…follow you anywhere

The Doctor stretched his mind, searching for Rose. Nothing. She didn’t answer. The warmth of her mind didn’t reach for his, even across the Void. His mind was as cold and empty as after the Time War.

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Imagine being the 10ths doctors daughter

It was a normal day in the TARDIS,except it was malfunctioning.So that means your father was fixing underneath the consoul and you get to read human books.You always wondered what it must be like to be human for just one day.God,most humans don’t even know they had parallel universe.
Your thoughts got interrupted when Rose came down the stairs in her blue leather jacket and pink under shirt.

“Hello doctor,Hello Y/N.“She said in a cheery voice.
“Ello."We responded in unison not taking our eyes from what we were doing."So what are you guys doing?"She asked while sitting down next to me."Well,I am fixing the TARDIS."My dad said still not taking his eyes from all of the cords and wires."I am reading a human book.quiet interesting actually."You said looking up from your book."Oi! Look at that I made you look up at me!"She giggled.I chuckle "Well,it’s a new record for you.”You laughed.You know understand why your father likes her so much.Its not like you don’t like her,no not at all.You can just see her personality more clearly.Shes smart,brave,intelligent,and funny. "Your human right?Well at least I hope you are. Well, anyway I got a question. What do humans do on holidays? How do they celebrate? How do they interact?” You start rambling about all of these questions you wanted to know so badly. “Wow, slow down there. One question at a time.” She chuckled. You smiled brightly at her as your E/C sparkle.

-time skip brought to you by 10ths amazing shoes- 

 You asked so many questions that you ran out of energy and fell asleep in roses arms.


I was done fixing the TARDIS so now I can spend time with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful companion, Rose Tyler. I walked up the stairs to see Y/N sleeping in Roses arms. I smile as I see Roses eyes starts to droop. I then sit down across from the chair that Y/N and Rose were sleeping in. I sat down and crossed my legs and looked at the scene in front of me. I smiled as is see Y/Ns chest rise and fall. I sat there watching my two favorite girls sleeping. Then soon enough I fell asleep myself. 

—————————————————————————————————-    I apologize for my inactiveness :( I haven’t been on here forever because I’m posting on my second blog. I am really sorry though so I will post small drabbles if you request them :) -Naomi

A Bearded Christmas

Title:  A Bearded Christmas

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Summary: Gemma and Tom spend a very special first Christmas together as a couple.

Warnings: Cute fluff ahead. Also some minor smut.

Author Note: I was seriously so excited to write this. Especially since I haven’t posted any Gemma and Tom lately. Thanks to everyone for reading everything this past week. I hope everyone has has a wonderful holiday. This is the most writing I’ve done in ages, but it’s definitely sparked my inspiration. So there might be lots more to come.

“Are you almost ready?” Gemma called down the hallway as she finished wrapping the treats they were bringing to her parent’s Christmas Eve dinner.

“I’ll be right there,” Tom called from the living room.

Checking the time, Gemma grumbled and quickened her pace. They were going to be late and her mother wasn’t going to let them hear the end of it. If she was desperate, though, she’d have to throw Tom under the bus and blame his tardiness. It was Christmas with family, after all, it was everyone for themselves.

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