the daughter of nothing

The Joker x Reader - “Gone”

Losing your daughter was a nightmare. Nothing compares to the horrible feeling of not having her around anymore. To say your relationship with The Joker is under pressure would be an understatement. The fact that you won’t listen to his solution to your grief is making things harder and harder.

You barely speak to each other anymore. There are days when the only question you ask is if he wants coffee and that’s it. Most of the times, J doesn’t even bother to answer, just nods a yes or a no.

So much silence without her…Numbed by sorrow and misery, you don’t even know how you make it from one week to another. You still sleep in the same bed with the Joker, keeping your distance. He can barely tolerate your presence also. Confined to the prison of your grief, everything that kept both of you together seems nothing but a distant remembrance.

When you start crying at night, J just leaves without a word. He likes to go and sleep in her room, not wanting to hear your sobbing. You never go to your daughter’s bedroom in the same time.

There are moments you feel your heart is going to shatter to pieces so you sneak into her chamber, searching around for that something you are aware you won’t find. She’s not there anymore and it hits you so hard you have to collapse on the small bed, hugging her favorite teddy bear, crying your eyes out until you fall asleep.


It’s raining like crazy.

Emma used to get scared by thunder and ran into the master bedroom, wanting to sleep in between her parents. You can almost hear her little steps on the hardwood floor. The Joker always objected but never chased her away. He was actually the first one to soothe her and you let him have it; you knew his child was one of the few distractions he would indulge.

You glare at the blank space in between you; so much distance and nothing to fill the emptiness with. J is laying there on his back, covering his face with his right arm. You know he’s not sleeping, probably tormented by the same memories as you are.

“I miss my baby…” you whisper and he doesn’t reply. You sigh, wishing she was still with you. “Do you remember when she was born?” you continue. “Didn’t fuss too much…”

No reaction.

You crawl on his side, getting on top of him, take your boy-shorts and t-shirt off, pulling down his boxers in the process.

There’s no objection.

You slowly move on top of him, softly moaning as he holds tightly to your hips, trying to hold in his groans. It’s just been so long.

Mindless, desperate sex because you want to feel something…anything. J didn’t push you away which means he apparently shares the same perspective. Afterwards, your return to your side, squeezing one of the pillow to your chest; you didn’t even kiss him and he didn’t seem to care.


The gun shot wakes you up and you instantly jump out of bed, alarmed, not realizing what’s going on. You’re so groggy you stumble on the blanket that ended up on the floor earlier and almost fall on your knees. Another gun shot. It’s definitely coming from upstairs.

“ J ?” you raise your voice and rush to the upper story, scared to death. “J ?” When you barge into her room, The Joker is there, sitting on her bed with the gun in his lap. You’re shaking so badly you have to let yourself slide down against the wall, gasping for air. “Jesus, I thought…” you can’t even finish while you wipe the cold sweat from your forehead, relieved.

“You’re not that lucky,” he snarls, staring you down.

“Lucky?! How would be losing you too considered lucky, hm?” you struggle to regain your self-control, jittery from the incident. “What…what are you shooting at?”

“I don’t know,” the honest response discloses the truth.

“Don’t do this to me again…” you beg, wrapping your arms around your knees in a faded effort to ease the heartache.

“Ooohh, let me guess: you still care?” J grins, chuckling in such a manner it makes you wince:

“Of course I care…”

“Get out of here, I want to be alone!” he suddenly snaps, pointing out towards the door.

Such a dreadful feeling hanging on your shoulders, such a burden…and it will never vanish.

“She was my little girl too…” you gulp, dismissing his demand. “You’re not the only one that suffers…” you sniffle, not moving when his eyes burn with resentment. You are finally on your feet again and step towards him.

“Don’t!” he barks. “Get out!”

“No…” and the gun being pointed at you doesn’t make you flinch.

”I said get out!!!” The safety clicks and you stop in front of him, waiting. “Are you deaf?!  I don’t want you in here!” J shouts without success.

You just prepare for whatever outcome may happen.

“I don’t blame you…” you reach you hand to lower his. “I really don’t…You protected her, there is nothing else you could have done…”

“Shut up…” he growls, not wanting to hear about it.

“It wasn’t you fault…It really wasn’t…” you utter in low voice, speaking your mind. The Joker pants, fighting against the emotions building up inside of him and finally allows you to take his gun.

“Get out…” he repeats and you grant his wish, taking the pistol with you. “I hate you for giving me a daughter I couldn’t keep ! Why don’t you want me to have her back?” he lashes out, unable to keep it in.

“She was my baby too and we can’t have her back…” J distinguishes your hurtful response before you close the door.

Your child’s death wasn’t his fault. You were out of town and J took her with him to one of the hideouts since he had important business to take care of. His new acquisition of guns, explosives and ammunition needed to be sorted out and moved to other locations. While the henchmen worked on packaging and sealing the boxes, one of the grenades was accidentally set off and triggered a tremendous chain reaction. At that moment, The Joker and your daughter were in the office, but didn’t make it any better. He had time to shield her with his body before he lost consciousness. The strong blast nearly leveled the entire building.

J was severely injured, took him two month to recover. That’s why he lost hearing in his left ear and the deep scar going across his right eye makes it difficult to see from time to time: his vision gets blurry and gives him horrible migraines. A corrective eye surgery was suggested, but he didn’t follow up on it.

Emma sustained critical traumatic injuries and didn’t survive. She was only 5.

You take a sit on the stairs, stashing the gun to the side of the railing, bawling and shivering from anxiety. My God, how terrified you were for those few long moments you believed you’ll find him dead upstairs! It’s just like something awoken inside of you, buried and ignored for months, fighting to get to the surface at any cost.

One hour passes by and you gather your strength to get up again and return to her bedroom to check up on him. J fell asleep on the bed, curled up on top of the blankets. He senses you snuggling behind him, your arms holding his waist and he squirms, preparing to flee.

“Don’t go…”you plead with shaky voice. “Please stay…”

The Joker takes a deep breath, debating on your request.

“I really miss my baby…and I miss you…I’m so alone…Please stay…Just this time…Yes?…” and you kiss the back of his neck, hoping he will listen to your plea. “I want us to be together in here for once…Please stay…It’s just so hard…and it hurts…”

J feels your tears on his skin and shifts so he can face you.

“You know, Princess…” (you whimper since he didn’t call you any names in forever) ”…this is the most we talked in ages,” he justly mentions, frowning.

“Yes it is…” you sniffle, grateful he’s still there and caress his cheek.

“You could’ve at least thanked me for the good time I gave you; I’m not a piece of meat, you know?” he mutters, kissing your forehead and you smile through tears, hugging him as tight as you can.

“I love you,” the words follow and it comforts him in a way he didn’t think possible. Last time you told him was months ago. “ I love you.” You kiss him, savoring his taste and how soft his lips are. “I want to sleep here until morning, OK?”

The Joker grumbles something that sounds as an approval, exhausted from the bad night that turned out…bearable in the end.

“Did you even read through the folder?” he points his finger towards the binder that is always on her playing table.

“I did…” you take a deep breath, uneasy. “Over and over again…but you know my opinion about the whole thing…”

Last time you two kind of have a conversation was 6 months ago; it was about that and it ended up in a terrible fight. The portfolio is about “Lenixx Inc. – Institute of Research & Development of Human Genome.” They had a strong start on the genetics market, the most hyped and talked about cloning program; so many successes and so many failures also. The failure part is the one that worries you.

“I want us to try it,” J lifts your chin up so he can see you better. “I want my Emma back!”

“I can’t…I can’t…” you shake your head, upset he won’t drop the idea.
“It’s NOT a request !!!” he snarls, pulling on your hair so hard it makes your eyes sting.

“Can you - can you imagine what it would do to us if it doesn’t work?! It would be like losing her again, the worst nightmare when we already live in hell. Why can’t you understand? Why are you so stubborn?!” you try to reason with a Joker that doesn’t take no for an answer. He always gets his way somehow.

“Do you want me to stay?” J bites his lip, playing the ace in his sleeve.

“Yes, why even ask?” the sorrowful tone confirms what he is already certain of.

“Then I want us to try! Otherwise, I’m gone.”

“It’s not fair…” you weep, distressed by the difficult decision you have to make.

“I’m not known to be a fair person,” he wipes your tears, admitting to his own flaw for once. “You’re still young, you can have her again. Simple question: yes or no?” The Joker forcefully holds his grip on your body when you wiggle to escape.


J returns to the kitchen and squints his eyes when he notices the can of grape juice gone from the counter; he could swear he took one out of the fridge before going on the balcony.

“Hey, Pumpkin, did you take my grape juice?” he yells so you can hear him.

“Nooo, I’m upstairs, cleaning out the closet!”

“Hmm…” he smirks when he hears the giggle coming from under the table. “I wonder what happened to it…” (More muffled giggling). “Maybe the grape juice fairy stole it…” he pretends to dispute on the missing item, sniffling the air around. “I can smell her, I think she’s close. If I catch her, I’m gonna tickle her until she surrenders.”

“Hehehehe,” the little voice nervously echoes when his feet stop in front of the table.

“I think I know where she hides!” and he suddenly drops on his knees, making Emma scream and laugh like crazy while he drags her out from the fortress. “Com’ere!” he covers her in kisses and she hugs him with her tiny hands, holding to his can of grape juice.

“Daaa’yyy, stopppp,” she begs, continuing to laugh as The Joker tickles her too.

“You brat, stealing my favorite drink,” he lifts her up in his arms, heading upstairs where you are.

“Da’yy, share?” your daughter smacks her lips, really wanting some of that juice for herself. She’s not his kid for nothing.

“Yes, we’ll share, but don’t tell mom, I don’t want to share with her too, OK?”

“OK, da’yy,” she enthusiastically bounces in his arms, her pigtails flying all over the place.

“Princess, I think she’s a natural, totally snatched my grape juice; already has great skills,” J proudly reports and you roll your eyes.

“Only you could be excited about that,” you come over to kiss her and she hands you over the can.

“Hey, I said we’re not going to share, kiddo!” he pouts, faking his disappointment.

“Mommy too, da’yy,” Emma cover his mouth with her small fingers.

“Traitor!” he mumbles under his breath.

“That’s my girl!” you praise her, opening the container. “Daddy really needs to shut it down sometimes!” and you give her the drink first, holding in it while she sips the sweet liquid. “It’s good?”

“U-hum,” she wipes her mouth, happy like no other.

“Such  a cute little doll,” J squishes her cheeks, placing a kiss on her temple.

“The cutest…” you whisper, biting on your nails, mesmerized by how joyful she is.

Nothing can ever compare with having your child back. And the man you love. For once in your life, you are thankful you listen to him.


As if this day could not get more depressing—a coworker just told me that his wife’s breast cancer treatment was denied coverage by their insurer.  He has been having ongoing problems with his ACA exchange-purchased coverage that will most likely lead to him filing for bankruptcy ever since his newborn daughter required hospitalization.  Nothing he ever says about this makes sense to me, and I cannot seem to find a way to help him.  I can’t even imagine having to deal with all they’re dealing with while also trying to figure out what’s going wrong with their health care coverage.

Knowing the situation might only be worse in the future is incredible disheartening.  Can we just stop trying to profit from health insurance already?  I can’t even remember what the world was like before this was so awful.

Spent 30 minutes at Target trying to find shoes that fit my daughters’ fat ass feet and left with nothing. I’m so frustrated lol.
She loves to play at the park but I know she will end up with a splinter or something if she doesn’t have shoes on. But her feet legit look like mine when I was 9 months pregnant. Size four fits her length but not her fat; and size five BARELY fits her fat but are so long she is tripping over them.
I feel shitty having to keep her cooped up in the house and making her sit in carts when we go out rather than letting her walk.

Family’s What You Make Of It

Family’s What You Make Of It | It starts when Dan stumbles through the door of his two bedroom flat with an attractive stranger attached to his mouth, and it ends with, well… a family. Or, the one where Dan is a single father of a three year old, who intends for Phil to be nothing more than a one night stand until he see’s him interact with his daughter for the first time. | Phan | Mature | Smut, self-neglect, implied self-esteem issues, single father Dan | 4,374 Words

Thank you so @phansdick for encouraging me (as always) and then being wonderful and beta’ing for me without me even having to ask ;)

(Ao3 Link)

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Homestuck Meta Theory

Alright, so I know there’s a lot of people disappointed with the ending, again, I sound like a broken record by this point. And don’t get me wrong- While I love the ending, I would still love to see more of the characters and the story! I just feel it’s a good end as it is. I’ve made a lot of theories about what the End means and everything about Act 7, but all of the things I said, about the Jujus, about becoming freed from Paradox Space, it made me think about the rest of the story, and I believe it has made my entire idea of what Homestuck is change.

So the big question here is, what IS Homestuck? Most people, including me, when talking to someone who knows nothing about it, will speak about the story, the 4 Kids playing SBURB, and the subsequent destruction of Earth. And then mention its huge amount of references towards programming languages, popular culture, storytelling in itself, and it’s self-referential nature. But this Ending has got me thinking that maybe the reason why so many people have been disappointed in the End is because they got Hussie’s intentions wrong.

We tend to reference how the humor and the nature of Homestuck’s narrative is a little extra onto the story, and while it is true the story itself and the characters have drawn a big part of the Fandom, I thought… What if the important part of the Narrative isn’t the Story, but the Meta elements.

As soon as I made connection, everything about the ending began to fall into place. I have commented before that I feel Act 7 is like being shown the Good Ending of a video game without seeing its Neutral Route. 

The Kids have Earth, and Juju Vriska uses manages to flip the ending so that instead of being trapped by Paradox Space’s rules…

They manage to ‘End’ the game properly and get their Happy Ever After.

All while Caliborn is shown getting his power of Immortality, and while we’re left ambiguous about what happens to Vriska and Lord English and everyone in the Dream Bubbles…

Another thing people have complained about is the Character Arcs.

They say how ‘different’ the timeline is. What was the point of Rose’s alcoholism if then Vriska just swats the drink away and it never had any relevance anymore? Terezi’s relationship with Gamzee never happened. Dave and Karkat got together? The Game Over Timeline is bad, everyone agrees that people dying is never good, but they also claim that suddenly having all that Character Development changed made them unable to relate to some characters anymore.

And of course there’s always the mention of how Vriska, even though she’s an abusive 8itch, ended up being somewhat of a heroine, or at the very least not seemingly getting too punished…

That’s where the Narrative itself told us there was something off.

DAVE: rose we dont have fuckin “arcs” we are just human beings

Many have mentioned it, about how not having a closure to certain character arcs referenced this portion, the notion that the characters didn’t have an arc. The same way she then references Jade breaking Endgame ships and such. Rose’s power is Light, and her information source comes from the same place as SBURB and Skaia. It’s a game. Of course she’d have the notion that all of them have to fit certain predisposed stereotypes or their stories have to follow a certain pattern- Rose is looking at their lives since SBURB started as it has been. A Story.

But Dave is having none of it. Dave is beyond the thought that all they do has to follow a set pattern, and claims they don’t have character arcs. This might sound like a clever device by Hussie so he didn’t have to explore more of each of these character’s lives and he could close the comic leaving some loose ends but, there’s more.

Hussie? As an entity? Exists within the story. This would be all fun and dandy if it were a couple of stupid references and memes. And that’s what many people think! Most of his appearances in canon have been a joke, really. But…

Hussie joked about his influence on the comic, when his bot-self was about to mess up with the Kids in the Yellow Yard, but eventually didn’t do it. And yet? His fight with Vriska. His interactions with Caliborn. Everything pictured above? Hussie is a physical entity that follows the same rules as everyone else in Paradox Space and can influence the story. But he’s not a self-insert. He IS the Author. He is the one who wrote every of these characters and continued the story. He’s not another character, he’s himself, in the Homestuck Universe.

And then it began to dawn on me, that perhaps the Meta aspect of Homestuck was a bit more than Fourth-Wall Breaking fun and references to real life stuff. Of course, this train of thought led me to another main plot device that has never exactly been explained to its full extent. Jujus.

There’s the Sucker…

The Crowbar…

The House Juju…

A lollipop that could change character’s personalities, making them immediately make up for aaaall of their mistakes without a care in the world, start alchemizing new weapons, and end up exactly where they needed to be.

A crowbar that can break other of these mysterious devices, and more importantly, has been shown to be able to interact with the Website itself, which seems to be its own physical entity as well!

A house that gave John the ability to change the story, and that ended up being used against the Big Bad of the entire comic.

A puppet that trapped the Souls of various characters and became the gateway for the Big Bad of the comic to become who he is.

A mysterious pair of rings that oh so conveniently appear and disappear on characters, and leave you wondering what they really do, but clearly shown to at least be able to revive someone who, by no other means in the story, would have been able to get back to the world of the living.

Jujus are mysterious, when you look at them from the perspective of the characters. They have no beginning, no end, they just appear at some point and do a loop through time, ending up exactly where they appeared first. They are powerful artifacts able to change reality itself, with no explained origin… But we are no characters. We have seen what these things do on the comic through its entire lengths.

Jujus are plot devices meant to alter the Meta of the comic. They are not things that make sense in a true physical reality. They are artifacts that alter the rules of the plot. Because that’s what the plot is. A story. Because Homestuck is not real, and it acknowledges this.

Or at least… It was supposed to acknowledge this. Many have also claimed that the last updates were so disappointing, compared to Cascade, as Cascade managed to solve so many plot points, but this last one felt empty of everything. Plot. Character Development. That’s where Jujus and Hussie come in.

Hussie dies, in his own comic, a comic that acknowledges him as the actual AUTHOR of the events taking place. And later, we see…

Caliborn, the young version of Lord English, acknowledging Hussie’s death, as he takes the rest of Act 6 and makes it his. Through the use of the Command Prompt, through his own drawings, he begins to write his own story.

[S] Cascade had so many plot points resolved, and these last updates didn’t. Because that is the point. Ever since Act 5 ended and Act 6 started, Hussie has begun to lose control of the story. He was killed by Lord English, the big bad, who also took control of the narrative. Vriska acknowledges a narrator speaking, and forces the narrative to shift back to her opening the Juju chest out of frustration. The command prompts, John’s retcons- At this point, Hussie is no longer in control of his characters.

The Game Over timeline was bad, but it felt like it had more Character Development. That is because it was a not-retconned Timeline. The characters had struggles, the plot moved on forward, some people was possessed, it was all prime material for a conflict and a resolution afterwards! But Aranea’s intervention made it a Doomed Timeline. A Bad End. We all know how Doomed Timelines work, so everything that happens there would have been totally irrelevant. But John didn’t want to accept that. Roxy was still alive, and sad. And Terezi wanted him to fix things up. So instead of acknowledging he was in a Doomed Timeline, like Roxy did? Roxy, who saw her mother-daughter die in her arms, and claimed there might be nothing left for them. And meanwhile, John just managed to get his powers ready, zapped back in time and solved everything.

New problems arose in the new Timeline, sure, but not as many. And a lot of the character arcs were suddenly shoved back. Rose no longer struggles with alcoholism, Karkat doesn’t chase after Terezi, and becomes Matesprits with Dave after mellowing down. Gamzee, one of the biggest dangers, is shoved back by Vriska until he’s barely relevant anymore.

And all of this might just be me trying to find an explanation to the sudden loose ends not being tied. But I think, all of this, was meant to express more than Hussie rolling the story back or changing the story to fit other things. No.

We go back to Dave’s words. We’re real people, we don’t have arcs. We are real people. In a comic, where the author is a character, and that always acknowledges it’s a comic? Dave saying they’re real people is big. It was taken as a joke, because they are characters, come on! Right? … Right?

Well of course they are. But that’s the thing. Up until Act 6, all of the various characters were nothing more than that. And even during the Game Over Timeline, they were nothing more than that. But Hussie’s death, the ghosts, no longer relevant, trying to fight back against Lord English? Caliborn’s acknowledgement of a story and trying to take control of it? And finally, John’s powers.

The House Juju gave John something more important than being able to change the Timeline.

The ability to make Selfcest canon.

Wait no- That wasn’t it.

The ability to alter the plot to his own whims.

John’s zapping doesn’t follow the rules of Paradox Space. It allows him to change the timeline as he wishes and it still be the Alpha. Not only that, but he can also warp out of the story itself, sending people and things to the background of the website.

It’s when Vriska starts to try and find this Juju that everything about the narrative begins to shift gears. John now can change the plot. Which means he is not adhering to the rules that bound them all anymore. He can go back, bring people who were dead back to life, save his friends, and aid them get a better ending.

And in this new timeline he’s changed? Everyone seems a bit different. They have gone through different things, and are as confused as anyone else about what is going on. This is the moment where these characters stop being characters.

This isn’t a story about Four Kids playing a Game, getting involved in Shenanigans and trying to live a happy ever after as villains try to plot on destroying them and reality. Homestuck is the tale of the characters from a webcomic, becoming self-aware, and escaping the grasp of the author and the narrative.

I don’t know if this is what Hussie intended, and if it is, at what point he planned to start leading the story this way. I might just be crazy and be reading too much into this? But as I see it? It closes every single loophole in this story.

Doomed Timelines are meant to be nothing. They are meant to fade, and not be relevant anymore. But the ghosts are having none of this. They WANT to be relevant in this story again. They create an army, and head off to defeat the biggest threat in the entire comic.

Caliborn knows reality itself isn’t as it seems, and tries to make his own story within it. He strives to become almighty, and then begins to destroy and rend reality itself so he can make way for his own rule.

Vriska knows she’s in a story, having interacted with the very Author and the command prompt! But she is not trying to change the story- All the opposite. Vriska follows the rules of the story, closes loopholes from what she has seen, but tries to be the one who causes everything. She wants to be in the spotlight of this tale. She creates Bec Noir just because she had seen it in her screen. And knowing this is a story, she goes off of her way to find methods to defeat each of these villains, at any cost. Because in a story, once she defeats these big, powerful foes, she’ll be a heroine, and everyone will regard her so highly, she’ll be over everyone else. Just like she wants.

John? I don’t think he knows he’s in a story. But he has the power to alter it. And after he begins to mess with the timeline, the rules of Paradox Space begin to shatter around him and his friends. Time loops, Rules, Plot, why would they care about how a story goes, if it’s not a story, it’s their lives. They just want to be happy and get away from this cycle of destruction and death.

I’d even go as far as to say God Tier Calliope knows this. If her Land and her Earth were anything like Caliborn’s, she might also been in contact with the command prompt. Perhaps the fact her entire mission was a self-sacrifice to collapse the Green Sun represented how she, too, saw Paradox Space as what it was- A construct that kept these characters trapped as that. Characters. And the only way to escape its grasp was the erase its very existence, using Lord English’s destruction to tear a hole through the comic, and destroy it.

In this way, everything that happens towards the ending makes perfect sense. There are hundreds, thousands, who knows how many timelines, in which every plot hole will be closed. But we’re not following these. It would be easy to cause, say, the Condesce to wake up. Because of her immortality curse given by Lord English. Or the Draconian Dignitary get to the Frog Lily Pad. Something happens, interrupts the kids from entering to the new Session, and bam! Suddenly more plot! Their entrance to the Universe is blocked. Terezi worries about Vriska, so they begin to plot a way to help her defeat Lord English. The black hole in the Session that likely leads to Caliborn’s land becomes relevant, and they all have a trip to beat up Caliborn. Something happens to Calliope, her ring has ended up in Caliborn’s hands as well, he traps the kids, the Alphas beat him up, all loops are closed, we have a bittersweet, predictable ending. And this has happened. In many timelines before. Over, and over. Perhaps the one we’re following isn’t even the Alpha, for that very reason.

But it doesn’t matter. I talked about how the Jujus were a way to alter the plot, and let’s go back to this, and look at my theory about the Kids Souls being Trapped for all eternity in this Juju. The moment Caliborn uses this Juju, he kickstarts the entirety of the rules of Paradox Space. These kids we follow through the story, are trapped in a plot, with rules dictated by narrative that they HAVE to adhere too.

Then the ghosts decide that this is bullshit, and that they, even after death, want to still be relevant. Instigated by Vriska and Meenah, and aided by Aranea’s mind control, they manage to find a way they can alter the plot once again, a Juju. John touches this Juju, and suddenly he gains the power to alter this plot as well, and begins his and his friend’s journey to escape the clutches of Paradox Space and the comic itself.

John was trapped in the house all along. So of course, shoving his arm through it? He managed to grasp at the other side. He got a taste of what it was to be free. And he gained the power of changing the plot as a result.

Then, Vriska becomes alive again. She’s relevant, and bashes down on her ghost self. Ghost self that had at one point tried to make herself relevant, even though since she’s dead she shouldn’t be. This way, Vriska proves that, while she acknowledges the story as a story, and wants to be always present and in the middle, she never sees it as something she has to escape. She has no character development, because now, in this timeline that John has changed, she’s free to do whatever she wants, she’s her own person without a character arc, but doesn’t find the need to become said person. She doesn’t want to change, she wants to keep following the plot, and take down the big bad.

So Vriska takes the house Juju from her alternate self, goes against Lord English, beats up the Author of the comic itself as a last Fuck You, and then uses the Juju towards him. And this is when Alive Vriska makes her big mistake. By following this plot, this story, the Juju house crashes behind her…

She’s on Lord English’s side of the house. Because both of them know the comic is just that, a story. He knows about the narrative, and the author. So he kills the author, and becomes the big evil that must be defeated. Meanwhile, Vriska knows about the narrative, and the author, so she beats up the author and tries to become the heroine.

Caliborn and Vriska could very well strive to break free of Paradox Space in other ways, but instead they do what they do best- Be themselves, and fuck shit up in the process. And it’s this mentality that in the end, as the House Juju appears, tells us that both of them have been doomed. Doomed to be trapped in this Collapsing Paradox Space there’s no escape from.

Except there is an escape.

Because the door opens. It opens for the Kids and Trolls on the lily pad. And it opens for the Ghost Army and everyone else in the Bubbles. These are people that have been living aside from the story for a long time. The ones that are alive in the Session have had John change everything and the events happening after make them question Paradox Space itself. And the dead ones or the ones just stuck in the Furthest Ring? They fear being forgotten. They fear being erased by the collapsing Paradox Space, and had faced Lord English to try and become relevant once more.

Of course Condy’s curse didn’t wake her up. Of course DD didn’t appear. The moment the Juju appears, the story is done. There is no more plot. Because it’s not a story. The ones wanting to follow the plot are now seeing it crumble, seeing everything end. And the ones that wanted to become relevant against Paradox Space- Why would they need to even follow the rules? They are trying to escape them.

The Plot Holes are part of the plot in itself. John and everyone else didn’t need to fill it up. Because they are not part of the story anymore. We didn’t see their character arcs close. Because they are not characters anymore. They are not characters anymore. They don’t need to show us they have grown- Or maybe they haven’t even grown. They are always growing, learning. But now, they have escaped this evil Universe that trapped them and forced into cruel and crueler situations. They have escaped to a peaceful realm. They don’t need to keep following the story. They are happy and free to live their lives however they want.

They are finally happy.

Redemption // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: Jungkook scenario when your pregnant unplan baby he finds the test when you get home he starts yelling, blaming you throwing things,tells you to gtfo of his life with the baby saying fucked up things. So you leave Korea 3 year later you come back with your daughter and you guys see each other again he tries to win you back angst beginning but fluff ending?

words: 8942

category: heavy angst + fluff ending

author note: it’s time to see how good destinee’s character development skills are. also y/n didn’t leave, jungkook did. hope that’s okay. im so proud of myself for writing this?? I didn’t give up and I’m glad i didn’t. anyway, this took forever to write you can literally see my writing improve as you keep reading its kind of funny anyway let’s go!

- destinee

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i’m literally the only person who finds the concept of a stydia son adorable??

•like imagine him being the spit of stiles with his long eyelashes, lil nose and dark hair (but he has lydia’s green eyes and dimples.)
•he would wear lil plaided shirts like his dads and baby converse/vans
•him being a mama’s boy and always telling his mom how beautiful he thinks she is
•stiles and lydia saying “our little man”
•stiles introducing his family to his co workers “that’s my sun (points at lydia and that’s my son”.
•lydia raising him up as a lil gentleman
•stiles giving him a lil baseball bat
•scott being his godfather and letting him go to his work with him to look at all the baby animals (and would take him to zoo a lot too)
•grandpa stilinski babysitting him a lot and every time he does something mischievous he thinks about lil stiles and just smiles at his lil grandson and would call him “mischief maker” or saying something like “you’re the creation of mischief” (bc stiles was dubbed mischief by his mom when he couldn’t pronounce his name)
•melissa and argent treating him like their grandson and he would frequently go over to theirs and play with scotts kids
•boys trip with sciles or stiles/noah
•lydia helping him with his homework and is very patient with him and appreciates his effort and calls him her little genius
•lydia, scott and stiles being proud af and watching his game whether it’s lacrosse, football or baseball or if he’s into drama his play
•sciles teaching him to drive in the jeep (if it’s still around) and them giving him duck tape for when stydia eventually gets him a car

I see your “Morty is gonna grow up to be like Rick” theory and raise you this:

“Morty is gonna grow up to be an average guy cause he just wants a normal life, too bad Summer decided she wanted to be a galactic space out law instead and she hides/lives with Morty whenever on earth” theory 

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Serendipitous Fate 

Chapter 23 - Unofficial Preview (spoilers)

The most rational thing that Marinette could figure was that she was dreaming. Or maybe even in the midst of a nightmare. Yes, a nightmare. That was the only conclusion that made sense.

Yet, it was the little things that contradicted what she would like to think was certainty. The cool feeling of the porcelain toilet lid seeping through her shorts and searing her skin like a burn. The familiar grain of the hardwood floor beneath her feet. The soft murmur of voices in the other room. But what was most jarring was the too-close sound of scissors shearing through hair. It wasn’t consistent like everything else. It stabbed through her ears like a dull, choppy blade—like being sick with the flu only to be shaken every few seconds.

She wanted it to end, but was afraid that if she said anything, she’d be forced to recognize what was real. So, instead, she stared at the floor as chunks of black hair fell softly down around her feet, the weight gradually lifting from her head with each sharp, grating slice of the scissors.

Her mother’s hands were gentle as they sifted through her hair, evening the strands and snipping at flyaways. Until, finally, the shearing stopped.

Finally, Marinette could close her eyes and convince herself that none of it was real.           

That everything was fine.

“How does it look?” Her mother’s voice, though even and calm, was nearly as jarring as the scissors had been. Marinette snapped her eyes open to see that a hand mirror was being held out in front of her.

Out of expected habit—because her body knew motions well enough to substitute for her lagging brain—she reached up and took the mirror, before holding it up so she could see the reflection of the back of her head in the large bathroom vanity.

“It looks fine,” she replied, voice rough from misuse. No more pigtails. Though her heavy bangs remained, the back and sides of her hair had been trimmed within millimeters of her head, so as to even out where Queen Bee as cut away the strands during their battle.

Queen Bee… The battle…

Marinette didn’t want to think about it.

She wasn’t too torn up over the loss of her hair—she’d had short hair before. Not this short, but it’d grow back. There were worse things, after all.

“Marinette,” her mother said softly, touching her shoulder. She sat down on the edge of the tub a moment later, so they were facing one another. “Are you alright?”

She didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to think about it.

Changing the subject to anything else was better.

“You were Ladybug before I was, right?” she asked, despite already knowing the answer

Sabine’s hold tensed on her shoulder, before her hand fell away. Much like her gaze did, becoming distant as she peered to the side.

“I was. But that… was a long time ago.”

“You’ve known I was Ladybug this whole time,” she determined.

“I realized it shortly after your first encounter with Hawkmoth, yes. I’d know those earrings anywhere. And the ring too.” She took a deep breath. “I knew Adrien was Chat Noir the first time I met him.”

Which was before Marinette had known.

“The miraculouses extend their users lifespans,” Marinette went on. “How old are you?”

“Much older than I look,” Sabine replied, finally looking back at her daughter and able to wear a small smile. Yet, Marinette said nothing, and so Sabine gave in. “I turned 97 this year, one year younger than Gabriel. I was Ladybug for most of my life.”

“Is that how you and Mr. Agreste know one another?”

“Yes. Gabriel is… a very old friend. We fought together during World War II, myself, him, and… And we stayed together for many years after, the three of us. Then the four of us.” Reaching up, she touched her forehead, looking wearied. “Thinking so far back really makes me feel my age.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Reaching out, Sabine patted her knee. “I’m not nearly as old as some.”

‘you should have been born a boy’
she said to the excitable kid
with scraped-up knees
muddy hands and
unruly tangled curls
coming in from playing football.

‘i’m sure you should have been a boy’
she said to the child sat
crying over an argos catalogue
because the red power ranger costume
didn’t come in ‘girls sizes’.

‘for god’s sake, i thought i raised a girl’
she said to the teenager asking
for a laser quest party for their 16th
for clothes from the men’s section
for permission to cut all their
‘beautiful long curls’ off that you always said
you hated.

but then you discovered that you
didn’t raise a girl.
and you also didn’t raise a boy.
you raised something,
in between
new, remixed, not-quite-girl
and they wanted to be called they.

and you said you still loved them
and you said you would try
but nothing changed.

i am the daughter
i ‘should have been born a boy’
i am ‘them’

surely your first born is worth the effort of
a single syllable

i’m from a straight cis family
in a straight cis community
so how are they supposed to know
that every
feels like a punch in the gut and every
feels like a razor cut and
trust me
i know exactly what that feels like

‘all you talk about is pronouns
there are people fighting wars!’
well i’m at war with a world
that doesn’t believe i even
fucking exist
fucking deal with the fact that
the world is changing and
people are
finding themselves

you encouraged me to be myself
to aim high and achieve my dreams
well i HAVE found myself

and they are right here, in front of you, bearing their soul
opening themself up to you
straining for your approval
for your acceptance
for your

so whether i was raised a girl
or should have been born a boy
this is what you’re stuck with
this is WHO you’re stuck with
so suck it up
because i don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

—  a single syllable - daria

Aaaaaaaallllll right! So to start up the Arranged Marriage!AU I drew up a couple of quick doodles of Twily and Rarebear as they appear in said world. Based on the large amount of votes and my own interest in it, Twilight for this AU is a Sphinx, a big cat-like creature with wings and a head that looks equine. Typically, Sphinx don’t have horns, but Twi’s… well, a special case. Before I get into that, here’s the basic synpiosis I’ll be working off of for the worldbuilding:

As a show of actively trying to maintain their peace treaty as the world threatens to spill into a world war, the King of Equestria and the Emperor of Saddle Arabia come upon the agreement of arranging a marriage between their children. Given that Rarity is the king’s oldest daughter, he chooses her, while the Emperor chooses his daughter Twilight Sparkle. Despite the arrangement being nothing more than a political decision, Twi and Rarity try to make the best of the situation.

So for Twi, I said earlier that she was unique, and that’s because she’s illegitimate child of the Emperor. Her father a sphinx, her mother a lowly maid he fooled around with, Twilight is a half-breed and despite being one of the youngest the Emperor saw her as the best fit for this arrangement. “What better to show the union between our countries than the literal offspring of such a union?”

Twilight in this AU is trilingual (can speak Equish, Prench, and Saddlerabic), has her perusual intelligence, and an adept magic user (moreso than the typical sphinx), but she is far more insecure about her place in the world and often prefers to be out of the limelight. As an illegitimate child, Twi has mostly been told all her life to stay out of sight and therefor out of mind. She is the “lapse of the Emperor’s judgement”, the mistake, and her remaining in the royal family is more or less the Emperor’s show that he takes on all of his responsibilities… even his mistakes. Not that he, or the rest of the family, legitimately cares for her. The marriage arrangement was essentially the only thing the Emperor saw her as useful for.

Rarity on the other hand grew up in a loving house… er, castle-hold with the King and Queen her adoring parents. She’s every bit the Rarity we know in the show albeit with better control over her dramatic nature (only around those she doesn’t quite know of course) and, of course, her place as the future Queen of Equestria. Unlike Twilight, who had no choice in the matter, Rarity was actually given the choice to refuse should she not want to go through with the arrangement. But Rarity agreed to it, albeit moreso because she felt obligated to do so, but she appreciates the sentiment all the same from her parents.

At the moment my brain’s kinda short-circuiting so that’s all I have so far on these two. I’ll build on them the more I figure out how this world works. Also, since I changed Twi’s species I might end up doing that with the rest of the Mane 6 aside from Rarity and one other M6 character…. maybe Applejack?? In the meantime, feel free to ask me questions and I hope you like the idea thus far!


You deserve someone better.  Because you, Detective, are selfless to a nauseating degree. You always put your daughter first, even though the ungrateful urchin does nothing to contribute to the rent. So, you deserve someone worthy of that grace. Someone who knows every crime scene breaks your heart, even though you’ll never admit it. Someone who actually appreciates your impossibly boring middle name. Jane. More importantly, Detective, you deserve someone as good as you. Because, well, you’re special and I’m….I’m not worth it.