the daughter of a wolf

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I adore the way Klaus said Hope's name cause he doess not refer to her using her name, he is more prone to nicknames such as littlest wolf / my little girl / my-our daughter so every time he uses it I get chills lol

omg I love it too. Her name means so much to him, to her family and to all of us. I love her name sm and I love it when he says it


When Peter realizes that he love Malia so much and gonna sacrifice him self for her 😭❤️

And what were happened with me after that………😱

  • Cinder: I did not pick her up early from preschool.
  • Kai: Peony, did mommy pick you up early from preschool?
  • Peony: No.
  • Cinder: See? Case closed.
  • Peony: We didn't go.
  • Kai: Case open.
  • Peony: We went shopping.
  • Cinder: All right, Peony...
  • Peony: We bought matchy wire cutters.
  • Cinder: You're going to your room.
  • Kai: You're both going to her room.




Family Love

Pairing- Chris Argent x reader (Father-Daughter) Liam x Reader (Relationship)

Word count- 1,384

Request- Hi! 🙂🙂🙃, I was wondering if you could do a Chris Argent one-shot where the reader is his youngest daughter with the promt 73??😃

A/N- This request was originally number one on the list so I just wrote this one first, Hope you all enjoy! Next up is a Derek/Parrish Imagine.

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Ever since your sister died, you and your father had been a whole lot closer. Your dad made sure to tell you he loved before you left the house everyday because he had realized just how quickly you could be ripped from him.

You knew it was hard for him, living in fear of you being taken away and him being left with nothing. He had already lost Allison and he couldn’t lose you too.  

Your father, Chris, had always been a man of hiding his emotions. So seeing him vulnerable wasn’t something anyone seen often, until Allison was gone and you too had slipped through his fingertips.

He should have known not to leave you alone when creepy parascientists were roaming the streets, taking teenagers and experimenting on them. He couldn’t stop blaming himself as he paced the living room of the flat, sweat bedding on his forehead as he waited for Scott to bring you home, a newly turned Chimera, thought they knew you wouldn’t last long, all the other experiments were dying off, mercury bleeding from them just before they passed away.

And it had happened to all of them, so you were next.

He was going to lose the only family he had left and he could do nothing to stop it.

He was surprised when he saw how well you were currently looking, for in a few hours you would be dying for sure.

It started showing when you coughed and out came some mercury. You sniffled. “It’s happening” you mumbled, letting go of Liam’s hand as you lay on the couch. “Call my dad”

“Chris!” Liam called through the house, causing the man to come running through, his fear being that his daughter was already gone. “It hurts daddy” you whimpered into his chest, feeling Liam’s hand slip back into your own, taking your pain the best he could, despite how much it hurt him.

And by the end of the night, Chris was left thinking back to the times when he had a family, before his life was crushed.

One of his favourite moments being one day, when Allison was going on a date with Scott.

“Come on dad, please just let me go” Allison begged, having fallen in love with Scott, she was desperate to go and see him, right now the only thing standing in her way was her father.

You had only been fourteen at the time, preparing to start high school. “Y/n, tell him to let me go” Allison told you, knowing you could get anything and everything for your dad if you really wanted it. “Allison, don’t bring your little sister into this, it very much looks like someone’s been cutting up your clothes.” he said, throwing her a pair of jeans.

“The skirts supposed to be that short dad!” both you and Allison exclaimed. “Daddy, I think you should let Allison go over to Scott’s, you know it makes her happy and you like her being happy, don’t you?” you asked, giving him the puppy eyes he couldn’t resist. “Fine, tell her she can go”

It was a show of a true sisterly bond. You would have been sixteen within the next month and Allison would be turning eighteen within the next few months, but neither of you got past seventeen.

At least that’s what they thought.

Because when a complaint was made about a girl, fitting your description, walking through the woods naked, Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish were first to respond, knowing full well that this was something supernatural related.

“Y/n, it’s okay, it’s just us” Parrish called out, shining the light of his torch into the dark forest. The trees that bare trees that shadowed the leave covered group were even creepier at night.

“It’s alright love” sheriff Stilinski called out softly

“Parrish” you spoke with your voice hoarse and sore, however that would be a side effect of actually being dead for a few days. “Yeah, it’s me, how are you.. In the nicest possible way of course, how are you alive” He aske, edging closer to you and wrapping his jacket around you.

“I don’t-I really don’t know. I just want to see my dad…. and Liam” you said, your voice shaking with the tears ready to fall down your cheeks. You didn’t really know why you were crying but you felt like you deserved to cry. You had been dead for almost two weeks .

“You dad looked for you y/n, your body went missing. He wouldn’t give up.” Sheriff Stilinski told you as he pulled into the station. Where your father was, having received the call that you were alive and safe. “Really?” you sniffled, looking up at Parrish, who instead of sitting up front, sat back with you for emotional support. “Really” they both agreed.

When Liam saw you, shivering due to the cold despite it being zipped up and the fluffiness of the inside keeping your top half covered and warm Parrish’s heavy jacket only reached mid thigh, the beta didn’t even think twice before stripping down to his boxers and handing you his baggy grey sweats.

You giggled slightly, watching his face turn slightly pink as a sheepish smile slipped onto his lips. The sight was enough to send tears to Chris’ eyes. You giggling, you alive.

“My baby” he rasped, his hands shaking. “Dad” you swallowed back tears, letting him collect you in his strong arms, his tears wetting the shoulder of the deputies jacket. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t protect you” he whispered, holding onto you for dear life. “It’s not your fault dad, nothing could’ve stopped it. But I’m here now and hey, that’s all that matters” you said, pulling away and kissing his cheek. “I love you and Allison would be- Infact, she is proud, she told me” you finalized, remember the moment when your body was waking up, after Theo had injected you with some weird chemical that brought you back to life.

“Y/n” a voice hummed, drawing your attention from your bright white surroundings. “You need to go now" it added softly, your eyes darting around for the source. "Y/n, you have to calm down, you have to go back”. It was Allison. “Allison, Allison please, where are you” you called out, frantically looking around for your older sister.

“It’s okay Y/n, please, you have to calm down and you have to go back. The pack, they need you, Dad, he needs you, you’re all he has left.” she persuaded, now coming into your view looking as beautiful as ever.

“Can’t you come too” you whimpered, feeling like a child begging for their parent to come with them to the swings. “We both know I can’t do that…” She trailed off. “And I wish I could, I really, really do, but  I can’t, I died by my code, by my choice.”

 "I was ready, I knew it was time but you died unfairly and you're getting another chance and you better grab quickly. Tell Dad I love him and I’m proud, and tell Liam if he breaks your heart, I’ll haunt him forever.“ she told you touching your cheek as she faded away.

That was when you awoke, hen your eyes met the forest rather than your sisters face, you were devastated.

"Hey, you zoned out there for a minuet, you okay” Liam asked softly, reaching for your hand. “Yea, just that when Theo injected my with that stuff that brought me back. I was in between dead and alive for a while and-and I spoke to Allison, she told me she was proud of me and my dad and that if you break my heart she’ll haunt you for life” you said, a small smile on your lips.

Your father beamed, knowing Allison had given your the strength and will power to fight for your life against your will to die.

Liam, who now sat in the back of your father black suburban still with just his boxers with you sleeping in his arms, had never been more happy. Your father looking in the mirror as Liam’s head rested on yours as he eyes began to flutter shut and the two of your were sleeping. He thought, maybe, just maybe, Everything would be okay as long as he had you.