the daughter of a wolf

  • Cinder: I did not pick her up early from preschool.
  • Kai: Peony, did mommy pick you up early from preschool?
  • Peony: No.
  • Cinder: See? Case closed.
  • Peony: We didn't go.
  • Kai: Case open.
  • Peony: We went shopping.
  • Cinder: All right, Peony...
  • Peony: We bought matchy wire cutters.
  • Cinder: You're going to your room.
  • Kai: You're both going to her room.


Yes yes I saw the finale…
and I still got some more Samurai Dad to draw. Hell, there’s a whole bunch of other Samurai Jack crossover doodles I wanna do.
This is a scene where Jack takes the girls on a supply run at a city. Unfortunately, bounty hunting wolf bandits are afoot.
This was a scene that popped up in my head after thinking of how dangerous Jack and the girls’ live would be.
Those girls would be perfect blackmail/ hostage material for poor Jack.
Now I can’t decide if he ended up killing the bandits, or cutting off a few limbs to leave a good reminder.
But “Mad Jack” would shove the fact that Jack is a horrible person and unfit to be a father, if he failed to protect the girls and had his hands bloodied.
Phew, haha my head is spinning and I’m still recovering from the cold, and I’m emotionally drained from the finale. Goodnight.

Farmers Daughter - Stiles Stilinski {Prologue}

Author’s Note: Thanks to @rememberstilinski for looking over this for me!

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“Dad I don’t want to work on a farm this summer! What if something bad happens and I’m not here to figure it out?” Stiles exclaims, wailing his arms around his head. Noah shook his head, crossing his arms as his son rambled on about not wanting this summer job. “It’s too late Stiles. I already told Mr. Holmes that you would help out. It’ll be good for you and you need a break from all the supernatural disasters happening.” Noah mentions, grabbing his utility belt, placing it on his waist. “Plus, Lydia is just as or smarter than you are, she can figure it out. Stiles, you’re not getting out of this. I’m sorry son.” Stiles’ dad pats his shoulder as he walks out the door. Stiles groaned as he runs his fingers through his hair, digging into his pocket, fishing for his phone. He dials Scott’s number, plopping down on the couch, pressing the phone to his ear.

“C’mon Scott.” Stiles pleads, his leg bouncing quite rapidly.

“Stiles? What’s up?” Scott answers and Stiles lets out a breath of relief.

“Scott, thank god you answered. We’ve got a problem, huge problem.” Stiles tells him and Scott’s face becomes slightly worried.

“Dude, calm down. What’s wrong?” Scott says, Stiles’ chemo signals reeking of anxiety.

“My dad, he’s sending me to a farm for a summer job and he didn’t even ask me! He told me that it’d be good for me because we’re always dealing with supernatural beings trying to kill us.” Stiles tells him, hoping Scott found this just as ridiculous as he did.

“Well, I mean he kinda has a point Stiles. You’ve been on edge a lot lately.” Stiles’ lips part slightly, hearing Scott agree with his dad.

“Are you being serious? You know what never mind. I’ll talk to you later.” Stiles hangs up throwing his phone on the couch. “I can’t believe this is happening.” He sighs, heading upstairs to pack his stuff. Later that night Stiles’ dad comes home from work, they have a late night dinner in the kitchen. “Dad, I want to apologize for flipping out on you earlier. I know that you’re just trying to help me and I completely understand, and maybe being away from this town for a while might help my mental health a bit.” Stiles mentions, looking up at his father, seeing him with his eyebrows raised in shock. Noah isn’t used to hearing Stiles agree with this idea, he thought that Stiles would fight him more or beg him not to go.

“Wow, Stiles. I’m really surprised that you agree with me and I know that it’s going to ruin your summer, but if you ever need to come home, call me. I’m sure Mr. Holmes and his family will understand. You should get some sleep though son, we’ll be leaving in the morning so you can have a look around of the farm before you begin working there.” Stiles nods his head before giving his father a tight hug before heading off to bed.

Meanwhile on the farm…

“Sweetie, can you come to the living room for a minute!” Y/N’s mother, Kelley, yelled earning a groan from Y/N. She gets up, walking into the living room, seeing her parents sitting on the couch, the news lowly playing in the background.

“Yeah?” Y/N asks, looking between her parents, a confused look on her face as she takes a seat in one of the chairs nearby.

“Well you know how I told you that since your dad’s now working by himself that you’d have to help out a bit?” Kelley asks Y/N and the young girl nods her head, picking at her nails. “Well luckily you won’t be alone, your father put an ad in the paper and found a guy your age to help out this summer!” Y/N’s eyebrows raise in surprise that someone her age would want to work all summer long.

“W-Wow, okay. Um, who is it?” Y/N asks sitting up a little straighter, her interest in this guy peeking a bit.

“His dad says that his name is Stiles, he’ll be showing up tomorrow. He’s going to be staying in the room next to yours until about August.” Y/N’s dad tells her and her heartbeat picks up a bit. Y/N’s never really had a guy, other than her cousins, stay in her house before. She nods her head at her parents, walking back towards her room. She lets out a breath, her thoughts immediately going back to Stiles. Y/N wonders what the boy looks like and what his personality is like, her eyes drooping shut as she falls into a deep sleep, Stiles still invading her thoughts.