the daughter of a sultan

“Why should you be Kuzco’s wife?” 

“I’m the daughter of the sultan of Agrabah, it would be for the best if our countries united.” 
“You might be royalty, but I have read enough books to know how to rule a kingdom. You definitely want my knowledge.” 
“Well, I have saved China. I can lead any troop in battle to success.” 
“Pff, I’m palls with the God of the dead, how much benefits won’t that give you?” 
“I’m the daughter of a God of the sea. Do you really want a mortal human as your wife?” 

You got some hard decisions there Kuzco, choose carefully. x3 

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 I’ve had the idea of making something with Kuzco choosing a wife for a while (like 2015 for a while), but just never gotten around to it, then miss disney posted the new contest and I finally decided to do it xD 


The first haseki, Hurrem. pursued the greater part of her career free from the restraints imposed by a mother-in-law, and she died before she could act as queen mother, valide sultan, to her own daughter-in-law, Selim II’s haseki, Nurbanu.

Thus it was for the first time in the reign of Murad III, who ascended the throne in 1574, that valide sultan and haseki competed for influence over the sultan and over factions in government. The broad arena of power enjoyed by Hurrem could not easily be reoccupied by a concubine haseki in the presence of the valide sultan, the dynastic family’s eldest member. It is in this period that we observe the emergence of a hierarchy of female royal power, with the valide sultan at the top.


the sultanate of women: Mihrimah Sultan 

Patron of pious foundations, protector of the state, and the world, and the faith, the Princess - may God the Almighty dedicate her to an abundance of benevolence - daughter of the Khan of the Khans of the Orient and the Occident, sultan of the sultans of the lands where the sun rises and sets, […] Sultan Süleyman Khan.

يا راوي حكي حكاية
مادابك تكون رواية
حكي لي على ناس الزمان
حكي لي على ألف ليلة وليلة
وعلى لنجة بنت الغولة
وعلى ولد السلطان

Oh storyteller tell us a story
Make it a tale
Tell me about the people of old
Tell me about 1001 Nights
And about Lunja, daughter of the Ghoul
And about the son of the Sultan.
🎶 Ya Raoui - Souad Massi

Sheesh Mahal.
Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)


Osmans family tree for 15 - 17 centuries

I hope that this post will help all those who are interested in a new TV series “The Magnificent Century: Kosem” with the rather complicated genealogy the Ottomans.


The slight inaccuracies associated with the number of children from little known concubines or Sehzades those that died soon after birth.Also it concerns “the second generation” - sultanzade and sultanas.Most often their names are not known or not precisely known the number of children some daughters of the Sultan.

There may be some typos with the dates - if you noticed that I am much mistaken (attributed to years of life of Suleyman to any child Murad lol ) send a message - I will correct this error.

The signs as Sultan moments and characters

Aries: Director

Taurus: Barkat Hussain (Kumud Mishra)

Gemini: Tiny Kukreja (Sumeet Samnani)

Cancer: Aarfa (Anushka Sharma)

Leo: Tyron Woodley

Virgo: Suzi Khan (Sultan and Aarfas daughter)

Libra: Govind (Anant Vidhaat Sharma)

Scorpio: Producer

Sagittarius: Sultan (Salman Khan)

Capricorn: Fateh Singh (Randeep Hooda)

Aquarius: Akash (Amit Sadh)

Pisces: Meiyang Chang

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sultanas and sehzades in turhan hatice’s care

as well as her own children, turhan hatice sultan took the sons of other sultanas under her protection to protect them from fraticide. she was also said to look after fatma sultan, the daughter of her fellow haseki mu’azzez sultan. according to necdet sakaoğlu, rabia gülnuş attempted to have suleyman and ahmed strangled after the birth of her son mustafa, but “mother sultan turhan had hindered these attempted murders.”


“Scherazade” Guymelef

Technical Data

Equipment Type: Guymelef
Government: Asturia
Manufacturer: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only
Dimensions: height 8.1 costa
Mass: 6.9 peizo
Energists: 2 red
Design Features: none
- Armament -
1 x Sword

Description and History

Despite lacking the craftsmanship of Ispano manufacturing, the Scherazade is still considered a formidable Guymelef largely due in part to the great skill of its pilot, the Knight Caeli Allen Schezar. Its relative agility and Allen’s skillful use of the rapier-like sword makes up for its limited weaponry and inability to transform modes or fly.

Note: Scherazade (Sherazaado) is an alternate spelling of Scheherazade (also rendered as Sheherazaado, Sheerazaado, Shaharazaado, or Sheerazaade), the vizier’s daughter who recounts the tales to the sultan in the One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights).

Production Notes

Debut: The Vision of Escaflowne, Episode 3
Pilot(s): Allen Schezar
Other appearances: none
Original mechanical designer: Kimitoshi Yamane Escaflowne

handan sultan appreciation meme

[ 1/1 ] history

Leonardo Donà, the Venetian extraordinary ambassador who came to Istanbul in 1596 to congratulate Mehmed III on his enthronement, claims that, Mehmed III had three sons (Selim, Ahmed and Süleyman) and two daughters, all by the same mother, Handan Sultan. If we assume that Donà’s indirect remark about Handan Sultan’s status as the mother of three princes is valid, it would indicate that she was actually Mehmed III’s first haseki, well before Halime Sultan, but only for a brief period since Sehzade Selim died in 1597, as noted above, while Sehzade Süleyman seems to have passed away at a young age at around the same time. 

It was noted that “…their [sultan’s children] mothers are said to be very beautiful. In particular, the first and last wife were beautiful…”.


list of costumes

character: mihrimah sultan
appearance: episode 99
type: the wedding dress
description: wedding dress with imitation of lace top coat.historically,the ottoman wedding dresses were made of rich fabrics in the latest fashion,usually bright is considered traditional for the daughters and sisters of sultans.


This is #HistoricalSerial Episode 4: Gracienne

One (historical) story told week by week. Told by me, the author of this manuscript.

Last week on #HistoricalSerial, Gillion left his pregnant wife Marie for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to thank God for the blessing. Little did he know that that would be last he saw of her for over 20 years. Full episode here. Read from the beginning here.

“I saw his naked body, outstretched. I had never seen a man more beautiful, or of stronger body.”

Who said these saucy words? Well, none other than the Sultan’s daughter, Gracienne. Yes, the Sultan. Yes. The Sultan of Egypt.

Gillion was captured on his way back from Jerusalem and was taken to Cairo. Perfect! The Sultan wanted him dead, payback for killing so many of his soldiers.

“He made my whole body tremble, I was completely overwhelmed with a sudden passion.” Gracienne, moved by uh…*passion*, convinced her father to spare Gillion’s life. What luck, Gillion.

Convenient for the Sultan, a nasty attack on Cairo broke out. Enemy troops from Damascus captured and tortured the Sultan, and their leader asked for Gracienne’s hand in marriage as ransom.

“How could I love such a brute? But I had an ace up my sleeve. Gillion. I dressed him in the Sultan’s clothes and sent him to battle.” He saved Cairo, and the Sultan.

The Sultan makes Gillion promise to never leave Cairo, and to head all of the Sultan’s armies. Gracienne was secretly delighted, now her crush would remain close.

But the one bad thing about Gillion? He’s Christian. (AND MARRIED!) And Gracienne is Muslim. This will never work…or will it? Next week on #HistoricalSerial.