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Long distance + Jealous + “I’m not letting you go until you stop crying.” (angst/fluff)
Morning + cuddles + “Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with someone as wonderful as you.” (fluff)
Cuddles + “C'mon, 5 more minutes!” (fluff)
Always (fluff, childhood friends!AU) 
In your dreams (fluff-ish, AU) 
7 Minutes in heaven (fluff) 
Best friend Seungcheol slowly falling in love with you (fluff; bullet points) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Fluffy aftercare (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Soulmate AU (fluff) 
50’s diner AU - he’s in a biker gang and you’re very girly (fluff) 
Jicheol fluff (fluff, no reader) 
Poly relationship with Jicheol (fluff) 
He’s really cheesy and cute to you at a fansign (fluff) 


Bath + “You smell really nice…” (fluff)
Period + shopping + singing (fluff)
Cuddles + “Say what you want, I still love you.” + “Stop! You know I’m ticklish!” (fluff) 
7 Minutes in heaven (fluff) 
Love is blind(ing) (angst, soulmate AU) 
Barista AU (fluff)
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Bubble bath (fluff) 


Coffee + First date (fluff) 
Cuddles + kisses + “I really have to go, darling…” (fluff) 
You’ve had a bad day and hide in bed when you get home (fluff / hurt/comfort?) 
You’re on a drama set and he purposely messes up your kiss scenes and ends up proposing (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
7 minutes in heaven (fluff) 
Hybrid AU (fluff)


Sunset + holding hands (fluff)
Jealous + kisses + dancing (sorta fluff w/ making out and all that) 
You like him but he’s dating your best friend (angst) (part 2 ; fluffier than part 1!!)
He grabs your ass and lifts you into a hug in front of the other members (99,9% fluff)     
“Boyfriend does my make up” youtuber AU (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points)
Medieval AU (fluff-ish) 


Dancing + “Hey! What are you doing on my phone?!” + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Kisses + “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.” (fluff)
Night + stress + “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.“ (fluff)
Coffee + picnic + “Stay here with me?” (fluff)
Sunset + rapping + “You smell really nice…” (fluff) 
Dance session turns into a make-out session (suggestive fluff) 
Transition from Kwon Soonyoung to Hoshi results in intense kisses (fluff with lowkey smutty hints) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You drive around all day as friends but he has a crush on you (fluff) 
How would it be to date him when you’re both Shawols (fluff)
First holiday alone with him (fluff) 


Rain + “Please don’t leave.” (angst)
Period + “Who cares what other people think? You’re really beautiful.” + “Say what you want, I still love you.” (angst) 
Confession + jealous + “Who cares what they think? You’re really beautiful.” (fluff) 
College/barista!AU (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You accidentally adopt 5 kittens (fluff; bullet points) 
You go on a holiday with all the members as friends, but fall in love with Wonwoo (fluff) 
Wonwoo as a boyfriend (fluff)
Hogwarts AU where you’re a power couple (fluff) 


Confession + all nighter (fluff)
Shower (fluff)
Period + stress + “(S)he’s going to kill me!” (fluff)
7 minutes in heaven (fluff) 
You’re his best friend and he confesses (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Fluff scenario with a noona; college-ish (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Your child asks him for a younger sibling & he brings it up with you (fluff) 
Jicheol fluff (fluff, no reader) 
Dorm-wide nerf gun war where you’re best friends with Woozi but betray him (fluff) 
Poly relationship with Jicheol (fluff) 
Soulmate AU (fluff)


Picnic date (fluff) 
You’re dating and you meet Seventeen for the first time (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Stop it (fluff-ish) 
College AU-ish (fluff) 
Splashing in puddles (fluff; bullet points) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You’re an up and coming actress & it’s his first time acting; netizens think you look good together & turns out you like each other (fluff) 


Long distance + “I really have to go, darling…” (fluff) 
Coffee + stress + “Stay here with me?” (fluff) 
Everyone’s been trying to set you up for months but you’re already together (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
He’s busy & stressed so you don’t see too much, accidentally tells you he doesn’t love you (angst, happy ending) 
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Dino and The 8) 

The 8

I only see you (fluff, high school AU)
Cuddles/Kisses + “Stay here with me?” (fluff)
“Say what you want, I still love you.” (angst / hurt/comfort)
You’re friends with Seventeen and he develops feelings for you (fluff) 
Intense make out session after his dance practice but the boys walk in (fluff)
He tries to help you relax because you’re on an exam week (fluff) 
Bathing together with kisses and cuddling (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Number one (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Dino and Mingyu) 


Crushing on you
A road trip to Jeju with your 2 small children
Snow + first kiss + “I really do love you. You know that, right?” (fluff)
Snow + period + rapping (fluff)
Ringing Memories (AU-ish, fluff?) 
He sees you wearing his mother’s wedding dress (fluff)   
Fall fun (fluff) 
Call (fluff) 
Morning fluff (fluff) 
Singing a lullaby to your baby (fluff) 
You cheat on him (angst) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You sing at home without realizing the window’s open, and he starts belting out with you (fluff ; bullet points) 
Mini imagine: Making out (fluff, suggestive)


Jealous + “No, she isn’t prettier than you!” + “Hey! What are you doing on my phone?!” (fluff)
Song + kisses + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Shower + “No, I’m not going to shower with you!” (fluff)
Jealous + spring + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Cuddles + kisses + “I really do love you. You know that, right?” (fluff)
Make-out session (fluff)
Jealous Hansol (fluff)
Birthday scenario where he’s tired and you snuggle and watch a movie (fluff) 
You’re Vernon’s girlfriend but he keeps seeing Mingyu and Wonwoo flirt with you (fluff)
Cuddles, tickles and kisses (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Pool date (fluff) 


You bringing him food to the studio (fluff)
A fluffy noona scenario (fluff)
Fall fun (fluff) 
You’re cuddling when Jeonghan walks in and proceeds to tell the other members (fluff) 
Late night date where you doze off because you’re so exhausted (fluff) 
He accidentally gives you a hickey, and the rest of the boys have a “serious talk” with you (fluff) 
You’re a year above him and use aegyo to motivate him to study (fluff) 
First date (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
First kiss (fluff)
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Mingyu and The 8) 
You’re having a movie night and the other members come home to find you cuddled up asleep (fluff) 


You break your racket while playing tennis (hip hop unit + Jun)
You ask them to brush your (very) tangled hair (vocal unit)
You try to kiss them with pickle breath (vocal unit)
You nearly pass out from not enough food/sleep (Mingyu, Jun, Hoshi, DK and Wonwoo)
Touching your incredibly soft hands (hip hop unit)
Finding your sketchbook that’s full of sketches of them (performance unit)
You see a cockroach on your way out of the shower and your towel slips off as you run away (Hoshi, Woozi, Joshua, Seungkwan, Mingyu)
You nearly pass out from not enough food/sleep (Vernon)
Their younger sibling is someone’s crush (vocal unit)
You bending down in front of them in a more public place, which gives them a nice view (Mingyu, Jun, The 8, Wonwoo, S.Coups; with gifs) 
They’re put in charge of a 13/14 yo trainee - how they’d treat her, act etc (Hoshi, Jun, Woozi, The 8) (reaction / bullet point scenario) 
You’re very flexible (performance unit) 
You’re not able to walk after a rather rough night (S.Coups, The 8, Jun, Wonwoo) 
They see you in lingerie for the first time (S.Coups, The 8, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Jun) 
You’re writing a song about them but they don’t realize until they see you blushing (vocal unit) 
They hear you hit Jimin’s high note at the end of Let me know (vocal unit)


1000 followers special: wild card scenarios
2000 followers special: Fall fun
Performance unit comforting you when you’re on your period
Christmas imagines 2016
4000 followers special: member + word drabbles
Seventeen and the types of ASMR they prefer

Week 7!  So, sometimes I get so caught up in adding fics that I forget to thank all of these amazing writers!!  You guys are so talented and extremely generous for sharing that talent with us!  Thank you so much guys! 😊💞💞💞💞💞

Fics that are NSFW have been removed!  Thank you for understanding!

@4theluvofallThe Fear You Won’t Fall - This is written for @becaamm ‘s song challenge. Based on the song “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by the incomparable Joshua Radin. If you haven’t heard this song (or any of his stuff) I strongly urge you to do so. His music is just…so emotional. It makes my heart full.  Bucky x Reader

@4theluvofallKnight in Shining Armour - Can I request a tony stark x reader? He rescues her from an attacker one night on his way out of a bar. She’s hurt pretty bad so he drives her to the tower to get cleaned up where she tells him that her attacker is her bf and she tried to leave him that night. Tony isn’t having it so he brings her home to pack her things while he stands over her in his suit to keep away her bf. He moves her to the tower, gives her a job and asks her out. Tony x Reader

@avengerofyourheartFaithfully (Bucky Rockstar AU) - Being on the road with your rockstar husband had it’s challenges. What if you found out he was unfaithful? (Avengers AU). Bucky x Reader

@avengerofyourheartIn the Arms of Justice Pt 20, Pt 21 - Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.  Bucky x Reader

@brighterlightsRoommates (Au Naturel) - When your friend moves out to pursue a career overseas, you find yourself sharing your apartment with a handsome stranger. Inspired by the Filipino TV series titled Single/Single [Modern AU].  Bucky x Reader

@bovariaBy Way of Spontaneity (End) - On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?   Bucky x Reader

@bovariaIt’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 2/3) - Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match!  Steve x Reader

@bucky-plums-barnes - Memorial Day - Steve and Bucky go to the museum on Memorial Day.  Bucky x Steve

@buckyywiththegoodhairKiss Cam (ALiL Deleted Scene) - (College!AU): In which you volunteer to go to a basketball game with the guys and end up in an uncomfortable situation.  Bucky x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhairThe Aftermath: Bucky (ALiL Deleted Scene) - (College!AU): In which Bucky reacts to finding out how you feel about him.  Bucky x Reader

@canumoveyourseatup-no - Stranger Danger - Clint does something terribly stupid but predictably Clint. Avengers x Reader

@dabblinginmarvel - Life of the Party - As soon as I heard this song, I knew it was Tony’s song. “Life of the Party” by All Time Low. Tony x Reader

@explicitfandoms#39 &40. Clint Barton x reader please!?! 😂 - Movie night with Clint. ONE blanket. He does not know how to share.  Clint x Reader

@explicitfandoms - New York, New York - Sightseeing with Loki, did not go as planned.  Loki x Reader

@girl-next-door-writes - A Little Push - No matter how quick Pietro Maximoff is even he can’t outrun his feelings.  Pietro x Reader

@girl-next-door-writes - All I Want - Post Civil War Tony feels he deserves everything that is coming to him.  Being his own worst enemy and locked in his own head will he grab the small ray of hope or will he drown himself in self-pity?    Tony x Reader

@girl-next-door-writes - Better With You - Steve Rogers pushed you away and now you both have to figure out a way to co-exist which is easier said than done.  Steve x Reader

@girl-next-door-writes - Chasing Cars - Trapped beneath the rubble with a certain team member could be your personal heaven or hell. Let’s see which one wins out.  Clint x Reader

@girl-next-door-writesI Need You Now - A little bit of Tony angst just to get some stuff out of my system so I can get on with the stuff I should be working on.  Tony x Reader 

@hymnofthevalkyries - Music Man - Surprise, surprise! You open your big mouth to Tony Stark, and it gets around about your crush on a certain metal armed soldier. What happens when he finds out about it, and what will he do to get your attention?  Bucky x Reader

@italwaysendsinafighttThe Night Ahead (Part 3) - bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.  Bucky x Reader

@just-some-drabblesThe Friendly Wager (Part 4), (Part 5), (Part 6), (Part 7) - AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit. Bucky x Reader

@mynamespaigexOur Girl. (Modern Military!AU) Intro. - (Modern!AU) Not long into your job as an army medic, you find yourself being deployed to Afghanistan on a six-month tour. You’ll find yourself in a whole new world of trouble while trying to adapt to your new normal, and maybe even find love along the way.  Bucky x Reader

@softcorehipposIt’s The Thought That Counts - I want to do something for my muslim readers out there for my comeback, Ramadan Mubarak to my brothers and sisters, happy fasting to you all! (Also, I hope you don’t mind me doing something exclusive like this, I’m just in a celebratory mood and I hope you don’t take offense ❤️). Avengers x Muslim!Reader

@soldatbarnesThis Is War [11], [12] - After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.  Bucky x Reader

@viollettes - “Carnations” (Part 1) - A carnation fundraiser, an iota of possibility, and a longtime secret crush on your hot best friend - what could go wrong?  Bucky x Reader

@volklana - Rooting for You - Set after Civil War, a time that almost separated you from Tony, the love of your life. On your birthday he tries to repay you for everything you’ve done for him but in his eyes it will never be enough, or even half of what you deserve.  Tony x Reader

@whothehellisbella - Ocean Eyes - Bucky x Reader

@you-and-bucky - Red and Gold Hey guys! Here I am in this situation again. Because I am such a wonderful friend (sarcasm), I missed another birthday. This time, the wonderful Anika at @avengerofyourheart had her birthday, and I was not online…To make that up to her, I am dedicating this fic to her, as we also celebrate the birthday of our one and only Tony Stark! I hope you like it sweetheart, and happy birthday! (I didn’t go into too much detail with the cake- I didn’t want to make any mistakes!!!)  Tony x Reader


…Wait, this didn’t happen in Chapter 191? [Part 2]

Baby steps~

At the end, it was supposed to imply that He Tian is too busy talking to Guan Shan over the phone to answer Jian Yi’s call~

Stayed up all night to complete this, rather than spending weeks(most likely includes procrastinating) trying to do make it look all nicer… :’D

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 10.3

Wow, this was such a slow update. I genuinely thought I would have been finished quicker but I’ve been spending my time studying for exams but I hope you guys enjoy this part.

I have a killer headache right now omg

In other news Dean is coming to London Akaksksnesksoo I’m so happy. We don’t really get that many Korean artists down here so I’m excited.

I guess this may be the end of the date series so I hope you guys enjoyed the break from the drama (although I think I’m still going to keep it all to a minimum… we’ll see how it goes.)

To the beautiful anons who suggested making homemade ice cream and a study date (even though they were both short) thank youuu <3

Anyways, I love you guys and thanks for reading. <3

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3 - Here  Part 11  Part 12

You were currently home alone, your mother having to take your sister to her weekly judo classes. However, since your sisters birthday was coming up, she had given you the task of making homemade ice cream.

Who even makes homemade ice cream anymore? Your family sure as hell didn’t.

Sighing, you searched online for a suitable recipe to use.

“Vanilla pods, caster sugar, eggs, milk and double cream? Seems simple enough…” Searching your house cabinets turned out to be useless since you were still lacking the vanilla pods. The only solution was to take a walk to the nearby supermarket and hope they had what you were looking for. Grabbing the money your mother had left you, you slipped on your shoes and left your house, making sure to lock the door behind you.

Ten minutes later you found yourself standing before an aisle in the shop, searching the shelves for vanilla pods. For some reason, vanilla pods were just not as easy to find as one would think.

“Where the heck are these vanilla pods?” A warm breath suddenly brushed against your earlobe, making you all but jump out of your skin.

“Maybe if you had bothered to look at the top, you would have found them.” A glare spread across your face as you folded your arms and turned towards the direction of the voice. There stood Jungkook, a hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone.

“I don’t appreciate that tone of voice.” He in turn, locked his phone and shoved it into his jacket pocket before he stretched his arm out to the top shelf, grabbing the vanilla pods.

“Y/N, you’ve literally been standing there for five minutes mumbling to yourself. Not once did you bother to look up so sorry for just stating the obvious.” Had you really been staring at the same shelf for five minutes? You doubted that.

“Sure… anyway thanks Kookie.”

Taking the pods from him, you turned on your heel and walked towards checkout as he fell into step beside you.

“Why do you need vanilla pods anyway? You don’t cook or bake.”

“Okay, that’s a lie.”

“Scratch that. You’re not good at cooking or baking.”

Ouch. You were pretty good at making egg and toast. That deserved some sort of reward, right?

And mixing the right amount of water and undiluted juice counted for something. Wait, that’s not cooking.

You decided to push the painfully dense thoughts out of your head.

“I’m going to pretend that that didn’t offend me, jerk.”

A deep chuckle resonated throughout his body and you were reminded about how much you enjoyed hearing him laugh.

“It’s true though. Listen, whatever you’re doing I’ll help. You can’t get through it without my skills.”

You found yourself rolling your eyes at his egotistical comment. Surprisingly, he’s been more vain recently. Normally he wouldn’t even boast about getting a good score on a test. You chose to believe it was all to impress you.

“One day your ‘skills’ aren’t going to do you justice and when that happens just remember I’ll be there recording to show the others.”

Silence ensued and you finished paying for your item.

“So what are we making?”

“…Ice cream.”


Keeping to his word, Jungkook followed you home to help with your task of making ice cream. You may have seemed unenthusiastic about his appearance but you were sincerely grateful he turned up out of nowhere to keep you company. You didn’t even mind that he wasn’t actually doing anything except from getting the equipment and ingredients needed out.

“I already put a tub in the freezer so I guess that’s step one done.” Checking the instructions on your phone, you followed the next step which consisted of cutting a vanilla pod and scraping the seeds out into a pan with milk, cream and the leftover pod. Turning on the heat, you left the pan to boil and turned to find Jungkook sitting on the kitchens island, staring right back at you.

“Can I help you?” The corners of his lips tugged up into a smile and he rubbed at his eyes.

“I was just thinking about the future. You almost look like a mum.” Your eyes bulged out and you tried to fight the blush that was growing on your cheeks. Sending a dirty look his way, you turned back towards the pan, taking it off the heat and leaving the ingredients to infuse.

“I’d rather not be thinking about being a mother. I find it awkward.” You were too engrossed with the pan of ingredients in front of you to notice Jungkook hop of the island and bee line straight towards you. He wrapped his arms around you and placed his chin on your shoulder whilst you poured sugar into a bowl and mixed it with the egg yolks.

“Why? You find it awkward to think that far ahead with me?” Whilst his words left him, he took the whisk out of your hand and began to whisk the egg and sugar together. You shrugged your shoulders, watching the ingredients fuse together.

“I’m thinking so far ahead that it counts for the both of us.” You elbowed him in the stomach which immediately caused him to wheeze out a dry chuckle. You were definitely not going to let him know that it actually hurt when you made contact with his hard stomach.

“Whatever, Jungkook. If that’s what makes you happy.” You felt him press his cheek against yours and he stopped whisking.

“If you only care about if it makes me happy, why’d you elbow me? Don’t tell me you like the idea? You do, don’t you?” You could feel the smirk that was present on his face right at that moment.

“Just shut up and continue mixing. You ask too many questions.” He obeyed you but not before he gave you a sweet peck on the cheek. When the sugar and egg had taken on a fluffy texture, you ducked underneath Jungkook’s arms and reheated the vanilla cream for a few minutes, stopping just before it began to boil. Taking the bowl from Jungkook, you slowly added the vanilla cream to the egg yolk and sugar, whisking until it was completely mixed.

“Jungkook, can you get a small bowl and put it inside a bigger bowl of ice water please?” He did as he was told and you poured the custard mix back into a pan, heating it up once again. You made Jungkook mix the heated custard for ten minutes before you turned the heat off and transferred it into the small bowl in the ice water. Allowing it to cool, you slapped Jungkook’s hand when he went to taste the result of your hard work. Well, both of your hard work.

“That’s for my sister, idiot.”

Instead of listening to you, he stuck his finger in once again and licked the custard off, grinning at your vexed face.

“Your sister won’t mind, she loves me.”  That certainly wasn’t a lie. She practically worshipped him.

“I don’t care if she loves you, stop being greedy.”

Holding your stare, the room went silent and he dipped his finger in the bowl again without breaking eye contact. Just as you opened your mouth to reprimand him again, he shoved his finger into your mouth, allowing the sweet taste of custard to fill your taste buds. You blinked a couple of times, not fully understanding what had just happened. He flashed his rabbit-like teeth at you in a smile, his finger still in your mouth.

You bit it. Hard.

Yelling out in pain, he pulled his finger out of your mouth and inspected the damage you had dealt.

“Ow! Why’d you do that? Wait… I’m not dating a cannibal am I?”

Smacking him upside the head, you then grabbed the flesh of his cheek and lightly tugged on it. He stuck the finger you had bitten into his mouth, trying to ease the pain.

“Do I look like a cannibal to you?”

Jungkook’s eyebrows drew together and he actually seemed like he had to think about your question.

“Well, I don’t know.”

You could only sigh as you let go of his cheek and grabbed the container you had stored in the freezer. Taking the cooled finished product, your poured it into the container and placed it back in the freezer.

“We’re all done.”

“Finally! I was getting so tired…”

Glaring at him, you began to wash the dishes that had accumulated in the sink.

“You’re acting like you can even cook.”

You missed the offended look shot at your turned figure.

“I can.”

“That’s not what Hoseok told me. He said the last time you tried to make something it stuck to the plate like it had been superglued down. He even said you turned the whole thing over and it didn’t budge.”

Scoffing, he began to play with his ear piercings.

“Hoseok is full of shit.”

“Apparently so was your food that day.”

Jungkook remained silent and you mentally praised yourself for your comeback. Suddenly, you felt a hand connect with your bottom and a resounding slap echoed throughout the room. You turned your head quick enough to catch Jungkook partially crouching with his hand held high in the air, confirming that he had indeed slapped your bottom. It wasn’t hard enough to be considered painful but you still narrowed your eyes at him.

“I’m going to shove the whisk up your ass when I’m done with these.”

The ice cream better be worth having to put up with Jungkook’s antics.


Your plan had been to spend the next few hours studying for the test coming up on the first week back to school but Jungkook didn’t seem like he was going to leave anytime soon.

“What are you doing now?”

“Well, I was going to study but your still here and you’re someone who apparently needs to be entertained twenty four seven.” He smiled at your attempt to jab him with an insult and slung an arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t worry, i’ll study with you.” You highly doubted that but it was always worth a try. Heading up to your room, you sat down at the desk beside your bed whilst Jungkook seated himself on your bed. You pulled out your revision notes and spread them across the desk for Jungkook to use as well.

“Your handwriting is cute.” Raising an eyebrow and allowing a smile to spread across your face, you thanked him for his compliment.

Jungkook managed to spend an hour and a half studying with no distractions which was a complete surprise. However, it was short lived as you noticed he stood from his position on your bed and moved out of your sight. Not bothering to turn around, you continued working on the question in front of you, struggling to make sense of it.

Sometimes you wondered if they gave questions like this on purpose to see who can come up with the dumbest answer. It was making zero sense to you right now.

A tap on your shoulder brought you out of your thoughts and you craned your neck to find Jungkook standing behind you with sunglasses on his face.

“It’s your first time with bangtan right?”

He then took hold of the sunglasses and whipped them off his face to reveal your black swimming goggles pulling the top half of his face down.

What kind of drugs was this boy on?

“Why are you like this? What did I do to deserve this?” You tried your hardest to keep a straight face but his unmoving expression soon broke your resolve and you burst out in laughter. He seemed satisfied with the reaction he had received and pulled the goggles of his head, placing them down on your desk. When you had recovered, Jungkook was peering over your shoulder at the question you had been struggling to decipher for the past ten minutes.

“The answer is three million six hundred and twenty eight thousand eight hundred.” It took a few seconds to comprehend that Jungkook had solved the question you had been debating for ten minutes in less than thirty seconds.

“Wait what?” When you questioned him, he began to explain how he had achieved the answer and taught you the technique needed to solve similar questions in the future.

In the end you had grasped how to conquer said question and spent the next hour studying more with Jungkook before you closed your text book.

“That was very productive, even more so with you around. Thanks for helping me.” He ruffled your hair and grinned before stretching his limbs out, falling back on your bed.

“Anything for my cute girl.” Beaming at Jungkook, you laid beside him and wrapped your arms around his body, briefly hugging him before letting go and looking up towards your ceiling.

You were grateful that you happened to bump into Jungkook at the supermarket.

Only he knew that you hadn’t coincidentally been at the same place at the same time. He was planning to spend the day with you when he spotted you leaving your house and decided to leg behind to see where you were going.

But you didn’t need to know that.

Never Hide Your Beauty Part 2

Part 1

Warning: Smut/Looove making.

Credit to owners of pics I used.

About a month passed by since Juice and Celeste started dating. She had met a few of the guys and they were all great people. She got a few looks from the crow eaters but those were shot down quick when she’d give them the middle finger.

All their dates had ended the same way. Juice walking her to her door and kissing her cheek. While Celeste would go inside and begin kicking herself mentally for not inviting him in. And juice was a complete gentleman. Very patient. In truth she was scared. Scared things would heat up and he’d see her body underneath the clothes that protected her. These feelings also conflicted with the constant compliments he gave her. She saw the way he looked at her when they danced. The hunger in his eyes. The lip biting. The lip licking. The way he held her hips. It was too much. What was she waiting for?

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: teen!lock au; M thinks shes crushing on JW and after failing to catch his attention (for JW likes gutsy, outgoing, confident, poised girls which M is certainly not) M decides reluctantly but out of desperation to ask J's best friend SH (who she hates on principle for being a cold asshole) to help her become J's dream girl. SH seeing the childish overly cheery lost cause before him agrees with a sneer (not one to back down from s challenge). But the more he helps her with her 1/2

2/2 Metamorphosis the more he realizes he actually likes the cheerily childish but full of fun and love girl, while Molly discovers that the cold asshole isn’t so cold after all but can be quite sweet and funny. And they actually have a lot of shared interests. Can end up with M/J (failed awkward) date as J finally sees M but M already pining for S who is in a jealous and depressed fit as the date take place. In the end M and S end up together :)

This 2 part prompt is pretty complex for a mini fic prompt. So I hope you don’t mind, anon, that I cut it up and tweaked it quite a bit. In general I’d say I’m going for more of what the second half of the prompt outlines. The settup is teen!lock, and it’s right before uni time for all of them. And Sherlock and John have a flat together…basically because it just helps the plot lol. Enjoy! ;D

“Look, all I’m asking is that you try to be civil,” John said to his best friend while buttoning his shirt and checking his hair in the mirror. “Honestly, I think you’ll like her. She’s…well, I think she’s probably the first girl in a long time that I really genuinely have a lot in common with. She wants to be be a doctor as well!” John was trying his best to make her sound thrilling. “And besides that, she’s adorable and sweet and just…well, she’s just really nice.”

“I can hardly wait,” was the only response Sherlock offered, still focused on the contents of the dish he was holding. 

John rolled his eyes at Sherlock’s sarcastic words. “Listen, if you don’t want to bother with her then just go to your room and keep to yourself so I can at least enjoy her company. And I’m not sure if we’re getting take away or eating at a restaurant, but either way I can get you something.”

Sherlock shrugged. “Not hungry.”

A knock at the door made John rush to answer with one more warning glance at his friend.

“Molly, hi!” John greeted warmly. “Take you coat?”

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“Seat 2C” (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky gets signed up to be a seat-filler at the Academy Awards, only to get assigned to the seat next to one of his favorite actresses.

dedicated to the golden trio of my lil’ icy heart:

@bovaria // Tesla, you’ve been everything from writing mentor to bae af. Your work constantly reminds us it’s okay to be everything from spontaneous to vulnerable.
@brighterlights // Jade, my sister in fluff! Whether it’s angst-ridden or filled to the brim with fluff, your work provides us with the priceless escape we so desperately yearn for.
@buckyywiththegoodhair // Hello! We’ve never talked, but we absolutely adore you! All of your works ignite the hopeless romantics in us, and for that we are thankful.

“Hey! James Barnes! Come here!”

Bucky sighs and walks to the man with the headset who just hissed his name. “What’s up, man?”

“An agent left the show because he ate bad shrimp. Go to seat 2C!”

Once he receives the signal from a seating directors, Bucky curses Tony Stark under his breath and stealthily makes his way towards seat 2C.

If someone told him he would be attending the Academy Awards, Bucky would have erupted into laughter and called bullshit. But surprise! Tony revealed in a blasé voicemail that he signed Bucky up to be a seat-filler at the Oscars, and a car would pick him up in less than two hours.

When Bucky accepted Tony’s invitation to spend a week at the Starks’ Hollywood Hills estate, Bucky assumed he would spend the entire week in sweats and do absolutely nothing. But lo behold, here he was at the freaking Oscars in a sleek dark navy suit.

Bucky reminds himself to breathe as he walks down the aisle to his seat 2C. But breathing is kind of hard when his first woman crush Wednesday Sharon Stone is sitting literally five feet away from him.

“Excuse me, pardon me, I’m sorry,” he whispers as he climbs over the legs and ankles of directors and stars. “My seat’s over there, sorry!”

When he finally settles into 2C, Bucky takes in his sparkling surroundings and the sparkling people occupying them. As a literature professor, his world of academia was starkly different from the glam and glitz of Hollywood, hence the small  feeling of trepidation in his heart.

“Psst. Hey.”

And there she was. Next to the seat he had just filled sits the very beautiful and talented Best Actress nominee and his ultimate woman crush Wednesday (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

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Shidge AUs Masterpost

So I have a few Shidge pitches & plot bunnies & asks + ones from other dudes that I really like

I might add more lol. If you have some recs on what to add, please do tell :)

P.S. all the AUs that are mine are adoptable except the ones with (*) because they are either  (a.) I wrote something for this but lol I’m stuck somewhere fuck or (b.) I got the plot of this finished and would very much like to write it maybe 

Last Edit: 1/12/17

Behind the Computer Part 2 - Jack Maynard

Request: (behind the computer part 2) she’s lost weight from working out, the fans are shocked from the outcome when she uploads a picture of her - she’s in the middle of getting ready for a date making all the boys protective of her, at the date she gets stood up and runs back to the flat upset, jack is the only one awake and he comforts her for It to only get heated and they end up having sex, (smut included) conor teases jack and y/n the next morning which confuses the rest of the boys :)

As you arrived back from the gym, you knew you had to share your progress. After Jack had found you with your diet pills, you agreed to let him help you lose the weight in a safe way. Not only did working out help you lose weight, it helped you change your mindset so you were more confident and happier with your body and you thought more positively about yourself. The minute you posted a photo of how far you’d come, everyone started complimenting you on your success and no, you didn’t do it just to be complimented but it didn’t bother you that people were noticing your progress.

“(y/n)-” Joe said, walking into the spare bedroom of his apartment a couple of hours after you had returned home. “Whoa.” 

You looked at your brother and waited for him to continue but all he did was look at you. You watched as he walked over to your closet and pulled out a bomber jacket.

“It goes best with the shoes. Good luck.” He said, placing the jacket down on the bed and leaving the room. 

You smiled at the fact that he knew exactly where you were going and you were happy that for the first time in your whole dating history, Joe had avoided having the “Big Brother” talk with you. You grabbed the jacket and headed out into the living room to see the rest of the boys just lounging around.

“Alright boys, I’m off. Try not to make a big mess.” You said, receiving a bunch of “yeahs” and “byes” but the one person who stayed silent was Jack. You looked at him as he scrolled through Twitter, wanting to say something but you held back since you assumed he was just tired from the gym.

One Hour Later

You returned home after waiting one hour for your date to arrive before giving up. You weren’t really upset, however you were a little angry. You had been talking to this guy for a couple of weeks now and you really put yourself out there, which is something you tend to avoid doing so it made you angry to know you let him in, only for him to stand you up.

“You’re back early.” 

“Shit!” You jumped at the sound of another person’s voice and as you looked across the room, you saw Jack’s cell phone light reflecting onto his face in the dark living room. “Um, yeah…it didn’t end up going well.” You said, beginning to walk to your room but you heard footsteps following behind you.

You placed your jacket back in its place as Jack took a seat on the edge of your bed. You sat next to him, beginning to remove your shoes when a single tear fell from your eye.

“What happened?” He asked, placing his phone down and turning to face you.

“I got stood up.” You said, standing up. You reached around to your back to unzip your dress but couldn’t help but struggle. “It’s fine. He was an ass anyway.”

Continuing to struggle with your zipper, you felt Jack’s hand move yours away and he began to help you remove your dress. You stood there with your back to Jack as he took the straps of your dress and pulled them down. The feeling of his hands on your skin sent shivers down your spine, causing you to turn around, trying to avoid the situation. But as you did, Jack’s hands found your waist, resting on your dress that was stuck and slightly pushing you against your closed bedroom door. Jack played with the dress before bringing his lips closer to yours.

“Jack…” That was all you managed to get out before he closed the gap between your lips. 

Although you were taken back by the situation, you couldn’t ignore the fact that you always wondered what it would be like to kiss Jack. Being a Sugg, you were always hearing about how many girls the boys had been with but hearing about Jack’s nights out always intrigued you. You wanted to know what it was like to spend one night with him. And now you had your chance.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pushed him towards the bed. He fell backwards when his legs hit the bed, causing you to fall on top of him, however that did not stop you. You quickly removed his top before adjusting yourselves so you were now in the middle of the bed. You reached into one of the bedside tables and pulled out a condom. You pushed your dress completely off, moving towards Jack’s jeans, pulling them down as well. Without warning, Jack flipped you over so he was now in control. You looked up at him and saw a lustful look in his eyes as they scanned your body. He kissed down your stomach as he slid one finger into you.

“Jack, please.” You said, not being able to wait any longer.

He laughed at how impatient you were and that it was nothing new than an average day. He aligned himself at your entrance before completely thrusting into you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing his face closer to yours while he continued to thrust. 

“Shit.” You said, biting Jack’s shoulder to stop yourself from moaning to loud.

“Fuckin’ hell!” Jack moaned, as the two of you reached your highs a little while later.

Jack pulled out, headed into the bathroom to throw away the condom before climbing back into bed.

“You’re gonna have to give me that guy’s number.” Jack said.


“So I can thank him for standing you up.” He said, laughing, causing you to do the same.

As you woke up the next morning, you headed into the living room first, followed by Jack. Although you didn’t regret what happened, you preferred if the boys didn’t know about it.

“What the hell were you two doing last night?” Conor asked, smirking. From the look on his face, you knew he knew. “There was a lot of noise coming from that bedroom.”

Your cheeks turned a shade of pink as the others looked at one another in confusion. You sat down on the couch and stayed silent but you couldn’t help but smile any time you looked at Jack or even thought about what happened.

A/N: Sorry for the wait on this one, I just got back from an exam! I hope this is enough smut for the anon who requested it. (I’m pretty weird when it comes to writing smut but I think as I write more, I’ll get better!)

I hope you liked it! Requests are open!


How Do You Fake Feelings (when you know they're real): Miami Nights (2)

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia fake dating but actually dating in the end

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Fake Dating!Stydia

Author: holybellamy

Part 4/?

Summary: Lydia meets Jackson at the supermarket, and he is back in town for his wedding. He invites her, and she doesn’t want to go there alone.

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Snowflake Whispers

Hey! So this is the oneshot I promised you all! It’s the second part to my ‘‘As The Snowflakes Fall’‘ fic, I will put the link below so you can read it if you want. As always, thank you for supporting my writing and any feedback is welcome!

summary: Dan and Phil end up at Phil’s flat after Dan fell on ice at the start of their second date.

A movie marathon, popcorn and slip ups happen.

You could say it’s a complete second date.

words: 2.6k

no trigger warnings


Phil opened the front door of his flat, letting Dan go through it first as they took their shoes off, hanging their coats and beanies on the wooden hangers that were in the hallway, the warm instantly making them both feel better in contrast to the cold that was outside.

“Do you think your wrist will be okay without any bandage?” was the first thing Phil asked. After his fall in the ice he was worried and wanted to make sure he was okay.

Dan looked at his wrist and moved it a bit apparently it wasn’t that bad, it didn’t hurt so it should be fine. He could survive without any bandage or anything now. “I think I will be okay, I will tell you if it hurts again, okay?”

Phil nodded before speaking again. “Let me get you some sweatpants so you can change, okay? The bathroom is right there. You can leave your jeans in the towel rack, they are next to the heating so they will dry, don’t worry” Phil smiled at him, leading him through the hallway, pointing at a white door that was a bit open, “there is a hairdryer just in the cabinet if you want to dry your boxers. I guessed you wouldn’t want to wear one of mine… it would be a bit awkward, right?” Phil chuckled.

Dan just nodded as a blush extended on his cheeks. Who would have thought he would have to blow dry his boxers on his second date? Not him, that for sure. So he decided on muttering a short “thanks” as Phil ran through the flat to what Dan supposed it was his bedroom, where he heard some opening of drawers, only to see him come back a minute later with a pair fo black sweatpants that he handed to Dan.

“I will wait for you in the lounge, it’s the second door to the left, okay? I expect you to have already a movie in mind by the time you come!” Phil happily said, offering Dan a wide smile and turning around to go to the lounge.

Dan waited till Phil was out of sight to close the bathroom door and leaning his back against it, sighing before a small smile appeared on his face.

By far this was the strangest date he had ever had. He had fallen down in the ice in the middle of a park and wet his pants, but it didn’t matter because it happened with Phil. In less than two hours he had showed him what a caring and attentive man he was, and also the sweetest. He couldn’t ask for more to be honest.

Dan shook his head, messing his curls a bit as he got out of the daze he was in, putting getting out of his jeans and boxers before searching the hairdryer and starting to dry the later…

Okay, this was going to take a while. Was he in mood for action or comedy? Cartoons maybe? Yeah, it wasn’t going to be easy to choose…


Dan walked into the lounge only to be surprised, his mouth widening instantly as he looked around to see what the blue eyed had done. Phil had arranged the sofa with some cushions and blankets so it was like a fort, a sheet covering it all so it was all like a cocoon. There were even some fairy lights and candles lighting up the room, a nice smell of popcorn reaching his nostrils instantly.

Phil was putting one last pillow on the floor when he spotted Dan, “so, did you decide on a movie yet?” walking closer to him as the brown eyed just kept staring at everything.

“Phil… what…?” he ignored Phil’s question, he was still to impressed to articulate more than that.

“I wanted to do something nice for you after the day you have had… hope it’s enough, I couldn’t think of more with such short time.” Phil said as he scratched the back of his neck and touched Dan’s left hand, finally grabbing his attention and making their eyes met.

Dan stared at him, mouth opening and closing before finally having thought of something “Phil, I don’t know what to even say I… This is amazing, believe me. Thank you, really. Thnak you.”

Phil let out a little sigh and smiled at him, “you’re welcome, Dan.”

He laced their hands together, taking a few steps closer to the fort, drawing back one fo the blankets so they could climb inside it, sitting down next to each other on the comfy couch, sinking down into many of the cushions surrounding them now and grabbing the only blanket that was probably left in Phil’s flat right now to cover their legs.

“Do you mind sharing a blanket? I think I have some other left in my bedroom if you want.” Phil went to stand up but Dan was faster and grabbed his forearm, tugging him down into the sofa again, making him sit closer than they were before.

“No, I think after all you have done I can bare to share a blanket with you, don’t you think?” Dan said, making both of them laugh a bit as he arranged the blanked better around them.

Dan spotted some food bowls by the coffee table and  Phil’s laptop that was connected to the tv. “So, you didn’t answer me earlier… which movie do you want to watch?”

“I have been thinking and you may find this weird but I haven’t seen the Back To The Future movies yet. I have been wanti…” but Dan couldn’t finish his sentence as he heard Phil take a sharp intake of breath.

“You are telling me you haven’t seen the Back To The Future triology?” he cautiously said, as if measuring every word, looking at him as if he was mad.

Dan shook his head ‘no’ as he sheepishly smiled at him. He had never seen them because his parents never really showed them to him, and even though he had heard of them he never got the opportunity to see them.

“Okay, that’s it. You are in for a Back To The Future marathon. They are going to blow your mind, I’m sure.” Phil said as he grabbed his laptop and easily put the first movie on, setting it down on the floor so the light didn’t bother them as the film proyected on the tv.

Dan leaned back further into the cushions as he blindly searched for Phil’s hand under the blanket, making Phil look at him, instantly offering him a small simle that dan mirrored. Phil leaned back too, after picking the bowl of popcorn and settling it on their thighs, shoulders touching as he let Dan trace random patterns at the back of his hand, sometimes making it’s way under the sleeve of Phil’s jumper so he could caress his arm too.

Dan didn’t know what was better, the adventure Marty and Doc were having or seeing Phil mouth almost every dialogue of the movie, sometimes muttering the words of the sentences. He could only smile at it. It was endearing to be honest.

A loud noise startled him and focused his gaze on the movie again, glad to know he hadn’t missed much of the plot and could still follow it fine.

Dan had to admit this second date had really improved and he couldn’t think of anything more to make it better.


The had finished the first movie, Dan commented a few points of it after they had decided on doing a short bathroom break and now the second one was over too.

“I cannot believe they made 2015 look like that. It was never that cool!” Dan complained as the credits from the second movie of the triology rolled.

“Yeah, all fans were waiting for this to happen but I guess reality didn’t get to achieve that level of awesomeness” Phil said, looking down at the bowl of popcorn where only a few were left. “You want those?”

Dan looked at the bowl and shook his head, remembering thow Phil had told him on their first date that popcorn was one of his favourite foods. “Nah, you eat those. It’s your favourite, right?”

“You remembered?” Phil surprisedly asked, wide eyed.

Dan frowned, “Why wouldn’t I? You told me on our first date…”

Phil shrugged and looked into the bowl, bringing some popcorn into his mouth, “No, it’s nothing…”

But Dan sensed there was more into it. He kind of guessed it was related to someone not remembering this kind of details of Phil. Like his favourite food or movies… Little things that made you know someone better.

“I’m not going to ask you or pressure you to tell me but, you can tell me if you want to.” Dan laced their fingers together and squeezed, making Phil look back at him, who offered him a small smile. Dan continued speaking, not really having seen the blue eyed’s gesture, “Not now or today of course, or if you want you can now but I…”

Phil smiled and leaned in, cutting Dan’s ramble with a peck on the cheek. “I don’t think I’m ready to tell you now but, thank you.”

Dan blushed as he stared at Phil for a moment, enjoying the soft smile on his face. He was sure he had a dumb face on right now, embarrassing himself. Trying not to look more stupid than he already believed he was, he tried to pick some popcorn to distract himself but Phil quickly moved the bowl out of his reach.

“Hey! You said you didn’t want any!” Phil fake-complained as he tried not to laugh.

“Well, I want some now.” Dan put as an excuse, trying to sound credible.

Phil sighed, smiling, bringing the bowl back to his lap, “Okay, you can have some but…”

“But what?” Dan inquired him, frowing. What was Phil playing at?

“But…” Phil picked some popcorn from the bowl and slowly lifted his hand, bringing it closer to Dan who suddenly caught up with Phil’s intentions and gladly opened his mouth, letting Phil feed him the salty snack, “I’m feeding it to you.” Phil finished his sentence at the same time Dan chewed, both instantly smiling at the cheesiness of the actions that made them burst out laughing.

Once the both of them had stopped laughing Dan spoke again, “Is this too cheesy for someone who who doesn’t like cheese?” letting Phil know that he remembered more of him. That he still wanted to know more of him, hoping Phil would notice he remembered this little detail he had also mentioned last time.

Phil beamed at him, letting the brown eyed know he was thankfull he had rememebred again. Dan was also glad he had managed to keep in mind that detail. Just seeing Phil smile like that was worth it.

“Well, it’s suposed to be cheesy right?” Phil answered, both of them laughing softly till Dan talked.  

“C'mon, but the last movie on, I’m quite excited how this one goes… I hope it has more flying skates.”

“You are not even ready for this one…” the blue eyed said mysteriously before grabbing his laptop and putting the last movie on, sushing Dan as he tried to ask about why he had said that. Was this more futuristic? Did they go back to the prehistoric era?  

“Shut up and enjoy the movie!” Phil almost shouted, leaning his head on Dan’s shoulder, making himself comfortable, putting his right arm over Dan’s stomach.

Dan instantly tensed, not really knowing why. The movement had been really sudden and took him by surprise, but it was nice to have Phil’s weight against his body. It was comforting,

“Is this okay?” Phil asked, his voice sounded shy and almost quiet. Dan really didn’t know if it was because he didn’t want to disturb the movie or because he felt really shy about this gesture.  

Dan realaxed and lifted his arm and put it around Phil’s shoulders, caressing it a bit, “Yeah, of course it is.”

And it really was okay. More than okay.


By the time the credits of the last movie were rolling neither of them moved, still in the position they had adapted by the start.

“Did you enjoy the movies?” Phil suddenly asked, lifting his head from Dan’s shoulder, looking at his profile, admiring the few moles that he could find on his cheek.

Dan hummed as he nodded, turning his head around and looking into Phil’s eyes, not really minding he was that close.

“I’m impressed. I think they could be one of my favourites.”

“Yes! Mission achieved! They are one of mine, I watch these movies at least once a year!” Phil excitedly told him, making Dan softly laugh at how enthusiatic he was about the films.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed you mutter the dialogues sometimes.” Dan commented, making the blue eyed blush as he ducked his head as if he was ashamed, “It’s cute, really. I need to thank you for agreeing to watch them, I really enjoyed them.”

“Well, I’m glad. At least I will have a boyfriend that will like them, I mean, they are awesome, what more could…” Phil stopped speaking as he noticed what he had said. Boyfriend. Wait. Had he really said the word 'boyfriend’ out loud? His mind was racing. He was thinking as Dan as his boyfriend but what of Dan had other idea? This could not be happening.

“Boyfriend?” he heard Dan ask. Phil stared at him open mouthed but quickly averted his gaze down to his hand that was playing with the hem of the blanket. Phil couldn’t look at him now. Not after this. Phil was sure he had already screwed up his chances, so he better explain it. He took a deep breath and began speaking.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking what I was saying. I don’t know why but in my head I had you as a potential boyfriend I think, but I assumed and I’m sorry. I understand if you don’t really want to be with me, I mean…”

Phil didn’t have time to finish as soft lips touched his, a hand caressing his cheek, bringing him even  closer, lips moving against his. Dan was kissing him. Dan. Was. Kissing. Him. This was one of teh best dates of his life, he was sure. If not the best.

The blue eyed finally reacted by moving his lips, lifting his arm to latch a hand around Dan’s nape so he could have a better grip on him.

They both separated for a bit before diving in for another kiss, this one with open mouths, letting their tongues discover each other, a few little moans making tehir way out of their throats.

“After all of this do you think I wouldn’t want to be your boyfriend?” Dan inquired teasingly, once the kiss was over, smiling at Phil’s reddened face.

“You really want to be my boyfriend?” Phil asked to assure himself. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Dan, because he did, but after all they had only gone on one date. Two if you counted this one…

Dan nodded, “Of course I want to. Didn’t those kisses give you a hint?” he said smiling.

Phil mirrored his smile and pulled a thinking face, “I think maybe I need a few more clues…”

The brown eyed rolled his eyes but still leaned in, giving Phil a peck on the lips, followed by a few more that were not that innocent anymore.

Neither of them expected their second date to end like this, but it was a better scenario than anything that they had imagined before, that for sure.

At least it had stopped snowing the next morning so Dan could return home.

Being an Avenger would include... (Part 2)

  • Arguing about who has the best powers/abilities
  • …”Uhm, it’s obviously me”
  • …”Yeah right Tony, all you have is a suit and money”
  • …”Shut up Clint, you just shoot pointy sticks at people”
  • Getting weirded out when a fan says you and another Avenger should date
  • …ending up dating an Avenger anyway
  • …realizing you were wrong and that being in love with a superhero is hella rad
  • Tony having nicknames for everyone
  • Everyone using Tony’s nicknames to make fun of each other
  • …Steve is Spangles
  • …Clint is Katniss
  • …Vision is C3PO
  • …etc.etc.
  • Bucky and Sam fighting alL. tHe. TiMe.
  • …“Bucky, give him back his wings, he needs those”
  • …*snap*
  • …”BUCKY!”
  • Making bets
  • …”I bet Wanda can’t use her powers to lift Mjolnir”
  • …”Obviously not, Lady Wanda is not worthy”
  • …”BET.”
  • Losing bets
  • …”I told you it was no use”
  • …”Shut up Thor your stupid hammer is lame”
  • …”Actually, Thor’s hammer is one of the most powerf–”
  • Trying to teach them how to dance
  • …Some of them being pretty good
  • …Some of them (*cough* Steve *cough*) not so much
  • Giving each other someone they can lean on
  • …but also knowing when to give them space
  • Never being able to stay mad at each other for long
  • …and being there for each other through thick and thin
  • …because even though you don’t always get along, you will be there for each other till’ the end of the line (I had to okay :3)
Dating Tony Stark would include...

  • Entire conversations made up of thinly veiled sexual innuendos that make the rest of the team very uncomfortable
  • Secretly keeping a tally of who can make Steve cringe more
  • Going out and mentioning you like something in passing only to end up with said item on your door step the very next morning
  • Stopping Tony from making ridiculous and unnecessary purchases almost daily 
  • But I need my own island-” “You really don’t, though”
  • Learning to accept his grandiose gestures and absurdly expensive gifts as his way of expressing himself most of the time
  • Like the, “I’m-sorry-I-was-an-absolute-ass” diamond bracelet, or the “see-I-do-listen-sometimes” tickets to your favorite sports team/concert/play/etc
  • Being a good listener when he finally does decide to open up and be authentic and honest with you
  • And being one of the few people Tony actually talks about his father with. (It’s not often, but sometimes he’ll bring it up as casually as possible and you know it’s because you’re one of the few people he trusts)
  • Also being one of the few people who gets to hang out in his work space
  • Blasting a hole in the wall of said work space the one time you got a chance to play with the Iron Man suit arm piece.
  • Having lengthy conversations with Jarvis about all manner of things when you’re bored.
  • Lots and lots of bickering… 
  • All arguments ending with you pinned against the wall and Tony giving you his insufferable, know-it-all, smirk… there’s not a lot of talking after that.
  • A surprising amount of cuddling
  • Making breakfast in the morning and bringing it in to him. (For a man who can probably afford all the bacon and eggs in the tri-state area, he gets very excited when you bring him food. Gestures like that mean a great deal to him.)

You had been friends for ages. You couldn’t even remember a time when you hadn’t had Alec in your life as your best friend and supporter, no matter what you did.

So when he, in the middle of a conversation, just aksed you for a date you looked confused at him.

“A date”, he repeated but you could see, how he started to feel awkward. “With me.”
You didn’t know that he was feeling that way about you. But somewhere your feelings had changed to, just that you had been to scared to ask because you hadn’t wanted to lose him as friend.

That is why you smiled at him, when he started to look worried.
“Of course, Alec!”

End Part 1
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Gone Girl (Like I’m Going to Lose You)

Maybe one where Owen and the reader have a messy break up before the accident. But they stick together through the entire incident but she isn’t happy cause you know, Claire. Anyways the reader gets really hurt (whenever and how I don’t care) but Owen freaks out and when she’s kinda bleeding out he apologizes and asks her to marry him? Whether she makes it or not it’s up to you, but lots of details please 😁 thank you lovely ❤️

10,000+ Words! And a part 2 that’s almost finished that picks up a bit later. Family outing the first part of tomorrow so rather than waiting until they were both done I decided to give you guys part 1.

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anonymous asked:

(NSFW ahead ♥️) how would reaper/McCree/hanzo feel about their s/o being a stage dancer (you know the kind ;})? How would their first meeting go? Do they meet in a private or public setting? How would they feel if their s/o continued dancing after they started dating? ilysm bless


Reaper would have met their S/O at a very popular strip club, one that has one of the best reputations in town. He would have been going there a while, but this club has a no touch policy and has helped with the harassment from customers. His S/O would be a bit nervous at first seeing how tough the man is. I mean, they’d be in the middle of a show and Reaper would have probably dropped maybe 2 or 3 one-hundred dollar bills to get their attention at first. They would have probably gotten coffee one time as a date, because Reaper wants to show her that it’s not that bad up on the stage. After a few months, the two end up dating. She still works as a stripper, but it’s all she knows even though she wants to go on to be something bigger and better than a stage dancer.


From being part of a gang to atoning for his actions, he steps into a club just to relax and get his head back. A dancer (his future S/O) would have offered a private dance, but McCree would most likely turn it down at first. Seeing as he wasn’t trying to get a date, but have a few drinks. They convince him into going for a private dance and he asks why they wanted to give him a dance. It gets touchy feely after a bit, and he manages to convince them to come home with him. After a night of fun (;P) they end up getting to know each other a lot better. After a bit they start dating and McCree gets FURIOUS at his S/O for not quitting their job at first, but then after a long talk they come to terms with it. In the end their S/O tries to find another job while still working as a stage dancer.


He went for Genji’s bachelor party. Seriously! He took a liking to his S/O rather quickly, and they ended up going to a private dance and he just let them straddle him as he inquired to their personal life, which really threw his S/O off. It was honestly against the policy and after about 45 minutes of chatting, their S/O would have told them they needed to go back to work. Hanzo would probably be embarrassed and give them a decent amount of money with a napkin with a way to contact him on it. The two keep in touch and Genji actually teases him that he won’t take them on a date, so of course he asks them. At first, they say no - but this dragon wielding archer is persistent. They eventually said yes and Hanzo took them on the most elegant date. After a while of dating his S/O would ask if them keeping on with their job was okay and he would admit that he wished they’d find a better line of work.

Baby Sister Part 1(Stiles Stilinski x Reader) (Scott's sister)

Part 2-


You intently peered through the window blinds to watch your brother Scott pull out of your driveway and head out for his date with Allison. You grabbed your phone and called your boyfriend Stiles. You two had been dating for a few months and no one knew about it because you were terrified of what Scott would say.

After a few rings you heard he deep voice on the other end of the line. “Hello?”

“Hey baby, are you busy?”

“No, not at all?” He said with an excited voice.

“Do you want to come over here?”

“I would love to baby… But what about Scott?”

“He’s out with Allison and won’t be back for a couple of hours…”

“I’m on my way now!”

You smirked and went to change into
Something comfortable. You out on a pair of spandex and a Beacon Hills t-shirt.

Stiles soon arrived and you went to let him in. You opened the door to reveal your very cute boyfriend that was wearing gray sweatpants and a tight black muscle tee that showed of his arms and carved abs perfectly making him look even sexier.

You smirked at the sight. “So come in, we can go to my room.” You started walking away, Stiles totally checking you out as he followed behind and shut the door behind him.

You walked into your room and sat down on your bed. Stiles shut your door and then walked over to sit on the bed next to you.

“I’m so happy we finally get some alone time!” Stiles said as he gave you a quick kiss.

“Me too!” You said as you ran your fingers through his hair and rested your hand on the back of his neck pulling him in close to continue the kiss. He moved his hands up to grab your face so he could deepen the kiss. It soon became more passionate. Stiles was running his hands all over your body.

“So… What should… We… Do?” You said I between kisses. Stiles inlet out a soft moan.

“We could… We could… Watch a movie??” You suggested.

“We… Could do… Anything…” You said.

Stiles replied,“ I like… what we…. are doing… now…”

He bit slightly on your bottom lip asking for entrance. You slightly opened your mouth and he moved his tongue in, exploring all around.

He moved his hands down playing with the hem of your shirt, before he lifted it up and over your head.

He then stood up pulling you with him. His hands resting on your ass, giving it a squeeze, signaling you to jump up. You did and wrapped your legs around his body. He walked you over and set you down on the bed. As he did you grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head, throwing it on the ground.

He moved his mouth from yours and began to focus on your neck. He began to suck in different spots being sure to leave marks as he went. He found your sweet spot and sucked on it hard making you moan out loudly. He was then satisfied and you could feel his smirk against your skin.

He then left a trail of wet kisses all the way down your stomach until he reached your shorts. He pulled them off along with your underwear. He then spread your legs and began to kiss up your thighs. He was right where you needed him most.

He then looked up at you. “What do you want me to do baby?”

“Mm… Please baby! Eat me!”

Before the words had barely escaped your mouth he licked a strip right up your slit. You moaned and squirmed beneath him, but he took he hands and held down your legs. He began to circle his tongue on your clit. You were moaning like crazy and Stiles groaned as he was sucking on you, the vibrations going all through your body.

Then your worst nightmare occurred, you then heard the door burst open and then the words,“ Stiles? (Y/n)?? What the hell!”

Stiles jumped up and through a blanket to you so you could cover up, he was still in sweatpants so he was fine.

“Listen, Scott…” Said Stiles holding his hands up trying I calm Scott.

Scott ran up to Stiles grabbed him and then pinned him up against to wall. “What the hell do you think you are doing with her?”

“Listen Scott…” Stiles tried to say before Scott punched him in the face giving him a bloody nose and making you scream.

You quickly finished putting your clothes back on then ran over stepped in pushing Scott back. Stiles slid down the wall and sat on the floor holding onto his nose. You fell to the floor putting your hand in his cheek trying to comfort him.

“Shh… It’s ok!” You told stiles kissing his forehead. “Scott! What the hell was that for!”

“What I walk in and I see my best friend doing god knows what to my baby sister and I’m not supposed to do anything! Why was he even over here? And why were you two… Ugh…” Scott replied.

“Listen buddy…,” began Stiles,“ (y/n) and I have been dating for about three months now. We didn’t tell you because we didn’t want you to freak out…”

“What so you thought if you told me you impregnated her it would be slightly better!”

“No, I had something… I wouldn’t do that to her Scott…”

“What so you were planning on coming over here and having sex with her?”

“No, i keep one in my wallet just in case. I wouldn’t force her into doing anything she didn’t want to do… I really care about her Scott… I really do!” Stiles said as he turned to look at you.

Tears were now streaming down your cheeks. As soon as Stiles noticed he completely forgot about Scott and ran over to you wiping away your tears with his thumb and pulling you in for a kiss.

“Please don’t cry baby girl… It’s ok! Shh… Everyone’s fine. I love you baby girl!” He said as he pulled you into a tight embrace. Turning his head down to kiss the top of your head occasionally and running his fingers through your hair.

Scott then spoke up. “ Do you really like him (y/n)?”

“Yes, more than anyone before!” You replied.

“And will you do your best to take care of her Stiles, no matter what?”

“Absolutely, I care about her way to much! As long as she is with me and even after that she is in great hands. I won’t let anything happen to her. Trust me…”

The room was silent for a moment then Scott said,“ Alright, I’m ok with it. Just please try to keep the kissing to a minimum around me and next time if you are ever doing that keep track of the time and lock your door…”

“Next time when you hear all of that don’t walk in…”

“Stiles don’t even go there…” Said Scott.

“Sorry…” He said as Scott walked out of the room. “Next time we can go to my place…”

“That sounds a lot better…” You said giving him a kiss.

“I love you so much Baby girl!”

“I love you too Stiles!”

Caught(Sirius Black)

Summary: You’re James’ twin sister, and dating Sirius in secret because you’re scared what James will do. Remus catches you and you have to convince him not to tell James.

Warning: Fluff too much to handle

You watched as Marlene, James, Lily, Remus, and Peter left to Hogsmeade. You’d told them you had too much homework to go and you really needed to get it done. Sirius wasn’t with them because he felt sick. You waited a minute after they left, then headed up to the boys’ dormitories. Halfway up you ran into Sirius. 
“Oh, hey there Y/N,” Sirius says. 
“Ew, don’t come near me! I don’t wanna get sick people germs!” You said, covering your hand over your mouth and nose. He chuckled and pulled you into a hug. Then he picked you up and carried you over his shoulder. You giggled as he carried you into his dorm and dropped you onto his bed. He then proceeded to attack your face in kisses before tickling you while you screamed pleas for him to stop. After a minute you managed to grab a pillow to shield yourself. 
“Oh, come on!” Sirius whined, plopping down on you like a human blanket. 
“Ow! Get off me!” You commanded. 
“Only if I can get a kiss,” he replied. 
“Alright, fine, fine. One kiss,” you finally accepted. Sirius smiled and rolled off you. You sat up and pecked him on the lips, but he was lightning fast and grabbed you ‘round the waist. He pulled you closer to him and onto his lap. You continued to make out for a good five minutes. That is until the door shot open and you shot away from Sirius, jumping twenty feet in the air. It was only Remus. 
“What’re you two doing in here? I thought you were sick and you had homework…” Remus said, confused. You began to stutter and Sirius was looking nervous. “Wait, were…were you two…?” Remus asked. Sirius gave a small nod. 
“Please, Remus. Don’t tell James! He won’t let me hang out with you guys anymore,” you begged. Remus looked away and seemed to be thinking about this. 
“Please, mate. You know how James is about Y/N. I’d be dead within seconds. Wouldn’t even stand a chance!” 
“What wouldn’t stand a chance?” James asked, walking through the open doorway. Surely, he didn’t hear what you’d been talking about. Hopefully. 
“Snivellus against you in a duel,” Remus said, covering for you and Sirius. You mouthed thanks to him and left. 
“What was she doing in here?” James asked. 
“Just checking up on me,” Sirius said. Then he crawled into bed and took a nap to sleep off the anxiety he’d felt moments before. 
You ran to your dorm and plopped down on your bed. You managed to prevent yourself from hyperventilating and tried to think about anything else. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Sirius asks while fiddling with the corner of the picnic blanket.
“Yes, love?” You respond, looking up at him from your sandwich. 
“Do you…do you think we should…?” Sirius hesitated and stopped. 
“We should…? What?” You question. 
“Well, I was thinking about it… And I thought maybe… You know… We should tell James that we’re dating…?” He was obviously very nervous. As much as you wanted James to know the truth, you were way too scared to ever actually tell him. 
“Maybe… I’m just scared that he won’t let us date, you know?” You said. 
“He can’t tell me who to date. You neither,” Sirius said, almost confidently. 
“Maybe we could like… Tell him that we want to date, but we won’t if it makes him uncomfortable. And, you know, not tell him we’ve been dating in secret,” you suggest. 
“Yeah, but if we tell him I want to tell him everything. Not telling him about us dating already would just make things more complicated. And besides, he’d probably say he’d be uncomfortable with it.” 
“Yeah…” You sigh. There was a pause while you two were in deep thought. 
After a while Sirius says, “We really do need to tell him sometime, though.”

“Sirius, We might get caught…” You hesitated. 
“ ‘S fine, Y/N,” Sirius whispered in your ear and pulled you closer to him. It was after another Quidditch victory for Gryffindor and people had gone upstairs a couple hours ago. Now you and Sirius were snuggled together on a couch in front of the fire in the Common Room. 
You curled around in his arms to face him and give him a soft kiss. Then you snuggled your face into the crook of his neck and drifted in and out of sleep. Sirius placed several sweet, little kisses across your cheek and down your neck. Finally, you both fell asleep, wrapped up in each other arms on the couch in the Common Room, in front of the dying fire. 

“Good morning, angel,” Sirius whispered in your ear as you started to wake. You were still groggy as Sirius started kissing you. 
“What the bloody hell are you doing?” You heard someone yell. “Get your bloody hands off my sister!” 
Suddenly you were wide awake. Before you could do anything about it, James’ hands had clamped down on your shoulder and pulled you away from Sirius. Then he started to attack Sirius. You tried to stop him, but he was too big and strong and you had no affect on him. 
Thankfully Remus came down quickly and separated them. James was fuming mad, a very scary thing to witness, let alone know you were the cause of it. 
“James, mate, before you make any rash decisions, you should hear them out. Let him defend himself,” Remus said. 
“Let him defend himself? Defend himself? Why should he defend himself? Why shouldn’t I pummel him to the ground for kissing my sister?” James asked. 
“I-I…” Sirius started to stutter.
“He obviously cares about Y/N. He wouldn’t just mess with her like you think he would. He knows that she’s important to you and wouldn’t go breaking her heart for the fun of it,” Remus defended. James didn’t seem to buy this. 
“That’s not him defending himself, that’s you defending him.”
“Oh, good god! James, are you so blind that you can’t see you’ve scared your best friend? This is Sirius we’re talking about. Sure he’s got some major flaws, like he doesn’t do the best in school, he doesn’t have the best reputation, he gets a lot of detentions and stuff, and doesn’t do much reading; but he’s got a good heart. Can’t you see the reason he hasn’t been bringing girls up to the dorm lately is because he’s staying loyal to me? Because even though he could technically get away with it, he doesn’t want to hurt me. If you don’t want me with Sirius and his bad boy rep, do you want me with an actual bad boy? Wouldn’t you prefer I was with someone you actually know, and know won’t hurt me? Or should I go find some other guy and hope he’s good?” You weren’t sure what caused you to say all that, but you weren’t about to let a few guys decide if you could be with the person you like. “And you know what else? You can’t tell me who to date or not date. Because you’re not the boss of me. You think that because you’re my brother you need to protect me from every little thing, but I need to stand on my own sometimes, too. You’re my brother, and I’ll always need you, but you can’t plan out my life in very distinct detail and control it, no matter how much you want to. I need to be my own person.” 
James could only stare at you. Actually, that’s all Sirius or Remus could do either.
“Is that really how you feel?” James asked, worry etched on his face.
“Kinda,” you said with a small shrug. Suddenly James was enveloping you in a hug. 
“I’m so sorry Y/N. I never even realized. I just don’t want you to get hurt,” James practically sobbed into your shoulder. 
“I know, and I’m grateful. But you can’t protect me from everything. It’s impossible.” You wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug.
When James finally let go he said, “I’m not happy about you and Sirius…but I guess I can’t really stop you from dating, can I?” 
“No, no you can’t,” you said. 


(I lied) | Part 2Part 3

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 9

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 1715

Warnings: Short and sweet transition to the last few dates. Sick Dean. 

Tags: @kbrand0, @daydreamingintheimpala, @growningupgeek, @illisea, @supernaturalfreewill, @always-noteworthy

As always, enjoy! 

Your name: submit What is this?

“I don’t want to be at work,” you whined into the phone. “I want to be with you.”

You looked over at Ethan, who rolled his eyes. This wasn’t the first time he’d had to overhear a phone conversation between you and Dean, but this was probably the cheesiest yet.

“Agreed,” Dean said with a sleepy sigh. “The house is colder than usual tonight.”

“You should turn the heater up.”

“Too tired.”

He sniffled and you knew no matter how much he denied it, the man was coming down with something. He claimed to have taken his temperature and found no evidence of fever, but the congestion, chills, and fatigue told you that he wasn’t as “fine” as he claimed to be.

You took a deep breath. “Wish you’d take some cold medicine, too. You’ll feel better, you know.”

“Not sick.”

“Right. Well, get some rest, Mr. Too Tough to Be Sick. I’ll text you when I’m home in the morning.”

“Sounds good. Night, pretty girl.”

“Night, Sparky.”

For the first time, the call disconnected before you could even get to that little red button. He must have really been tired and not feeling well; normally Dean would wait for you to disconnect the call. You knew that because earlier in the day you’d tested that theory by waiting a full minute before disconnecting the call. He waited the whole time, not making a sound or saying your name or anything.

“Why is it that you men are so stubborn when you’re sick?” you asked Ethan.

“Aw, does lover boy have the sniffles?” Ethan laughed. “Surprised you’re not over there taking care of him.”

“Like, I said. Stubborn.”


Morning, pretty girl. Staying home from work. Just didn’t sleep well. I’ll see you for our date tonight, no problem. Sleep well.

“Just didn’t sleep well,” you repeated out loud. “Yeah, right.”

After a quick stop at your house for a few essentials, you made a grocery store run and then headed to Dean’s house. Feeling bad about pulling him out of bed, you rang the doorbell and waited. It took a litter longer than normal, but eventually he answered the door.

“Oh, Sparky …”

Dean’s hair was tousled, and not in a cute, bedhead sort of way. His face was pale, his eyes were red and puffy, and he looked like he might pass out at any moment. He leaned against the door and groaned.

“Y/N, come on. What are you doing here? I look and feel like hell.”

You nodded, got a little brazen, and pushed by him into the house. “Exactly. I’m here to take care of you.”

He followed you into the kitchen where you were emptying out your grocery bags. “Really, you don’t have to do that. I appreciate the supplies and everything …”

You went to hug him, a little surprised by how warm he felt. “Dean. I’m exhausted. I just came off a twenty-four-hour shift, and all I want to do is sleep. You probably just want to sleep, so I’m here to make sure you have what you need to get some good rest.” You kissed his warm cheek and smiled. “So you come on. Let’s get some medicine in you and we’ll put you to bed. I’ll sleep on the couch and only bother you if you need something.”

“No,” Dean replied adamantly.

He really was serious. “Sorry. You’re right. I’ll go.”

Before you could walk away, Dean caught your hand. “That’s not what I meant. I’m saying no to you sleeping on the couch. If you’re going to be here, taking care of me, then you should be in the bed, too. What kind of a caretaker are you?”

Your curious frown turned into a smile. Dean agreed to take some medicine, then you tucked him back into bed before getting into your pajamas and crawling into bed next to him.


It wasn’t the most restful day you’d ever had. Dean’s cold had moved into his chest and even with medicine, it took a while to get his fever to go down. He coughed and sputtered, and tossed and turned. There was no sleeping for you, until a second dose of medicine started to quell his fever and dry up some of that congestion.

“I definitely did not intend for you to see me like this for quite a while,” Dean admitted after downing half a glass of water in two gulps. He pulled you close to him; you made a mental note to down a serious amount of vitamin C later. “And I’ve ruined date number nine.”

You shook your head. “No. It just changed our plans. We can do our original plans for date number ten, if you want.”

“’S long as I’m with you,” Dean yawned. “Sorry you aren’t getting any rest.”

“As long as I’m with you,” you replied with a smile. “Now get some sleep, Sparky. If you’re awake around supper time, I’ll make you some soup, then put you back to bed before I go home.”

“Home? You can’t go home. Who will stay here and take care of me?”

His pouting face was almost too much to resist. You knew though that you had one more shift before your four days off and you needed to be in your own bed without someone coughing and snoring if you were going to be capable of caring for your patients the next day.

“You’re on the mend. I’ll even allow you to go to work tomorrow, if you want.”

Dean chuckled, but before it could develop into a laugh, the chuckle became a cough. He turned away from you in a kind attempt to keep his germs at bay, and you soothingly ran your hand up and down his back while he tried to catch his breath.

Without rolling back over, Dean pulled you to him so that you were snuggled against his back, your leg draped over his side.

“I read once that when the girl is the ‘big spoon’ like this, it’s actually more like a jet pack,” you giggled, kissing the back of his neck. His skin wasn’t overly warm with fever anymore, and you hoped that would help him feel better faster.

“Jet pack,” Dean repeated with a smile. “I like that.”

You leaned up to kiss his cheek, then ran your fingers through his hair, gently massaging his scalp until he fell asleep again. Once his breathing evened out, you made yourself a little more comfortable and fell into a more peaceful sleep.


Your shift on Tuesday was much slower than things at work had been in the past few weeks. The first half of your shift consisted of only two calls, both so minor that only one required that the patient be transported in the ambulance. Around eight in the evening, you were dozing off – not for the first time – in a recliner in the day room of the EMS station.

“Hey, wake up!” Ethan called from the doorway, throwing a pen at you. “Supper’s here.”

You grumped all the way to the kitchen. Not only were you not hungry, but you were tired, and ready for the next twelve hours to go by as quickly as possible. Sleeping away what down time you had would help with that, if everyone would quit bugging you.

When you got to the kitchen, however, you were pleasantly surprised to see Dean sitting at the table. You could see a pizza box on the counter, paper plates and plastic cups set out on the table, and a two liter of soda next to Dean’s plate. In the middle of the table was a small mason jar with one red and one white rose in it. A tealight candle was placed on either side of the mason jar; you couldn’t help but smile.

“I know this isn’t exactly what we had planned for number nine,” Dean started, “but I wanted to at least try and make it up to you somewhat.”

“Wasn’t your fault you were sick,” you assured him as you dropped into a chair.

“I know that, but still. Let me be sweet, would you?”

That made you laugh. “Fair enough. Thanks for supper, Dean. I really appreciate it.”

“Well, I really appreciate you.” He poured some soda into your cup and doled out a couple pieces of pizza for you. “You look exhausted.”

“Not exhausted, but I am tired. It’s been a slow day. You sound a lot better, though.”

“I feel a lot better. The medicine helped, but I really do think it was the home remedies that got me through the worst of it. Guys at the garage today said that there’s a twenty-four-hour bug going around, but it’s been taking a couple of days to really get over it. Guess I caught that.”

You continued to chat over supper, after warning Dean that you and Ethan could be called out at any minute. Dean promised he understood, but it ended up not being a problem while he was there.

“Just a slow night, I guess,” you yawned as you walked him out to his truck. “I’m okay with that.”

“Rest when you can. Tomorrow when you get off work, you sleep as long as you want to. When you’re up for doing something, let me know, and we’ll get to our original date number nine plans.”

“Sounds perfect,” you smiled. “Now hurry up and kiss me. It’s cold.”

Dean chuckled but obliged, leaning down to kiss you on the mouth. It was sweet and perfect, like every kiss with Dean so far.

“Three dates left until twelve,” you reminded him. “Sick of me yet?”

“Pretty girl, the day I get sick of you is the day hell freezes over and pigs fly.”

“All in the same day?” you laughed. “Guess I won’t hold my breath then.”

There were a few more kisses in store for you before the cold urged you back into the station. You waited at the public entrance door until Dean’s taillights were out of view, then made way back to that recliner. Between the lack of sleep and looking forward to more dates with Dean – not to mention Christmas – your four days off couldn’t come soon enough.

Drabble #3

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They’ll love you - Jacob Whitesides imagine

Jacob introduces his girlfriend to the boys…

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How have you been?  - Carter Reynolds imagine

After Carter and (Y/N) broke up, (Y/N) never really talked to the other boys until Nash calls her…

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One of the boys walks in on you making out - Magcon Preference (Cameron, Nash, Jack G)

The title explains everything…

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Every ending is a new beginning - Nash Grier imagine

“We’ve reached a point where it’s just necessary to stop”…

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Little jealous? - Nash Grier imagine

(Y/N) gets a little jealous…

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Only a week - Nash Grier imagine

Nash and (Y/N) can’t stand each other. The other boys are sick of it and challenge them to get along for a week…

The beginning , Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, The end

I don’t want to lose you - Nash Grier imagine

Nash introduces (Y/N) to the boys and suddenly realizes something…

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Silent Treatment - Nash Grier imagine

(Y/N) gives Nash the Silent Treatment…

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Thinking out loud - Cameron Dallas imagine

Will you still love me the same?…

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His reaction to you in your prom dress - Magcon preference

The title explains itself…

Nash, Taylor, Jack G

Cameron, Jack J, Aaron, Carter, Shawn

One year anniversary - Magcon preference

What he gets you for your one year anniversary…

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It’s just me and you - Jack Johnson imagine

Jack comes home drunk every night, so (Y/N) makes a decision…

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#AskNashand(Y/N) - Nash Grier imagine

You make a video together…

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Tell her - Nash Grier imagine

Nash wants to tell (Y/N) how he feels about her…

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