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Is there any Bat/Cat fan fiction you could recommend?

Got asked this by more than one person, so here are my favorite batcat fanfics:

*I just kind of cherry picked my favorites but just go ahead and read anything by DC Luder, and she’s written a ton so it should keep you busy.
**So I just started reading Cat-Tales but this series comes highly recommended


I’ve been working on this project for about 3 days or so and hours of work have resulted in such great results!
This is gift for the
@ask-sadisticdark blog! Congratulations on the 1k milestone! So proud of you. Thank you for putting up with all my floundering and bothersome questions for the fics. You are amazing and even if I haven’t been with you since the beginning. I’ll follow your blog to the end 🙏🙏😊
(Psst. Their admin is so nice ❤️❤️❤️😭😭)
Anyways… I hope you like it.
@ask-psychoanti…. you’re next.
Love- CV

(And yes… it’s made entirely out of your quotes)
Regarding the continuation of Anti's Antics

I was completely blown away from the amount of positive responses I received from everyone about my recent Dark and Anti 2 part fic. I honestly did not expect to get 100 or more notes on both of them, and I continue to get notifications even still.

Thank you so much.

Honestly I’m still in shock.

I’ve gotten quite a few messages pertaining the idea of continuing the series.

I am aware I left part two at a tricky… sort of confusing cliff hanger, yes. ((I did that purposefully btw 😂))

No spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read it… but the story could go many different ways.

It was in fact a headcannon, if none of you were aware.

I worked with both @ask-psychoanti and @ask-sadisticdark on them. They were kind enough to help me out with quotes and general plot holes. Which I am so grateful for otherwise it would have been extremely sloppy. I should have credited them earlier where it was due but I didn’t realize it until today and wow THANKS GUYS SORRY I LET YOU DOWN 😅😭

In all honesty I wasn’t planning on continuing it at all, but all of you motivated me so much and wow! *hugs!*

You can all send me any theories you have on where it should go… but you might be pleased on some of the ideas I already have in store.

(Keep on mind it will probably be much different still to keep to what I originally intended it to go and end off at… if that makes any sense. Am I making any sense? Probably not)

I’ve already begun discussing a runoff of Part 2, which would still leave room for theories but it would be a lot of work and right now I don’t have too much time.

Grade 12 is grinding me in ways that I cannot express and I am emotionally hurting every moment that I am not on Tumblr and you guys are keeping me alive so thank you.
Okay that went off on a tangent, needless to say please send me any questions or comments you have either privately or in my ask box. It’s always open!
Thanks! I hope that quenches your questions somewhat! Ta ta for now, my gorgeous ppl.

The dark mark

Tattoos are completely personal, and they are a choice. What this symbol means to me may be very different to someone else. Where I believe there are other beautiful symbols in Harry Potter that can be used as a representation of  love, loss, change, attachment to a character, etc ; it is still ultimately the choice of an individual.

I absolutely hate seeing the dark mark tattooed on people. It makes me uncomfortable and sad when I do. The dark mark, to me, is a symbol of racial purity that parallels the Nazi swastika. The death eaters were a hate group that sought to remove racial impurity from the wizarding world by means of oppression and genocide. Tattooing this mark on your body is akin to agreeing with these concepts in a silent yet powerful way. The death eaters are not just bad guys, they are the worst type of bad guys based on real villains who exist even today. They may be characters in a fantasy series, but their implications and meaning are very real. Even in 2015.