the darkest cave

Tony stumbled into the kitchen, hands slapping at the counter irritably until he found a mug. He muttered under his breath as he poured himself a cup of coffee, taking a long slow sip as he turned around to lean against the counter. He squinted blearily at what looked like a man with icy white skin and golden antlers sitting at the table and reading the newspaper.

The man glanced at him with glowing green eyes before returning his gaze back to the paper. “Greetings, human.”

“Hello,” Tony said for lack of anything else. He took another sip of coffee because he was not awake enough for this bullshit. “Who’re you?”

“My family calls me Loki.”

Tony tilted his head. “Do you like being called Loki?”

Loki paused to consider it. “As I have no other name to be called, I suppose I do not mind it.”

“Okay, reindeer games,” Tony muttered, slowly making his way over to him. He peered at the golden antlers for a moment, then flicked one. It rang like the metal. He wondered if it was soft like the metal, too.

“What are you doing?!” Loki snapped, tugging his head away when he realized the boy was going to bite one of his antlers.

Tony huffed. “I just wanted to see if they were soft.”

“They are not!” Loki said, nearly shouting.

“Okay, man, chill out,” Tony complained, as if he had not been about to put his mouth on the monster’s person. “Gosh, you guys sure are grumpy.”

Loki tensed. “…There are more of us here?”

“Yeah, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Clint, and Bruce,” Tony said, counting on his fingers. He paused, then hesitantly put up another one. “And Hulk? Hulk and Bruce are kind of the same person but also not.”

Loki relaxed a little. “I see.”

“Probably watch out for Natasha though,” Tony added. “She’s shown a worrying lack of shame about eating people.”

The monster blinked at him. “…And she lives here.”


“…With you.”

“Uh huh.”

Loki covered his mouth as he stared at the human in concern. What a worrying lack of self-preservation. He’d known that humans could be stupid, but this… this was a new low.

“I’m gonna go blow something up,” Tony said. He began to circle the table and paused when he saw that the monster didn’t have human legs, but what looked like the rear legs of an albino deer. “…I can bring you a stool.”

Loki shook his head. “Nay.”

“Nay?” Tony asked in disbelief, than rolled his eyes. “Fucking nay, he says.”

Loki raised his eyebrows as the boy wandered out of the kitchen, muttering to himself. “…What is wrong with ‘nay?’”

Steve looked over his shoulder, frowning. “Hey, did you know there’s a guy with antlers in your library?”

“So he’s not in the kitchen anymore?” Tony asked, lifting his goggles. “He said his name’s Loki.”

“Weird,” Steve said, coming up behind him to wrap his arms around the human’s waist. “Is he staying?”

“I have no idea,” Tony replied, slapping the monster’s hand away when it tried to dip under his waistband. “Steve, I’m welding here.”

Steve pressed a kiss to the side of his neck, using just a little bit of fang. “So stop welding.”

Tony shivered and bit his bottom lip as the monster began pressing little nipping kisses up and down his neck and shoulder. “I need to get this done.”

You need to get done,” Steve countered, grabbing at his crotch. Then he screamed as he was covered in foam.

Tony snorted and turned to give Dum-E a smile. “Guess Dum-E thought you were getting a little too hot.”

“I thought you liked me,” Steve told the robot, hurt.

Dum-E beeped and waved the fire extinguisher cheerfully.

“Mean,” Steve whined, like the child he secretly was. “Fine, but when you come up to get cleaned up, I’m showering with you.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Fine.”

“…And by showering, I mean fu–”

“I know,” Tony cut in.

Steve pouted, crossing his arms. “So when were you going to tell us about the new guy?”

“When I figured out what to say about him,” Tony admitted. “He just showed up this morning.”

Steve tilted his head. “Weird,” he muttered thoughtfully.

Tony frowned, concerned. “Bad weird?”

“…Yet to be determined,” the monster decided. “I’ll do some recon.”

“I think you could just go up to him and ask what he wants, Steve,” Tony said gently. “He seems like a nice guy.”

“You thought Tiberius Stone was a nice guy,” Steve hissed, shooting him a glare, before slithering out of the workshop.

Tony would be hurt, except every time Ty saw him these days, he went ghost-white and ran in the other direction. He didn’t know what (or which one, for that matter) the monster(s?) had done, but they’d obviously done something.

“He is not a nice guy,” Clint snapped, turning to show Tony his back. “Look!”

Tony frowned when he saw the patch of missing feathers and the two puncture wounds on his flesh. “…Were you trying to roost on his antlers?”

“Well they’re big!” Clint said defensively. “He wasn’t doin’ anything with ‘em!”

“Clint,” Tony sighed.

“Well he wasn’t!” the monster snapped, hopping up to roost on the back of the couch.

“Stop trying to roost on people. Without permission,” Tony added thoughtfully, because Hulk always let Clint perch on him. “Not everyone is like you guys with no boundaries.”

Clint scoffed, ruffling his feathers. “Well! See if I roost on you anymore!”

Tony glared at his back. He’d love it if Clint stopped roosting on him. He was heavy and always knocked Tony down.

“So, uh,” Tony asked awkwardly.

Loki lifted his gaze from his book.

Tony shuffled his feet. “…You can read?”

Loki tilted his head in acknowledgement but stayed silent for a few minutes, thinking. “…Is that so strange?”

“None of the others can read,” Tony began, then stopped. “Or, well. Bruce can. Hulk can, too, but he has trouble turning small pages with his gigantic fingers. The others just… choose not to learn, I think.”

“Ah,” Loki said, and understood, for the most part. It was hard to learn to read when you had to hide most of your life.

“Anyway,” Tony added, looking away, and began wringing his hands nervously. “I, uh, wanted to apologize for Clint, since he’s probably never going to. For, um. Roosting. …On your head.”

Loki raised an eyebrow. “Ah.”

“So, um. Sorry. For Clint.” Tony jumped as the monster stood. He’d never seen him at full height–Loki’d been kneeling at the kitchen table, and he’d been sprawled on one of the couches when he’d come in.

He was… intimidatingly tall. Nearly as tall as Hulk, all long, lean lines. It should have seemed delicate, but Loki just looked powerful, the muscles in his legs bulging and his chest all hard lines. With his antlers, he looked regal, and also incredibly terrifying.

Loki reached out to cup his cheek, skin cool against his own, the tips of his fingers ending in hard, blunt hoof-like material. “You are a good human.”

Tony blinked up at him with wide eyes, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. “Y-yeah?”

“I hope,” Loki began, then paused. “…That you continue to be.”

Tony squeaked, terrified, because that sounded incredibly ominous. “O-okay.”

Before he could say anything else, Natasha dropped from the ceiling, hissing quietly as she glared at the other monster. “If you do not take your hands off of him at once, I will rip off one of your antlers and shove it up your ass.

Loki held his hands up placatingly. “My apologies.”

“I don’t know what you want, trickster, but if you hurt Tony in any way,” she added, just a hint wild-eyed. “I will fetch the Hulk and he will tear you limb from limb. And then I’ll eat your guts.”

“…My apologies,” Loki repeated, looking her right in the eye as he did.

Tony looked back and forth between them, brows furrowed together in confusion. Eventually, though, both monsters relaxed, and then Natasha was whirling him around to march him out the door.

“You are quite possibly the most unconsciously suicidal human I have ever met,” Natasha spat. “Do not trust Loki, even for a minute. He’s an old monster.”

“…Older than you?” Tony asked hesitantly.

Natasha paused, making him slow down as well, before she answered, “Older than the rest of us combined. He’s still got Old Magic clinging to him like a cape of dust. I’m not sure anyone but Steve and Bucky would have noticed, and even then, that sort of magic was swallowed up by humans before they could get a proper taste.”

“But you know it,” Tony said, frowning. “The–the taste?”

Natasha stopped again, shoulders stiff. “…I know of the taste. Sometimes if you go into the deepest, darkest forests, or the deepest, darkest caves, you can find Old Magic. I was too frightened to approach the one I did find. There’s a feeling to it, of great power, that’s terrifying to behold.” She shivered, then began walking again. “Only old monsters know how to wield it properly, and there’s so few of them left. I shudder to think of what life would be like for humans if more of those monsters walked the land still.”

Tony shivered as well. That… that sounded horrifying. “Should I ask him to leave?”

“Creatures like Loki leave only when they mean to leave, Tony.” She swallowed. “I can only hope he does so soon.”

Tony curled up into her side as they walked toward the stairs, only relaxing when her two arms curled around him. “…But you threatened him with Hulk.”

“You heard Bruce,” Natasha said quietly. “He’d been messing with something that he shouldn’t have been. You can’t taste the Old Magic on him when he’s the Hulk. But you can when he’s human, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the change.”

Tony shivered again, feeling even luckier that Hulk hadn’t crushed him when he’d hidden behind him.

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Hiiii! My friend and I really love your writing of Sonamy and she had this concept that she really wanted you to write: Concept: Eggman, in an attempt to ruin Sonic, invents literal nightmare fuel that slowly breaks down Sonic's ego and makes him feel powerless and afraid to sleep. He first tests this on Amy and after that, he tests it on the rest of the team...

I LOOOOVEEEE request like this!!! :DDD Thank you so much!!! It’s a plot, it’s depth, and it’s so cute~<3

Tell your friend she’s a mini-genius!!! :Db And thank you both for supporting me and my stories! Means a lot :’3

I hope I can do her idea justice, precious anon!



Eggman was using a drill-bot to carve it’s way into the deepest, darkest cave imaginable. All the way out in the middle of nowhere, Eggman peered inside the drilled, crumbled rock.

Only his glasses shone in that pitch darkness, as then his smiling teeth as he saw the object he desired, glowing with whisps of purple light, not like the aliens, but darker… more corrupted entities.

Back at his lab, he snorted, giggled, and squawked laughters as he pushed and pressed buttons like his fingers were dancers.

“At last! I’ve got it! I think I’ve got the code to trigger their power and centralize it into one … dream…” he rubbed his hands together, “Huhuhu… with these ‘nightmares’ I’ll have Sonic losing all hope! He’ll believe he’s a good-for-nothing! And I’ll be the emperor of the eggman empire in no time!~” he jumped to turn around and click his heels together, rushing over to the cylinder, clear tube that held the destructive creatures. They’re mouths opened to whispy daggers for teeth, and their purple, smokey bodies blinked with glares.

“There, there… my little evil critters~” he tapped his fingers to the glass, making them freak out and shake their hands, wanting to attack but returning to the urn which they were trapped inside.

“Hehehe~ Hohoho!!!” He billowed another loud laugh as he leaned his back into an arch in his joy.

But within that laughter, he realized something. “ho, ho?” he blinked his eyes, motioning his neck down. “But what if my test run doesn’t work? I’ll need to test my hypothesis on directing these little balls of terror before I actually unleash them on Sonic’s team! Hmm..” he rubbed his chin, thinking…

He suddenly smirked, turning to his computer.

“…Wasn’t Amy Rose tracking Sonic just a moment ago?”

Amy waddled through the forest, huffing and puffing in her weariness, tapping each tree she passed with the palm of her hand, as if checking to make sure she had stable support if she ever needed it.

She finally stood up straight, exhausted from a long day, and leaned her head back. “Ugh.. He’s traveled too far this time.” She moaned, before lowering her head with a heavy sigh. “And I was really hoping to spend time with him today…” she pouted, looking truly disappointed, but not that upset as she was used to sometimes failing on her ventures to find Sonic.

“He’s a tricky one.” she mused, picturing him dashing over large fields, defeating robots, and maybe even taking a second to stop and smile at a passing thought of her.

“Ha~~~” she sighed, melting at the idea of Sonic taking a second to think of her for a change.

Eggman positioned his gun perfectly, focusing the nightmartic spirits where he wanted their power concentrated.

“Eat her dreams alive, boys… woo-hohohho!” he laughed, and fired down once the gun rocked it’s way to have her in the center of it’s target. “Fire!”

Eggman’s gun sprung the spirit’s power, a misty purple smoke, straight through the atmosphere as it hit her in the back of her head, and spiraled down her body.

Amy suddenly felt a wave of sleepiness hit her upside the head, and all of a sudden, a strange aroma was pulling her to sit down… to rest… to take it easy…

“Wha-..what..?” she knew this wasn’t right, as she slowly came to her knees, and started to lay down. “H…Help…” she lightly rested her head down, as her whole body became too heavy to move, and too weak to stand…

There were puzzles under her feet, and as she looked down, she noticed some were glowing a bright, see-through gold.


Amy looked up, before smiling happily towards Sonic, a little ways away on the same puzzle-piece floor she was on.

“Sonic!” Her voice echo’d in the empty space.

He looked upset, turning away from her. “You have to stop this mess.”

“…Ah… Mess?” she was confused, but she held her hands back, her feet paused from rushing towards him.

She had never seen such a shallow expression on his face before…

“I don’t want you always trying to find me! To hog my attention away from the world!” he swiped his hand out, looking more and more frustrated, as she stepped a foot back.

“…A-..Attention..?” She held her fists up to her chest, not sure what he was saying.

The puzzle-piece below her suddenly fell, as her foot almost fell through the crack.

She gasped as she pulled it up, looking down at the puzzle piece, and studying how it could have fallen…

As her eyes scanned, Sonic’s voice once again arose, this time much harsher and crueler than even she thought possible to imagine.

“This is it, Amy! I’m tried of letting you get away with what you want!”

“What I… want?” she turned around, her eyes shaking at his words.

“Sonic…” she could feel her heart breaking, her lips trembling as tears almost threatened her.

Around her, puzzle pieces on the floor started falling, strikes of lightning taking some of them out.

“I can’t stand it, Amy! I can’t stand you!” Sonic bit down on the word, glaring as he lunged himself forward.


As he threw his arm out, Amy felt the ground beneath her break and dip down, the puzzle pieces falling rapidly as she fell with them, reaching up for his cold, unfeeling expression as he watched her fall.

“Sonic…” her eyes widened, gripping her hands before forcing them apart and reaching up for him. “NOOO!!!!”

She disappeared into the darkness, hovering in the air.

“I don’t want to be alone… I don’t… I …” She gripped herself into a tight curl, but not fully a ball, as her hair and dress rippled in the mist of the empty space.

There was nothing now.

No sound but her own desperate cries.

Tears floated in the space around her.

“I… I don’t want to die without knowing…. knowing what it’s like… I don’t want to be alone… I don’t want to die alone!!!”

She threw her head up, screaming.


The Sonic above, turned his head away, walking away from the surface.

Once absent from her sight, his face suddenly morphed to the snickering of the nightmaric spirit, chuckling with it’s jagged, spiked teeth; Sonic’s body myistifying into a purple smokey being.


“Excellent!” Eggman jumped up from his seat, watching the activity of her vital signs and pulses, mental strain and brainwaves, the like; determining right then and there that his experiment was a success!

“Now, then! To the others!”

He pushed some buttons, as the gun flung around and shot the remaining nightmaric spirits to the different locations he punched in.

He twirled around with the gun, doing a little silly dance before looking back at his creation. “Tonight! Eggman industries presents a spectacular, dream-like experience you’ve NEVER dared to have before! WHOHOHOH!” as he laughed, the nightmaric spirits all gathered together in the tube, seeming to scheme, before turning to Eggman, and laughing creepishly towards him…

Sonic turned in his sleep, as did Tails and Knuckles, as each one had a horrific nightmare of their deepest, darkest fears.

Sonic was engulfed in water, unable to do anything, and for some reason, still able to breathe.

“Noo!” he cried out, trying to move upward, but only sinking as Amy and his friends were slashed through, shadowy silhouettes showing their last moments of life, and even Amy reaching down in the water to him, before red filled the water, dying it as it floated past him like curved paint in an oil canvas, swarming his being.

Powerless, Sonic watched the red surround him, polluting the water and gripping his throat.

He struggled to breathe now.

“N.. nmm!” he gripped his throat, his cheeks puffing up to try and remain with oxygen.

His arms flailed through the water, as suddenly he was pulled down into a dark abyss, his friend’s silhouettes being thrown into the water… Metal Sonic’s shadow… turning to stare down at him from a distance… at the surface.

Then, it shifted, turning into a nightmaric spirit’s face, and cackled as Sonic’s feet were limp, and weren’t able to kick him towards the surface of the water…

He closed his eyes, feeling life drain from him.

He was forced to be pulled under the water’s current…

Tails was trapped in a small cube, as he pounded on it and cried out to let him out, his X-Tornado turning on him and firing, causing lightning to spring out from it’s guns and attack the cube.

Tails threw up his arms, crying out as his mouth hung in utter fright.

He ducked down, unable to avoid as the X-Tornado went back up into the thunderstorm, and then spiraled down to let out a fresh new patch of lightning down upon his trapped self.

“Stop it!!!” Tails shouted out, as suddenly he heard Sonic’s piercing cry, and looked up.

“No!” Tails banged on the cube, “Sonic!”

Sonic,… Amy… Knuckles… they were all being struck by Lightning, and falling down, rising up as zombie like expressions on their faces, and walking towards him.

“You couldn’t help us, Tails…” Amy’s faint voice barely made it to his ears.

His eyes shook, scooting away from that side of the cube. “No…”

“You’re useless to me, Tails…” Sonic’s body kept hobbling towards the cube, his head going limp.

Tails shook in utter terror.

“You’re still a no one… not a friend of ours.” Knuckles’s arms stretched forward. “Now we’ll take you out… so the lightning can kill you too.”

They all piled the box.

“No…Stop… please…! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough! I’m sorry!!!”

The three nightmartic spirits chuckled, their faces shifting as Tails threw his hands over his head, his tails also encircling him in his great fear.

Knuckles struggled to try and keep his new family safe, but with each robot army that came, he turned to suddenly see them swiped down, out of existence, turning to nothing more than dust.

“Ah!” he rushed to them, gripping the dirt. “The last echidnas…” he was alone again, before looking up and seeing the robots break the Master Emerald, turning it into small fragments that they crushed to utter oblivion…

Their sparkling powder floated by him, as his eyes widened and they stung his open eyes.


Angel Island came crashing down, the robots self-destructing as suddenly the Island bent into itself, cracking and splitting, till lost in the sea…

Knuckles smashed the earth beneath him, before his shoulders bounced in his tears, and he laid down before the crashing sea…

“No…Rouge… Sonic… My friends… My family… The Master Emerald… I’ve failed them.. I’ve failed them all…”

Behind him, the robots faces turned to nightmaric spirits, laughing…

“WHHOHOHOHHO! BRILLIANT!” Eggman danced around in his lab, even going disco-funky with his actions. “Now, to take over the world!” He stuck a finger up, posing, before typing more coordinates.

But by this time… he hadn’t realized the Nightmares were growing with the dread and fear that came from their hosts… and they’re being morphed into Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles.

The remaining nightmare spirits laughed in their usual way, before breaking the cylinder tube… and going for Eggman.

“W-what?” he saw the gun stop firing, and turned around.

“No… no,… NOO!!” Eggman threw his hands up, as they chuckled and swarmed his being in their mist, knocking him out and diving into his dreams… their laughter never ceasing…

Sonic woke up in a cold sweat, blinking hard and breathing irregularly.

He touched his chest… no water.

Just the cold of the wind.

His eyes were heavy, but he shook his head, getting up.

“That was no dream…” Sonic concluded, and turned to look out away from him.

He heard someone shouting his name…

Suddenly, the sound became more clear as he gained control over his senses again…

“Amy!!!” he charged, bolting himself through the long distance to find where the echo was coming from.

It disturbed him, seeing he was awake, but her voice was bouncing off from everywhere.

The mountains didn’t help.

The valleys were worst.

He finally found her, collapsed under a tree, screaming out with tears pouring down her face.

“Tails! Knuckles! Someone help me!!!” she cried in her sleep, talking outloud.

“Hang on, Amy! Wake up! Snap out of it!” Sonic knelt down and shook her, before her eyes sprung up, and she fought him slightly away.

“Don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me!”

Sonic, startled by the response, immediately pulled his hands away from her, backing away.

“Amy… it’s me… It’s Sonic..” he took a gentler tone, his eyes bending back as he worried his shaking had startled her to the point of possibly hurting her.

“Amy… You’re alright. It was just a dream.”

She breathed hard, gripping herself, looking around.

“It’s… it’s dark.”

He saw she was getting her senses back, and bent down again beside her, offering her his arms. “It’s cold too.”

She gripped him with a death-hold of pure, unfathomable terror.

She clung to him like her source of life, breathing rapidly off measure, and having her heartbeat influence his own rapidly beating one.

“You’re alright, Amy. I don’t know what’s going on. But I’m worried about Tails and the others.” He gently held her, before feeling her tremble and lightly moving his hand to her head, stroking it to try and still her.

“You’re alright. I’m here… Whatever that was… Whatever thing possessed us… I won’t let it get away with this.”

He found some relief in having her around… at least he knew he wasn’t dreaming anymore either.

She nodded, finally calming down to a regular breath, before wiping her eyes and finally letting him go.

“My dream… While I was sinking into the dark… I heard Tails, and Knuckles laughing too. Everyone was laughing.”

“Mine too.” Sonic could only recall the deformed image of Metal Sonic, his eyes glowing… his face turning to a jagged grin…

He looked away from her a moment, considering the possibility… “Maybe we were all trapped under the same dreams…”

“Why do you say that?” Amy looked more directly to him, confused.

“Because I was sinking too.”

Amy let out a pity groan, lightly, as if feeling empathy for him.

“I’m fine.” He lied, patted her head again, trying more to sooth her than himself.

“We… we need to stick together. To find the others.” He wouldn’t admit it, but he didn’t want to leave her side. Fear still gripped him. He wasn’t letting her out of his sights.

Tails and Knuckles were both awakened, and the only explanation to the increased power source that night, from Tails’s readings, were coming from Eggman’s base.

“I didn’t know he had a base way out here.” Sonic saw the robots smashed against the side of the doors… the doors wide open… the halls showing wired ripped robots…

“Something came in.” Knuckles tightened his fists, getting ready…

“No…” Sonic stopped walking, turning seriously with a knowing look towards the broken cylinder. “Something got out.”

Eggman groaned.

The four all turned to him, laying down, up against his control station.

“I don’t want to be alone.. without a cause, please! Let me destroy you a little longer! I promise! I’ll be better! Don’t go! Don’t leave me without a purpose!!!”

He tossed his head desperately, before Amy walked over, taking her hammer out.

“Amy.” Sonic cautioned, worried what she would do with him.

She saw his arm extended, and nodded, “I’m just waking him up.” she answered over her shoulder, looking back to him. “No one deserves the nightmares we’ve all endured…”

No one disputed her.

Amy whacked Eggman on the head, light enough that it wasn’t painful, but still enough to snap him out of it.

He woke up, flinching, sweat trailing down his bald forehead.

“Wha..where… where am I?”

“Alive.” Sonic almost spoke through his teeth. “Now… tell us where they are?”

“You’re not good enough.”

The team turned around, seeing the nightmaric spirits, all morphed into their figures, even an Eggman one, raising their heads with smirks.

You’re pathetic!” The Tails spirit stated, right after the Sonic one spoke.

Pitiful.” The Amy spirit spat out.

Worth less than dirt!” The Eggman spirit swished a ghostly hand out, purple mist trailing it’s action.

The five stood tall,.. there was a moment of silence… as more hurtful and piercing insults stung at their pride and their hearts.

“…Sonic.” Eggman dipped his head down, but clearly addressing him. “I wouldn’t normally say this… but… circumstances as they are-”

“We’ll fight them.” Sonic spoke carefully, but quickly.

He nodded his head, “Together.”

Eggman turned to him, seeing the forgiveness and nodded, turning back to the nightmare spirits.

“That urn in my large, broken flask is the only thing that can trap them.”

“We have to conquer our fears then.” Amy threw her arm back, her hammer positioned and ready to strike as she bent her knees. Ready.

“We have to stand together.” Tails also prepared himself. Ready.

“I may be able to forgive Eggman… but not you creeps!” Knuckles bashed his fists together, shouting loudly his war cry. Ready.

Sonic… was not ready.

He clenched his fist, as Amy could see.

His nightmaric spirit tilted his head, smirking as it narrowed it’s eyes.

“…Sonic.” Amy gently put her hand to his.

He twitched his head up, looking to her.

He was surprised at first, but nodded in understanding.

He wasn’t going to fail his friends.

He wasn’t going to be useless.

He was going to fight.

And he was going to win!

His friends would be just fine.

“Ready!” Sonic called to them, looking fierce with a renewed, confident smile.

“READY!” They all charged, as Eggman looked around, and sprang up to follow after them, swinging a fist to his nightmaric spirit.

“AHHH!!!” he went right through him, as the other spirit laughed, hitting him down.

“Grr.. Oh, I get it.” Eggman got back up. “I’m worth twice as many evil villains as you!” He threw his fist again.

The spirit looked confused, startled into freezing still, as the fist made it disappear, and it’s purple mist came back into the urn.

“Heheh~” Eggman boasted, blowing on his fist to get the remaining purple trail off of it.

Sonic spin dashed, “I’m the hero of my own story!” the other Sonic vanished in a similar manner, returning to the urn.

Sonic struck a pose, his hand flared up as he landed and uncurled, smiling his signature cocky grin.

“I’m not worthless, I’m ten times smarter than you!” Tails threw a wrench into the spirit, as it trailed back into the urn.

“I’m not alone!!” Knuckles whammed into his spirit, “My duty isn’t over yet!” as it returned to the urn.

“I’m… I’m…” Amy was still under the nightmares influence, as it waited, before knocking her down in impatience.



The team gathered around her, even Eggman, helping her up.

She looked around her, seeing her friends right by her side.

She turned to the spirit, eyes fixed in her resolve.

“I’m… Strong.”

She took out the spirit as it returned to the urn.

The urn was placed back in the cave, sealed up by Eggman.

He crossed his heart in a gesture to Sonic and his friends, showing he wouldn’t go near that cave ever again…

(I tried to keep it canon, what do you think? :) )

One day, one rhyme- Day 1241

As the leaden grey sky descends,
Hello, my little stormtime friends
Who come in bringing little boats
And little funny anecdotes
To lift my spirits and my heart;
Who banish the stubborn bogart
That made all hope seem frail and thin
And threatened oft to steal my grin;
You keep my head above the waves
And lead me safe through darkest caves
When I’ve forgotten how to see
The brightest sky beyond the sea;
Though I have said it oft before
My stormtime friends who I adore
You are the reasons that I’ll stay
And rise to rhyme another day 💚

Jenga | Narry

A/N: This was written in 2016! I’m on vacation currently, so I’m not writing as much! & This is the first time I’ve ever written a boy x boy, and of course I had to use Narry. Enjoy!

Word count: 3000+

Warnings: There is slight smut, so if you’re not comfortable, then don’t read!

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A smile that could light up the darkest caves and green eyes full of mystery and wonder. His brown curly hair makes people want to put their fingers through it. He carries himself with confidence and poise, something that others lack nowadays. His style makes people turn their heads and stare, yet he ignores them, it what he likes. I’m envious of his stained skin. I wish I could have tattoos, but I’m too scared of needles and the fear of someone messing up something permanent. Some adore him, others loathe him. How though? He’s perfect.

At least in my eyes.

“How does this look for a date?” I ask the two boys that sit on my bed, both on their cell phones.

“Great!” Louis says, not removing eye contact from his screen.

I roll my eyes. “You didn’t even look!”

Harry shakes his head, laughing then admires my ensemble. He purses his lips after a few seconds before walking over to me. His long fingers undo the first two buttons on my shirt. I can’t help but stare at him as he works. Too bad he won’t keep going. I gulp when he looks up with a smile then pulls away allowing me to release the breath I was holding. “There Ni, now you’re more, I don’t know, seducing?”

Seducing??” Louis cackles, finally tearing himself away from his phone. “Harry, what are you saying here?” Yes, what are you saying?

He shrugs and lets out a small chuckle. “Nothing. I can’t compliment a friend?”

“No, not since you came out as bisexual. It makes it.. weird.” Let’s just say when that happened, the whole world had a meltdown. Fans lost their minds as well as the tabloids. It makes our friendships a little more complicated since everyone assumes that each of us is with Harry. Louis gets it the worst, no surprise, but as long as he’s happy then so are we.

“Weird how? I didn’t say I was going to fuck him.” My cheeks turn bright pink, and my eyes go wide.

“Stop, Harry. I can’t listen to you talk about him like that!”

“Oh, what’s wrong Lou? You don’t think we’d look good together?” He comes over and wraps his arms around my torso. I’m so unsure of what to do. I love what’s he’s doing, but with Louis here I can’t express it. My arms stay at my sides. Harry pipes, “Narry in real life Lou! How great would that be?!”

“Oh my God, don’t even start with that stuff. You know nobody hates that more than me!” Louis gestures me. “Look you’re freaking him out.”

Harry pulls away with his bottom lip sticking out and eyes big like a puppy’s. “Am I?”

“N-no,” I say, and he smiles. “He’s just being Harry, mate. He’s done this stuff all the time even before he came out.”

“Yeah, but-” Louis starts.

“You even cuddled with him a couple times!”

“That’s entirely different.”

I scoff and wrap my arms around Harry’s shoulders. “How is this any different? Looks the same to me.”

Harry stops me with an exclamation. “Wait, Nialler… I think he’s jealous!”

Louis’ now appalled. “Excuse me? Jealous? What are you on about?”

“Because this isn’t you in my arms. This isn’t Larry.Harry smiles deviously, and Louis growls.

“No! Quit with that crap! I’m fine! I’m not jealous!” We just stare at him; I start laughing a little, enjoying Harry’s warmth. “I’m so out of here!” He storms off, leaving the two of us alone. He pulls away again and examines me one more time.

“You really do look good, Niall..” He mumbles as we walk to the door.

“Thank you,” I reply smally, cheeks still red from earlier. What Harry says next, leaves me dead in my tracks.

“Just ‘cause I didn’t say I was going to fuck you, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to.” His dark eyes shoot me a wink causing me to gulp. He giggles then walks out and heads downstairs.

* * *

My date went incredibly well actually. We went to dinner, then I took her to some of my favorite spots in London. I think I may have a small crush on her and it’s possible that I’ll ask her out again. But… all I could think about is what Harry said to me before I left: Just 'cause I didn’t say I was going to fuck you, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to.

Was he serious 'cause I mean, I wouldn’t mind if he was? Last year I started having.. feelings about the opposite sex. I mean I still love women that is how I went on my date, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like with a guy? Would it be the same? Different? Every time I look at Harry, I just get an overwhelming feeling to just rush over and kiss him. I know that I shouldn’t care about what anyone thinks if I decided to move forward with this feeling, but I’m still terrified.

I sit alone a day after my date at my house, enjoying the Sunday evening by relaxing on my couch and playing some video games. My phone occasionally buzzing from a text message that my friends and my new flame sends me. I pick up my phone and reply as necessary. As I’m texting, I see a tweet notification pop up on the top of my screen: @Harry_Styles: Oops. There’s also a photo attached. I click on it, opening it up and find a thirst trap. It’s of his abs. His boxers hang rather low on his hips, showing off his v-line too well. The photo cuts off teasingly before it travels down too far. His left-hand rests over his butterfly tattoo, covering up some of the right wing. I drink in the picture, taking in all of it.

Shifting uncomfortably on the couch, I open up my messages. I bite my lip then click on Harry’s name before typing in a quick message, asking him to come over and play video games with me. He writes back a few minutes later saying he’d be there in twenty minutes. I shoot up from the couch and rush off to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I spray a tad bit of cologne and fix my hair, then check my appearance. I’m wearing sweats and a white t-shirt. The urge to change is high, but I don’t want to over do it. We were friends before all of this so, if I look too good, he’ll know something’s up.

Walking back out into my bedroom, I hear a knock echo throughout the house. “Oh man, he’s here.” I breathe, then walk out into the foyer then to the front door. I open it up and see Harry standing there in the same get up like me: sweats and a t-shirt. His long curls are pulled back into a bun. “Hey, mate!”

“Hi Harry, whatcha got there?” I eye the game in his hands. It’s definitely not a video game, it’s a box of some sort. He grows nervous when I ask.

“Oh, uh, a new game I want to play, but we can play FIFA or whatever first.” He pushes past me and walks into the living room. A confused look appears on my face as I close the door, but I shrug it off and follow him in the living room.

“That looks like Jenga,” I state when I see the box entirely.

“That’s because it is, but there’s a twist. We can play later, but first I wanna kick your ass in football.”

“Challenge accepted!”

We play FIFA for an hour, and it was entertaining. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about that Jenga game or admiring Harry when he kicked his free shots. Something about him in lazy attire and tied back hair makes him.. sexier. Ugh. This sexual tension is getting to the point where I can’t even look at him without a thousand dirty thoughts running through my mind.

“Alright, that’s over. You win, now explain that.” I point to the box. He chuckles at my eagerness and grabs it, shuffling the lid off and setting it aside. “Okay, so basic Jenga, nothing new, but these blocks have stuff written on them, commands that we have to follow.” Commands?


“Like naughty stuff, Niall.” His pupils dilate after that sentence, and I gulp. My cheeks turn pink.

“Did you make this yourself? I’ve never seen this before.”

“My ex-girlfriend did, but she didn’t want it anymore so now I have it.” He smirks. “Great fun at parties.” He shoots me a wink, and I avert my gaze. “Totally kidding! We don’t have to play, it’s just, I saw how you looked at me last night after what I said to you and you know… got me thinking, but if you’re into that girl-”

“Let’s just play,” I say, cutting him off. I don’t want him to finish the thought. We set up the blocks until the tower sits high on the coffee table. “You go first, you’re the guest.”

“As you wish,” His long finger slides out the first block then he clears his throat before he reads it. “Take a shot. Okay, where’s the liquor?”

I walk into the kitchen and pull out two shot glasses from the cabinet then a bottle of Jameson from the top of the refrigerator. I set it on the coffee table along with the glasses then Harry opens the bottle and pours the dark liquid to the rim. He throws it back with ease then sets it on the table. “You’re move.”

“Okay,” I push one out below the first layer of blocks then read it. “Uh, get your lips super close without touching for sixty seconds. No cheating!” I set the block on top then sigh internally.

“Alright, I’ll set the timer,” Harry says and pulls out his phone. I scoot closer to him, his body warming me like a blanket. His breath washes over my lips, inviting me in for more. Those green eyes are hypnotizing. “Mmm, why don’t you just move a little closer, Ni?” Harry whispers, after a few seconds.

“That’s cheating, Hazza.”

“Who’s here to judge?”

“You’re making this more complicated than it already is.”

“Oh, am I?” His hand slides onto my upper thigh and squeezes. “I hope it’s a good difficult.” His hand starts massaging it, a smirk forms on his face when I readjust and place my hand over his to stop him.

“Stop. Cheating.” I whisper harshly.

“But it’s so much fun watching you suffer like this. All this sexual tension. I love it.” He purrs then laughs when the timer finally dings and I pull away quickly. “Okay, next.” He grabs another block carefully. He squints his eyes so he can read it, but doesn’t say anything. He leans in close, our lips barely touching. “Are you sure you want me to do this Niall? The block told me to make out with you.”

This is it, this is the moment I’ve waited a year for. Of course, the stupid game told him to do it, but it’s better than nothing. “Just kiss me, Harry,” I whisper. He presses his lips softly against mine, taking it slow, but I don’t want it like that. I deepen the kiss, releasing the lust that built up over all that time. His hands find my hair, tugging and pulling, earning a moan from me. He takes the chance to swipe his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I comply and part my mouth slightly. The feelings of our tongues caressing one another is absolute heaven. My hand runs over his abs, tracing every single valley between them before heading down to his sweats. I begin massaging his left thigh like he did me, working dangerously close to his core. He pulls away from me, gasping. “Easy tiger. The game isn’t over yet.” I lean back over on my side of the couch and draw a block.

“Remove an article of clothing of their choice.” I set the block on top while he removes his white shirt, then tosses it on the coffee table. I lick my lips, eyes trailing up and down, admiring his tattoos.

“Alright,” He says and reads quietly again. “Be right back!” I call after him when he runs off to the kitchen then returns with a can of whipped cream.

I raise a brow. “What did it say?”

He sits back down on the couch, shaking it up. “Lick whipped cream off a body part of my choice, so that shirt has to come off.” Quickly, I pull it off and toss it aside. “Lie down, Nialler.” He purrs. I scoot back and lie down, so my head is propped up against the arm of the couch. He sits on his knees between my legs then leans over, pressing the nozzle on the center of my stomach. The line he draws trails up, over my nipple then stops under my jaw. He caps the cream and sets it on the table. He chuckles when he bends down and connects his tongue with my hot skin. He follows the line perfectly, occasionally stopping to eat the pile he collected. I shiver when he meets my neck, his breath tickling me. He lingers there placing soft pecks under my ear and across my jaw then finally my lips. He only gives me two then pulls away again.

“Getting sick of you teasing me like that, Styles,” I mumble and grab a block when we both sit up. “Might have to get you back for it.”

“Mmm, I’d love to see you try.”

I read the block, smirk, then walk to the kitchen again. From the freezer, I grab a single ice cube then return to the couch. “Ice and mouth massage until it melts, now you lie down.”

He does, then I’m the one to hover over him. I place the frozen water in my mouth and start on his stomach, placing frozen pecks all over. “Oh god, that’s so cold.” Harry chuckles. I slide the cube out of my mouth a little and trace a line between the pecks of his chest. He shivers and squirms underneath me. The ice comes back in my mouth when I reach his neck. He whimpers at my cold touch. I nip at the tender skin under his ear then stick out the cube again and draw back down to his collarbone. My name escapes his lips, making my sweats tighten. The ice is melting fast, all that’s left now is a little sliver. Harry’s chest is icy and damp. I stick what’s left under my tongue and kiss him on his lips. The sensation feels strange but exciting. Pulling away and sitting back on my heels, I crunch what’s left of the cube and his jaw drops.

“It wasn’t melted yet!”

“Close enough, I only had a little bit left anyway.” He groans. “Oh? You want more? Doesn’t feel good, does it?” I smirk, and he blushes.

“Shut up,” He sits up and draws, then laughs out loud when he reads it. He sets it on top and comes close to my ear, whispering. “I’m half tempted to just knock over this stupid game and say fuck it so I can fuck you, sweet prince.” He pulls away with a devious half smirk. I don’t respond just stare at him with wide eyes. “Did I leave you speechless? Well, those are just words, baby, not the actions.”

I reach over and push the bottom of the tower without breaking eye contact, I hear it collapse on the table. “Now what happens, Harry..?” I ask innocently.

“You know damn well..” He growls, then smashes his lips back with mine. One by one the pieces of clothing that still remain on our bodies are shed onto the floor. His tan body shimmers against my pale skin. A year ago, I’d never thought I’d be here on this couch with Harry’s hair tickling my back as he kissed it while we moved as one. I thought I’d just watch as he made a life with some other man or woman later down the road, but is this really chemistry or just built up tension? I want it to be real; I don’t want to be just another notch in his belt.

By the time we finish, our naked bodies are coated in sticky sweat and heaving from exhaustion. He pulls the blanket off the back of the couch and covers us up with it. My pointer finger traces the outline of his realistic heart tattoo as I lie on the middle of his chest, his own is beating like a bass drum. “Is that your favorite one?” Harry asks, breaking the silence.

“One of 'em.”

“What’s another one?”

“Your ship, I like all the details on it.”

His long fingers weave through my messy blonde hair. “You should get one, they’re not that bad.”

“I’m scared of needles and what if they mess up?”

He chuckles lightly. “I’ll hold your hand, Ni.”

“I wish you would,” I mumble.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” He furrows his brow, and I sit up on my elbow.

“It means that I don’t know what just happened. I’m straight or was… I guess I’ve been going through some stuff, thinking about what it would be like to be with a guy instead.”

“And… Did you like it?”


“Do you still like girls?”


“Then I guess you’re bisexual now.”

“Well, that answers one thing, but..” I trail off and avert my eyes. I’m scared to ask about it.

“C'mere Niall, lie back down with me.” He opens his arms, and I snuggle back into his warmth. He kisses my hair. “I’m not leaving you, why would I?”

“I don’t know, I’m just worried that this was just a hookup… That it didn’t mean anything.” I sigh.

“Niall, it meant something. You’re the first guy I’ve done anything with since I came out last year.”

“I-I am?”

He giggles. “Yes, I don’t give myself to just anyone, only people I have feelings for.”

I smile. “You have feelings for me, Styles?”

“Duh, I know smutty Jenga is a strange way to confess, but it worked didn’t it?”

I chuckle. “Guess so, does that mean Narry does exist?”

“Mhm, so I guess I better ask this question then.” He clears his throat. “Niall James Horan, will you do me the honor of becoming my boyfriend?”

“Wow, so formal about it.” I laugh. “Yeah, I sure will.” I place a kiss on the bruised lips of my first official boyfriend: Harry Styles.

So in fantasy, you’ve always got the vampires being noble lords in castles, while the werewolves are wild and uncivilized

But what about the opposite? A world where the werewolves are the wardens of the hunt, and have magnificent castles where they host hunting parties with their fellow lords, and the pack is a court, all titles and manners and nobility- all this while vampires, fearing the sun, have retreated into the sewers, the caves, the darkest and most hidden points in the world, to slowly loose their contact with the world, with each other, and to turn into a chaotic nest of blind cave creatures, seeking to survive where there is nothing left

Tumbleweed, Her #6 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

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The Brother : Choi Junhong/Zelo

The vines that climbed through the pillars had the morning dew dripping off of them and the chilly breeze had woken up Zelo from his sleep. He started the morning with simple crunches and rinsing his mouth before carefully made a triangle with a card at the top of a tower made of cards.

It improves concentration. It distracts him. It soothes him. He looks around in the small cuboid shape space with two tiny window on the sides. The door was a tad too short from him. Zelo himself is a tall person so he had to cower down a little every time he needs to go out. He took one piece of bread and shoved them in his mouth. He took another two slices of bread and brought them out with him.

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Through the Dark Comes the Light

A little idea I wrote a few days ago featuring our beloved Dwalin.

Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

It was a black night below the stony hills just outside Dimrill Dale. That day, just outside Moria, a battle had been fought though no victor declared as both sides had lost too much blood too proclaim themselves anything but routed. The orcs had retreated to the dark holes from whence they came while the dwarves had found a hiding spot within a series of craves cradled on the east side of Dimrill Dale, a place meant only for wild beasts.

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dustoftheancients  asked:

What if Rey helps set a trap for Kylo that will potentially kill him, but changes her mind as soon as she sees it start to go into motion?

warning for gore and angst of the highest caliber

They are going to kill the general’s son.

No one calls him that, of course. They call him “Ren” or “scum” or “beast,” all of which pair up just fine with Rey’s names for him. Except for the first. The first is near enough to the name his mother had given to him, the one that Leia had disclosed to Rey in a moment of grief. It is the brush of a fingernail too close to a raw scrape when the resistance members Rey has come aboard with call him “Ren” because she only ever hears “Ben.”

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Assuming We’re Wounded Together Forever

Tamatoa wasn’t the kind of creature that would bandage a person’s wound and use kind words to heal their heart. He was as hard as his shell. He believed that everyone should stand up for themselves. Defend themselves and go down fighting, dying with pride for being strong and independent. This was the way of the monsters in Lalotai. There was no comradery. There were no caring families. There were no lovers. And there were no friends. That was his world.

Until Moana changed it.

One little woman, a mortal no less, changed everything he believed.

He had fallen in love. Recklessly he fell in love with that brittle little human girl. She was beautiful. Powerful. Full of life and adventure. Everything he could ever want.

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Just Because You’re Galra Doesn’t Mean I Hate You(Klance)

“Why must it be me to be Galra…?”

Keith absolutely hated being Galra. It made him think that everyone hated him; he even thought that Lance hated him! Keith tried to tell himself that nobody hated him but it seemed like it didn’t work. Allura, the princess of Altea, seemed like she hated him by the dirty looks she gave him from time to time. Surely, Lance, Keith’s best friend, noticed Keith’s behavior and he wanted to confront his friend about it but he didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. Lance cared for Keith and he wanted him to be comfortable.

Keith was sitting in the darkest corner of the cave he was with a small sigh. He had turned Galra a few minutes ago and he used the time to hide from everyone else in fear of them leaving him behind. The Galran sighed as he hugged his legs up to his chest, hoping that he wouldn’t be found but there was a slight problem. The red lion was sitting in front of the cave entrance and it signaled that Keith was there somewhere. If he was honest, he wanted to be left alone; he didn’t want the others to worry about him as much

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Firelight - A Suriel Story

Hey, hey, everyone! So, this is my first shot at a fic and I want to thank@her-misplaced-wings, @sarahviehmann, @madeoficeandfire for reading it ahead of time and assuring me it didn’t sound dumb! This story was based off of a headcanon that I thought was incredibly interesting! XD I hope you all enjoy!

This is now part of my ACOMAF writing challenge! (found here) 

Summary - The last of the Suriel gather to share tales of their journeys.  

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A Different Kind of Warmth.

The idea for this imagine came from imaginexhobbit.

The Imagine: Imagine Thorin letting you borrow his fur coat.

Pairing: Thorin x reader

Genre: Slight romance, fluffy, and sweet.

Warnings: I don’t think any are needed.

Setting: Traveling after Azog attacks the company. Setting up camp for the night.

Word Count: 497.


You had been traveling with Thorin and his company for days ever since they rescued you from the goblin caves. You had been captured by the goblins and held in their dungeons for years. They tortured you, starved you, and left you for dead in the darkest part of the caves.

The dwarves had also been captured, but they were able to fight and escape from the goblins. Two of the youngest dwarves had found you on their way out of the mountain. Thorin had protested bringing you along with them. But Fíli and Kíli would not leave you for dead. Thorin was pissed, he found you a burden since you were badly injured and starved.

Then the Orcs came and attacked the company. You found it odd that the one trying to get you up in trees and protect you was Thorin. After the eagles saved you and the company Thorin started acting differently towards you.

It had been days since the eagles had rescued you and the company. Thorin was making everyone walk without taking a break to make up for lost time in the goblin caves. You were hungry, tired, and cold since you were the only one without a coat.

You could feel eyes on you, watching you as you shivered from the cold. Finally you heard Thorin say we would stop to make camp for the night. You made sure to get the closest spot to the fire since you were cold. You then helped Bombur prepare dinner for all of the company.

You had practically scarfed your dinner. You couldn’t remember the last time you had gotten to eat. It was just some simple stew, but to you it was amazing. After finishing your stew you went and sat on your bedroll by the fire. The company had donated a bedroll and blanket to you.

You wrapped your thin blanket around your shoulders trying to warm yourself up. You were close to the fire, but still were shivering. You didn’t see Thorin watching you from his own bedroll. He could you see shivering, it was obvious that you were cold. He decided to make a move before Fíli or Kíli did.

He walked up to you and slowly draped his warm fur coat over your shoulders. You felt the fur tickling your cheek and looked up to see Thorin looking down at you.

“You looked cold,” Thorin said to you.

You nodded your head at him, “thank you Thorin.”

Thorin nods his head and mumbled something, but you did not catch it. You then notice he has moved his bedroll much closer to yours as he turns. You watch as Thorin laid down on his own bedroll. You then laid down on your own bedroll Thorin’s coat still wrapped around you.

You slowly fell asleep feeling the warmth from the fire and from Thorin’s fur coat. But before you drift off to dreamland you felt one strong arm wrapped around your waist.

One day, one rhyme- Day 940

Towards the beginning of time
Two children, created by rhyme,
Set out to explore earth and sea
And one was Clem, and one was Fee.
Clem loved best the tall mountains old
With shiny silver ore and gold,
The darkest caves, the farthest peaks
But Fee liked best rivers and creeks,
And all of their discoveries
Fill books high as the tallest trees.
When the cold wind began to blow,
They flew on the breeze like a crow.
When the sun shone very bright,
They’d umbrellas to shield their sight.
These were useful once more, I tell,
When the storms raged and the rain fell.
When the stormy rain filled the seas
And there was not a breath of breeze,
They turned umbrellas upside down
And climbed aboard, lest they should drown
And somewhere on the sea still floats
Two inverted umbrella boats,
Amidst silliness and laughter
Sailing happy ever after.


I been through the darkest of caves and suffered
One hundred steps off the end of the road
Paint it with passion my favorite color
Hope I’m alive when this story gets old

I ain’t at home
Home’s where I’m goin
I close my eyes to see
I’ll take my throne, lay it on a mountain
Make myself a king

Made with SoundCloud

Balian of Ibelin & Sybilla of Jerusalem

“The Mermaid” 

She used to sing in the darkest cave.
She used to sing, not expecting to have a visitor.

Many longed to go to her, not because of her singing, but because of her beauty. But they were afraid, they had the great doubt of whether they would lose their lives drowned.
But only one sailor arrived at the shores of this mermaid.

he saw her blue and green tail, her silver breath, touched her golden lips
and her eyes blue sea. He melted into her, and she never let him go”.

                                   Heavy is the Crown Edition

Broken Crown - Munford and Sons

  • ‘ Touch my mouth and hold my tongue ’
  • ‘  I’ll never be your chosen one ’
  • ‘  I’ll be home safe and tucked away ’
  • ‘ Well You can’t tempt me if I don’t see the day ’
  • ‘ The pull on my flesh was just too strong, stifled the choice and the air in my lungs ’
  • ‘  Better not to breathe than to breathe a lie ’
  • ‘  I will not speak of your sin ’
  • ‘  Your values are all shot ’
  • ‘  But oh my heart, was flawed I knew my weakness ’
  • ‘  So hold my hand consign me not to darkness ’
  • ‘  I’ll never wear your broken crown ’
  • ‘  I took the road and I fucked it all away ’
  • ‘  But in this twilight, our choices seal our fate ‘

King - Lauren Aquilina

  • ‘ You’re alone, you’re on your own, so what? ’
  • ‘  Have you forgotten what you have and what is yours? ’
  • ‘ Glass half empty, glass half full, well, either way, you won’t be going thirsty ’
  • ‘ Count your blessings not your flaws ’
  • ‘  You’ve got it all ’
  • ‘ You can reclaim your crown ’
  • ‘  You’re in control ’
  • ‘ Rid of the monsters inside your head ’
  • ‘ Put all your faults to bed ’
  • ‘ You can be king again ’
  • ‘ You don’t get what all this is about ’
  • ‘ You’re too wrapped up in your self-doubt ’
  • ‘ There’s method in my madness ’
  • ‘ There’s no logic in your sadness ’
  • ‘ You don’t gain a single thing from misery ’

Kings - Tribe Society

  • ‘ I always wondered how far we could go ’
  • ‘ If we could break through the ceiling above us, there’d be no point of us looking below ’
  • ‘ Finally, we could be free ’
  • ‘ I been through the darkest of caves and suffering ’
  • ‘ Painted with passion, my favorite color ’
  • ‘ Hope I’m alive when the story gets old ’
  • ‘ I ain’t at home, home’s where I’m going ‘
  • ‘ I close my eyes to see ‘
  • ‘ I’ll take my throne, lay it on a mountain, and make myself a king ’

King - Zayde Wolf

  • ‘ I can feel the weight of the world ’
  • ‘ Yeah, I know the pain and the hurt ’
  • ‘ I’ve been climbin’ up all these mountains for so long ’
  • ‘ I’ve been buildin’ up all these kingdoms (hey) for so long ’
  • ‘ But I will not run when destiny comes ’
  • ‘ It’s good to be king ’
  • ‘ The crown is gettin’ heavy ’
  • ‘ I’ve dealt blood and greed and scars ’

Rule the World - Kamelot

  • ‘ When a new day reaches dawn, I feel it’s worth the wait ’
  • ‘ But I tumble and I fall, when up against my fate ’
  • ‘ When the barricades come down, I build them up again ’
  • ‘ I still don’t know the end ’
  • ‘ Sometimes I tremble, like a little child ’
  • ‘ Sometimes I crumble ’
  • ‘ Sometimes I feel that I could rule the world ’
Musical Bio

Rules: using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 10 questions. Tag 10 people at the end!

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Artist: Dero Goi (it’s obvious by now)

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Gender:  “ My Own Private Prison

Describe yourself:  “Geborn zu sterben”(“Born To Die”)

How do you feel:  “Aus Meiner Haut” (”Out Of My Skin”)

If you could go anywhere, where would it be:  “My Darkest Cave”

Your best friend:  “Willst Du Hoffnung?” (Do You Want Hope?)

Favourite time of day:  “Unter diesem Mond” (“Below This Moon”)

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:  “Auf Kurs”(“On Course”)

What is life to you:  “Jede Reise hat ein Ende”(”Every Journey Has an End”)

Relationship status:  “Träum weiter” (“Dream on”)

Your fear:  “Hello My Name Is Cancer”

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imagine a dragon s/o who

-accidentally terrified you so much when you came exploring its cave that you passed out and it felt bad so it took care of you and ultimately ended up falling for you

-is SO MUCH LARGER than you that it is afraid it will crush you to death with its claws or tail

-hoards mountains and MOUNTAINS of pricesless gems and gold (but the only priceless gem you need is the dragon itself)

-hides itself deep in the darkest corners of the cave where you cannot find it after it unintentionally scratches you and is afraid it will harm you again even though the scratch was barely as bad as a papercut

-worries for your safety when you venture back to town to visit, unsure of whether you would return unharmed or not

-is bound to guard a tower with a prince(ss) inside, killing all knights who are “destined by fate” to save them because the dragon has fallen for them

-is a sea dragon who controls the ocean waves with every flap of its underwater wings, managing to save a human who was drowning but doesn’t know whether or not to let them stay with it or let the human go back to land

-allows you to ride on its back to see the world from the sky from a new perspective

-snuggles close to you as you peacefully sleep, knowing that you will be safe as long as it’s with you

-is afraid of all other humans except for you; worried that those other humans will take you away

-keeps you warm always with the warmth of fire AND the warmth being close to one another

-will forever love you even if something bad happens to it