the dark would

People say, ‘I’m going to sleep now,’ as if it were nothing. But it’s really a bizarre activity. ‘For the next several hours, while the sun is gone, I’m going to become unconscious, temporarily losing command over everything I know and understand. When the sun returns, I will resume my life.’

If you didn’t know what sleep was, and you had only seen it in a science fiction movie, you would think it was weird and tell all your friends about the movie you’d seen.

They had these people, you know? And they would walk around all day and be OK? And then, once a day, usually after dark, they would lie down on these special platforms and become unconscious. They would stop functioning almost completely, except deep in their minds they would have adventures and experiences that were completely impossible in real life. As they lay there, completely vulnerable to their enemies, their only movements were to occasionally shift from one position to another; or, if one of the 'mind adventures’ got too real, they would sit up and scream and be glad they weren’t unconscious anymore. Then they would drink a lot of coffee.’

So, next time you see someone sleeping, make believe you’re in a science fiction movie. And whisper, 'The creature is regenerating itself.

—  George Carlin, Brain Droppings.

This definitely wasn’t going to be this long (an intended paragraph), but here we are. I was just curious as to why some Archeron’s get along better than others, and then I digressed into Nesta and Feyre and Dark!Elain….

I believe that Nesta and Elain work so well is because they’re incredibly similar. Where Nesta builds her walls a mile high and three feet thick to keep others from seeing her insides, Elain does the same thing except she decorates hers with flowers. Not a lot is known about either character, and sure, that’s a consequence of not having their perspectives, but Nesta is aggressive to hide her feelings and Elain is nice to do the same. In the case of Nesta and Elain, like calls to like and their relationship may stem from them hiding their feelings.

This is opposed to Feyre who is more physical with her emotions. After she crosses the wall, she fights through the trials, throws the spear at Amarantha, explodes with her panic attack, wears through Cassian’s punching gloves, shoves Rhys to the ground after he used her as bait with the attor, chews Rhys out for hiding the mate bond, paints the cabin, kills the attor with burning malice, etc.

I’m not saying that Feyre’s actions are better or that Nesta and Elain’s are, but what I do see is that the two sisters who stuff and hide their feelings are the ones who bond more. Nesta’s protection of Elain may have less to do with how fragile Elain is, and more to do with how she sees herself in Elain. She understands Elain’s need to hide herself, and I think inside Nesta deeply wants to understand Feyre. That moment when Nesta says, “That was why you painted the night stars on your drawer,” is the moment when she finally sees her sister.

The significance of Feyre painting that image way back when is another physical representation of her feelings, and I think Nesta realizing that could be the moment when Nesta gets it. Her sister is not one to build walls, she acts out everything she feels inside. To supplement their possible relationship development, when Feyre is on the bridge with Cassian she describes Nesta as feeling too much saying that “She comes across as rigid and vicious, but I think it’s a wall.” (my italics)

There is no coincidence that Feyre’s story begins once she crosses a physical wall, Nesta hides herself behind an emotional wall, and now all the Archeron’s have crossed said physical wall.

When Nesta looks for Feyre, she sympathizes with Feyre a little at the wall. And I believe that Nesta will be doing more (emotion wise and physical plot involvement wise) in the next book which will cause them to grow closer.

But in addition to that, I said before that Elain built the same walls like Nesta except she decorated hers with flowers. Which first of all, her constant emotional state is almost always polite, which she chooses in contrast to Nesta’s anger. Second, her fiancé literally has walls built around his property. Now while that obviously is symbolic of her lover, it is symbolic of Elain as well. She wouldn’t be attracted to that unless Maas wanted to demonstrate this whole internal/physical wall thing and how Elain needs to move through two walls. Going off that, Nesta admits to Feyre that Graysen is fine, except his father and the wall which Nesta “thinks… looks like a prison”. Nesta’s statement along with the idea that she approaches The Wall marks her, perhaps subconscious, attempt at change. (*cough cough* letting those emotional walls down *cough cough*)

Which leads me to my last idea: Elain could very easily take longer to admit how she really feels inside. People like to assume it’ll be Nesta, but I think Elain’s got some baggage. Maybe it’s because when something inside is darker, people hide these things harder. But Elain has shown no indication of trying to expand beyond what she hides in her mind finding solace in a man whose property is a prison. And now I know that it’s my own analogy, but her wall is decorated with flowers to disguise what it is, but also when somebody comes to tear it down they’re going to have to take all the vines and stuff down first. So somebody’s got to go in there with some weed whackers.

Her Having a Crush on Them and one of the Members Blurts it Out: SEVENTEEN


He would give that member a knowing look while nodding his head in approval.


External image

Would go `lol` cause he already knew about your crush.


Would be concerned for your well-being as you dramatically went closer to the window with the most sarcastic smile he has seen anyone wear.


Much like JeongHan, he already knew and is happy that it finally came out of the `dark`.


Would squeal inside of his head meanwhile simply smile on the outside.


Would pretend he didn’t hear anything.


He wouldn’t believe that member, going to you instead and asking whether it was the truth.


Smile as big as idk what to compare it to but u get the point and he’d quickly get on to teasing you about it, though jokingly and not over the line since he was also sorta kinda shy about the fact and teasing was his way to hide his embarrassment.


Would pretend he wasn’t about to kill the member, since he wanted to confess to you first.


Wouldn’t let you live it down, tbh, purposefully keeping things awkward for you until you’d be pushed to say that you like him yourself.


Would be forever a slave for that member, because he liked you, too.


Would stand blankly for a second and then whip his head in your direction with wide eyes and mouth open, head tilted as he pointed a finger at the member, silently asking whether it was true.


An embarrassed mess, which would embarrass you even more and you’d both be embarrassed red and it would be funny.

Comments like that remind me of the dark days when you would find Hetalia-related commentary on videos that had nothing to do with Hetalia. They were just…there.

For example, I remember that for a long time, if you wanted to watch almost any video on Prussian history on YT, you’d find the comments were nothing but Hetalia references, and half of them would be “kesesese~” or something.

Those were mad times…mad times…

did u know: sometimes Ryuko will, in all their edgy glory, go out into public spaces, and shout out ‘HELLO FELLOW HETEROSEXUALS’ just because they find it funny

“You wouldn’t condone Hook’s actions if he was a woman” dude if Hook was a woman the GA would have raged with a little girl being sold into servitude in a ship full of men, with a grown woman losing her agency to a man who would kill her for his own purposes, and then again when turned into a Dark One, imaginations would have run even wilder as to what exactly happened to her in the Underworld etc etc.

But I guess men can’t be victims amirite.

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rumor has it your uncle the war god is on his way back home to destroy the remaining gods and claim the sunlight throne for himself and his dragon slaying lover.

“Ah… That would be a shame, I’m sure the Dark Sun would like to have their brother back. Perhaps they could talk some sense into him, there’s not much of a world left to rule.”

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Do you dye your own hair? It's lovely. If so what do you use?? I have natural dark hair and would love to just do my own like all these other girls do , it saves them money and still looks great!

I have my done at a salon! Never do blonde at home your self bad idea haha xxx


Our Bachelor film “Dark Dark Woods” is up! I was Lead Character Designer and part of the animators on this project. Check it out :)

After seeing the original post with designs for cowboy Hanzo and archer McCree, I couldn’t resist commissioning @theasgardiandetective for more!

I’m really gay for Hanzo and really gay for cowboys.

Thanks so much for the wonderful commission! 💕

“Working” does not necessarily mean “well”

This post by @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins​ made me want to doodle more returned and semi-recovering Graves, because I got so many emotions haha.
By the way, if anyone’s ever inspired to draw/write/headcanon by anything I draw, please tell me - I’m ever curious!
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A worker, who claimed to have worked with Versus XIII before it was changed to FFXV, has leaked some information. Knowing that Versus XIII’s theme was MISERY (Nomura himself said that) and that the game would be very dark with heavy issues, this does sound legit. The original Versus XIII concept contained such things as yakuza boss Regis, him selling Noctis for a demon so that he’s bound to serve the Goddess of Death in this life and in the next, Noctis being addicted to hallucinations causing drug (manufactured by their family) and which gives him ability to see Stella (who is a real person, but no one else sees her).

The full text in the picture says:

“For example, one of the main characters of the game, Stella, inflected bodily harm on herself so that she could commute with what she believed to be deceased relatives (this behavior was actually the result of a certain medication she was prescripted for sleep disorder earlier in life, an ironically is a major plot point – more on that later). This ultimately culminated at her accidental suicide, which the main protagonist, Noctis, being told he was responsible for her death (he wasn’t, at least not directly). Moreover, many of the cinematic sequences in the game contained depictions of violence against women (it was completely in the context of the story=, with one sequence involving the implied rape of Stella in the hands of the white haired character many have seen in the original Versus trailer (Seifaris, in English). A key scene involving a ceremony of sorts demanded to be pulled altogether, effectively ruining a major plot point. Said scene involved demonic “claiming” of Noctis in his mother’s womb, Cycillia Lorette Caelum, the ruling Queen and the wife of King Regis. Due the pact made by his father (originally a “don” sof sort the Lucii yakuza family, not the good, watered down king written much later) Noctis was bound to the servitude of Etro, Goddess of Death (in this life and the next). This covenant gave the line the Lucii the Ring of Binding, power over life and death, through the Crystal of the Void (all this will be explained in the footage, so don’t get too caught up on it). So that the course had to be cut, citing “potentially sensitive religious content” since the character (Noctis) was more or less written as this world’s antichrist, cursed by his father in a deal with the power behind the Void to bring the coming apocalypse.

 A sequence involving a car chase and shootout, giving the player the option to kill Insomnian citizens. This is only due the fact that the target is running and attempting to hide within the crowd. This was probably one of my favorite early game scenarios, involving Noctis, Varis (bald headed bodyguard character that drives Noctis in a particular trailer, the one that keeps telling him to wake up), GLadio and Ignis. If you takes with delivering a large quantity of a street drug (secretly manufactured by a pharmaceutical company ownded by the Lucii family, of course) called Lunatelristium, marketed ad Lunatel, street name “Luna” (seriously though) that causes its user to have a lucid dreaming effect, where the individual is awake, yet sees things in the real would as through it’s a dream (loved ones long expired, ghosts, demons, locations changing back to how they looked in your earlier memories ect. It works on putting the minf in a state on conscious REM) – originally developed as a military grade sleep substitute for the Insomnian military (this concept was later adopted into the Magitek project), and used in a weaponized forms against a particular nation with disastrous effects. 

Noctis being addicted to this substance was absolutely essential to how the was able to interact with the female protagonist (Stella), as no one else would see her for a certain plot reasons, all of which is revealed about two hours into the game. He is only convinces that she is a hallucination after being held and interrogated by the INPD (yes, the original game had a police department in Insomnia, along with all the other normal things you would see in any regular city) – with the division head showing him camera footage of him covering no one as the bullet are being fired at him (Noctis thought he was covering Stella). Stella is in fact real, but it is a bit too convulsed to type without me spending 30 more minutes that I don’t have. Much of this information I did not release in my initial post months ago anonymously, because quite frankly, I was afraid of losing my job and legal ramifications. Now that much  has changed thanks to fan outcry (yes, they DO listen),a lot has changed… which I can’t discuss at this particular moment.

Now, you have my permission to release these plot details, but I am going to be honest in saying that I don’t know if Square will immediately hit your channel with a cease and desists, citing ownership of the content, but the fact is you won’t be posting any content, only information that is valid. This is where it becomes complicated and I cannot give you the best advice.”

Also a following message from the leak:

“ Hi, I am OP. I will clarify this point. Everything to described is unfortunately accurate, (I did not write it, that is the way they are explained). These events are listed as Chapter 1, with the second chapter beginning with Insomnia’s Crown City have its crystal actually extracted, by a small team of special forces units that literally blow the gates to the thrown room to get to the Crystal Vault (from the email). The key person is the white haired individual who is the adopted brother of Stella, who uses the spell ‘holy’ to nullify the unholy magic sealing the crystal, causing a magical explosion that takes out the top of the Lucii Family’s tower. They then storm the building with these forces in what is described as a “ruthless massacre”, shooting simply people who work there and don’t even have knowledge of the Crime Family’s illegal activities OR the Crystal. Holy is cast and the Vault opens revealing the Crystal. it is then “smuggled out”, collapsing the “Embrace of Etro”, something that causes the city to stay in perpetual night and be covered in a huge blueish shield. Then a coordinated attack with Magitek airships and Walkers start invading during Noctis’ Art of Insomnia Ball where he meets Stella. This is when the attack formally commences. I will post unreleased storyboards to display this with text in Japanese and english below it.

Sorry I could not type more. I am being bombarded. “

ALSO; if this is true, we will get this original game in some extent:

“Hi, I am OP. This is the next FF project that will enter full development when Episode 2 of FFVIIRemake has begun. The source says the development team is simply calling it "Final Fantasy Versus”. No number.Likewise, Nomura did not come to Square to request it, but agreed it will be made in an agreement with him supporting FFVIIR project fully. Via e-mail. Thank you.I’m sorry, I know nothing else development specific.“”


Ok but my favorite thing about the crash scene in ROTS is how Palpatine looks genuinely terrified of R2. BLEEP BEEP SHIT LORD.

I’m a total sucker for fics where Harry is dark and gets sorted into Slytherin, but I’m also really disappointed with how Ron and Hermione are treated in them

So: dark au where the trio is sorted into Slytherin

Hermione, who wants to use knowledge to change the world

Ron, who wants to finally be free of his family’s shadow

Harry, who wants to be great, to be admired, to be free

The teachers adore quick, clever Granger, but Severus worries when he sees the way she eyes the restricted section, how her mind is filled with deadly recipes and the ways to use them

The purebloods learn not to badmouth the halfbloods, not to bully the muggleborns, because Hermione knows forbidden magic, Hermione knows the untraceable poisons and the painful curses-and Hermione knows how to avoid being caught

No one outside of Slytherin pays attention to Ronald Weasley, so quiet compared to his brothers, and that’s a mistake

Ron casts his first dark spell and the power takes his breath away, Ron sinks into the comfort of blood rituals and makes outlawed sacrifices to forgotten gods

Ron wonders how his family could abandon this happiness in favor of a flickering light

Harry, the chosen one, the special one, the abandoned one

Harry looks at the light, looks at the people that did nothing for him, and dives into the dark

Lockhart dies drinking poison, Snape finds the trio huddled around Peter’s body, the aurors that find Umbridge’s remains vomit, and the Wizarding World doesn’t notice

Voldemort rises and does not face an old man and a group of do gooders

Voldemort rises and faces a witch with a brilliant mind and no taste for mercy, a wizard that delights in bloodshed and manipulates people like he moves chess pieces, and the broken, bloody boy that’s won their loyalty

Voldemort falls