the dark world prelude

Do you want to build a wormhole? (before Thor the dark world)

Darcy: Jane? *knocks the door*
Do you want to build a wormhole?
Come on let’s bring Thor back.
We don’t eat pop-tarts anymore.
Come out the door.
Let’s go find the homeless guy.
You used to explain me science.
and now you don’t.
I wish you would tell me why.
Do you want to build a wormwhole? It doesn’t have to be a wormhole.

Jane: Go away, Darcy

Darcy: Okay bye

Darcy: *knocks the door* Do you want to build a wormhole? or drive the van and hit some guy?
I think some company is overdue…
I’ve started talking to the equations on the wall - gathering everyone, brackets-
It’s gets a little boring
without your science stuff
just watching the hours tick by
Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

anonymous asked:

Haaay so you can you tell me about Darcy Lewis? Like why she's working with Jane in the first place and why she's still there in the second movie? Where's she going with her political science degree? Does she have it yet? How old is she??? I'm confuused.

Hi, Nonny. 

 can you tell me about Darcy Lewis?

Here is a little list of reading for you. Some brilliant meta posts that tell you all about Darcy’s character (aside form rewatching the movies again. And again. And again.)

The Eyes of Truth – Women in “Thor” pt.5 by consultingcupcake

Meta - Darcy is Awesome by Caiti (Caitriona_3)

How To Darcy Lewis (part 1) by assistantdarcy

TV Tropes page for Thor 

Darcy’s page on Fanlore

Thor the Dark World: Prelude: or how Fanon Darcy has become Canon Darcy

Like why she’s working with Jane in the first place and why she’s still there in the second movie? 

Darcy took an internship with Dr. Jane Foster for 6 course credits. So Jane is technically Darcy’s boss, and it explains a lot of how their relationship works in the first movie. We know little else other than Darcy is a poli-sci student. I like to think Darcy signed up for the internship to get out of Culver for a semester, that she most likely was taking a few online courses while helping Jane. College is an incredibly stressful place and Darcy needed a break from the previous year, but also the time to figure out if she was on the right course in life. 

Where’s she going with her political science degree? Does she have it yet? 

Canon doesn’t tell us. Fanon has any number of possibilities, from politics and law school to management etc. Personally I know nothing about Political Science though within fandom there are several lawyers or those studying to be. Again, we don’t know if she has her degree but a lot of us have the headcanon that she goes back to Culver after the internship finishes in New Mexico and later she joins up with Jane again, around the time that Avengers takes place and Jane is whisked away to Tromso, Norway.

How old is she?

Darcy isn’t given a specific age, save for a note in the script and I don’t know where that image is. If you read the meta links Darcy’s age is around 19 to 20 in Thor. Fanon tends to have her from anywhere between 22 and 28 in fics depending on what aspect of her character the author wants to write her. Some authors age her up to make a better match for older characters she is shipped with. As for who she is shipped with…well that’s pretty much everyone you can think of. Much like Steve Rogers, Darcy Lewis is known as being a Fandom Bicycle. 

I hope this helps you out, Nonny. 

And if anyone has any other great Meta posts on Darcy please reblog with them attached. 

Regarding IMPORTANT MCU CANON for Jane and Darcy!

I guess some people may not know this existed, or if they did they had no access to it, but there are two issues of a comic book called Thor: The Dark World Prelude. And in it there is character development for Darcy and Jane that is CANON for the MCU.

It especially explains what happened to them over in Norway and what happened when Thor never came back.

You can probably find scans in certain tags on tumblr and I’m downloading copies now for myself so if anyone wants these particular scenes posted then let me know and I’ll do what I can today.

Below the cut are scans of all the darcy and jane scenes.

I don’t care so much if people ignore certain canon things for their own reasons, but if there are people who want to remain as true to the MCU as they can before branching out into their own twists, this helps tremendously.

The biggest thing is that while in Norway Darcy found out about why they were really there and she and Jane were pretty annoyed about not being told.

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They Love Each Other
Grateful Dead
They Love Each Other

Today’s Daily Dose of the Dead is from another MONSTER show in 1973. This is They Love Each Other from the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA on 3/28/73.

This version of TLEO has my vote for best ever. It has a nice funky back-beat and some great licks by Jerry. Bob’s rhythm playing is also exceptional on this version.

What makes a “monster show”? See below… and enjoy!

“He could pass his time, around some other line, but you know he chose this place beside her. Don’t get in the way, there’s nothing you can say, nothing that you need to add or do.”

Set 1

Cumberland Blues
Here Comes Sunshine
Mexicali Blues
Wave That Flag
Beat It On Down The Line
Jack Straw
Box Of Rain
They Love Each Other
El Paso
Row Jimmy
Around and Around
Brown Eyed Women
You Ain’t Woman Enough
Looks Like Rain
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider


Set 2
Promised Land
Loose Lucy
Me & My Uncle
Don’t Ease Me In
The Race is On
Stella Blue
Big River
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Weather Report Suite Prelude >
Dark Star >
Eyes Of The World >
Playing In The Band
E: Johnny B. Goode

anonymous asked:

I want to start reading Thor again, where should I start?

Hello! By start reading Thor again, I assume you have some knowledge of how comics work? They can be really complicated if you’re on the outside, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy enough to navigate.

If you want to jump into what’s going on right now, I recommend Thor: Season One and then the Thor: God of Thunder series. Thor: Season One is a one shot, and Thor: God of Thunder is up to issue 18 (out this month).

If you want to catch up on more than that, here’s a reading order for some of the newer stuff, mostly by the names of the Trade Paper Backs:

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