the dark side of the moon

can we just all take a moment to appreciate phil. 

phil won the bonca all by himself, he worked so hard for it, for more than a decade he’s been doing youtube and he deserves everything he has. dan has always been the more popular one out of the two, but when finally the limelight is on phil and phil alone…

phil drags dan up onto the stage as well, because they’ve done so much together. even though he absolutely didn’t have to, he stil did it.


Just felt like sharing my daughter’s awesome hair (again)…her stylist entered the national Kenra neon competition with Guy Tang & Rebecca Taylor…my daughter was her model. She did a “dark side of the rainbow”/Pink Floyd-inspired look. The neon side glows under blacklights! Y'all may hate it, but we think it’s AMAZING and she is so talented. I hope she gets chosen to compete in LA!


“I found this t-shirt in a cage at the back of a shop. It’s too small but I still love it. I grew up listening to them with my Dad, he’s always play their music in the car. I love turning the lights down, sitting in a chair and listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ top to bottom.On the last tour there was a good six weeks I only listened to that album.” - Harry in Another Man.