the dark of the descents!!!!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent sentence starters

“Some things mustn’t be forgotten.”
“Will this ever end?”
“Something is wrong, oh so wrong!”
“There is nothing left. Everything is gone.”
“Who are you to question me?!”
“There’s no denying the things I’ve done.”
“You are carrying the shadow with you!”
“Is this guilt I’m witnessing, [name]? If so, blame yourself.”
“I’m sorry, my friend.”
“How do you justify your violence?”
“It is curiosity in league with your selfishness that is killing us both.“
“I will grant you another chance to redeem yourself.”
“We are so very much the same, you and I.”
“You never did finish what you set out to do.”
“Good and evil: such comforting concepts. But hardly applicable.”
“Are you so blind that you see no good in me?”
“Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.”
“I’m just like you, [name]. A prisoner of circumstance.”
“You killed us! You killed us both!”
“Please help him, I know you can.”
“We can’t argue now - you need to act.”
“You have everything. What are you waiting for?”
“I thought I had lost you!”
“I realize you doubt my intentions.”
“Why would I take such extreme measures to save your life? Maybe, I’m saving mine too.”
“As you gain your freedom, will you deny me mine?”
“It was my greatest triumph, and I never looked back.”


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

After a long wait here is finally part of my art trade with @auraboo
I had so much fun with her prompt that it quickly got out of hand, degenerating in a short, angsty comic. 8^)))

I was a little unwise choosing the colouring method, turning this into a long term project, but I really hope it pays off in the end! 

Thanks again for trading with me dear, I can’t wait to go on with this~~ >:3

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