the dark night arises

                                I am The Bright Lord of Mordor.

                      The silver hand that drives back the darkness,

                             Reaching through the fog of night,

                             To avenge those long betrayed.

                                 Arise from fields of death,

                             And march forth from the shadow,

                            Through the purifying flames of war,

                     You who were once eldar shall be reforged.

                                      Beneath my hammer,

                The Bringer of Gifts, the Betrayer shall be un-made,

                               I renounce the Blessed Realm.

                              To redeem the Land of Shadow.

                                 And bind the walls of Arda,

                                 In place of the Dark Lord,

                            You shall have light undiminished,

                                 All shall fear me and rejoice.

A Storm Arises

The rising storm comes
in the darkness of night
flashing firebolts the only light
I sense the need to fight
but I am weak without might.
Most think the battle done,
but this tattered army never won
overcame by Satan’s realm.
Sailing like a ship without a helm,
how hopeless it would be
if not for the return of He
who will return once we yearn
to be with God who’s holiness burns
away the dross of sin
we carry within instead
of the Spirit of God.

D W Eldred

Do not be mistaken

Lots have been said about the Dark Night of the Soul, the critical point when doubts arise, one’s faith is tested, and becomes purified by hardship, eventually acknowledging God and its power.

But there is no such thing when threading the Crooked Path, though it has been often misused because of its apparently dark connotations. There is neither a Bright Day, nor a Dark Night (there is no calm after the storm), since there shall be no doubt, and the eventual purification leads to the realisation of one’s Power, one’s Weaknesses, and one’s Magnificence.

There is no testing point, since, in fact, the whole of the Crooked Path is a test. Deciding to tread it is a test, deciding to move forward is a test, deciding to overcome one’s deepest fears is a test. There is no easy way, only challenge. The Crooked Path grins at us, showing its teeth to scare off the frightful, and this happens since the very beginning. But this never stops, one must be attentive to detect the signals that are being received. One must be conscious that the Crooked Path never stops asking the Seeker to give himself completely to the cause, to fully commit to the search for his own Power and his place in Existence-or the Otherworld.

There can be Weakness, there can be Defeat, there can be Exhaustion, but there can be no Doubt at all, for there is something that makes the Right-hand path totally irreconcilable with the Crooked Path: the Crooked one is the reaffirmation of Will, and there can be no doubt or hesitation in a spirit lead by true and sacred Will.

Creature of Colours by robertrath Back home again and what better place to jump back into local water again than a midnight dive at Port Noarlunga.

The visibility was not great, there was some surge and a strong current but nothing stopping another great macro photography session.

There was not much critter action around aside from a huge amount of shellfish mating taking place in the southern weedbeds. My original plan for the dive was to find and photograph nudibranchs but my tally for the night was a big zero.

One highlight of my dive was this awesomely colourful Southern Dumpling Squid, Euprymna tasmanicas. The amazing colours in the dumpling squid are due to the chromataphores in the skin. Using the chromataphores the dumpling squid is able to change its colours to either camouflage or make itself aggressive as needs arise. On a dark night the squid’s chromataphores resume this natural colourful state captured in the camera’s strobe.

After a very pleasant 2 hours underwater we surfaced to an abandoned jetty, no jetty lights and a starry night sky.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Creature of Colours’, 1/160s f/22 ISO400 100mm