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Anti-awareness Month/Inktober
Day 11 - All Monsters Are Human

This is REALLY late, but I had been real busy with putting together my portfolio for one of my classes last week, plus I was working on Glitched so I didn’t have any time to draw.

I went with an angsty scene from Glitched for this one, given how the prompt only made me think of this part. Anyone who’s read the fic, you know what part this is. Anyone who hasn’t read Glitched, this is a scene from both Parts 9 and 10 when Anti is looking through all of the posts and comments we’ve made about him that he considers to be mean and hurtful, especially the ones involving the nickname he hates so much. It’s basically like cyber-bullying to him.

It can be viewed two different ways: that Anti is a monster with a human side, or that we, as the community, are the real monsters even though we’re human.

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Favourite Character

I was tagged by one of my favourite personal blogs, @yumbledore ☺️🌸

Rules: list ten of your favourite characters from ten different fandoms (in no particular order) and then tag ten others (it sort of updated itself from last time.)

Gellert Grindelwald (Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter)

You probably cannot write as this dark wizard for six months without developing a certain fondness for him. So yeah, it is kind of obvious why Gellert made the list. He has become my favourite dark wizard and character way too fast. I just enjoy his enigma way too much.

Christopher Marlowe (Will)

While I still have not yet seen the entire series, Christopher Marlowe very quickly stole my heart. He is a fantastically morally grey character, has such an enormous struggle and Jamie plays him in such a great way. Also, hands down, he is like the Elizabethean version of Gellert.

Tempest Shadow (My little Pony: The Movie)

Funny fact for you all: I did not see the movie. I only saw a few clips of Tempest, including her revealed backstory. And what shocked me was this: This is a character I can releate to. This pony struggles with a disability and a feeling of loneliness, things I fought with in my youth. I often believe that the reason I am so calm is the fact that I can channel my anger and frustration into agressive characters. So that is the reason I like Tempest. It is a very personal one.

John Childermass (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell)

Childermass is a character that got me into the servant tropes. I love how he is such a calm, collected but also snarky man. I love his loyality towards English Magic and how he tries to be as neutral as possible. I love his touch of shadyness. Enzo Cilenti does a wonderfull job in his portrayal.

Olalla Hyde (Jekyll & Hyde)

Olalla Hyde is one of my first TV show characters I loved and rped. I liked her backstory, I liked her touch of savagness and sassyness. I liked how she could be kind of scary. I liked the tragedy in her relationship to Robert and Captain Dance.

Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd/A String of Pearls)

It is a victorian murderer, making money out of dead people and stealing their stuff. I think I love the ugly dude from String of Pearls a bit more then the musical version. But yeah, it is a vilain and I seriously enjoy him.

Jamie Campbell Bower (Counterfeit/music)

Lead singer of my current favourite band, and an incredibley talented person. I just love how multitalented Jamie is and how he still remains so down to earth. Very admirable qualities. And yes, I count music so fight me!

Loki (Norse Mythology)

From all mythological people I know the best, norse mythology belongs to it. As a child, I read dozens of stories and I loved all stories where Loki, the giant/god of fire and trickster, played a major role. I found him to actually be a very tragic figure and I always loved how he and Thor quarelled because of stupid reasons. Thor dressing up as a maid to get his hammer back and Loki accompanion him is one of the funniest things ever.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Hermione is my favourite hero in the original saga. I loved her flaws, I loved her smartness and I enjoyed wondering what would happen if she were to snap in anger. Though I am probably not so fond of the fact she ended up with Ron as I do not really like him.

Bluestar (Warriors)

While I never was deep in this fandom, I personally liked Bluestar out of the major leaders the most. I loved her calmness, her calculation, but also how dangerous she became when she lost her faith. Her arc was really heartbreaking and I often modell my good leaders after her.

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Falling in with the wrong crowd. A fear submitted by Emilija to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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Anti-awareness Month/Inktober
Day 1 - Enjoy the Show/FNAF Sister Location

I was rushing to get this done. Took me the last 3 hours and 45 min. to complete, and I’m very pleased with the end result 😁

Also, I’m planning to hopefully make most of the drawings related to my fanfic Glitched. So this drawing, in a way, is actually a bit of a teaser for a later chapter 😛

Hope you guys love it!


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