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My favourite movie/TV psychopaths

Tom Hardy Imagine (Smut)

You couldn’t get your key in the lock. The bag on your shoulder almost slicing off your arm; the weight of your work was unbearable. Folders and folders of documents. You had been feeling this frustrated and stressed for weeks at work now. You just didn’t like the job. The pay wasn’t even that good. Finally, you inserted the key and unlocked the door. You threw down your bags and walked through to the living room.

You threw your body down onto the couch before looking around the room. “Oh fuck” you gasped in shock at the sight of your boyfriend sat at the other side of the room. “I didn’t know you were home, Tom.” you put your head back on the couch. “Y/N, I don’t like how you’ve been recently. What’s happened?” Tom balanced his head on his hands before carrying on. “You haven’t spoken to me in days.” You sat up to give Tom your attention, “I know, I’m sorry. It’s just work - I despise it with a passion.” you wiped your head trying to keep it together. Tom walked over to sit beside you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder pulling you into his chest. You shoved your face into him and embraced the warmth of him. “Then quit, I want my bubbly girl back!” You lifted your teary face to look at him. “You know what, I’m gonna.” “Good, but before you do” Tom cupped your face and kissed you with such affection. 

He threw you passionately onto the bed. Lust filled the room. He stood at the foot of the bed and undressed as you watched with a luring smirk. When he was fully unclothed; his eyes traced your body as he still stood there. “I adore you, Y/N.” “Shut up and get over here!” you squealed with delight as he began grazing your body with his lips. He climbed on top of you still pecking your face and neck. You felt his member becoming harder against your thigh. You grew wetter and wetter. “Get inside me, Hardy goddamn it!” You both moaned in unison as he began thrusting in you - faster and faster until you both arrive at your limits. Tom moves to lay at your side, before either of you had time to speak you grabbed your phone and dialed your work number. “What are you doing?” Tom smiled at you. “Hello, is that Joe? Oh good, it’s Y/N and I quit because your company is shit. Thanks for everything; bye!!” you put the phone down and looked at Tom. You both burst out into laughter. “Fucking hell Y/N, you make me laugh.”


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