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Every Poison Ivy Outfit Ever

For some of these I couldn’t find the comic name or where it’s from, but if you know please tell me so I can fix it!

Batman: The Animated Series

Joker’s Asylum

Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum Database

Arkham Knight

Batman: Crimson Mist

Batman & Demon: A Tragedy

Batman and Robin

Batman: Dark Victory

DC Universe Online

Crisis on Infinite Earths

DC Superhero Girls

First Appearance

Gotham City Sirens

Gotham Girls

JLA: Created Equal


New 52

Batman: Dark Tomorrow

The Batman

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Young Justice

Super Best Friends Forever

The New Batman Adventures

Suicide Squad


Unknown Poison Ivys




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The Walking Dead

Z Nation


Hemlock Grove


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DC: Legends of Tomorrow



Criminal Minds

Batman : Dark Knight Trilogy

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Let Your Minis Have a Religious Experience: Stained Glass - The Miniatures of Tomorrow Method.

Hey there true believers, today I’ve got the long promised tutorial on how to create your own stained glass for diorama & display. This method, creates a very true to life effect, that while not as fast as printing on transparencies, replicates both the texture and actual principle of stained glass. This means that it casts a colored light like stained glass, and has the same high gloss as glass proper. 

We’ll get started with supplies after the jump. 

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Nightly Rituals

Billy Batson is the love of my life and I would die to keep him safe, warm and happy. Prepare for cavity-inducing sweetness.

“I can take care of myself you know,” Billy Batson muttered to himself while he sat on his too plush to be real bed in Captain Marvel’s room on the Watchtower. Currently, he was watching Superman pick out his pajamas for the evening. The Kryptonian just hummed as he settled on the Flash pajamas; unfortunately Billy’s Superman night clothes were in the wash. He’d have to pick up a few extra pair.

“We know, you keep telling us.” Clark said turning around and holding up the pajamas for Billy’s approval and was rewarded with an annoyed expression. Luckily he was used to the boy’s stubborn temperament and wasn’t discouraged.

“Just because I’m a kid doesn’t mean you guys have to baby me, you’re not my parents.” The boy huffs, accepting the pajamas as Superman held them out for him. He rolled his eyes into the back of his head as Clark turned his back, allowing Billy so privacy while he changed. It’s not like modesty was a big deal when you’re living on the streets but the gesture was appreciated deep down. He slowly begins to undress.

“Of course not Billy, nor are we trying to be.” Clark answers genially, smiling to himself as he wonders if all children sounded like a herd of buffalo when they changed for if it was just this one. “But there’s nothing wrong with accepting a little help once in a while. Besides, we wouldn’t do this is we didn’t want to. You refuse to let anyone adopt you, you won’t accept any financial support from us or even consider going back into a foster home so we can’t help but worry about you.” He says calmly.

“Like I said,” Billy mumbles through the material of his shirt as he struggles to pull it over his head. “I can take care of myself. It’s not fair to all the other kids who don’t have the power and connections I do. I got all that I need to survive, I can’t ask for more.” And Clark needs to fight down the proud, beaming smile threatening to take over his face before turning back to the boy. When he first found out that the enthusiastic and innocent Captain Marvel was actually a 10 year old boy, he’d been angry and wondered how he could have earned the Wizard’s blessing. Now, after almost a year of interacting with both Billy and his alter ego, he realizes that no one embodies the kindness and sense of duty like Billy Batson. While there are times when he gets aggravated by the Captain’s childish antics, most days he realizes that Billy is better than all of them at heart.

“All done?” Clark asks cheerily, peeking over his shoulder once he heard Billy begin to climb into bed.

“Obviously,” Billy huffed, crossing his arms. “Like I get that you guys feel obligated or whatever to make sure I don’t die but this,” Billy said gesturing to the room filled with toys and clothes and other odds and ends gifted to him by the League, “is crazy. I appreciate it, I really do, but I don’t need all this stuff.”  

“You’re right Billy; we do feel a bit responsible.” Clark began, sitting on the side of the bed. “You’re so self-sufficient Billy and you’ve done remarkably well on your own but think about how you feel when you see younger kids suffering through your circumstances and refuse your help.” Billy ducks his eyes and wrings his hands on the bedsheets. “And you’re not a chore, not ever. You’re our friend and our colleague and all we want is for you to be safe in and out of your hero life.” Clark says, gently pushing Billy down into the bed and pulling the covers over him. He’d been uncomfortable with this at first; he was used to dealing with children in the short term but that had never prepared him for bedtime rituals or other such domestic things. Over the last year he’s gotten better at it and has come to treasure these times, it makes him want to broach the subject of children again with Lois.

“Yeah okay, it’s just I’m still not used to this… it’s kind of weird,” Billy whispers quietly, pulling the covers up over his mouth to muffle the words. Clark looks down at this boy who has suffered so much, spent years of his young life without love or support only to end up one of the kindest souls he’d ever met.  

“I know son, that’s why we’re here to support you as much as you’re comfortable with. We only insist you stay here at the Watchtower during the nights it’s too cold for you in Fawcett City and give extra help only when you ask.” He brushed back some of Billy’s thick black hair from his eyes, it was getting long again. They’d have to get him another haircut soon. “One of these days you’ll have to accept that we’re doing this because we care.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Billy said shyly, pulling down his covers a bit and trying to brush off the weight of the words being spoken. “Hal’s been reading me one of the Harry Potter books and he said he was gonna kick your ass if you didn’t read some more. He wants to get through book one by the end of the month when it’s warm enough for me to head back to the city.”

“Language,” Clark chided absentmindedly because really, that was a lost cause, as he searched the bedside table until he found a worn, well-loved copy of Harry Potter. He smiled as he flipped open the cover and saw Hal Jordan, age 14 scribbled sloppily on the inside. “Alright, where were you?”

“Harry and Hagrid are at the bank picking up money for wizard school supplies.” Clark hummed, opening to the bookmarked page and began reading slowly and calmly, already knowing what was going to happen. Hal was being awfully optimistic about being able to finish book before Billy returned to Earth full-time. They were only ever able to get through five or six pages at most before, a light snore interrupted Clark’s narration and he smiled fondly to see Billy’s head lolled to the side in a comfortable slumber. He was actually quite jealous of the boy’s ability to fall asleep just like that but it showed that Billy now felt comfortable enough to leave himself vulnerable in their presence. Clark bookmarked the page, set it on the table and quietly turned off the light taking an extra few moments to observe the sleeping boy.

He’d be going on a two week mission with the Green Lantern Corp starting tomorrow so he’d insisted on having this time with Billy before he left. There was a good chance after all that the boy would back in his dirty, unsafe abandoned building he’d been calling home for the last few months. They could only keep him up here, safe and warm, for so long before the boy’s natural independence and sense of pride and fairness won out. He leaned down and stroked his hair one more time before quietly exiting the Captain’s room. The situation was far from ideal but it was what it was. He knew Bruce had requested bedtime privileges tomorrow and he’s certain the Dark Knight will once again ask Billy to come live with him, Jason and Alfred. Maybe one day Billy will take them up on their many offers or maybe he’ll grow up into a wonderful, good-hearted man all on his own with their continued support. Either way, Superman knew that the League was just as lucky to have Captain Marvel’s strength and righteousness among their ranks as young Billy Batson was to have their help.

Where to start reading Poison Ivy?

Let’s start with her first appearance in Batman #181 up to #183

  • World’s Finest Comics #252
  • Batman #339
  • Secret Origins #36
  • Suicide Squad vol.1
  • Batman/Green Arrow: The Poison Tomorrow
  • Legends of the Dark Knight #32
  • Shadow of the Bat Annual #3
  • Batman: Poison Ivy
  • Legends of the Dark Knight #42-43
  • Batman: Shadow of the Bat #56-58
  • Batman: The Long Halloween
  • Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #5
  • Batman: Shadow of the Bat #88
  • Detective Comics #735
  • Batman #568
  • Gotham Knights #14, 15
  • Batman: Harley Quinn
  • Batman: Dark Victory
  • Harley Quinn vol.1
  • Detective Comics #751-752
  • Batman/Poison Ivy: Cast Shadows
  • Batman: Hush
  • Batgirl #52
  • Detective Comics #797-799
  • Gotham Knights #60-65
  • Gotham Central #32
  • Batman #651
  • Detective Comics #823
  • Batman Strikes #38
  • Solo #6
  • Countdown #37-36
  • Joker’s Asylum: Poison Ivy #1
  • Detective Comics #850
  • Gotham City Sirens
  • Birds of Prey vol.3 #3-12
  • Detective Comics vol.2 #14
  • Harley Quinn Nu52 #2, 7
  • Lil Gotham #1, 3-6, 9, 11, 14, 16-17, 19-20, 23
  • Batgirl Annual #2

Also check out her appearances in The Batman Adventures, The Gotham Girl Adventures and Batman: Harley and Ivy

Let me know if you think I missed something :)


“They’ll kill us if they can, Bruce. Every year they grow smaller. Every year they hate us more. We must not remind them that giants walk the earth.

This amazing fan made Crisis on Infinite Earths poster has been going round Twitter, I figured it needed sharing here. I don’t know the artist, but they deserve tremendous credit! This is so cool.


Part 1    -     Part 2

“Let me out!” You scream over and over again, hitting against the glass case.
Your knuckles are already bloody, but nothing helps.
The chair and table lies next to you as you tried to break the glass.
Exhausted and with a dry mouth you close your eyes, pictures of that evening rushes through your mind.
Pictures how the Joker collapsed in your arms as the bullet hitted him in the stomach.
The first tears appear on your cheek as finally the door opens and you open your eyes.
“He wants to see you.”
Relieved you follow his man through the house and you take a deep breath before you go in Joker’s bedroom.
Your eyes widen a little as you look at his nearly unvarnished face. He’s younger than you thought and surprisingly good looking.
“Is the little kitten speechless?” He asks amused.
Instead of an answer you crawl on the bed, snuggling on his healthy side and resting your head on his chest.
“Does the little kitten wants to cuddle?” Quietly he giggles and you feel his chest vibrating.
“I was so afraid.” You mumble and sigh quietly as his fingertips stroking over your back.
“Of course you was, kitten.”
His fingers wander to your neck and he forces you to look at him. Hard he presses his lips on yours and you close your eyes, responding the kiss. Careful you slide on his lap, making him growl.
“Oh kitten, y'are finally ready for me.”
Impatient he tears off your shirt and bra and buries his teeth in your neck. You let out a small whimper in pain and arousal and he smirks at you.
“Maybe we should wait.” You say insecure.
“Waitin’?” He responds scornfully and rolls you over. “I don’t wanna wait.”
Again he lets his fingers wander over your bare chest, circling around your nipples. As you arch your back he takes his fingers away and sits up. In one movement he pulls down your jeans including your panties and you shiver in excitement.
“The things I will do to you..” He mumbles, worshipping your body with his eyes before he undresses himself.
With mixed feelings you look from the bandaged wound to his hard erection while he seems to enjoy your gaze. You open your legs for him and he licks over the scars on his inner cheek.
As he doesn’t move you straighten up and touch the skin around his cock, but he pushes your upper body back in the pillow.
“Please.” You beg.
Finally he moves his hand to your wet folds and dips in your throbbing core before he shoves a finger in you. You moan loud as he finds your g-spot and glides over it, again and again. As you buckle your hips to feel him deeper in you he slides the finger out of you.
With relish he licks your juice from his finger, smirking down at you with glowing eyes as you whimper at the loss. You close your eyes as his face disappears between your leg, his hot breath tickles over your skin.
Without hesitation he takes your clit in his mouth and sucks it harshly, letting his teeth scratch over it.
One moan chasing the next.
Your hands fist in the sheets, but you try to hold down your hips as you’re nearing your orgasm.
As you look down you see his amused eyes as he licks one last time over your swollen clit before he takes away his mouth.
“Not now…”
“Oh fuck your not now and not yet.” You whine, but in a loud voice.
Your whole body is under tension and your core is burning with need.
“The kitten extends her claws.” The Joker purrs as he lies down on you. “Beg a little bit more.”
“Please Joker..” You stop yourself from speaking as you realize that you never called him Joker before.
It sounds strange in your ears, but for him it seems to be exciting. In one movement he rams his cock in you while his hand’s laying on your throat. Hard enough that you feel the pinch and pressure of his fingers and an unaccustomed strain with each breath.
It turns you on in a way you never expected it.
You hook your legs around his middle, your mouth falls open as you let out more a raspy scream than a moan.
His other hand buries in your hair, tugging it so that your head falls back.
In a slow, but powerful rhythm he thrusts in you, hitting your g-spot with precision.
The pleasure builds up to a point where you can’t barely take it anymore while he watches you without making a noise.
It pleases him more to see you chocking and feeling how you move your hips against his to feel him as deep as possible in you.
“C’m kitten, kitten.” He singsong as your walls clench down around him.
Your thighs tremble as the knot in your lower stomach coils before it breaks. He takes his hand from your throat as the pleasure rushes through you. He stops moving, watching you how your body spasms under him and croaking moans leave your mouth.
He gives you playfully little kisses on your neck before he slides out of you and turns you around.
With his whole body weight he presses you in the mattress.
“My turn, kitten.” He whispers in your ear and you shiver slightly.
In an inhuman pace he slams his cock in your oversensitive pussy.
You can feel how your knuckles starts bleeding as your grip around the sheets tighten and the first tears running in the pillow. Almost lovingly he licks them from your cheek.
“Oh god.” You scream as the pleasure rebuilds again and you see stars.
“No god, just me.” He growls, his cock pulsing and twitching inside you.
With your name on his lips he spills his hot seed in you.

You sit on the floor, your head is resting on the Joker’s lap while he talks to a man. Softly he strokes through your hair and you close your eyes in enjoyment.
Pictures of your first sex runs through your mind and you moan quietly.
That was the most erotic thing you’ve ever experienced.
Even when you had sex after it, nothing turned you more on than to see him without make up and hear him groaning your name.
Suddenly you hear cars outside and you lift up your head in confusion.
“Seems like the good time are over, kitten.” The Joker sighs and you shoot a deathglare to the grinning man.
He betrayed the Joker!
Before you can attack him the Joker wraps his arms around your hips and you hiss annoyed.
“Remember what we talked about.” He whispers before he tosses you on the ground.
With tears in your eyes you look to the police and a surprised gasp leaves your mouth as Batman follows them. The Joker says something behind you and giggles amused, his arms raised in surrender.
“Not her.” Batman says as one of police officers grabs your arms. “She’s a victim.”

Wrapped in a blanket you sit on a table in the GCPD. Your hands are shaking as you take the cup of coffee in your hand and you drink something from it.
You just finished your story which you told Jim Gordon and Batman under tears and sobs.
Compassionately Gordon looks at you, telling you that it’s over now and you’re safe.
“Thank you.” You whisper and he nods.
Then you can go.
A police officer drives you home and it feels awkward to be in your apartment.
Quickly you grab the phone which was hidden in a box of noodles. While you turn it on you’ve to laugh.
How easy it was to convince them that you’re just a poor girl which has been abused by the Joker.
You shake your head grinning and type in a message.
‘It worked. Meeting tomorrow.’

man some of the job quests in FFXI were some anti-player bullshit

like blue mage, which consisted of “talk to this NPC, answer a series of questions, and if you’re lucky you’ll start the blue mage quest. if not, fuck you, pay me, come back tomorrow”

or dark knight, which entailed using a shitty sword with 666 delay (wow!) to autoattack 100 enemies to death. weapon skills don’t count, fuck you

what about dragoon?