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Chanyeol scenario - Chocolate legs

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Genre: smut

Summary: Getting negative comments about your interracial relationship can be difficult, but chanyeol doesn’t seem to mind your skin or size. In fact, he loves it ;)

Warning: bath (semi-)sex, dirty talk, cursing, cute puppy!Yeol kisses Xx

word count: 7,000+

A/N: I got very carried away with this one. it just makes me extremely satisfied that chocolate Legs- Eric Benét is D.O and Chanyeol’s favorite songs! ChanSoc collab or no? For all my curvy and/or dark-skinned girls!

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Okay listen. 


I always thought it was a little weird when Chat did that. 

But now Thomas went and made it significant. 

One of my favorite ML comics by @ceejles​  was the one where Marinette thinks that Adrien looks a bit familiar and tries kissing him to identify him, like it would match the kiss she shared with Chat in the Dark Cupid episode.

It is confirmed that we are going to see a lot of MarixChat in the upcoming Season 2.

Which  is great. but here is the thing. 

What if that episode ends up being the reveal?

Adrien finding out first that Marinette is Ladybug because they smell like croissants? (or choco chip cookies either way bakery stuff) 

Then he constantly visits her as Chat Noir until he’s certain??? 

I’ll Always Come Back To You (Steve Rogers x Reader One Shot)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: Kissing, cussing and that’s it (:

A/N: There’s a smutty version of this one shot in my files but I decided to keep it low key lmao I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think (:

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It’s pitch black dark in the living room of your apartment and the only source of light is coming up from the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. The horror film has Steve and you entranced and to be honest you’re scared shitless right now. These type of movies weren’t your favorite but it was Steve’s choice and this is what he picked. You keep stealing short glances at him, the sight of his chiseled face grounding you to reality and making the movie more bearable to watch.

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One Direction Song Asks

What Makes You Beautiful - Favorite thing about yourself?

One Thing - What attracts you to a person?

Kiss You - Describe your first kiss.

Live While We’re Young - Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Better Than Words - Your favorite quote or lyrics

Through the Dark - What always brings a smile to your face?

Where Do Broken Hearts Go - Have you ever broke someone’s heart or had yours broken?

Act My Age - Is your friend group big or do just you have a few close friends?

I Want to Write You a Song - Have you ever written a song about someone or had one written about you?

If I Could Fly - If you could fly anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Who would you go see?

Home - What always makes you feel at home?

my favorite aesthetics

blood running down lips after a fight. the sound of humming cicadas on a warm summer night. laughter echoed in a room with friends. the philly skyline reflected on the water below the bridge. kissing foreheads of those you love. the smell of pot hanging heavy in the darkness of a packed concert. the warm smile on a singers face when thousands of people scream along to their songs. the feel of grip tape on bare feet. a friend holding a sewing needle, etching ink into skin for eternity. the clicking noise of a cassette tape in an old car. star gazing with friends with the grass under your palms. poetry scrawled on the back of notebooks. the feel of guitar strings pressing into soft padded fingers. the sound of keyboard keys clicking in a silent library. soft sheets on naked skin. sweat rolling down your back accompanied by the scatching of a lovers nails. soft “i love you"s through labored breathing. the smell of turpentine and a new canvas. the hum of a tattoo gun dulled out by your own heart beat thumping in your ears. petting dogs on city streets. lines of coke cut across religious text in the name of art. empty museum halls. tears flooding down cheeks at the sight of beauty. a bouquet of flowers tossed in the gutter out of anger, only to be picked up by someone else. the smell of perfume in an empty room. graffiti carved into a school desk out of boredom. high glass ceilings reflecting blue skies. soft lips brushing against broken, bruised knuckles. the distant sound of waves crashing against the shore line. the muffled bassline of a strangers music through headphones. soft smiles exchanged on public transport. ginsberg’s words being proclaimed from the rafters. the loud, echoing passion of protest. the unity of people coming together for a common goal. love being shared between all. people being welcomed and oceans being cleaned and animals saved and all of us protected and loved and happy.

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another concept: alec - eyes soft, fingers gentle - tracing the line of magnus' jaw. magnus turning his head into alec's hand and kissing his palm gently. alec running his hands through magnus' hair, massaging his neck. malec,,, the softest boyfriends

did you know you’re my favorite?

when weren’t those hazel eyes soft though (plenty of times really, they could be as hard as splinters of steel but not now at the very least), they were always so soft, all fractured greens and mostly brown, that deep amber in the middle looking something like dark ink dropped in water sometimes. when the two of them were alone and the lack of light had his pupils all wide, magnus would watch the way alec looked at him with those soft brown eyes and it felt like dipping your body into some kind of warmth, curls of steam wrapping around your ears.

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more reasons darke was a fuckin wild ride bc i was flipping through it yesterday and HOO boy this book was a ROLLERCOASTER

  • merrin holing up in the palace for like six fucking months before anyone even noticed
  • wolf boy triplets showing up out of NOWHERE
  • marissa/jenna kiss which i have touched upon before
  • stanleys rat triplets?? quintuplets?? HOW MANY ARE THERE EVEN
  • beetle literally 1) getting teleported into a manuscriptorium closet, 2) climbing into a sewer drain, 3) almost fucking DYING in said sewer drain but he doesn’t thanks to marwick’s HANDY DANDY TRIPLETS that show up out of nowhere, 4) getting into ANOTHER fistfight with merrin, and finally 5) LOCKING HIMSLEF IN AN OFFICE FOR THREE FUCKING DAYS bc “to save all the knowledge” or some shit like jfc beetle go take a shower u must smell horrific by now no wonder jenna didnt stick around
  • that whole scene in the darke halls dudes that is some CLASS A CREEPY SHIT
  • marcellus chopping off merrin’s thumb like it’s nbd
  • moral of the story i am DYING i need to reread the whole series and liveblog it or smth bc these books do not mess around
12th Doctor Night Cap... “The Storm Room in Your Mind”

I thought on this dark and cold evening we could see the Doctor’s store room, the one in his mind, his TARDIS.  The place where he feels most comfortable, isn’t it wonderful, that we get to see him in his zone. It is where we see the most emotion from our favorite alien.

NIghty Night and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers

pointlessphotosofcutethings  asked:

Hi! I love you name aesthetics, and i was wondering if you could do one for my girls name, Hannah Lee. She is such a sweetie and hella cute, but also loves darkness and weed and rebellious things. Her favorite colors are anything pastel and shades of black. Thank you!

Hope this makes Miss Hannah Lee’s day! 💋

Hannah Lee. She is the pink rose who’s thorns draw the blood of fools. She is the Mona Lisa’s smirk and the spark of a lighter. She is kisses like a butterfly’s wings and polished hands gripping onto a lover’s skin. She is the pale glow of a Strawberry Moon. She is the last laugh and driving off into sunsets. She is Hannah Lee- the untamed princess. 

for a long time I imagined love as a dream,
something that appeared when I closed my eyes at night.
i’d be plagued each morning by the feeling of solitude,
my hands could reach out for days, only to be left empty.

winter was always my least favorite season,
for the days got dark long before I could open my eyes.
it was almost the new year when I met you,
but I could never make a resolution that kept me from falling.

suddenly, my days were as bright as your half grin after a kiss,
and dreams had a whole new meaning.
How could I dare close my eyes? And lose sight of you for a moment?

i’d kiss the stars each night before bed,
my head would spin, my love I had imagined was a dream,
but i’d pray to never fall asleep, you were real.
one night, i’ll stare God straight in the eyes,
and tell him that if loving you were a sin,
then i’d want no place in heaven.



Peter Pan

Henry Mills


Young Baelfire 

Graham Humbert


Regina Mills 



Non pairing










Damon Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

Non pairing


Scott McCall

Allison Argent

Theo Raeken 

Jackson Whittemore


Jace Lightwood/Wayland


Noah Foster

Audrey Jensen

Imagine Audrey debating on wether to kiss you or not


Kylo Ren




Carl Grimes

THE 100

Bellamy Blake



Finnick Odair 


Lip Gallagher

Carl Gallagher

Debbie Gallagher


Dan Howell - danisnotonfire 


Peter Parker - Spider-Man

@trustme-imhuman :  “Void Kiss”
Green Mountain’s “Dark magic” espresso blend with sweet cream and/or goat’s milk. Top with whipped cream and dust with mini marshmallows and cocoa powder mixed with ground medium-dark coffee. Just look how… mmmmm…. Creamy that looks.
Enjoy with a side of chocolate covered espresso beans and/or favorite toasted bread (mine is whole wheat English muffin) with your choice of toppings (elderberry jam and butter for me).

You should really come play Nancy with me sometime! I nabbed this fabulous deck of cards from some whalers! 😘
Until next time, there’s pockets to pick and guts to spill! Enjoy the coffee!

Make some more of this delicious coffee and it’s a date, my dearest thief. 

My art teacher used to say

“don’t add the black paint
until you’re ready for a finished product”

and I never listened.

So I painted with my black paint
a little too soon,
a little too much,
a little too dark,
a little too passionate,
a little too addicted
to the night,
I always enjoyed the starry sky.

My art teacher used to say

“kiet, i know that you love her,
i see it, you two are my
favorite couple”

and I never listened.

So I broke her heart at night
as she gripped her chest
while I did,
as she hid her heart
while I bit,
as she held her tongue
while I kissed,
as she ran from me,
while I chased.
I always enjoyed the lustful parts,
but I miss the gentle parts more.

My art teacher used to say

“black is dominance,
black is overwhelming,
and black is torture,
but black must be controlled”

but I never listened.

Because it never made much sense, I didn’t make much sense of anything except for her. I tried to make sense out of a human being, my human being. A lover, my lover, and you know what the truth is all about?

People don’t make sense.
Love has no sense of direction.
People are chaotic.
Love is chaos.
People are nature’s kiss.
Love, the lips.
People are timeless.
Love is timed.

She was natural.
I was the fucking disaster.

There is a quote out there that goes,
and you’ll know why people are named after storms, why hurricanes are named after girls and you know what?

She wasn’t any of those things,
I was.

I was the earthquake that
shook her buildings down
and they crashed into her heart;
that explains the cracks.

I was the wildfire that
burnt through her magical forest
and the rabbit lost more time;
that explains Alice in wonderland.

I was the calm eye of the storm that
had one sweet angle and 20 more
reasons to fuck her over;
my insides said I love you,
but my outsides said I hate you
that explains the obsession,
this hopeless romantic poetry bullshit.

I was a flood,
and her eyes the land,
her eyes the gates,
her eyes the drowned city.

I was the big bang,
and her soul the many universes
within universes, the many stars
followed by comet showers,
the wishing stars that never came true,
the first time the moon met the sun,
love at first sight, forever separated,
the moon crashing into the sun,
night and day never being one
until dawn came and twilight clouds
rained her name and my name
was shot across the eons of lightyears
and no one hears me scream in space
except for her and she does care,
but these type of blackholes
suck up everything!

They destroy everything,
a still painting dripping with black paint and I wanted to love her
and all of this time I thought
that she was the black paint,
but it was me, who was the paint.

And I took all of her light,
a black hole in space
kissing the suns of my theory
one last time,
into the darkness they went
and back to the darkness
that they came from.

And my art teacher used to say

“don’t add the black paint
until you’re ready for a finished product”

I finally listened.

So I let go of her a few days ago.
I told myself that I needed to stop.
Stop talking to her like she was
the sunset we all adored
and how her eyes meant the world,
and if it meant that she’d wink
butterflies into the pit of my stomach,
I’d die as a self-imploding star.
So I stopped myself from being
more black paint, I crossed out
her face with my own fingers
and kissed her one last time.

My art teacher used to say

“because this black paint is undoing,
you cannot paint over it with white,
the black is so dense, it’s raw,
it’s real it stops all hints of color
under it over and over it.
because this is art and art is life,
art is poetry and art is love,
because art is everything
and anything”

So I became the nights she had to sleep alone, so I became the nights I cried to sleep, so I became free from her love and I finally understood my art teacher, I finally understood my ex.

“black paint is the purest color
and lightest of color if used correctly
with the right amount of care and tender.”

add a little black with white
and you’ll have grey.
add a little black with red
and you’ll have my bleeding heart.
add a little black with blue
and you’ll have her bruised lips.
add a little black with yellow
and you’ll have her eye colors.
add a little black to my soul,
and you’ll have lust.
add a little black to my heart,
and you’ll have her.

And I could swear I heard my art teacher say

“you’ll let go of her one day
when you’re ready,
you’ll add red over all
of your paintings
because they’ll remind
you of her lips, it’ll be your
favorite color, you’ll add blue
over your roses because
red has too much passion,
it’s on fire and sometimes
we have to appreciate
the beauty of weirdness,
poetry and art is weird,
the best kind,
you’ll add pale yellow for
her skin tone and you’ll add
dark, dark brown near
lonely tree trunks
because it’ll remind you
of her eyes that cried
every night because
you didn’t know how
to love, young kids
finding slipped pants
and unhooked bras
more satisfying than
adding black paint
to solidify a relationship
that could’ve been,
and you’ll add your last drop,
the finishing touch,
you’ll be the black paint,
and she’ll be the finished product.”

and I finally listened.

I finally listened to my art teacher.

So I let you go, baby.

The world is your canvas
and I was the black paint.

His lips your new black paint,
and you, his unfinished product.

—  My art teacher used to say
don’t add the black paint
until you’re ready
for it to be over,
she was right.
// k.c.
  • Palette: What is your mom's favorite
  • Dark Color: I think its chocolate, dad
  • Palette: Lets buy a lot caz you have a girlfriend too, right my lil Darky?
  • Dark: *blushes* Y-yes?
  • ~Meanwhile at home~
  • Aurora: *le gasp* Grandpa how you do it?
  • Ink: Simple. Magggicccccc
  • Dream: *giggles* nice.
  • Reaper: Heeeyyyy Geno sweetie~
  • Geno: What it is?
  • Reaper: *kisses Geno on Mouth*
  • Geno: *blushes*
  • Goth: Why those two boys is late?
  • Color: Maybe they having a hard time to buy gifts
  • Star: Or maybe they setup a date
Entre Nous Et Le Ciel

request: anakin x reader, he has a nightmare about joining the dark side and hurting the people he loves so he goes in reader’s room for comfort and she sings him to sleep(something he told the reader that shmi did for him when he was younger) and just really soft kisses and loads of fluff? thank youuuuuuu and **about the anakin x reader where he has a nightmare, could reader sing to him in her native tongue (because i’m french and french ballads are very soft and nice?? if you want to,“ je l'aime à mourir” is one of my favorites)

a/n: Not to be that person and return after months of absence with an excuse, but I’m going to be that person right now and say: school has absolutely kicked my butt this year! It took me a little bit by surprise because last year was a lot easier for me, and given how much school I’ve missed for personal reasons I’ve been pretty consistently behind throughout the whole year. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, though; I’ve been thinking about it a lot, I’ve just been really strapped for time. But with the new semester, I’ve managed to get a handle on my work and decided that I would work on some imagines tonight! Thanks for sticking around, guys, and I hope you enjoy the new content! - Eliza

the title translates to “between us and heaven” 

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32. Share five must-read fics. 

Only five? There are so many good westallen fics out there it’s going to be hard to choose. I’ll give a link for all of these too! These are just some of my favorite fics. I have many more it’s hard just to list five. So if you want more fic recs message me and I’d love to give more! Or check out my bookmarks on my AO3 page 

1. Wilted Halcyon by Cee693 (on AO3)
          Summary: When an enemy finally takes the most important person in                   Barry’s live, there is nothing left to hold back the darkness. 

2. Choice and Destiny by gnimaerd (on AO3)
          Summary: The final WestAllen buest-up that leads to kissing because                   arguing is dumb and kissing is better.

3. although I wish you’d stay by mmtion (on AO3) (rated E)
           Summary: Since being dumped by Eddie, Iris does not have time for any            romantic complications in her life. So it seems a perfect solution to start a            casual, no-strings-attached thing with Barry Allen, secret sex god from                high school, especially since everyone knows he’s in love with another                girl on campus.Seriously, there’s no way this is going to get complicated.

4. I Won’t Fall Out of Love (I’ll Fall Into You) – An Earth-2 Westallen Story by MirrorKing96 (on AO3)
            Summary: Detective Bartholomew Allen spends about five seconds with             Doctor Iris West, Central City Police Department’s newest CSI, and                    decides that he doesn’t like her. For her part, Iris is certain that the feeling            is completely mutual. But while trying to take down one of the biggest                crime families in Central City, they promptly fall in love.
          Of course.

5. Lay Me to Sleep by backtothestart02 (on AO3)
           Summary: Post 3x08 - Barry comes home to an emotional Iris, furious                  and heartbroken that he didn’t tell her he almost sacrificed himself to the            Dominators.

40 Questions - Meme for Shippers

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