the dark hours of day


Once there was a young man, who like you, sat in this very hall, walked this castle’s corridors, slept under its roofs. He seemed to all the world a student like any other. His name: Tom Riddle. Today, of course, he’s known all over the world by another name, which is why, as I stand looking out upon you all tonight, I’m reminded of a sobering fact: Every day, every hour, this very minute, perhaps, dark forces attempt to penetrate this castle’s walls. But in the end, their greatest weapon… is you.

RPG Maker Fever Undead and Deranged

Warning:This article may contain spoilers and the content inappropriate for children…or may not contain.But get the children away from the screen just in case.

Good morning! Or is it already evening? Meh, as if it matters…cellar, where I’m chained and writing my articles  is pitch-dark 24 hours per day. So, today we’ll learn how to make friends, control the undead and have a happy dream ( with some experimental drugs involved).Now then, shall we get started?

1. 1bitHeart

Alright, here goes our first title, made by the author of Alice Mare and LiEat series. 1bitHeart is an adventure game, where your goal is to make as many friends as possible . Game plays similar to Ace Attorney series, but with some QTE-scenes, while setting and atmosphere is kinda similar to TWEWY.You can make 49 friends in total, all of them have unique appearance and personality. Plot of the game is pretty good, dialogues are well-written and sometimes hilarious. Besides, every dialogue has it’s own mood supported by stylish well-chosen music track and quality voice acting. Additionaly I want to praise 1bitHeart’s presentation, since  both artwork and sprites are extremely beautiful .

2. The Boogie Man

And here comes the Boogeyman, the Boogeyman comes for me. Here comes the Boogyeman, he’s gonna take me in my sleep…Nah, actually not. Here comes the latest installement in our favourite  the Strange Men Series. This time with the fully voiced in-game cutscenes (and skippable as bonus). The Boogie Man stays true to series and plays like classical horror-adventure with action cut-ins. At some point of the game you can even play as our old friends -David and Sophie, but new protagonist Keith is quite notable too (he’s my personal fav to be honest).Overall the game makes very good impression, the story is interesting and dialogues are bright and entertaining (with many references to previous games).


I’m not the sensitive type, but  even I was kinda hesitant to play this game at first, since it has waaay too many suggestive content, supported by quite a lot of graphic violence.But after beating it I can state that this game is totally drugtastic. END ROLL plays like quality role-playing game and somewhat reminds the wild mix of the Gray Garden and Re:Kinder, but with better story-writing and gameplay I believe. Game has plenty of  unique dungeons (all of them has some plot-related meaning behind it) as well as tons of optional content, which along with well-designed and interesting characters make END ROLL very enjoyable.

4. Guuzen ~ Ningyou no ito

What? Don’t tell me you’ve never heard about the rite named “doll’s prayer” .You’ll forget all of your worries and  path to the Heaven will open before you. But the place, our heroines’ve found themselves in, can be hardly called Heaven. I wasn’t expecting much from this game, but it turned to be quality horror with beautiful character designs, memorable soundtrack, logical puzzles and surprisingly mature story. The game reminds us that we’re often starting to value something only when it’s already lost.Sadly, right now  Ningyou no ito is only available in chinese, japanese and russian.

5. Liar Jeannie in Crucifix Kingdom

Yet another full-fledged role-playing game has made it to my list.And kinda tough, I must say. Imagine what if Dark Souls was the turn-based RPG with cute nun as protagonist and you’ll get Liar Jeannie… more or less.Unlike many RPGs, this one doesn’t  have any levels, and your stats and basic skills fully depend on your current equipment (by the way, every item in this game can be equipped). A special mention is deserved for game’s bosses - there’s a few main bosses and a lot of optional ones -all of them have their own battle tactics and require some thinking before acting ( especially Pleiades Knights-you want to defeat them, trust me).Also, if things during the fight will become real ugly, you can always summon expendable monsters as your allies (or living shields,heh).

6. At the Tale End

Here we have a game, which looks like a regular fantasy-adventure, but only at first. Plot includes our standard party of heroes (fighter,mage,priest and thief), cursed princess and battle with the local dark lord.But each of these elements plays very different from your typical fantasy stories.At the Tale’s End is definetely a unique experience, a role-playing game in it’s original meaning, without countless random battles, but with a certain weight of responsibility for your actions within a narrative.Also this game has detailed and interesting world as well as quality animated cut-scenes.

7. Pocket Mirror

A long-awaited Pocket Mirror has been finally released this year. And I’m amazed with  enormous amount of work made by the  team of developers.When it comes to game’s graphic, Pocket Mirror is stunning. Beautiful artwork and memorable soundtrack help to create this mysterious, unique atmosphere of dark fairy tale. And with that Pocket Mirror has some gameplay issues. You see, while some puzzles are interesting, most of them is quite uninspiring, some of the locations are pitch-dark and hard to navigate.And with that plot of the game is quite complicated,but doesn’t make much sense,if you don’t pay close attention to numerous in-game notes and letters.This game is definetely not bad,but still leaves some feeling of unpolishness.

8. The Maid of Fairewell Heights

Despite the fact that story of the Maid takes place at the haunted apartment complex, this game has no horror elements. Maid feels more like comedy anime straight from ‘90s. Gameplay (along with main character’s outfits) varies depending on the room your’re currently exploring. Starting with regular cleaning you can end up playing detective or running the shop. Game has bright illustrations, good humour and overall is pretty good.

9. Libretta

I’m sure everyone knows that beside translating games vgperson also makes their own, and Libretta is one of them..This game  definetely gives an interesting experience. While playing similar to Ib, Libretta has it’s own unique atmosphere and somewhat complicated plot, where everyone can find something for themselves (or so I think). Libretta has memorable soundtrack and interesting puzzles, requiring some thinking from the player Also playing shirigories between chapters is kinda fun.

10. Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends is a classical rpg-horror-game with quality visuals, well-thought puzzles and some minor chasing scenes. While story lacks originality, it’s still interesting to follow, since charactrers are nice and game has several endings. Game is about 3 hours long and leaves mostly positive impression. So, if you like old-school rpg-horrors-be my guest.

11. Red Trees

While having some minor horror elements, Red Trees stays warm and relaxing adventure game with humorous and ironic view on horror genre and quite unexpected ending in a way. Graphic style of the game and whole atmosphere of a local town is somewhat reminiscent of Mother series.Gameplay is quite simple and consist from few “find-and-bring-to-the- right-person” puzzles, which can be easily solved in 30 minutes or so.

12. The Stairway

Like Red Trees this game is also recommended for players, who’ve already tired from jumpscares, explinct content and overthinking bizarre puzzles. This game has simple yet nice story, unique visuals and some easy logical puzzles.So, if you want to neatly spend 30-40 minutes of your time, try and climb The Stairway to see what’s awiting you at the very end.

13. Friendship

The most fitting description for Friendship would be “horror for the beginners”, since it can surprise or startle you only if you haven’t played any other rpg-horrors before. In fact Friendship doesn’t stand out much compared with better quality school horrors ( like Misao or Amayado Bus Stop ).But it doesn’t mean that the game is bad-Friendship is a good way to spend 30 minutes seeing how strong attachment to a friend can turn simple game into yandere-horror.  

14. By Ourselves

 And here comes our closing title about two former classmates, who’ve found themeselves trapped in the room. Game is only 10 minutes long and basically is one big locked door puzzle. You find the first hint and then successively exploring the room for the way out. Game has two endings determined by how much attention you’re paying to your comrade in distress.

Cassian Being Your Big Brother Would Involve

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  • He would be so frickin protective but also wouldn’t want to smother you and he’d want you to know that you can kick ass too but he also wouldn’t want to put you at risk so it would be a bit of a dilemma for him.
  • Cassian would always know when there was something wrong so you would have quickly learned not to hide anything from him and would usually just tell him what was bugging you. However, this meant that if he knew something was wrong and you didn’t tell him, he would become really, really concerned and would probably take you away for a private chat but wouldn’t want to force you to tell him.
  • He would make you laugh, so much. He would brighten your dark days.
  • You could sit and talk for hours about your really early childhood memories. It would mainly be Cassian telling you about things since you were too young to remember. 
  • Calling him “Cassie”, which annoys him at first but then he starts to like it. But god help anyone else who tries to call him that.
  • K2SO being protective of you as well, but not outwardly. He’d often take your side, telling Cassian you were old enough to look after yourself now. Cassian would agree, and say that while you were obviously capable, all three of you would survive just that little bit longer if you worked together and trusted each other.
  • Fighting in the Rebellion with him, ferociously and with a particular cunning. 
  • Shipping him and Jyn, but not saying anything because K2SO had told you the odds.
  • Supporting each other through everything.
  • Dying for him, which nearly kills him in itself.


Fic Recs: Daemon AU’s

(image of Antonin and Gertrude Joly, based on toutes ces incohérences)

I really, really, really love AU’s based on the idea of daemons from His Dark Materials. I end up re-reading The Golden Compass at least once a year, so it’s not really a surprise, but I thought this would be the best way to start off. Below are a few of my favorites.

toutes ces incohérences

by smithens

[Les Misérables]

This is one of those rare Daemon AUs where I feel like the author really understands daemons. It’s easy to give a character a random animal companion and call them a daemon. It’s much harder to really embrace the complex relationships between people and their daemons. Also the writing is super eloquent and I am so very many kinds of here for that.

The Price One Must Pay

by Carmarthen

[Les Misérables]

Very often, I find myself disagreeing with people’s choices in daemons for characters, or at least, I see the same choices over and over again. This fic goes with an unconventional choice, and it’s fantastic.

A Study in Natural Philosophy

by Mad_Maudlin


Arthur has a horse daemon, and it’s hilarious. The author actually takes the time to explore the difficulties of having daemons of different sizes (how is that horse going to fit inside?), and I think that’s part of what makes this fic so special.

DAY 3166

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Nov 28/29,  2016              Mon/Tue  2:59 am

The mornings are filled with hope expectation desire and need to accomplish all that remains .. and as the day sets into the glory of the dark hours, the impetus needed for tasks of importance remain the way they were, several days ago ..

Will and persistence may be the answer to such queries, that give shelter to all that needs cover and shade .. but will and its persistence are by themselves so oblivious to the circumstances that prevail .. in that absence we plunge and steady along a path to a destination designed within us .. and that is the ultimate victory .. 

There is no substitute to personal attention and involvement. Tasks, directions, causes and their executions are best visioned in the domain of the self. It is an onerous task, one that does not permit lapses or deflections. Indeed such attributes delay the process even further. Catch then time by the scruff of the neck and wringing it mercilessly, push its limits to the ultimate till the mission is near accomplishment. Complete accomplishment is an uncanny mirage. There shall always be reason and incompleteness towards final indescribable, unchanging, destination. There is always another peak to be conquered, after reaching the top of one range of the massively imposing mountain. And that really is the incomplete nerve in the body of the system. A system that lives and breathes within. That occupies all that implies ‘want’. ‘Want’ is destructive, for it never ever fulfils its alphabetic literature. It is eternal and infinite. The further you reach demarcated destinations, another looms, large, beyond. Which is why ‘jeevan hai chalaemaan’. The stopping of the rotation would vanish within unimaginable time scans. The rotation continues for just this reason ; if it were to suddenly stop without warning, we would all fall off it. Not just us living beings, indeed all the living beings acquired, enlisted and created.

Do not seek indulgence in a response that asks for a stoppage. Stop what ? The world ? Shall you be able ? Will you be able ?

Do it and see resulting chaos. The tread mill is the metaphor of life. You may step off it ever so often to ponder consider or just to observe. But the mill shall not. It shall not arrest its churning. Its circles shall continue to rotate. To delve further into the rest ; into what comes in next on the mill ; who stays, crumbles, out balances ..

Life teaches all this and more .. it tests at each level and each stepping platform of the tread mill by the water .. 

It could bring the water up, or churn the liquid for power .. or just churn !

It is essential then in short, that life churns - you, me, the world, humanity ..

Churning has been the symbolic metabolism, that takes care of life .. without it we are all never ever going to be reincarnated. Not in the real true self of the process - for process has never been tested or experimented with - but for the evidences of mortality ..

Love is immortal .. it shall remain safe. But what good is that attribute, when there is none to test it out with ..

Amitabh Bachchan


distances taken from this

denerim to lothering : orange

230 miles on roads
11 days on foot | 7 ½ days forced march | 6 days on horseback | 4 days fast carriage | 3 days horse relay

lothering to ostagar : red

80 miles on the imperial hwy
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 day horse relay

lothering to redcliffe : purple

105 miles on roads
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 2 days fast carriage | 1 ½ days horse relay

lothering to kinloch hold : light blue

195 miles on roads
10 days on foot | 6 ½ days forced march | 5 days on horseback | 3 days fast carriage | 2 ½ days horse relay
11 miles in a boat
3 hours rowing

redcliffe to gherlen’s pass : dark green

160 miles on mountainous roads
16 days on foot | 8 days on horseback | 6 days fast carriage | 4 days horse relay

denerim to soldier’s peak : light green

100 miles on the pilgrim’s path
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
20 miles on mountainous roads
2 days on foot | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

lothering to the dalish camp : orange + dark blue

80 miles on roads
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
40 miles off road
5 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

redcliffe to honnleath  yellow

35 miles on hilly roads
2 ½ days on foot | 1 ½ days forced march | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

redcliffe to haven : dark green + pink

100 miles on mountainous roads
11 days on foot | 5 days on horseback | 2 ½ days horse relay
20 miles off road
3 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

What if you tried to play the piano and instead of making a musical
note sound with its keys, it just says the letters instead?


And once the piano has had enough, it would just yell at you to stop playing


Snow Crash is the only cyberpunk media I’ve seen that fundamentally gets that the Dystopian Future isn’t going to be a stylishly grim aesthetic blog, dark and rainy twenty hours a day.

The Dystopian Future is going to be ruined by lawyers and it’ll be goddamn ridiculous and it’ll be coast-to-coast strip malls and Minion memes and anthropomorphic dicks and unskippable ads and corporate Twitter accounts referencing five-year-old memes and malware-filled download sites.

if you want a vision of the future, imagine your old high school acquaintance who never outgrew 4chan, forever.

He stands in the middle of a bar and drinks more than his body can handle.
When he wakes up, he’s laying in a bed that isn’t his own.
Yet it feels comfortable.
This is where he learns about making a home out of oblivion.
He makes a home out of me.
Says he doesn’t mind the darkness because the sun shines approximately 12 hours a day and laying in the dark isn’t unbearable.
Says his mother always preferred candles anyways.
Says she would tell him you’ve got to place the light where you need it.
This morning when I woke up, it smelled like lavender and white oleanders.
As it turns out, he spent all last night putting his hope in a place that I can see.
As it turns out, he’s bringing the light to me.
—  He brings the light to me / @thewordsyouneverunderstood

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Prompt: “You’re my other half.”

Character: Gwaine

Warning: N/A

It was one of those evenings (Well actually early morning) where you knew Gwaine would be in the tavern, not that he was always there, but sometimes he just was and when you combined Gwaine, ale, and his friends you usually got a near comatose knight who could hardly speak and struggled to walk…hence why you were searching for him in the early hours of the morning. 

You found him almost deliriously happy as drunks go leaning heavily against a table surrounded by the other nights…all of which looked equally as hammered as your betrothed…but then again, since when was anyone not completely smashed in a tavern at dark hours of day? 

“Y/N! ‘ave a drunk!” The moment his eyes landed on you his grin appeared to grow wider, his words slurred as he lifted an empty tankard the wrong way up as if to offer you a drink and it was in all honestly an amusing sight even to your tired eyes.

“How many has he had?” Your question was posed to the posse of men surrounding him, all of which cheered loudly, or blinked, and a few of which snored and drooled onto the table in front of them. 

“Obviously too many…Gwaine, come along, we’re going home” 

You watched him blink at you as if he couldn’t quite comprehend the concept of leaving, although the state he was in it might have been simply that he couldn’t understand the string of words you’d put together. 


“You. Me. Home. Sleep.” You gestured to the door as you spoke, and a form of understanding began to shine through the haze of drunkenness in his eyes. You watched as he stumbled to his feet before coming to you and you let him lean heavily against you, his feet dragging across the ground. 

You guided the much larger man out of the tavern and struggled to aid him in walking down the street, you passed no one, anyone who had any sense was asleep in their bed rather than trailing through the streets. 

At some point you managed to get him to his place of residence in the castle…after trying and somehow succeeding in getting him up various sets of stairs. You were practically dragging him towards his bed by this point and all but threw him on his bed, where he collapsed in a heap of drunken knight. 

You were adjusting him and taking his boots of in an attempt to make sure he didn’t wake up too uncomfortable when he finally spoke, having been quiet the whole walk home, “Why ‘id you…come get me…?”

You looked at his half open eyes, and thought on that for a moment in the silence of his room.

“…You’re my other half which means that I drag you back to your bed in the early hours of the morning when you’ve had one too many to drink…even if you’re an insufferable drunk.” By the time you finished speaking he was asleep, snoring rather heavily with an open mouth, you shook your head lightly, making sure he was tucked in properly before making your way to your own home, knowing that he’d be a pitiful sight in the morning once the ale wore off. 

And knowing that he’d probably not remember those words…even if you wanted him to.

The Wild Rose Is Blooming

Eomer x Reader

Based on this prompt by @middle-earth-imagines (sorry if I’ve been flooding you with these recently. You just have so many good prompts):

Imagine: Eomer giving you a beautiful flower and saying it pales in comparison to your beauty.

Sequel can be found here

The sun rose high in the sky and off in the distance you could see the knights of rohan riding in practice. You had just come back from a ride of your own, though it was becoming more and more dangerous to stray far alone. Bands of orcs prowled almost unrestrained and King Theoden was growing worse by the day. Dark hours were coming, you could feel it. It was almost as if the very land itself had frozen in a terrible, stifling calm that bode of ill things to come. Feeling a sudden chill, you stopped walking and sat on a small incline of stair nearby. There you breathed deeply and tried to shake the dreadful hopelessness that had been creeping over you. You were so lost in thought you didn’t even notice as someone walked up and sat nearby on the same stair. Finally seeing the newcomer, you started in surprise to see Lord Eomer.

“My lord!” You made to stand and curtsy.

“Peace (y/n). I’m sorry to have startled you.” He gently shook his head and motioned for you to remain seated.

“It’s no matter, my lord. I was simply lost in thought.” You said as you settled back down.

“Then I apologize for interrupting them. What, perchance, were you thinking of?”

“I was simply observing the riders,” you nod toward the still practicing knights, “and was thinking of what the days ahead may hold. As of yet, the future does not look bright.”

Eomer turned his head to watch the riders as well, “That is on the minds of many these days, I’m afraid. Far too many are letting such thoughts drag them to despair. I, myself, am finding it hard pressed not to,” He said with a touch of bitterness.

You looked down and there was a moment of silence as you considered your next words. “How goes the king?” You asked tentatively.

Eomer looked back to you abruptly before looking away, “My uncle is not well. He has taken to listening to ill counsel and can see only darkness for us all. If he can not soon see reason I doubt there will be hope left for any of us.”

Eomer broke off his tirade and sighed, looking at the ground. In the silence, your eyes strayed from the riders and noticed a small clump of flowers nearby. The petals were gently cupped and just at the peak of full bloom. The petals faded from dark pink at the ends to a gently almost-white in the center, where they finally met a rich yellow.

“The wild rose is blooming,” You said suddenly.

Eomer looked up, “What?”

“The wild rose,” You motioned to the fragile clump of flowers. “Ah, it’s probably silly, but it’s something my mother used to tell me as a child. As long as the wild rose blooms, the darkness will not endure.” You shrug, “They are fairly pretty to look at in any case. Even if their blossoming doesn’t mean anything.” You trailed off, feeling slightly embarrassed for bringing it up.

Eomer tilted his head and leaned over to look at the flowers more closely. “In dark times such as these, I welcome any reason to hope. And the old stories have more truth to them than many acknowledge.” Eomer gently plucked one of the many wild roses and turned it over in his hand. “And you are right. They are very fair, but they pale in comparison to your beauty.” He swiftly extended his arm, proffering the flower to you.

You accepted it hesitantly, “My lord, you flatter me.”

He shook his head, “What is true is not flattery. In this time of darkness, that which is fair is much comfort to the race of men. Seeing you, warms my heart and gives me hope of days to come.”

You turned toward Eomer in surprise and with a shy smile, “My lord, I thank you for your words, and … I confess I feel the same when I seen you.”

Eomer looked back to you with light in his eyes, perhaps the first hope he’d felt in a while. Your gazes met and held for a blissful minute. Eomer edged a bit closer to you.

“Lord Eomer! We must depart!” A shout from afar broke your gaze.

Eomer turned at the interruption to look once more to the riders below. They had stopped their practicing and were now riding into formation. Eomer stood hesitantly, “I… fear I must be off. The orcs have rampaged far and must be stopped. I do not know when I will return.”

You looked down before lifting your eyes as you had an idea. Swiftly, you stood and pulled a fine chain necklace from around your neck. At the bottom of the necklace was a round charm carved with curving designs and a white horse.

“My lord!” You called as Eomer began to go. He turned back to you and you continued speaking, holding out the charm. “This has been passed down for generations in my family. It is supposed to bring protection and none have died while wearing it. It would be my honor if you would take it with you into battle.”

“Nay, the honor would be mine.” Eomer stepped forward, taking the charm, clasping your hand as he did so.

“May it bring you luck in the shadow to come.” You step back, looking down shyly.

Eomer gently lifted the chain and put it around his neck, “It will be a reminder of home and of why we must succeed. Thank you.”

“Eomer!” The voice called again, more insistent.

Eomer sighed and turned to walk to join the men. As he began walking, he turned back over his shoulder, “I will return as soon as a fortnight, though it will most likely be longer.”

You nodded, “I will watch for you.”

Eomer smiled and turned back to his men in the distance. You watched as he walked down to join them and as he mounted his horse. In a great rush the riders were off, but you remained still, watching until you could no longer see them on the horizon.

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Beck, your fiance, takes you outside the city, to a park with a large hill and you lay there for hours as it gets dark two days before he leaves for space. When the moon and stars come out he points out what you think is a really bright star next to the moon. "See that there? That's Mars. I want you to know where it is so that if you're missing me, you know where to find me."

…………. okay this makes my heart hurt

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