the dark figure

emma carstairs from cassie clare’s ‘the dark artifices’ (can’t wait for book 2!!)

also, this was inspired by cassandra jean’s art style, if you liked this, you’ll definitely love her art:)

not sure what the message with this one was, the mood was definitely meant to be solemn. i can’t wait to see the emotional path emma is going down in lord of shadows!

(releases her into the wild)
go.. you’re free now

Echoes of laughter. A fear submitted by Lisa to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! You can find Deep Dark Fears on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!

College, I get it. You’re important and all that..but can you please stop assigning me buttloads of essays and assignments that won’t help me in my animation career and just let me finish one of my animations for once? (╥﹏╥)

*snaps straight up in bed*


“Y/N District Attorney”

We- the viewer- were the District Attorney. This was purposefully made to be a self-insert.

We let Damien and Celine in after we died. We- the audience- were the final, essential piece to give this being life…

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We really did help create Darkiplier, didn’t we?