the dark art of pricing

Life is Strange concept art - DARK ROOM

During my work on Life is Strange I was fortunate enough to devellop and do all the concepts of the Dark Room pieces!
It’s was a unique opportunity for me, you know concepting a psychopat man cave was like a dream come true…now I know what to do to build my own!
I pretty happy because I have heard that some guy has spent a lot of fun time in here krr krr krr


love to draw this photograph booth with all the stuff in here, it was like “ if I were a photoguy, what will be my dream studio”
here it is…with a bit of…awkward maniac vibes.

and a little sketch of the tunnel entrance of the Dark Room :)

hope you will like it =)

This game, -this- freaking game….my feels, give them back! ;-; I get too invested in video games sometimes.

Quicky fan art of ‘Life is Strange’ latest episode cause I watched Cry play it and needed to get it out of my system. Cheers, I’ll take that drink I need it, too intense but can’t wait for the rest of it. Enjoy~

Edit: I realized I misspelled Chloe, whoops.

Aye you guys!!

So, it’s that time again. My work has improved, and I’ve updated my commission page!

Commission Status : Open


Now, time for TERMS:

✨ All payments will be processed  via invoice.

Contact me @ or message me here on Tumblr for inquiries.

✨ Half of the payment must be sent in advance, and the other half once I send you the sketch.

I will! ❤: NSFW, OCs, fan characters, TV/Book/Movie characters, animals, MILD grimoire/dark art, pretty much anything except what is listed in the “I will not”

I will not! 💔: Fetish art, hate, extreme gore/dark art/horror

☼ Additional pricing information


If you personally can’t afford to commission me, that’s perfectly fine! A share/reblog will work as well.

Thank you so much for your time; I wish you all love and positive thoughts 💖