the daria show

Some Daria Quotes that Are Just Too Good™
  • -If you don’t mind, I’m gonna crawl back into myself now
  • -That’s funny, I don’t remember worrying about anyone.
  • -I don’t like to smile unless I have a reason.
  • -‘Parables of the Way’. I don’t suppose that means the way out.
  • -Welcome to Lawndale, where style meets substance and says ‘see you’.
  • -Life goes faster when you’re somewhere else.
  • -Thanks, but I think I’ll stay here on my-state-of-the-art ass.
  • -Okay, who wants their frontal lobe removed first?
  • -Now I understand why there’s pain in painting.
  • -If we don’t get back, we’ll probably have to drag the body of our history teacher.
  • -Sure, if it’s lining your coffin.
  • -School colors? Are you trying to give the public eye conjunctivitis?
  • - (says to self) Act natural. You’re not hurt.
  • -But you haven’t even tasted my soufflé
  • -Don’t worry, she’s clearly overestimating my conscience-assuming I have one at all.
  • -Dammit. Its my turn to say Dammit.
  • -Then I’m afraid the fevers reached your brain, and you need to be destroyed.
  • -The sad part is that these people are officially part of my genetic makeup.