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- We have it within our power to rid the world of this evil.

deafeningtyphoonblaze  asked:

Hey; Oreana are you taking requests. I was just curious. I was watching Harry Potter and I had an idea. Jacob doesn't believe in magic until he comes across a young female wizard. She falls for the assassin and tries to help him. He not thrilled about that because he starts carrying for her. Anyway I hope you're doing better either way.

A/N: I will see about writing a little bit of this idea and see how it feels first and foremost. Oreana and Jacob’s relationship is like this, so it makes it easy to tap into, that’s for sure~.

I ended up writing Jacob a bit more in the role of his 40 y/o self, but I would say this is Jacob trying to better himself after the end of the game where he realizes he needs to improve (or perhaps Evie is gone and he’s trying to do better in her absence.)

Sorry for the wait, and I am doing a bit better, hon, thanks for asking~ ♥♥♥

Musical Inspiration: “Branded” – Natewantstobattle (Nathan Sharp)

Rated: SFW

Warnings: None

To me, magic was as easy as walking. It was something I felt I was born to do, though I hid my abilities from my parents to prevent them from seeing me as the devil’s child most my life. When I became old enough, I was forced from my home where I felt increasingly unwanted from and found myself as an attraction at a traveling circus, which found its place about London’s streets and did its best to entertain the bleak citizens of this era.

Being able to make anything I so much as desired happen with a mere motion of my fingertips was a blessing as well as a curse. Admittedly, I drew too much from my power and there were even mundane things that I preferred aid in retrieving when it came to my magic…such as stealing or making my dealings with those wretched Blighters who tried to come after me.

But I was foolish in using my power against them as they started to realize it was more than just smoke and mirrors, and not before long…Templars ended up at my home in the City of London.

When they first arrived, I was merely minding my business with entertaining some orphans on the streets with a simple illusory bunny that hopped about like any normal rabbit but left a beautiful path of ghostly magic and was all the more difficult to contain as it slipped through the curious children’s fingers when they tried to catch it.

A laugh escaped through my lips as I summoned the creature back to me in a single gesture of my hand. “You’ll have to be a lot swifter than that, my dears, if you wish to actually seize him,” I lightly teased, the magical aura disappearing with a simple motion of my hand.

“Quite a brilliant display, my dear.”

The voice emanating from behind me made my blood run cold as the tone felt very lifeless and as though intrigued by my magically façade if he could only obtain something from it. I’d heard it many times before, and it was there I watched even the children shirk back at the shadow looming over us.

Turning to my visitor, it was there I saw a man in rather upper class attire, a fine suit, with frills about the cuffs and a monocle in place over the right eye with a top hat to shadow his features all the more in the dead of night. However, what stood out the most to me and the cowering children was the fact he had the Templar brand upon his clothing and wore it with such pride that it disgusted me.

“May I help you?” I asked, doing away with any of my tricks to act as though what he saw was only his imagination playing with him.

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